Tuesday, January 27, 2009

i hate chinese new year

everytime i announced my blog was dead, and the very next few days i the blogging mojo will come back to me. lol. so next time when i've nothing to update then i declare my blog is dead then i will have things to update already. =_______=

i just want to write, while waiting for my hair to dry before go to bed, while waiting for the boyfriend to reach home so that i can get my daily talk before go to bed, and to gain back my blog readership. har har.

i don't know why i get no fancy towards cny. (other than getting angpau money and earn some cash from gambling)(eh wait, i usually lost overally in gambles, even win also little only. sigh) 1st, i hate the weather utmost. wtheck. luckily today rained. if not i will mati atas keterikan matahari. lol. then i don't like guests (other than my friends lol) i don't like visiting to those relatives house, parents' friends' houses and i don't like them to come to my house. i hate those greeting greeting things. like if we are with friends then no need all those la. and i hate those adults comparing me with other ppl eg their children, especially when i'm negatively compared. wtheck. this year is worst, cause i have to keep repeating i'm going to study at aussie next month for gazillion times, and they asked the same questions, and i answered the same questions, and i really really would be so glad to ask them just read my blog to know everything. (but i couldn't cause i don't know why, maybe cause my dad doesn't really like me blogging) and this year even worse most topic is about aussie. and my whole night my mom's friends asked me bout credit exemption thingy, and whole group of people who are going to aussie this coming feb, and already studying there, and the parentssss, and the returnees, they just formed a group and start the aussie topic the whole night wtheck. damn potong. it's new year la don't keep talking bout aussie can or not. okay where am i why i drifted so far away. and, i don't like ba kua, i don't like mandarin tangerine, and i don't like potato chips, and i don't like those fishy fishy smelly smelly dried fish which my family loves it so much and they won't bother eating that in front of me during cny. they will reply 'once in a while only ma, cny ma, have to enjoy yada yada' they always got lotsa excuses. and and, i hate cny cause i don't know what to wear, cause i always have insufficient of new year clothes, and always new year i don't feel like wearing new clothes and mom will be start nagging non stop why i wear until so-not-cny sigh. most of the time don't feel like going out also, and at home can wear the pajamas the whole day lol. easy. not only that, i don't like cny cause my parents don't allow me to drive with the reason 'it's cny you better not driving'. what a reason, i asked them why and they couldn't really answer me. see la. aizs. and i get not enough of sleep during cny. sigh sigh.

lol why i rant so much.

still, i love cny a lil. cause got money ma.. wtheck i moneyfaced. er i can't think of other reason already la. har har.

i really just want to laze around this cny. tak da cny mood pun. maybe cause gonna leave already sigh. these days my mood is like roller coaster la going up and down i want to faint already. i really have not much time left. but what i want to do the most, i can't do it. sigh.

i lurve sick la. haven't see the boyfriend for more than a week already. =(

oh my god my blog is going really random can die. now i know why i lost my readers. byebye good night.

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