Sunday, February 15, 2009

the 468th day....

.....our 2nd valentine's day.

my valentine's gift. a very nice round watch. <3
in return, i gave him a full bottle of memories.
i'm so touched yesterday, not cause of how much the watch worth or how 'surprise' (failed one har har.) the boyfriend wanted it to be, it's the hidden message he wanted to tell me made me wept like a cow.

we never celebrate important dates right the day. never. i know it's sad. we celebrated mybday hisbday vday all during the day's eve. fate lol. and i enjoyed the day laughing all the while. he doesn't want to send me the photos. i want to show how APPLES we were on valentine. har har. i was wearing apple red and he wore apple green so we made a perfect apple couple yesterday. chun enough eh? haha.

we never have enough time to spend together with. time passes so fast even we had nothing to do. why like that. sigh. but we had great time together. =)

he gave me a watch, wanted to tell me that time is not a matter to us. and i trusted him, my man. i lurve him, my boyfriend. ;)


reiz said...

lolx.. wat a nice valentine huh?..
me celebrate wif yin yin leh.. do pity us... no bf to celebrate wif.. anyway.. happy valentine's to u both.. be happy...
2mr.. aiks... so fast... will miss u a lot.. a lot.. might cant send u off 2mr.. cox we got event for sports day at stadium.. anyway.. take care k?!?... stay healthy..

Eva said...

hey.. thanks... yes la i have a nice valentine.. haha..
have to miss me a... no need to send me off la... i will be coming back real soon.. all the best to you too... =)