Thursday, January 8, 2009

here comes my resolution of the year...

the fresh morning me in da bus. =)

after reading Suet Li's post about her resolution for the year, i am thinking a lot now. and i shall make my resolution of the year similarly as hers. i want to try harder to keep my relationship alive. =)

yes, to keep a long distance relationship (LDR) is not easy. not able to see each other for freaking long cow time, the difference of time zone, the obligations we have in life, etc etc. i'm as dead scare as Suet about our relationship's future.

we are once broken, but after the falling apart we became even closer. the ups and downs made me more cherish the time we have. i saw so many LDRs still lasting good, yet there are so many examples of relationship failure due to aparting. seriously, i lack of confidence, and i'm not as optimistic when it comes to relationship. i don't know. but one thing for sure, i will work harder for it. =) i swear this resolution is not a hangat-hangat-tahi-ayam one. and, if we can get through this toughest moment, we'll get thru any of the upcoming barriers. =)

i have only one proper photo of me and him after we get together. it's so curious that me who take picture so often don't have photos of me and the boyfriend. haha blame him for being a camera-shy. no la he doesn't really like to take photo and i should be blame in an incident for this. =p but after long thought, it doesn't mind if we have photos of us or not, cause i've captured all the nice memories in my mind my heart. =)

lurve is not only a 5-letter-word. it's more than that, more than you can ever thought of. and lurve, need action. =) lurve and lazy, it's always either one being chosen. they never come together. i lurve you, i mean it, and it's not just mean by words.

i see the rainbow after storm. and to have the rainbow is not enough. i am searching for where the rainbow ends, and i'm sure there will be a pot of blissfulness waiting for me.

a whole new year, a tougher one. but with the support i have from him, i really hope that we can get through all these. at the end of the year, looking back at the resolution i've made today, i wish i will be grinning, with his hand still holding mine. =) i have Suet and Barry as a model. bless them, bless me and mingzu. =D

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