Saturday, February 28, 2009

i did the stupidest thing in my life. i shall be regretting the whole of my life.

Friday, February 27, 2009

me aussie contact.

i want to update but blogging mojo gone. each time i open this page, i go blank. sigh. you guys wait la. i got a lot to tell. (if i didn't forget and bersemangat want to write overdue posts. har har)

give you guys my contact in aussie so in case you guys want to send me a message to make up my day or mail me presents during those important dates like easter day, labour day, teachers day, birthday, good friday yadi yada. (hint hint wahaha) i accept all nice stuff. oh or you guys can even transfer some money to my account so that i can lead a better life here har har and change my stupid mobile which gonna die soon and i'm aiming for HTC new diamond 2 OR new new touch pro har har. no money la want to work but 1st sem dad doesn't encourage. okay where am i lol drifted so far ahhhhh no semangat to write.

mobile: +61 403 861 668
add: 4/19, Finney Road 4068 Queensland, Australia.
bank account nmb lol: (i dont know which one but i will edit this when i know) (i mean i dont know which group of numbers is my account nmb cause i got 3 different groups of number related to bank account now. sigh) (my 1st time having bank account so yea stop laughing wtheck) (and the most embarass part is i left my account password at home and i didn't memorize the freaking 4 digits, so i havent got chance to get my money from atm machine okay stop laughing)

okay and you guys can msg my maxis number la cause you guys will be charging the same and no extra stupid credit to be charge. (but i wont reply cause i reply 1 msg 1buck wtheck stupid stupid stupid)

signing off if not more stupid things imma gonna write sigh.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

a funny dead koala. says:
tell u smtg
my teacher fren
he drive
suddenly run out 1 kolar bear
crossing road
her fren horn it so loudly
guess wat says:
what? says:
the kolar bear dead
heart attack says:
hahahahahhaahahah says:
shit. says:
serious? says:
reli le says:
hahahahahahahahahahaha says:
seriously says:
so funny says:
then they see no 1 saw it
then buried it already says:
hahahahahahahahaha says:
if kena catch
big case
swt says:
your teacher make up story a?

i dont know why i just found it so funny can die. hahahahaha....

bad luck comes in 3.

i am in the campus' some computer room. i was so frustrated now. super cranky can die. 1st i missed the bus, which got me waited for 25min at the bus stop under the stupid hot sun. and then i was late for an orientation activity, which is why now i'm here. and 3rdly, i was only late for 25min to signon my lecture and tutorial time, and poof~ those good time i want is not available already. ohmygod 25 min only why so fast?????? stupid! idiot! gek die.


Monday, February 23, 2009

me and my bear.

i have to update to not lose my readership more. tak da mood nak update now la... seriously unsettled. till my dad and mom go back to malaysia, and i have more free time at home, i will update like crazy can... (hi dad! if you're reading this. wtheck lol.)

my room has this walldrop wardrobe. this is the only thing i'm satisfied of my room. :)
my 1st day in aussie. :)
eh kawan still remember me not? and my bear followed me all the way to kangaroo land. bangga much. haha.

before i walked my way to the flight. (airasia really [omg fill in your blank], we have to walk to the plane. and board thru a staircase thingy.) okay where am i.. before that they have to check your airflight passport and all those stuff right (i dont know what is that called) and there's this pegawai (P) and my conversation...

P: patung itu ada passport tak?
Eva: ha? tak da la... *giggles*
P: tak da passport macam mana i nak bagi masuk?
Eva: boleh la.. *smiling*
P: tak da passport nak buang ke kargo situ tau...
Eva: =__________=
Daddy: dia ha, patung busuk itu, tak da tak dapat tidur...
P: ya ke? kay la boleh la masuk..

such a humorous guy. haha.

so yea, the bear is all the while with me. :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Eva did her first own laundry. ;)

i got lots to update but i lazy. and my parents are still with me, they are super naggy can die. 5 seconds nag one time from morning until midnight, especially my mom. i want to die. =______=

i felt myself so damn successful for finally know how to use a washing machine. it's my 1st time in my life i did my own laundry. proud proud proud! i should have pampered myself something for such big accomplishment. har har.

okay bedtime, i have to SLEEP EARLIER. this is my promise, and i shall keep it. ;)

i still miss my boyfriend, ONLY. lalala~

what my best friends are...

p/s: photos are all about 3 super camwhores. =p

One day before I study abroad, the besties came over to my crib and gave me a nice and memorable farewell. Too bad Jocin left early, she missed out the fun.

The girls I first met during my age of 11, whom now they became some important persons in my life. It doesn’t count how many years we have been through, I calculate them via how deep they are willing to share the friendship with me.

The memories of us, preparing for SPM a year more ago, burning midnight oils at Khai Wee’s house, ended up only me and SeeBee survived through the night; kept blaming each other for not stop talking to each other while revising, which the truth is all of us are super chatterboxes; watching teevee programs together half way of the revision and got addicted and kept procrastinate together until we felt super guilty; motivated each other when we were burning oils at our own house a day before exam, through phone calls, to make sure that none of us slept before finishing the syllabus; finding excuses to play badmintons rather than studying; tried to hamburger-ed me in bed when I wanted to take a nap; gossiped; cursed; mamak-ed; laughed; chor dai dee-ed etc etc etc.

Me and SeeBee were once a super camwhore, and now, Khai Wee is the one who keep want to take photos. Har har.

My girls. ;)

They will make sure that I will fully recover after deep shits. Khai Wee, the one whom I share my ups and downs with after the boyfriend, never let me down before, and made callssss to ensure I’m fine when I’m not. See Bee, whom I received lengthy messages from, just to give me the most needed supports.

We peaced….

Agreed to make some scary faces together, which ended up I’m always the only one who did it….

try to pose like some superheroines…..

(see Khai Wee so serious want to be batwoman har har.)

having fun camwhoring with similar setting different poses

(pissing the cameraman cause nak camwhore tak habishabis)

try on different angles, each and everytime desperately hope that our faces won’t appear as big as a moon….

they wanted to pose with my bear, which their intention is to meanly pinch my bear’s ear while I am unaware…

and then their intention revealed straight right after their 1st pinch. They poked it’s eyes, scratched it’s faces…..

…. Punched it….

…and most violent part is that they tried to break his leg by pulling from different directions, making me damn sad and helpless…

And when I thought this will be the end of the bully case, I was totally wrong. Cause the next victim is undoubtedly me.

(omg see how mean they were to me. Sigh. Har har)

Yet after every bullies, we are still best friends. cause best friends forgive and forget. ;)

Best friends, who kiss me to show that they love me…

Share hugs and concerns…

And more hugs and wishes to meeeeeeee… I have their best blessings already..

Best friends don’t contact each other everyday. They are those who pull me up from drowning, scold me when I should be scolded, listen to me when I need one, pat my back when I desperate for supports, borrow me shoulders when I cry. Best friends are forever.

...and they gave me the best regards before i leave to far away land.

best shot of the day ;)

We spell BFF, best friends forever! Thanks for being with me all this while. I appreciated you girls so much.

xoxo. <3>

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

MY BOYFRIEND IS M.I.A.!!!!!!! someone please help me to find him back?

i miss him. =(

saya telah dicomplimentkan. ;)

i'm safe in aussie already. things are all still unsettled. so messy. i don't like it.

i just want to say thanks to the people below, giving me so much compliments in their blog. click and read, and you will know how nice my friends are. ;)

Momoko, my adp twin!

Tzen, my hollywood babe!

Sam a.k.a. Chor Yau, my form1 classmate!

Shien, the 9 years friends, the very alike Gemini.

these are those i read so far la... i very touched eh... thanks again. =)

Monday, February 16, 2009

before i step into tanah airku again in 2 months time....

i'm leaving tonight 9.40pm at LCCT.
no don't go to the airport and make me cry a river and drown the whole LCCT lol.
i don't want other people see me weeping like a cow. har har.
till then the next post will be freshly from aussie.
bye people! do miss me... =)

p/s: Facebook is being a bitch these days... i can't log in for like soooooo long.. (more than one day T_T) and i want to change my status!!!!!! T_______T

p/p/s: I havent got time and mood to update this blog.. wait till i settle everything already, i will update very very frequently..

p/p/p/s: thanks for the wishes people! thanks for those who messaged and called. i appreciated. =)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

the 468th day....

.....our 2nd valentine's day.

my valentine's gift. a very nice round watch. <3
in return, i gave him a full bottle of memories.
i'm so touched yesterday, not cause of how much the watch worth or how 'surprise' (failed one har har.) the boyfriend wanted it to be, it's the hidden message he wanted to tell me made me wept like a cow.

we never celebrate important dates right the day. never. i know it's sad. we celebrated mybday hisbday vday all during the day's eve. fate lol. and i enjoyed the day laughing all the while. he doesn't want to send me the photos. i want to show how APPLES we were on valentine. har har. i was wearing apple red and he wore apple green so we made a perfect apple couple yesterday. chun enough eh? haha.

we never have enough time to spend together with. time passes so fast even we had nothing to do. why like that. sigh. but we had great time together. =)

he gave me a watch, wanted to tell me that time is not a matter to us. and i trusted him, my man. i lurve him, my boyfriend. ;)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy V'Day everyone!
my V'day is not with the boyfriend sigh.
we celebrated yesterday.
okay i have to go for some family gathering now.
update later.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

life is fooling me.

i have nothing to update lately. it's like i'm going through the same thing everyday: worrying bout the same probs, hoping for the same thing, praying for the same good outcomes, doing the same things. it's not like i'm having a mundane life now. maybe the feeling of leaving is disturbing me so much. i can't even get a good sleep. finally, i'm not happy.

I. AM. NOT. HAPPY!!!!!!!!! =(

okay stop. i don't want to spread emo bugs in my blog.

p/s: three darlingsss out there~ i dont' think i can make it for any gathering by now. my time is making me going cuckoo already. i'm sorry. =(

Monday, February 9, 2009


chap goh mei. i don't know what is that. and i'm freaking bored at home. i don't know what to start. so frustrating. ah i want to curse.

super hot weather the whole day and i'm seeing others eating ice cream and drinking cold drinks while me, looking at them like nuts. stooopid red tides i hate you always come in wrong time.

tomorrow will be a busy day. i hope everything is on plan cause i can't afford any offplan occur. no more time.

now i need some really useful reasons to stay in Malaysia. *innocent dog eyes*

can someone buy my pets in FFS, FB????? i buy pets to hope for more profit after someone else buy them away, but after i buy the pets, their pre-owner didn't even bother to buy them back. sobbb... i want my moneyyyyy back!!!!! cause i want to buy my boyfriend. pleaseeeeeeee someone buy my pets k? =)

know more bout GIRLS wei...

while waiting for the boyfriend's call, the princess blog-hops like a cute rabbit, and i read this from Qian, the friend's friend's blog. so funny yet so true. MR GAN MING ZU AKA BOYFRIENDKU, YOU HAVE TO READ THIS!!! cause i'm a girl too. :p





結局:十一點十分,完美的句點。男人順利就寢。睡得香又甜。隔天說不定還有morning call。

結論 1:女人要的是感覺。很多時候,不能用理性的腦袋去思考她們的邏輯。
結論 2:多花幾句唇舌,講幾句貼心話,可以讓你省下超過半小時的寶貴時間。
結論 3 : 遇到這種情況,要讓女人先掛電話。以免後患無窮。
結論 4:如果你的女人不像上述例子這樣,那麼恭喜你。請好好珍惜她;

boys, informative, no? :D

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Queensland is flooding!!!!!!!!!!!

my lame-o-lame title wtheck.

North Queensland is having floods now. too bad none of my business cause i'm going to South Queensland. sangat jauh aku takkan terlibat. sigh. how i hope South Qld floods so that my flight can be delayed. cause. i. am. very. very. very. the. lack. of. time. now. CAN I HAVE EXTRA ONE MORE WEEK PLEASE????? sigh more.

my house flooded just now too. but now of rain water, orang ramai membanjiri rumahku. (wtheck i didn't know my bm still can use har har.) ah those cny mood already over so i found it super weird to have people flooding my house on Sunday from noon to night. red tide hitted me and i was so weak in my cosy bed, refused to entertain the guests.

ah i forgot what i want to update. blogging mojo gone. till then.

the unfairness.

i said before, to forgive and forget.

ha. so funny i laughed at my own childishness. when i saw the person, and the things related, memories flashed like nobody's business. forgive and forget? bullshit. all i know is i remember each and everything vividly. it's so hard to act, thank god it's dark and nobody realized. bottom of my heart, it still aches.

and i'm the only one suffer from this.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

cute or canggih????

i couldn't make up my mind on which phone to buy. Dad finally offers me if i want to buy HTC Touch 3G, which is one of the top smart phone. i always have affection to pda phone, touch screen phone, yea those odd ones, considering the phones i had used are not what people always see.

eg the odd phones i've used so far:

the Mickey Mouse limited edition phone.
which i lost it few months ago in ktm or college without realising lol. this phone, ada rupa saja, tak da function. lol. it's like a toy.

Motorola V70.
this phone very cute one. it's like a locker. lol. and i can turn the cover 360 degree so when i've nothing to do the phone will be my toy.

Dopod S300.
it's as window mobile smart phone. me likey so much the way it operates. and it's super easy to take self-shot photo, no need to aim like siao, and you can get everyone in the pic. ah my love.

Palm Treo 600.
see the so many buttons above? I LIKE!!! i can sms without looking at the screen and get everything right. i can challenge Julius to see who type faster and i won har har. and touch screen!!!!! super convenient!

Sony Ericsson Z200.
i like flipping phones!!!!! cause i like to flip them like nobody's business and i found it fun! Milk Bottle Phone, name given by Aranic (she claimed that the shape looks like milk bottle =.= nai ping dian hua. haha)

Sony Ericsson T68i.
my 1st phone. T______T but consider very good already la (mai hiam bei pai!) cause that time other friends are all using B&W phone and i have color screen one. not bad la. lol.

i think these were all the phones i've used before. most of them were canggih phone right? haha. and now i've get my eyes on two phones (HTC and LG). since my Dopod is pretty spoiled already and it's not worth to repair and i'm going off very soon, i have to get a new phone in a week time.

HTC Touch 3G
the phone my sis is currently using. very very canggih. MIND YOU, IT'S EVEN BETTER THAN IPHONE. i don't know why people keep bragging bout apple's iphone cause i found it not easy to use, and very very limited function compared to HTC. and the price is almost the same. what is this right? although this phone has no keypads, but touch screen which makes me want to own one. it's real convenient by clicking the things you want, than pressing on tedious button and command.

LG KF350 a.k.a. Ice Cream.
this phone is sooooo cute!!!!!! i want the white one! and they come with the limited edition BK ice cream phonestrap which made the phone even cuter!!!!! and ME LIKEY FLIP PHONESSSSS!!!!! i saw this in the mall yesterday. 1st sight love. har har.

and now i'm in dilemma. how good if i can own two of them! so should i go for the canggih one or the cute one?????? considering from the price, Ice Cream is only half the price of HTC. how ah???? but if for long run, HTC better cause those canggih phone i always use very long one whereas cute phones the lifespan very short one. har har.

HOW NOW??????

Friday, February 6, 2009

my life would suck without you.

Friday is for boyfriend. and now i hope the remaining days are all Friday.

p/s: omg i want to cry i update already and stupid lappie hang, so i restart and everything gone. sob. i can't remember what i've edit. :(

my mood swings so much these days, even when spending time with the bf. i don't know why i just can't explain what makes me become an emo person. it's like 1st second i'm still fluttering like a butterfly, the next second my mood changed like how the word recession stuck and how it affects those who're involved - dropped effing drastically and the people around me kena la. and previously i used to talk the whole journey no matter how long the routine will be, but lately i silenced damn a lot. i just didn't know what to talk. or maybe i didn't want to talk. and there's when silence invaded, the emo in me revealed. why i like that ha? T__________T

another thing is that, he knows me so much. I don't know how but he just can read my mind. whether i'm happy or upset, angry or jealous or disappointed or whatever feelings i'm having la. his guess never wrong one, unless he's moody la lol. like even i didn't speak a word he also can know. why his guessing always right one? when i'm with him, i can't even act or hide those unwanted feelings. i just couldn't cause how hard i tried, at last i failed also. and when i continue to act and try if i can successfully hide my unokayness, i will fail even miserably. cause he never never let me win in this. again, why i like that one ha?????? sigh.

left 10 days only. how? :(

before i leave, i have to:
-buy a new phone (LG Ice Cream or HTC Touch 3G? sigh)
-buy new lappie cause this one is too small to do assignment
-shop for more shorts and singlets and flipflops cause aussie is so damn hot now
-die die want to buy heels!!!! (cny one haven't buy also...)
-buy contact lens
-buy a brown bag cause i don't have brown one and brown is easy for clothes matching
-buy textbooks from University Bookstore
-meet up with xin, tzen, momoko (names are arrange according from short to long =p)
-buy v'day pressie
-celebrate v'day
-meet up with khaiwee and gang
-choose tars and lightings for the new house with the constructor cause we don't trust mom's taste lol
-start packing luggage
-attend MMTM volunteer's reunion dinner party

i think there's more to be in the list. my god why am i feeling like doing my last will? like i'm going to die after 10 days. I SKED!!!!! :(

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

how wild will i be?

i haven't prepare anything to go aussie other than the visa done. or should say i never want to start to prepare.

i met my future housemates just now. a 30ish couple, pursuing engineering PHD at UQ, living at setia alam right now. they don't seem hard to live under the same roof with. ish, none of my business also, is not like i have to depend on them bout my living in aussie. my mom told them every of my bad habits. wtheck. and described me as if i'm those wild child, want them to keep an eye on me yada yada. pissed me off. if this happens, imma gonna find another room next semester.

the cranky feeling is coming back to me again. like i want to hold on something but i just couldn't grasp anything. very very helpless.

relationship bible.

human are all the same. similar species kononnya. when you are going to lose something, only you will start to appreciate it. i haven't see anyone not taking things for granted yet. lesson people, never never take things for granted, even those you think it won't make difference by now. you will get the pain in your ass in the future.

i'm losing time now. the thing i can't put down the most is my relationship. not saying break up or what, is that i am satisfied with what we are now, and i don't want any changes which will not make us any further better.

i keep thinking optimistically. but still how positive i am, there's still some feelings haunting me. how tough and confident i am, i am still sometimes a coward dog. the relationship with the boyfriend in the past one year and 3 months is totally dramatic. we are never peaceful. ups and downs, floating and sinking. seriously we were not only thunderstorm, we've met tsunami before lol and we're so lucky to be the survivors. (what an expression lol) but true, it has to do with fate and trust. recalling the deepest shit we had, adding in a lot of rumors heard from friends, i nearly gave up. it's pain and hurtful yet time healed us. i am glad i didn't pull off, and i learned that, lurve and forgive comes together. and now see, aren't we still hooking up with each other? ;) i think after all those hardships, we bonded tighter. =D

i've changed, you will know if you know me any longer than a year. the boyfriend said it's so unbelievable that he fall for me a year+ ago cause he never think that i'm a girl. (recall recall! i was damn tomboyish during high school time) i never stand properly i never sit properly and i never behave like a girl. i shout along the corridor, climb over the school gate with my pinafore on, don't wear skirt other than pinafore, etc. he even described me as a boy in a girl's body. =______________= (i think it's so funny cause i don't think any gf will get this kind of "compliment" from the bf) he said he never liked me last time (oh we were classmates for 2 years aka 24months aka 700days and we knew each other better bout 2 months before graduate very ridiculous i know) my story drifted to far away wtheck. what i want to say is i like my changes har har. after all, i'm still a girl, i have to behave like a girl, in the right body wtheck. so much motivation from the bf, and i'm so proud of myself. har har. (hint: the main point is the last sentence =____________=)

relationship never works without communication. it's number one important factor. the boyfriend never know bout this. T______T yes la me the chatterbox still always doing the talkings and he hardly wants to share bout him. that made me a super questionnaire now, i try to sort things out by asking. =_____= (i am so proud to be the same category with the -aires.. har har. millionaires, billionaires, trillionaires. omg they are full of golds but i'm full of questionmarks har har har.) .....which made him hate of answering questions now. yet lately i am glad of his changes, sharing his life more with me. at least now i know how he felt most of the time, unlike previously i have to guess most of the time. bravo, boyfriend! ;)

think in a different way, LDR makes us learn to be appreciative. whether the another half is worth it or not, it's a challenge beyond fate. i've made up my mind to take the challenge, to make our relationship more worthy, more precious. absence makes the heart grow fonder, i wish we can prove this idiom right. optimistic enough? =D

valentine, any suggestion on what present to give to the boyfriend? boy's present always bring headache. =______=

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


my new toy. ;) a super cute steel airplane stole it from the boyfriend. har har. the boyfriend said somewhere inside the plane there is a carve of my name. i will find it out one day, when i figure the way to open the door of the plane. =p we super lame. =___________________=

finally stepped into the cinema with boyfriend again after such long time, and we had lycan and vampire's movie. as usual malaysian government cut away all those 18sx scene which make the movie super potong. wtheck. still, overall i rated 7.5/10 ;)

please stop the fire-crackers out there. super super noisy i can't get some peace sigh.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

oh-so-called depression.

tommy wants my help in his assignment titled 'depression' and you know what that bugger starts off his plead?....

"eh my assignment title is about depression la.. and since you always emo emo like that.. can you help?..."


Eva yelled: "I DON'T HAVE DEPRESSION WEI!!!!!!!!!"

depression is a kind of sickness okay? i'm just emo, not serious depressed. =____= wtheck.

successful cny operation. =D

thanks to my beloved form5 classmates!!!!! thanks for the wishes and all. i'll do good in aussie. =)

i never thought there will be 30 of us under a roof, celebrating cny. how great right? and i never know my classmates all are so macho macho stamina damn good can gamble almost 12hours, from the 1st house we visited until the last stop at my house. har har. so proud of you guys! organiser is never an easy job. but at least i felt damn good when all my effort paid off. it's not a wrong decision to gather you people, but not me organizing next time kay? haha. next time i come back for holiday eh you guys must do some gathering for me. =p

i lost money again overally. and lost damn a lot. =.= but yea since it's cny, and when i see the friends were all so happy gambling, seriously, i just want to see everyone with big smile, i am fine with the money i lost. money can gain back, but memories is one in a life time. ;) i hope you guys really enjoy yourselves today. i will miss all of you and don't forget me when i'm not around kay???

mei fong and chia chuen!!!!! you are not forgotten!! mei when we past by your house, we talked bout you, the another very noisy people in class! you won't be forgotten, don't worry! ;)

khaiwee cannot tahan the me and the boyfriend, the very dramatic couple. she nearly go insane to be my bestie. har har. bear with me la my dear. i'm leaving after 2 weeks kay? =D

and and, i won't forgive a pig telling me 4 heavy words. sigh. pig you know who you are. no more next time k? damn hurt.

p/s: classmates!!!! who is having the last group photo??????? send it to my thankyou. =)