Tuesday, January 13, 2009

attention seeker.

i haven't update my private blog The Fallen Princess for quite some time already. guess i really leading nice life now eh. damn scare karma already la now can.

my blog is part of me now. blogging is flowing in my blood already. it's like smoking. very addictive. i felt damn uneasy when i couldn't update my blog, even if i have nothing to write. sigh why i like that one. i scare people forget bout me, and i want everyone update my life. means, i'm kiasu and attention seeker la. seriously when i get to know that even random friends read my blog, i will be super duper happy. and now i'm not only blog for myself, i write for people who care about me. thanks a lot you people. (but my nuffnang ad income still the same sigh)

nobody give me feedback on the 5s4 angpau operation. why like that you classmates really so busy until not dropping even a line bout it? even in the friendster group only a few of us really take this seriously. please eh support a bit i dont want that saturday only me mingzu jusern piekying and few more turning up only okay? come or die. yes 5s4ians you guys are forced to come. please.

the boyfriend starts school tommorow. i will be even lonelier. =( people, tell me if i'm real skinny????? very skinny??? should i add on weight?? and how to become fatter in short time???? i really want to know.

i'm so frustrated that i'm now having skin allergy again. sigh sigh sigh. and my legs are damn fugly now. rashes here and there and a lot of tiny tiny red dots. and usually it itches like hell in the middle of the night. this. is. so. not. good. i. can't. get. any. good. sleep. for. days. already. wtheck. sometimes they are like the marks of mosquito bites, but not one not two, is a big whole patch here and there. and my legs are now almost like the surface of the moon, but not holes, they are bumps. wtheck. fugly fugly. =(

i have to go to bed already. guess digestion's done. i regret eating so much at the mamak just now. =.= toodles people! ;)

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