Saturday, January 31, 2009


haha can't sleep. late night, nobody talk to me, msn not functioning, the only place to talk is to blog. i always never keep my words one. see la emo now. har har.

one closed friend whom i never really spend time with him quite some times already, and yesterday night we were having dinner together. he made me realise the smile i had all the while is not with me already. he said the trademark of me, which the reason he liked to talk to me, is no longer found in me. in change, i am easily angry. yes, the plan of me going away is making pressure in me. i fear. i worry. but i still wanted to act like i'm tough. so contradicting. the dinner with him, his sis, and my sis at the hawker stall, around table 84 which i will never forget, the way we joked, gossiped, and laughed the way we want, it's not only making me missing more of the good old days we had, it too made me become more reluctant to leave. yes, this is what i want before i leave. i want more memories of me and the people around me, even though i'm not sure if i'm the only one remembering everything after the gatherings. i don't care. sometimes, i just so naively wanted to prove that i'm always being remembered, especially the special peoples who are so important to me. should i trust fate or not? i trusted but i believe more on one's initiative. but then if one didn't appreciate what i've done, should i continue to be stubborn and go on with my own so-called initiation, or just lost faith on it? i don't know what make the best decision. sigh. emo song made me more emo.

how now?
poeple'm fine. all thyroid tests responded negatively. don't worry. thanks for those who sms-ed. i tak da masa nak reply, and now my phn expired cant reply. lol. sorry.

oh and i lost money AGAIN!!!! today the friends all came to my house and i forgot to buy pineapple therefore no ONG at all. beware people, don't treat people meal during cny cause will become suei one.. T____________T chua jin wei is my unlucky star. he come i die. no more gambling with him.

i have a bit problem here now. i didn't realise time past so fast and today my sis told me 'eh we still left less than 2 more weeks cause we're leaving on next next monday!!!' and i stoned lol. why so fast???????????? and i swear to myself no more beremo-emo and have to be happy for the rest of the days, especially with the boyfriend. (i colourful ah.. =p)

imma gonna sleep now tomorrow i have operation to enjoy! =) i hope the person i want to see the most will appear tomorrow. won't talk much bout others. *cross fingers*

night peeps! =)

Friday, January 30, 2009

bored to death what kind of cny is this wtheck.

half of my cny so far is spent with the two very naggy people above, and 3 pigs, and more and more family members. oh and not to forget the house, the teevee, the dvdsssssssss. how awesome! =_______________= nobody visit me one???? sien la.. tomorrow evening come to my house for gambling session arigato gozaimashuta. =D

p/s: i lost more money today. T______________T

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

finger crossed.

yours truly is going for blood test and thorough medical checkup tomorrow!!!! too weak lately and imma gonna find out why am i keep losing weight while i eat like a pig. hopefully not thyroidism, which the family inherits a lot from this illness. *cross fingers* wtheck but i got lotsa symptoms of thyroidism.. wo de tian ah, popi popi me having thyroidism negative.

no fate with money.

i've no luck in gambling this year (okay la it's like almost every year since two years ago i started losing money) today even cham no luck to get 21points in blackjack. sigh. oh cant sigh during cny if not more suei. wtheck..

finally met up with the many many years friends, the left gang. =____________= cause primary school friends were grouped into two groups. i mean MY friends. so i name the left gang as in the group there are seebee, shien, lillian, shay, jinwei, vijin, yongwee etc. (put etc so that nobody will be left out lol) and the right gang is the port klang gang! har har. it's seebee again, khaiwee, jocin, khaiboon, yongwee again, shien again and etc. sometimes two groups might combined but the probability is around 0.1 lol. (aiya now i'm like showing off i have lotsa friends like that. nothign to action also.. =_______=)

boyfriend went back to hometown. i was bored to death. watched dvds almost the whole day. for the 1st time i wasn't care bout the visitors lol. so many came and went off, and i just greet them once and continue with the dvds. har har.

i don't like my legs. too many ugly spots. =( these days even more cause that time during the house cleaning, i didn't realise i knocked my legs for freaking many times, now lotsa blue-black, and one small cut, and lotsa mosquito-bite-marks. and i don't have any new long pants this year. =.= got also i won't wear. har har. long pants are so so so ma fan, and heavy, and ma fan again.

i'm not eating healthy this new year. i have lotsa fattening meal. cheesecake, cheesecake, and more cheesecakesss!!! ba gua i finally ate some this year. people, go buy mei zhen xiang's ba gua, and not the typical ba gua, it's those fine ones, tasty eh! and i drank lotsa 100+ and i'm now craving for instant noodles, which i couldn't find any in the house now. wtheck.

still, the 2nd days, peoople still can't stop the topic of aussie. oh my god aussie is so overratted!!!!! =(

dad just told me we will have to eat bak kut teh with grandma 9am tomorrow! oh my god it's so big thing i don't think i can manage to leave my cozy bed that early eh.... sobbbbbbbb, i dont want bak kut teh... =(

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

i hate chinese new year

everytime i announced my blog was dead, and the very next few days i the blogging mojo will come back to me. lol. so next time when i've nothing to update then i declare my blog is dead then i will have things to update already. =_______=

i just want to write, while waiting for my hair to dry before go to bed, while waiting for the boyfriend to reach home so that i can get my daily talk before go to bed, and to gain back my blog readership. har har.

i don't know why i get no fancy towards cny. (other than getting angpau money and earn some cash from gambling)(eh wait, i usually lost overally in gambles, even win also little only. sigh) 1st, i hate the weather utmost. wtheck. luckily today rained. if not i will mati atas keterikan matahari. lol. then i don't like guests (other than my friends lol) i don't like visiting to those relatives house, parents' friends' houses and i don't like them to come to my house. i hate those greeting greeting things. like if we are with friends then no need all those la. and i hate those adults comparing me with other ppl eg their children, especially when i'm negatively compared. wtheck. this year is worst, cause i have to keep repeating i'm going to study at aussie next month for gazillion times, and they asked the same questions, and i answered the same questions, and i really really would be so glad to ask them just read my blog to know everything. (but i couldn't cause i don't know why, maybe cause my dad doesn't really like me blogging) and this year even worse most topic is about aussie. and my whole night my mom's friends asked me bout credit exemption thingy, and whole group of people who are going to aussie this coming feb, and already studying there, and the parentssss, and the returnees, they just formed a group and start the aussie topic the whole night wtheck. damn potong. it's new year la don't keep talking bout aussie can or not. okay where am i why i drifted so far away. and, i don't like ba kua, i don't like mandarin tangerine, and i don't like potato chips, and i don't like those fishy fishy smelly smelly dried fish which my family loves it so much and they won't bother eating that in front of me during cny. they will reply 'once in a while only ma, cny ma, have to enjoy yada yada' they always got lotsa excuses. and and, i hate cny cause i don't know what to wear, cause i always have insufficient of new year clothes, and always new year i don't feel like wearing new clothes and mom will be start nagging non stop why i wear until so-not-cny sigh. most of the time don't feel like going out also, and at home can wear the pajamas the whole day lol. easy. not only that, i don't like cny cause my parents don't allow me to drive with the reason 'it's cny you better not driving'. what a reason, i asked them why and they couldn't really answer me. see la. aizs. and i get not enough of sleep during cny. sigh sigh.

lol why i rant so much.

still, i love cny a lil. cause got money ma.. wtheck i moneyfaced. er i can't think of other reason already la. har har.

i really just want to laze around this cny. tak da cny mood pun. maybe cause gonna leave already sigh. these days my mood is like roller coaster la going up and down i want to faint already. i really have not much time left. but what i want to do the most, i can't do it. sigh.

i lurve sick la. haven't see the boyfriend for more than a week already. =(

oh my god my blog is going really random can die. now i know why i lost my readers. byebye good night.

happy niuuuuu year!

red enough for new year? =D

Sunday, January 25, 2009

friend advertising lol.

the 9-years-bestie is modeling!!!! quite surprise to found out that. =D click here to figure it out who is that so-called model. har har.

i don't want to praise him much if not he will go action one.. =p
i hereby announce that,


no more considering bout nuffnang ads, cause i've lost three quarters of my readers so i don't give a damn on that already (at least during cny). and someone is not happy with me blogging. har har. blogging mojo gone also.

HAPPY CNY PEOPLE! have a blessed new year. i hope mine will be blessed too.

p/s: i'm sorry, i lurve you. forgive me not?

Friday, January 23, 2009

nothing goes right today. ish-ed a lot! wtheck.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

new year.....

new hairstyle. me rebond me hair. =)




by the way, i'm all fine. i pass my urine test and leave the bloody diagnostic centre in 15 min time. =D

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

stop telling me bout PROTEIN!!

no luck today.

medical checkup is all fine at first, until the result of urine test came out, and i didn't pass it. and i retake the test again, and fail AGAIN. therefore, i have to go back to the diagnostic centre in 24 hours time, if not my visa fee will be gone. my body is weak, i have to admit. twice the urine test failed cause of excessive protein in my urine. wtheck. troublesome la stupid urine test. and if tomorrow the test remains protein positive, imma get into big trouble. lotsa lotsa stupid further checkup, lotsa lotsa forms and processes await, and IF I REALLY DON'T GET THRU THIS STUPID TEST, freaking aussie government won't give me a visa to go over there. wtheck right? popi popi tomorrow thing will be fine. i've drank litres of water today, and i'm forced to drink litres of water the remaining night.

dad got so frustrated cause i am going to waste his bloody time to revisit the centre again tomorrow. and now each and every sentence of him to me, is related to the bloody stupid excessive proteins. eg, the restaurant we dined in for lunch, they served half a plate of carrots, and yours truly doesn't like carrot at all, and dad says 'you see la, cause you didn't eat carrot, now got excessive protein la.. you better eat up all of them'. wtheck right right right? cross the road also can relate to the protein thingy. drive also can. waaaa i tell you my dad's theories super dominant one. all related from one to one, but it's all bout stupid protein.

see la now my plan not going right already. at 1st i thought of going to the saloon tomorrow with jie. sigh. and my CNY new clothes operation still havent complete. and my room is stilll a mess. and the teevee still for display only. and the home theater set still got problems and i really don't know how to fix already. and the family haven't decide whether to eat from home or not for reunion dinner. and i have no money to buy what i want. and dad doesn't allow me to drive. and i still havent call the classmates one by one to inform them bout the angpau operation. haiya so many things undone. how to celebrate CNY? sigh. dont come so fast la please. i have not enough time already. sob4.

Monday, January 19, 2009

it's not CNY without house cleaning. =D

a quick and short one before i go to bed cause tomorrow i'm going to have my medical check-up and i have to go to bed earlier. ;)

i'm so contented and happy today. i have changed the outlook of my house living room and AV room, which now the AV room becomes back to study room. it used up my whole day, changing this and that with sis and maid, without my parents' acknowledgment. they were pretty surprise with the outcome. =D still, i'm not satisfied. but i will bear with it since we're going to move into a new house after cny. nevermind. ;) it's super tiring to move the tv set, piano, chairs, tables, cupboards, yada yada. phew, my back is aching now. and we didn't manage to fix back the tv set. har har. and now the teevee is for display only har har har. have to wait till my uncle be back this friday and he'll cover that. =)

these days migraine is bugging me much. sigh. and it always comes either middle of the night or middle of the day. wtheck. and i slept until noon today, which made me miss my Macdonald's. sigh.

i'm very very worried bout tomorrow's body checkup. how i wish i can just skip the questions bout malaria. i hate to answer that. double sigh.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

i hate stupid sunday at home.

i'm so pissed and frustrated. i'm tired of being a messenger, and get some scold in between. le sigh. seriously, am i too rely on blog? like i HAVE TO blog and i will think like 'oh it's such long since i last blog'. my god this is real addiction.

i've read a blogpost comment from a friend in adp. we're not really close, somehow there's still a connection between us, i don't know what is that, but she gave me a real real comfortable feeling. (oh and there's a similarity between us) she's gonna face LDR too. but i believe that it's not a big prob for her and him. cause i never see such nice couple before. ;) they will last, since they had already lasted for so long. haha. don't worry, girl. you'll be alright, same as me. =) a lil of nervous and worried is normal reaction, cause future is unexpected, but stay in faith and everything will be alright. all the best! (i didn't know my post is such sentimental. haha.)

people, i'm not rich. my family is just average. my dad can afford my education in oversea, yet it doesn't mean that i'm rich. we lead thrifty life. and education is important. and it's not like i can come back whenever i want when i'm in aussie. dad says, he'll pay for what he thinks it's a should. he misses me and i will miss him when i'm living abroad. what's wrong if i wanted to come back during holiday? and it's not like we come back with very expensive's air ticket. we buy budget airline's tickets. so stop judging me as a rich princess. (but i'm still a princess. =p)

oh and i felt super glad that finally my classmates responded bout the cny angpau operation. thanks a bunch! at least now i know it's not a wrong decision to make up another gathering despite it will be so tiring of being the organizer. ;)

i miss my boyfriend. thaaaaaaat much. cause he's the one who won't be tired of entertaining me even he's so fed up of my never-end questions, even he's so impatient of me. =)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

see i'm fine.


true friends out there who really care effing lot bout me, who really try to lend his/her ears instead of shoulders, now you see i'm fine. =) thanks a lot at least i know there is really some true friends care for me. true friends you know who you are. ;)

i always lie. 1st i said i will stop crying, the next few hours i'm weeping like a cow already. har har. emotional breakdown, control system in me malfunctioned. haiya these days super sensitive. yesterday night accidentally let my dad saw me boohooing like nobody's business in a dark room. wtheck. and i saw him too. and he fakingly walked away sambil whilstling. har har. then i act like i'm sick and rubbed my nose and eyes so hard to make him thought that the redness of my eyes and nose is due to rubbing. =_____________= very embarass when this happens. lol.

i aeroplaned a bunch of friends again. i'm sowee. we'll meet at cny k? =)

me weakling.

i am a char siew pao lately. those who've listened to Momoko's pao joke will know what do i mean, mostly adpians. i am a super tasty char siew pao.

i am a crying bun lately. i cried and cried and cried like nobody's business. thank God for giving me such a big pair of eyes, even after crying it won't sore any obvious. yet i can't cry the way i want. i have no shoulder to cry on, no back patting while crying, no consolation which make me cry even harder. i cried in dark room. i cried while bathing. i cried when there's some excuses for me to lie on that i'm not crying. my self-discipline is negatively good. and i always fail to hold back tears. so moody these days, 1stly cause of leaving, 2ndly i can't bear with the problems arised, 3rdly the jokes God has made to me.

my last month in Malaysia, i ended up having insomnia every night. i thought my life will be better and better when i try on my baby steps, to live life to the fullest. ended up, most of the time i am not the real me. being tough is just bullshitting, and so many of 'I thought' i can't confirm which one really benefitted me. too many of my own thought, yet reality still always always contradicting with the one in my thought. i never thought of having so many inperfections. the more i rely on tears to relieve, the more i'm addicted to this way, the worst solution. reason, it's just like recycling, never ends.

judge me, people. the more you judge, the more you will get yourself wrong bout me. haha. Geminian isn't easy to judge. yes i know it's not only me having problems here and there. and i shall just rely on myself to pick up the shits and back to be a normal person. fate plays on me, i will take it. as long as i haven't give up, i still believe that i stand a chance to make a difference. i promise i will be less crying to sort things out, cause crying never make things right.

**everyday saying the same phrase 'today will be my last time crying' and everyday things recycled lol. le sigh i will still be a crying bun.

Friday, January 16, 2009

more than just karma.

i hate blogspot being too canggih. i didn't update for one day only and my readership halved so realistically. last time when they haven't invent that showing update thingy this stupid thing won't happen one.. sigh.

okay now i get more than karma. everything became so messy i don't want to write it here. nothing successes. i dropped from heaven to hell. but i'm glad i still get support from the boyfriend and he's the only one who made my day yesterday.

i aeroplaned the boyfriend today and i felt so sorry for that. so long i haven't see him and i made the anticipation into disappointment. and i blamed myself for having too much anticipation which made us fall harder, but after thought of a short passage i read from a little booklet a true friend gave to me, i relieved. without anticipation, things won't be that great aight. ;) i've been pessimized myself the whole 24 hours i think it's time to loose my nerves.

cross my fingers, i pray to have good sleep tonight.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

shut up.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


the princess is having migraine now. boohoo. the whole afternoon already. =( plus, my joints are pain since morning, and grandma says i might be sick very very soon. the very self-love princess has eaten vitamin C pills and drank freaking lotsa water. hope i'm fine. i have no more time to sick. sigh.

am currently having war with leen. am very very unsatisfied of her action which led to more problems, and she didn't even feel guilty of his behavior, still acting like nothing happens. wtheck! war is no good at all. cause it will be even hard for me to step out of the house. i never have better relationship with dad than her and dad always stand by her side when we are having war. say YAY people! what. the. heck!! and mom says it's my wrong i bully her. omg omg. see it's my wrong again. oh dad hasn't speak any words. serious headache already. oh my god i sounds like a biatch. sigh.

no mood to blog already. stupid migraine. everything turns stupid suddenly. stupid stupid stupid!

me CONFIRMED returning on April! =D

i've booked the air tickets already. should say the stubborn me is so so stubborn to give up finding for cheap flights and yes i found it! at first i couldn't believe my eyes and thought the fare is for one passenger and now zomg zomg i'm not sitting any budget airline this time! IMMA COME BACK ON APRIL BY ROYAL BRUNEI AIR!!!! got lunch and refreshments one hor.. and guess how much is the total fare for to and fro, for 2 passengers?????? believe it, it's freaking 3.4k Ringgit Malaysia!!! means 1 ticket is not more than 900bucks okay. mind me, all surcharges included. hahahahahahaha i'm so happy i can come back on april. =D this is even cheaper than AirAsia. hohoho.

this time no need to be so adventurous changing flights and all sort of troublesome thingy. all i need to do is to wait at the departure hall and sleep for 10 hours at Bandar Seri Begawan, Indonesia's airport due to flight interchange. no need to scare i go wrong direction this and that. i've slept before in airport when i went to aussie few years back so yea it's not a big deal for me. me and leen didn't even ask dad bout it and straight away buy the tickets already. har har so brave i think i grown up already har har har.

oh my god why am i so happy? i want to jump and hop and jump and hop and possibly knock the ceiling on the head. yay! =D.

i can come back to see the boyfriend AND MY BELOVED FRIENDS on April. =p

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

keCHILDISHanku. harhar.

which part of me look childish eh?

您的精神年齡 17歲
(your mentally age)

與您實際年齡差 -1歲
(difference with your actual age)

幼稚度 88%

成熟度 32%


老化度 22%

click here to test! found this from mengyee's blog. =)

wtheck. means i very childish now eh???? people go and test test and see if accurate or not eh.. =_________________________=

attention seeker.

i haven't update my private blog The Fallen Princess for quite some time already. guess i really leading nice life now eh. damn scare karma already la now can.

my blog is part of me now. blogging is flowing in my blood already. it's like smoking. very addictive. i felt damn uneasy when i couldn't update my blog, even if i have nothing to write. sigh why i like that one. i scare people forget bout me, and i want everyone update my life. means, i'm kiasu and attention seeker la. seriously when i get to know that even random friends read my blog, i will be super duper happy. and now i'm not only blog for myself, i write for people who care about me. thanks a lot you people. (but my nuffnang ad income still the same sigh)

nobody give me feedback on the 5s4 angpau operation. why like that you classmates really so busy until not dropping even a line bout it? even in the friendster group only a few of us really take this seriously. please eh support a bit i dont want that saturday only me mingzu jusern piekying and few more turning up only okay? come or die. yes 5s4ians you guys are forced to come. please.

the boyfriend starts school tommorow. i will be even lonelier. =( people, tell me if i'm real skinny????? very skinny??? should i add on weight?? and how to become fatter in short time???? i really want to know.

i'm so frustrated that i'm now having skin allergy again. sigh sigh sigh. and my legs are damn fugly now. rashes here and there and a lot of tiny tiny red dots. and usually it itches like hell in the middle of the night. this. is. so. not. good. i. can't. get. any. good. sleep. for. days. already. wtheck. sometimes they are like the marks of mosquito bites, but not one not two, is a big whole patch here and there. and my legs are now almost like the surface of the moon, but not holes, they are bumps. wtheck. fugly fugly. =(

i have to go to bed already. guess digestion's done. i regret eating so much at the mamak just now. =.= toodles people! ;)

Monday, January 12, 2009

me returning on April!

hohoho people i can come back on April already!!!! =D =D =D

so at 1st Mas Airline and Air Asia is way too costly for me and leen to come back from Aussie. and now we found another alternative, though it's pretty troublesome but i will want to take the challenge! =)

okay i think i'm so genius now. har har. so me and leen will be coming back by JetStar (singapore budget airline). from brisbane, we'll fly to Darwin and then to Singapore. this will used up bout 12 hours lol. and then from Singapore we'll board to Air Asia and yes we'll reach LCCT at the middle of the night. =D fun isn't it? omg omg i havent been transfering flight so many times and i want to come back! and the fare is pretty reasonable althogether is around 2k per pax, including every surcharge for to and fro.

i'm waiting for my dad's permission now and imma book the fight tickets! =D

my dad ignores me. leen says forget bouut it. sigh.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

google too canggih sigh.

omgomgomgomgomg!!!!!!!!! i hope it's not Sunda doing this. dead scare now. wtheck i forgot what i've written about Sunda already. my god who so wu liao laaaaaa.... stop googling names k? sigh! this is what i hate google the most.

the emo bug..... all over me now.cried, over.
why am i not as optimist as usual already?


i'm fear. i'm utmost helpless, especially during nights...
...yet i will still try my best to make everything better.. my hope.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

here comes my resolution of the year...

the fresh morning me in da bus. =)

after reading Suet Li's post about her resolution for the year, i am thinking a lot now. and i shall make my resolution of the year similarly as hers. i want to try harder to keep my relationship alive. =)

yes, to keep a long distance relationship (LDR) is not easy. not able to see each other for freaking long cow time, the difference of time zone, the obligations we have in life, etc etc. i'm as dead scare as Suet about our relationship's future.

we are once broken, but after the falling apart we became even closer. the ups and downs made me more cherish the time we have. i saw so many LDRs still lasting good, yet there are so many examples of relationship failure due to aparting. seriously, i lack of confidence, and i'm not as optimistic when it comes to relationship. i don't know. but one thing for sure, i will work harder for it. =) i swear this resolution is not a hangat-hangat-tahi-ayam one. and, if we can get through this toughest moment, we'll get thru any of the upcoming barriers. =)

i have only one proper photo of me and him after we get together. it's so curious that me who take picture so often don't have photos of me and the boyfriend. haha blame him for being a camera-shy. no la he doesn't really like to take photo and i should be blame in an incident for this. =p but after long thought, it doesn't mind if we have photos of us or not, cause i've captured all the nice memories in my mind my heart. =)

lurve is not only a 5-letter-word. it's more than that, more than you can ever thought of. and lurve, need action. =) lurve and lazy, it's always either one being chosen. they never come together. i lurve you, i mean it, and it's not just mean by words.

i see the rainbow after storm. and to have the rainbow is not enough. i am searching for where the rainbow ends, and i'm sure there will be a pot of blissfulness waiting for me.

a whole new year, a tougher one. but with the support i have from him, i really hope that we can get through all these. at the end of the year, looking back at the resolution i've made today, i wish i will be grinning, with his hand still holding mine. =) i have Suet and Barry as a model. bless them, bless me and mingzu. =D

confession of a grinning pig!

why so a lot of people don't support me to burn the air ticket to queensland? vote yes la.. please please, and then i can show it to my parents. and then maybe i can postpone my abroading. sigh.

me and leen forgot to book the air ticket for april's returning. and now it is so costly my dad doesn't allow us to spend so much money to come back already. see la, how am i going to survive through that bloody week? sobbing and weeping everyday and waited for people to chat with me thru msn? i want to come back =( if not i have to wait until end of June sob sob. and i'm having my semester final exam on my birthday sob sob sob. anyone want to fly to Queensland to celebrate mua birthday on 15th june? =(

somemore these days everything seems to be good. the relationship with the boyfriend is super good. the relationship with the family is good too (i can't believe i watched 1-hour drama every weekdays with the family. mind me, whole family included my dad and mom okay. they anti-teevee one..). the relationship with friends, okay not bad for certain ones cause i haven't make it to every gathering sigh. i get enough sleep almost everyday. i helped out in my parent's kindergarten and felt not too bad (unlike last time i never want to help wtheck i know i'm very infilial =p) all of these made me don't want to leave here. i like my life now. i don't want changes i dont want to go on with upcoming big change. boohoo. =(

listening to emo chinese song really will make me emoish. but i'm still happy with the day. and i promised myself to live happily everyday at least for these remaining 39 days. i want to make everyone happy. and i want to make lotsa lotsa nice memories. =)

i'll wrap up this post with confession wtheck.

"I lurve you GanMingZu da pig! i lurve your changes, i can see the effort, thanks sayang! *smooches*" =D

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

5S4' 07 CNY angpau operation!

dang dang dang~ 5s4ians!!!!!!! attention here. i know it's quite early to have the plan but yes i want to book all of you 1st. i hope this will be a really really success and fun gathering. no more one small gang one small gang on outing, i hope we'll all be in one.

1st of all, what is Angpau Operation????? means operasi melawat dari rumah ke rumah (of course rumah kawan k) dan mengumpul angpau! we did this 2 years before and it's quite fun and success. of course la we'll gamble kao kao from one house to another k? =D

okay since there will a lot of people balik kampung outstation yada yada on the 1st few days of CNY. so after discussion with Piek Ying and Ju Sern thru friendster s4 group (which nobody visits sigh.), we have confirm the time and all. please make sure you guys are free on that day. please!

Date: 31st Jan 2009, Saturday. (day 6 of CNY)
Time: 9.30am
Gather at: Eng Ann (i need breakfast there =p)

and off we go from house to house! =)

since quite a lot of us have our license already, we do not need to walk like 2 years ago already (my god walk under the super hot sun and damn far those houses) anyone can contribute driving? tell me k? thanks.

and there's another thing. since we are having this operation on the day. and i'm going to leave for Aussie after CNY, let's have a farewell for ME, yes me Eva la can in the evening. no more Station One okay. cause everytime go station one the bloody table so small and we have to separate i dont want. =p this time we'll have something like steamboat or seafood. make it as reunion dinner. a proper one. ;) leave comment or message me @ 0163852050. tell me which you prefer. and i will find a restaurant. if anyone wants to lend out his/her house for barbeque or something like that it will be even better la.

and please confirm with us (me, piek ying, jusern, tsi wei) earlier. and someone please contact Daddy Lim! i miss him! =)

oh and another thing. if anyone of you can let us visit your house during that day, tell me k? i want to plan the routine from house to house.

i really want this to be a success. so, spread the news, people! thanks. =) so sorry for those not in the country. we'll gather again when you guys come back k? =)

call me for further enquiries. xoxo.
yesterday evening, i went to fetch Ena back from school, 1st time standing at the school gate with whole lots of parents, waiting for the bell to ring. =__________= it's not fun at all har har. and the worst part is the lil kids were all so excited to go home, rushing out like a swarm of bee, i can't even identify my sis lol. they are identically same - with the same uniform, with the same length of hair, with the almost same height, and one thing make me so damn hard is ALMOST ALL OF THE GIRLS ARE HAVING PINK TROLLEY BAG AND THE BOYS ARE HAVING THE BLUE TROLLEY BAG!!! so from the big swarm of 'bee' i only saw 4 colors - navy blue and white (the uniform) and blue and pink! wtheck. parents damn stereotype lor... why always pink is for girls and blue is for boys.. i will never do this to my child next time. =p

wtheck i dont know why i post this. blogging mojo gone. sigh. i still have 3 hald-way undone post in my draft. wtheck. =(




這 麼聽起來,你的處境好像有點四面楚歌的樣子!不過你應該能夠了解,其他的男人也跟你一樣很難抵抗她的魅力。憑良心說,雙子座的女子實在很有趣,她可以像個 小男生一樣,陪你上山下海的瘋狂玩樂;也可以正經八佰的跟你聊天文地理!當然,她更會像個小公主一樣跟你花前月下溫柔纏綿。她是那麼的充滿著樂趣和變化! 只可惜她你的態度,也是變化多端,難以捉摸。你以乎很難理解,為什麼昨天才令她痴迷的優點,今天竟成了被她嗤之以鼻的缺點。先不要傷心,也不要生氣!你應 該先冷靜下來,認真的了解一下這個讓你開心又叫好你煩心的小精靈。

雙 子座的女子有著豐富無比的想像力,而在現實的生活中,愛情似乎是讓她發揮想像力的最佳園地,她幾乎可以在每一個愛情故事中,成功的扮演著不同的角色。因此 很多人批評雙子座的女子把愛情當成遊戲。對於一些年紀很輕的雙子座女孩來說,遊戲的成分多少是有那麼一些的,但是請你務必相信,在每一個雙子座女子的心 裡,都有著對於愛情天長地久的渴望。但是她們的多重個性,總是讓她在欣賞你某些優點的同時,又在挑剔你可能有的缺點。比方說,她很可能在讚美你的藝術天份 的同時,又批抨你太過軟弱!這樣反覆的情緒下,最困擾的人並不是你,而是她自己。因為雙子座的女子通常都會獨自處理自己的心情,你頂多只會覺得她忽冷忽熱 而已。

我 有位雙子座的好友,她的戀愛史也是多采多姿。但是每當她開始一段感情的時侯,我總是相信這一次她是終於找到白頭偕老的對象了。因為,她是那麼的喜悅,喋喋 不休的對我說對方的好處,滿臉幸褔的模樣,讓我猜想,大概不出兩個月就可以收到她的喜帖了。結果,大概兩個星期之後。她就會非常沮的數落著對方的錯(有的 也並不是錯,而是與她種種的不適合)。而當她發現了這些問題之後,就漸漸和對方疏遠了,我真的很替她難過,看著她的愛情一次次的破滅。雖然過不了太久,又 可以聽到她生趣盎然的談著她的新戀情,但是,我真的相信,每當愛情開始的時侯,她是真的有著天長地久的誠意的。雙子座女子的確對於學習適應對方的一切比較 缺乏耐性,但是隨著年齡的增長,她會慢慢學著收斂自己善變的個性,而將它轉變成單調生活中,求新、求變的力量。

聽到這樣的結論,你應該覺得前途大有可為了吧!不過,你除了需要多一點耐心之外,我仍然要提醒你——跟 一個雙子星的女子相處,唯一避免自己受傷,又能與她相處融洽的方式,就是自己不斷的變。多變的生活和氣氛會讓她生趣盎然,更會保持她對你的熱愛。你可以儘 情的發揮自己多樣的才華,不必擔心她會無法適應,雙子座的女子不會是個黏人的橡皮糖。不過,不要冷落她太久,寂寞的等待,不是個雙子座女子容易忍受的事, 否則,她忘記你的速度,肯定會讓你心碎。

我剛才說過了,雙子座女性的善變會隨著年齡的成長日趨穩定。尤其是當她答應與你攜手共度此生之後,聰明的她,會很理性的要求自己做一個稱職的妻子。你應該相 信她的反應靈活,適應性絕佳,辦事效率極高,扮演妻子的角色是難不倒她的。除非你非要嚴格地要求她作個傳統的家庭主婦。否則你一定會慶幸自己娶了個可愛又 多變的嬌妻。

你 不會有一個整天板著臉,抱怨家用錢不夠的黃臉婆。相反地,當你煩惱錢賺得太少的時侯,她可能會幫你想一大堆賺外快的點子。你可能那天下班回家的時侯,發現 她把家裡所有的家俱都重新安置的煥然一新。也可能打開門之後發現她一個人沮喪的躲在牆角,渴望你給她一個浪漫的擁抱。當你們邀請朋友到家裡作客的時侯,她 總會成為一個俐落又大方的女主人,給大家製造愉快的氣氛。你不要太限制她的自由,當然她也不會過分的限制你。不要在她興緻沖沖告訴你她的新計劃時,表現得 漠不關心。她可能今天滿臉甜蜜的告訴你,她覺得自己是全世界最幸褔的小女人,明天又憂傷的告訴你,她很擔心你們之間愛的感覺已經不再了。這時侯,你需要的 是一點幽默感。你不妨跟她說:「真的嗎?那真是太糟糕了,妳是不是能給我一個機會,讓我再追你一次呢?」俏皮而機智的言語,是永遠討雙子座女子喜歡的,她 本身就是一個極具表達愛情技巧的精靈,若是碰上了一塊木頭,豈不是太掃興了嗎?


don't ask me why i like to read horoscope analysis and personality tests and all these stuffs. i'm glad to be Gemini. and i like most of the horoscope analysis which praises Gemini. felt damn good can har har. and most time i will just ignore the bad parts. =p tell me you did that too so i'm not the awkward one. =)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

the money-minded maiden.

i am not happy at all. i've been maintaining my readership so hard, and the statistic of every day's readership remained above 65 visitor per unique. yet my earning still didn't go up even a cent for the past whole month. wtheck is this. sigh. >=(


I remembered things you've told me. Even if they can't be realized, they had and will always be the best support and consolation. Thanks, lurve. <3

Monday, January 5, 2009

me primary school me proud.

i envied those who started school. i want to go back to school sigh.

this morning i went back to my primary school, to take back Eda's leftover important school documents. while waiting at the office, teachers passed by me. actually i felt bad on trying to hide from them. eh i think for them okay cause i see them so busy rushing here and there, 1st day of school ma sure busy lar.. so i try to hide at the back of leen. but teachers still spotted me. surprisingly, i've never been forgotten. when most teachers and the headmistress still remember my name and yelled it out of nowhere, i felt a lil touched and happy that i was remembered. even some teachers who don't even taught me before, they just simply can called out my name. omg this is so unbelievable, even the teacher i hate the most in primary school (okay la now i didn't hate her anymore) asked "you are Eva right? so tall already yada yada yada..." everytime i went back to my primary school, it never fail to put a grin on me. leen was so shocked yet proud that her sister was once so famous in school wtheck. muka tebal again lol. (okay la proud is i add one can =p)

but the most dislike thingy is, i have to reanswer each and every question they asked. and the questions never failed to be different. =______=

still, i love my primary school. (i mean my 2nd primary school) it's the 1st most important turning point in my life, and i'm glad i insisted to change school after struggling much at the age of only 11. i should say it's the very 1st proud decision i made. =)

more personality test!

wtheck now i know why Flora once addicted on personality test. lol cause it's so addictive!
now click here if you're bored and personality test is good to pass time! =D

Bright and Cheerful

You are always cheerful and charming. You never get too serious with people when they're around, but when you are alone, you think carefully about what they have said. That's because you don't want anyone to see you being too somber. Your personality means you have a lot of friends and you are often the center of attention. Many people who fall into this category become artists and movie stars, perhaps fame could be yours in the future as well.

what personality test says bout me?

click here and try it yourself! super accurate can die ;)

Your view on yourself:

You are intelligent, honest and sweet. You are friendly to everybody and don't like conflict. Because you're so cheerful and fun people are naturally attracted to you and like to talk to you.

The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:

You like serious, smart and determined people. You don't judge a book by its cover, so good-looking people aren't necessarily your style. This makes you an attractive person in many people's eyes.

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:

You are ready to commit as soon as you meet the right person. And you believe you will pretty much know as soon as you might that person.

The seriousness of your love:

Your have very sensible tactics when approaching the opposite sex. In many ways people find your straightforwardness attractive, so you will find yourself with plenty of dates.

Your views on education

Education is very important in life. You want to study hard and learn as much as you can.

The right job for you:

You're a practical person and will choose a secure job with a steady income. Knowing what you like to do is important. Find a regular job doing just that and you'll be set for life.

How do you view success:

You are afraid of failure and scared to have a go at the career you would like to have in case you don't succeed. Don't give up when you haven't yet even started! Be courageous.

What are you most afraid of:

You are afraid of things that you cannot control. Sometimes you show your anger to cover up how you feel.

Who is your true self:

You are mature, reasonable, honest and give good advice. People ask for your comments on all sorts of different issues. Sometimes you might find yourself in a dilemma when trapped with a problem, which your heart rather than your head needs to solve.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

stupid lame action.

after reminded by my sis, i found out that i actually did another stupid thing in the 18 stupid action list i posted few days ago. *click here if you really forgot bout it =.=*

10、丢别人门口的拖鞋下楼 (checked!)

wtheck i really forgot bout that. i didn't know i was so mischevious when i was a kid =____________= but i did this with my sis, so not me myself alone commit in this kind of so-called crime lol. and the main point is WE DID THIS A LOT OF TIME!!!! but due to guiltiness we ran down to the ground floor to pick the shoes back again. =__________________= i know this is even stupid sigh. no gut to commit in crime can hahahahahahahahaha stupid innocent me.

ADP commencement ceremony Fall 2008

okay i know my title sounds so formal-ish. screw it then. finally here come the post of my commencement. okay due to the nth people asking me bout 'what is commencement ceremony??' cause most people just know the first meaning of commencement which means start or beginning something like that. and commencement actually has another meaning which means something like graduation so yea means this is something like a graduation ceremony. so now you know. =p

and i was having bad hair day. and i forgot to put up some make-up cause i was so rush before that. wtheck i know. =______=

har har i was late for the commencement's rehearsal. like super late i missed all of the rehearsal but i'm still early for the real ceremony =p it was held at Sheraton Hotel and yea it's more formal this semester. lucky me! =)

so this was me, waiting for my turn to go up to the stage. okay i seriously have somekind of stage fright and everytime while i was waiting for my turn my heart thumped like hell, and my legs were a lil out of control. last time when i was in high school still okay cause i wasn't wearing heels but this time it was a bit dangerous especially during the part when i went up the stage, damn scare i pok chan. lol. (didn't my back look nice? =p)

ooolala~ so this was me on the stage,being an honoured student. =) me likey me heels!

i couldn't edit off the stupid red eye so i ended up a lil like monster lol. i was so excited and a bit don't-know-how-to-react always when i was coming down the stage lol.

don't ask me what is the purpose of uploading this pic but i just found it so candid and i like myself in this pic. (though was blocked by er... the guy who sat beside me during the commencement lol) (i seriously forgot his name) (opps is i didn't even ask bout his name at all) (i'm not rude but in ADP people just know people and yea we can just chat randomly with random people so i'm not rude =p)

the group photo! spot me! i'm with the spot wtheck. =_______________=
everyone says SUNDA!!!!!! finally i have an official photo of him. thank God i pass his Calculus II and get good result for Statistic! (see i'm taller than him =p =p =p) (and i found myself adorable here wtheck i like to ss)

and Sunda met my dad. and they start talking bout me, and my sis. wtheck i'm acting like i'm very interested actually deep inside my heart i'm hoping they end their convo as soon as possible lol.
and they just talked talked talked talked talked non stop and i have to keep standing by their side. super sien i tell you. and they will ask bout my opinion sometimes wtheck and i have to act like i really really interested. see i know i'm so irrespectful lol.

the Winter 08 intake ADPians! Sue Ann never fail to be the center of attention. haha.

see my bad hair?????

bad hair again sigh.

see the height of us? har har my mom is the shortest luckily i inherited my dad's height =p

i know youguys still love to see my chubby face. =D

byebye Taylor byebye ADP byebye Subang. sigh. i will miss all of you!

ohhh la la!

i know you guys miss my chubby face! =D
1st resolution of 2009 - update all my december overdue post. very determined now. =)

sneak peak of my syok-sendiri picture in the toilet of Genting International Showroom. it's my 1st day of job and i curi tulang har har.
sabar sabar. it took nuts time to upload pic in blogger sigh.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

the remembrance of 2008


so almost everyone's 1st post of the year would be resolutions, wishes, review of 2008 yada yada. i wanted to be a lil different but i think i failed lol. seriously i blog now for the sake of blogging on the 1st day of a new year. in a jiffy, 9 friends from Mentakab whom i knew during my volunteering session in Genting will be coming to Klang and me and my family will be the host for their 2 days staying. i just want to be in time to blog at 01012009. =p (sigh but blogging mojo not with me now. my mind is so messy i dont know what to blog. i'll try)

in the recent 2 years, i started my new year happily. what can i say is because i ended my year wonderfully. =) the last few days of the year is always the climax of the year. it's like guaranteed happy days. in the past two days, i almost grinned 24-7. and i couldn't remember the last time when i was so happy. i went back to the place where i sincerely prayed and that's when God hear my prayers. i'm grateful He heard me and that's why i get the chance to go back there again with my love one. for the 1st time, i didn't even bother to hold the camera, to eagerly want to take down every picturesque scenery, every blissful moment etc. all i did is appreciate each minute, hold on every second, and capture everything in my mind and heart. and for once, i selfishly wanted to keep those memories to myself only, and i will take good care of these nice collection until the day i die. how i wish time just stop during that time, where happiness is all over in the air, upholding, extending.

me and the boyfriend is in good condition now. yes it's like roller coaster going up and down. but which relationship doesn't go thru all these right? these are nothing if considered bout this coming big aparting. sigh. but we'll be okay, promise! =)

learn to forgive and forget! 3rd quarter of the year is always a bomb. the sleepless night, the countless coining to persuade myself in believing reality, the sore eyes, the 37kg-Eva, the lifeless me. sometimes people just hurt you when they don't realise and they thought this is the way they protect you. i know it's so common to have these situations in life but yea ah i just can't believe people did this, no matter the closed one or the best friends or mere people in life. and the worst part is no apology is received at all. sigh. and i learnt that best friends are not all true friends. i have lotsa best friends and in 2008 i found the true color of true friends. i'm glad. my true friends are all those canggih people whom they know when i'm faking smile, and start bombarding lotsa concerns. true friends, you know who you are. =) yea homo sapien come in different kind so yea there's no alike frequency in two people. i know i can neither hate him nor her, hence i chose to forgive. hating is suffering i should say. and yes i should agree with Charles that girls are very very ma fan people haha cause of those hate and don't hate thingy whereas boys just hate whom they want to hate and story ends. =.= yes it's right that there's no lurve without forgiveness. and time healed me. life's a lesson, i fall and i learnt. no blaming, no moaning, nothing. let bygones bygone, and smile as widely as sincerely as possible. =D

college is fun, fun, and more fun. i met lotsa lotsa nice people in ADP, and i truly appreciate them. thanks for giving me a nice Malaysian college experience! the events eg Animal Fair, Economania, Moral Studies community services etc etc etc strengthen our bonds and i'm glad that i have nice and funny memories of the KTM, how we get lost in KL, how i know ss15 better yada yada. Momoko, Tzen, Xin (or Tzen, Xin, Momoko) (or Xin, Momoko, Tzen) (see now fair already la.. =p) the besties in ADP once and ever. i miss Momoko's lameness. i miss Tzen's merajuk. i miss Xin's concerns. and i miss the stories we had, the creativity in us. haha. and thanks to KinChin aka Da Xing Xing. though you will never stop suaning me, i admire your fast-turning brain, and the sensitivity you have for numberssss (which i hate the most lol), and not forgeting your consolation when i'm in deep shit. thanks. KenLing, thanks for your accounting homework everytime! if not of you, i wouldn't have complete my acconting homeworks lol. Charles aka Sandwich Uncle, thanks for the Math tuition, thanks for the companion and support you gave. and the Johor gang! MeiMei, Wenni, Jason, Calvin, Edan, Sarah. it's quite late to meet you guys, just around few months time and i'm leaving har har. but eternal friendship isn't fake and we'll prove that! =)

sometimes i grumbled of having too much of friends. i know i'm such an idiot lol. but seriously, the more friends i have, the lesser time i can give it to all of them. i felt sorry to keep rejecting outings, but i cant go out of home everytime, ya know the parents la. sometimes i just want to keep the good relationship with the old friends and stop knowing new friends, i know i'm such an selfish people. sigh. but still i cherished the time i had with all of you. yes, you, the reader now, you are my friend for you are still reading my lengthy post har har.

I SAID I HATE KTM!! and now i miss KTM. the one which bring me to most place i wanted to go without mafan-ing others. the one which i see a lot of weird weird people. the one which when i'm emo i have my own space to think. the one which i was so proud to give my place away to those needies. the one which i always late for, and run like cow, but still ended up missing it. sigh. i have so much fun in ktm actually, and now only i realise i dont really hate ktm. (other than the lousy time management they have) (other than the reckless driving skill the driver has) (other than the people inside who are mostly lack of courtesy) (other than the stupid touch 'n go keep eating up my money) hahaha. no KTM before 2008, and now no KTM after 2008. but i still love it. =)

academic is great. i am so thankful that i chose ADP instead of MUFY. cause now i gain more. =) my result was pretty good in the 1st two semesters and slightly slided in the last semester. but so far, still satisfied. i enjoyed the American program, and i will set myself prepare for the Australian-based. (omg omg stupid accounting i heard that they have the different format and i have to retake... sigh) and in 2009, my new campus will be at University of Queensland, St. Lucia. visit me there and i will bring you around to sightsee haha.

Genting, Genting, Genting. the world of entertainment which is somehow a bit bullshiting lol. i went there around 5 times already in mere december. and my dandellion hunting operation failed. sob. i still havent make any wish on dandellion. sigh. but i like the weather there. super chilling and i miss the braised eggs at Chin Swee Temple already. the feeling of bliss when you holding a super hot egg during cold weather, and especially when you are with the love one, omg super bliss! =) okay la i don't hate genting also cause i have nice memories there. =p

okay i shall stop now. a bunch of friends have reached and imma gonna have fun now! tell me how to stop sicking. sigh. cough, cold, running nose, sore throat. wtheck my new year starts with spreading viruses. =) good day people!

2008, thanks for the memories. hello 2009! ;)