Sunday, January 4, 2009

stupid lame action.

after reminded by my sis, i found out that i actually did another stupid thing in the 18 stupid action list i posted few days ago. *click here if you really forgot bout it =.=*

10、丢别人门口的拖鞋下楼 (checked!)

wtheck i really forgot bout that. i didn't know i was so mischevious when i was a kid =____________= but i did this with my sis, so not me myself alone commit in this kind of so-called crime lol. and the main point is WE DID THIS A LOT OF TIME!!!! but due to guiltiness we ran down to the ground floor to pick the shoes back again. =__________________= i know this is even stupid sigh. no gut to commit in crime can hahahahahahahahaha stupid innocent me.

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