Thursday, November 27, 2008

countdown to the farewell

82 days before i leave Malaysia for Queensland.

so many things to do, so little time. i really hope time freezes. i can feel the pressure of leaving the familiar place already. 82 days is not many i don't know what is my feeling now. like wanted to hold back something, but i can't even touch anything. i really want to appreciate everything, as if i'm not coming back again. i want to bring all the memories i have to the whole new place. i want to miss everything here when i'm there. i know there's no turning point, and i can't run away from the plane next february, which is in one of my plan if i can't take it during the farewell. i keep telling myself, everything will be alright. but the more i self-console, the more i get the tension. tension of leaving my comfort zone, tension of leaving the boyfriend, tension of not receiving good night wishes every night, tension of not having enough bear bear to protect me during the nights, tension of have to do all the chores cook the meals and wake up in time. WHY I HAVE TO LEAVE? =(

scare. tension. need a shoulder.

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