Monday, December 1, 2008

i'm going to cram crazily later. now only i feel the tense of finals, thinking back how hardworking are those brilliant students who didn't burn last minute oil. ah me such a failure.

after dinner at Aeon, i was so obedient studying Microeconomics at Macdonald's while mom and sis went shopping. this time i improved. i studied for 14 pages before my phone rings. after that ended up shopping with sis. @.@ shopping with sis is such fun cause usually i don't need to pay! hohoho even i have credit card, dad more sayang her so she can swipe more without being scold. mom bought me a purse (like finally @.@) and a silver tote. seriously, shopping can release moodiness lol.

ah my telos for this week is study study and study. i just want to pass every subjects so that i won't have to retake in Aussie, especially Accounting, bloody hard i don't want suffer myself next year. Sunda i want to pass Stats and Calculus. so desperate want to pass you don't fail me please. KC i'm sorry i keep skipping your class i know i'm wrong already don't fail me pleasseeeeeee. Miss Lim, aizs i dont want to please you. but i still want a pass. =(

ranting session:
i can't talk well. especially during masa genting. i don't know why but everytime i want to make things right, sure all go wrong one. sometimes the meaning comes out different also, damn sucker la. wtheck i really want to peace but i keep talking wrongly. even God also dont want to help me this time. still give me so many problems. =(

sorry cannot change anything. it's so irresponsible and i try not to use it already. it's like someone create this word to minimize the guilty of doing wrong thing. most people know the wrong thing they did, and apologized, but never try to make things right. apologize is not everything. and it's nothing when the wrong thing is repeating again and again.

i'm learning from mistakes. i am.

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