Saturday, January 31, 2009

poeple'm fine. all thyroid tests responded negatively. don't worry. thanks for those who sms-ed. i tak da masa nak reply, and now my phn expired cant reply. lol. sorry.

oh and i lost money AGAIN!!!! today the friends all came to my house and i forgot to buy pineapple therefore no ONG at all. beware people, don't treat people meal during cny cause will become suei one.. T____________T chua jin wei is my unlucky star. he come i die. no more gambling with him.

i have a bit problem here now. i didn't realise time past so fast and today my sis told me 'eh we still left less than 2 more weeks cause we're leaving on next next monday!!!' and i stoned lol. why so fast???????????? and i swear to myself no more beremo-emo and have to be happy for the rest of the days, especially with the boyfriend. (i colourful ah.. =p)

imma gonna sleep now tomorrow i have operation to enjoy! =) i hope the person i want to see the most will appear tomorrow. won't talk much bout others. *cross fingers*

night peeps! =)

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