Tuesday, January 20, 2009

stop telling me bout PROTEIN!!

no luck today.

medical checkup is all fine at first, until the result of urine test came out, and i didn't pass it. and i retake the test again, and fail AGAIN. therefore, i have to go back to the diagnostic centre in 24 hours time, if not my visa fee will be gone. my body is weak, i have to admit. twice the urine test failed cause of excessive protein in my urine. wtheck. troublesome la stupid urine test. and if tomorrow the test remains protein positive, imma get into big trouble. lotsa lotsa stupid further checkup, lotsa lotsa forms and processes await, and IF I REALLY DON'T GET THRU THIS STUPID TEST, freaking aussie government won't give me a visa to go over there. wtheck right? popi popi tomorrow thing will be fine. i've drank litres of water today, and i'm forced to drink litres of water the remaining night.

dad got so frustrated cause i am going to waste his bloody time to revisit the centre again tomorrow. and now each and every sentence of him to me, is related to the bloody stupid excessive proteins. eg, the restaurant we dined in for lunch, they served half a plate of carrots, and yours truly doesn't like carrot at all, and dad says 'you see la, cause you didn't eat carrot, now got excessive protein la.. you better eat up all of them'. wtheck right right right? cross the road also can relate to the protein thingy. drive also can. waaaa i tell you my dad's theories super dominant one. all related from one to one, but it's all bout stupid protein.

see la now my plan not going right already. at 1st i thought of going to the saloon tomorrow with jie. sigh. and my CNY new clothes operation still havent complete. and my room is stilll a mess. and the teevee still for display only. and the home theater set still got problems and i really don't know how to fix already. and the family haven't decide whether to eat from home or not for reunion dinner. and i have no money to buy what i want. and dad doesn't allow me to drive. and i still havent call the classmates one by one to inform them bout the angpau operation. haiya so many things undone. how to celebrate CNY? sigh. dont come so fast la please. i have not enough time already. sob4.

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