Wednesday, January 28, 2009

no fate with money.

i've no luck in gambling this year (okay la it's like almost every year since two years ago i started losing money) today even cham no luck to get 21points in blackjack. sigh. oh cant sigh during cny if not more suei. wtheck..

finally met up with the many many years friends, the left gang. =____________= cause primary school friends were grouped into two groups. i mean MY friends. so i name the left gang as in the group there are seebee, shien, lillian, shay, jinwei, vijin, yongwee etc. (put etc so that nobody will be left out lol) and the right gang is the port klang gang! har har. it's seebee again, khaiwee, jocin, khaiboon, yongwee again, shien again and etc. sometimes two groups might combined but the probability is around 0.1 lol. (aiya now i'm like showing off i have lotsa friends like that. nothign to action also.. =_______=)

boyfriend went back to hometown. i was bored to death. watched dvds almost the whole day. for the 1st time i wasn't care bout the visitors lol. so many came and went off, and i just greet them once and continue with the dvds. har har.

i don't like my legs. too many ugly spots. =( these days even more cause that time during the house cleaning, i didn't realise i knocked my legs for freaking many times, now lotsa blue-black, and one small cut, and lotsa mosquito-bite-marks. and i don't have any new long pants this year. =.= got also i won't wear. har har. long pants are so so so ma fan, and heavy, and ma fan again.

i'm not eating healthy this new year. i have lotsa fattening meal. cheesecake, cheesecake, and more cheesecakesss!!! ba gua i finally ate some this year. people, go buy mei zhen xiang's ba gua, and not the typical ba gua, it's those fine ones, tasty eh! and i drank lotsa 100+ and i'm now craving for instant noodles, which i couldn't find any in the house now. wtheck.

still, the 2nd days, peoople still can't stop the topic of aussie. oh my god aussie is so overratted!!!!! =(

dad just told me we will have to eat bak kut teh with grandma 9am tomorrow! oh my god it's so big thing i don't think i can manage to leave my cozy bed that early eh.... sobbbbbbbb, i dont want bak kut teh... =(

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