Saturday, December 20, 2008

A to Z taggie

tagged by Nicholas Ng. thanks for giving me something to update. =.= i sangat the lazy to update already wtheck. when i'm busy with college, i have no time to update. when i'm free from school now, i very lazy to update. wtheck this is call human nature. =p

A. Attached or Single?
Should be attached wtheck.

B. Best Friend?
Khai Wee sweetie. =) (the left one. the right one is tortoise Shien)

the one i called during late nights and cried to, the one i have gallons of gossips to tell with, the one i wanted to share all the good and bad with other than the boyfriend, the one i can trust and tell everything to, the one who knows me and always give advices and will tell me i'm wrong sincerely, the one who won't betray me won't hurt me. she's the one among those i precious the most and she's the one can't afford to lose. =)


C. Cake or pie?
both. =)
i always have sudden crave for cakes. =D
and i like starbuck's shepherd pie.

D. Day of choice?
no specific preference eh... any day which i can date is a nice day. =)

E. Essential item?
mobile phone, laptop, money laaa...

F. Favorite colour?
black and white. if they are counted as colors wtheck.

G. Gummy bears or worms?
worms can eat eh? i don't like both. but at least gummy bears are least gross. ewwww....

H. Hometown?
Sasaran. somewhere near Kuala Selangor.

I. Favorite indulgence?
boyfriend? =.=
my bed i think.
starbucks lol.
indulge in money can? hahaha... (wtheck since when i become so moneyminded.)

J. January or July?
hmm... for next year i like both. cause i'm in Malaysia both the months. =) but i still will prefer July more cause after January i will be departing damn scare can and the whole July i will be in Malaysia wooohoooo! *grin grin grin* =D

K. Kids?
gaaaaah the annoyed one. i can play with them for a short while only. if not the mothers will sue me for abusing their kids wtheck.

L. Life isn't complete without?
lurve. (omg seriously i damn lovey dovey eh..)
money. $.$
people! i can die to live alone hor...

M. Marriage date?
wtheck this is like a date at least in the future 10 years. how i wish i could predict time lol.

N. Number of brothers and sisters?
3 annoyed pigs. oh and i'm a princess wtheck.

O. Oranges or apples?
i don't eat oranges. but i drink orange juice. =p

P. Phobias?
anchovies. anything fishy will make me puke. like most of the pulau ketam wtheck.
bad hair day.
alone in stage.
i lost my phone.
eating alone in crowded place (like AC wtheck)

Q. Quotes?
船到桥头自然直 (wtheck i mengamal this principle for so many years already and most time it works =___________________=)
don't cry because it's over, smile because it happens.
smile all the while, you won't know who will fall in lurve with your smile =)

R. Reasons to smile?
We don't need reason to smile wei!
okay la sometimes i need.
i smile to avoid crying. like seriously this is to hide my sadness. kinchin knows. haha.
i smile to survive. cause i learnt that people don't like unhappy people. people cannot accept unhappy people. and i can't live without people. wtheck.
other than that, i smile because i want to! =)

T. Tag 5 people

U. Unknown fact about me?
omg i can't think of any now. will edit this part when i thought of one. =p

V. Vegetable?
forced to eat by the boyfriend. =______________= i like broccoli and tomato the best. =)

W. Worst habits?
Sleep like pig.
Not concentrate enough to listen to others.
Easily addicted.
No financial planning. (like i have 50 bucks in hand i will use em up not even a penny left wtheck)
a lot more eh ask me personally la now i can't think of so much

X. X-ray or Ultrasound?
har? got difference one? @.@

Y. Your favorite type of food?
i like Japanese rice
i like BK Mushroom Swiss
i like McDonald's
i like New Zealand natural
i like Secret Recipe's Macoroni Cheese
i like Banana Split
i like mashed potatoes
i like Rocky
i like................................... wtheck you name it i might like it lol.

Z. Zodiac
the best among the best - Gemini! =D

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