Thursday, January 1, 2009

the remembrance of 2008


so almost everyone's 1st post of the year would be resolutions, wishes, review of 2008 yada yada. i wanted to be a lil different but i think i failed lol. seriously i blog now for the sake of blogging on the 1st day of a new year. in a jiffy, 9 friends from Mentakab whom i knew during my volunteering session in Genting will be coming to Klang and me and my family will be the host for their 2 days staying. i just want to be in time to blog at 01012009. =p (sigh but blogging mojo not with me now. my mind is so messy i dont know what to blog. i'll try)

in the recent 2 years, i started my new year happily. what can i say is because i ended my year wonderfully. =) the last few days of the year is always the climax of the year. it's like guaranteed happy days. in the past two days, i almost grinned 24-7. and i couldn't remember the last time when i was so happy. i went back to the place where i sincerely prayed and that's when God hear my prayers. i'm grateful He heard me and that's why i get the chance to go back there again with my love one. for the 1st time, i didn't even bother to hold the camera, to eagerly want to take down every picturesque scenery, every blissful moment etc. all i did is appreciate each minute, hold on every second, and capture everything in my mind and heart. and for once, i selfishly wanted to keep those memories to myself only, and i will take good care of these nice collection until the day i die. how i wish time just stop during that time, where happiness is all over in the air, upholding, extending.

me and the boyfriend is in good condition now. yes it's like roller coaster going up and down. but which relationship doesn't go thru all these right? these are nothing if considered bout this coming big aparting. sigh. but we'll be okay, promise! =)

learn to forgive and forget! 3rd quarter of the year is always a bomb. the sleepless night, the countless coining to persuade myself in believing reality, the sore eyes, the 37kg-Eva, the lifeless me. sometimes people just hurt you when they don't realise and they thought this is the way they protect you. i know it's so common to have these situations in life but yea ah i just can't believe people did this, no matter the closed one or the best friends or mere people in life. and the worst part is no apology is received at all. sigh. and i learnt that best friends are not all true friends. i have lotsa best friends and in 2008 i found the true color of true friends. i'm glad. my true friends are all those canggih people whom they know when i'm faking smile, and start bombarding lotsa concerns. true friends, you know who you are. =) yea homo sapien come in different kind so yea there's no alike frequency in two people. i know i can neither hate him nor her, hence i chose to forgive. hating is suffering i should say. and yes i should agree with Charles that girls are very very ma fan people haha cause of those hate and don't hate thingy whereas boys just hate whom they want to hate and story ends. =.= yes it's right that there's no lurve without forgiveness. and time healed me. life's a lesson, i fall and i learnt. no blaming, no moaning, nothing. let bygones bygone, and smile as widely as sincerely as possible. =D

college is fun, fun, and more fun. i met lotsa lotsa nice people in ADP, and i truly appreciate them. thanks for giving me a nice Malaysian college experience! the events eg Animal Fair, Economania, Moral Studies community services etc etc etc strengthen our bonds and i'm glad that i have nice and funny memories of the KTM, how we get lost in KL, how i know ss15 better yada yada. Momoko, Tzen, Xin (or Tzen, Xin, Momoko) (or Xin, Momoko, Tzen) (see now fair already la.. =p) the besties in ADP once and ever. i miss Momoko's lameness. i miss Tzen's merajuk. i miss Xin's concerns. and i miss the stories we had, the creativity in us. haha. and thanks to KinChin aka Da Xing Xing. though you will never stop suaning me, i admire your fast-turning brain, and the sensitivity you have for numberssss (which i hate the most lol), and not forgeting your consolation when i'm in deep shit. thanks. KenLing, thanks for your accounting homework everytime! if not of you, i wouldn't have complete my acconting homeworks lol. Charles aka Sandwich Uncle, thanks for the Math tuition, thanks for the companion and support you gave. and the Johor gang! MeiMei, Wenni, Jason, Calvin, Edan, Sarah. it's quite late to meet you guys, just around few months time and i'm leaving har har. but eternal friendship isn't fake and we'll prove that! =)

sometimes i grumbled of having too much of friends. i know i'm such an idiot lol. but seriously, the more friends i have, the lesser time i can give it to all of them. i felt sorry to keep rejecting outings, but i cant go out of home everytime, ya know the parents la. sometimes i just want to keep the good relationship with the old friends and stop knowing new friends, i know i'm such an selfish people. sigh. but still i cherished the time i had with all of you. yes, you, the reader now, you are my friend for you are still reading my lengthy post har har.

I SAID I HATE KTM!! and now i miss KTM. the one which bring me to most place i wanted to go without mafan-ing others. the one which i see a lot of weird weird people. the one which when i'm emo i have my own space to think. the one which i was so proud to give my place away to those needies. the one which i always late for, and run like cow, but still ended up missing it. sigh. i have so much fun in ktm actually, and now only i realise i dont really hate ktm. (other than the lousy time management they have) (other than the reckless driving skill the driver has) (other than the people inside who are mostly lack of courtesy) (other than the stupid touch 'n go keep eating up my money) hahaha. no KTM before 2008, and now no KTM after 2008. but i still love it. =)

academic is great. i am so thankful that i chose ADP instead of MUFY. cause now i gain more. =) my result was pretty good in the 1st two semesters and slightly slided in the last semester. but so far, still satisfied. i enjoyed the American program, and i will set myself prepare for the Australian-based. (omg omg stupid accounting i heard that they have the different format and i have to retake... sigh) and in 2009, my new campus will be at University of Queensland, St. Lucia. visit me there and i will bring you around to sightsee haha.

Genting, Genting, Genting. the world of entertainment which is somehow a bit bullshiting lol. i went there around 5 times already in mere december. and my dandellion hunting operation failed. sob. i still havent make any wish on dandellion. sigh. but i like the weather there. super chilling and i miss the braised eggs at Chin Swee Temple already. the feeling of bliss when you holding a super hot egg during cold weather, and especially when you are with the love one, omg super bliss! =) okay la i don't hate genting also cause i have nice memories there. =p

okay i shall stop now. a bunch of friends have reached and imma gonna have fun now! tell me how to stop sicking. sigh. cough, cold, running nose, sore throat. wtheck my new year starts with spreading viruses. =) good day people!

2008, thanks for the memories. hello 2009! ;)

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