Monday, January 19, 2009

it's not CNY without house cleaning. =D

a quick and short one before i go to bed cause tomorrow i'm going to have my medical check-up and i have to go to bed earlier. ;)

i'm so contented and happy today. i have changed the outlook of my house living room and AV room, which now the AV room becomes back to study room. it used up my whole day, changing this and that with sis and maid, without my parents' acknowledgment. they were pretty surprise with the outcome. =D still, i'm not satisfied. but i will bear with it since we're going to move into a new house after cny. nevermind. ;) it's super tiring to move the tv set, piano, chairs, tables, cupboards, yada yada. phew, my back is aching now. and we didn't manage to fix back the tv set. har har. and now the teevee is for display only har har har. have to wait till my uncle be back this friday and he'll cover that. =)

these days migraine is bugging me much. sigh. and it always comes either middle of the night or middle of the day. wtheck. and i slept until noon today, which made me miss my Macdonald's. sigh.

i'm very very worried bout tomorrow's body checkup. how i wish i can just skip the questions bout malaria. i hate to answer that. double sigh.

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