Wednesday, January 14, 2009


the princess is having migraine now. boohoo. the whole afternoon already. =( plus, my joints are pain since morning, and grandma says i might be sick very very soon. the very self-love princess has eaten vitamin C pills and drank freaking lotsa water. hope i'm fine. i have no more time to sick. sigh.

am currently having war with leen. am very very unsatisfied of her action which led to more problems, and she didn't even feel guilty of his behavior, still acting like nothing happens. wtheck! war is no good at all. cause it will be even hard for me to step out of the house. i never have better relationship with dad than her and dad always stand by her side when we are having war. say YAY people! what. the. heck!! and mom says it's my wrong i bully her. omg omg. see it's my wrong again. oh dad hasn't speak any words. serious headache already. oh my god i sounds like a biatch. sigh.

no mood to blog already. stupid migraine. everything turns stupid suddenly. stupid stupid stupid!

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