Saturday, November 15, 2008

am updating posts. (yes there are a few drafts to be completed.) i don't want my words hurt anyone so yea, will keep editing until I'm satisfied only i post em up. so bare with me.

my life was a mess last week. i experienced the most hurtful thing, and my mind just went so incomplete for a short period. i realized that sincerity is bullshit, trustworthy is just nothing these days. people just think for their own, and I'm just a nobody. for once, i thought i am going to die. not cause of the incident, but the principle i believe so far has been destroyed. there's no hatred, cause i found that i can't even hate. i do what i think is right, so do others. and how others going to treat me is totally beyond me. all i need to do is take what they think i should take and treat them all of my heart. reality is harsh. so damn harsh and yea, i lost to fate. there's so much for me to learn and so many truth I've finally knew in just one short week. should say God wanted to test how tough a person i am? and i won.

i have a whole bunch of good memories in that place setting, but someone just destroyed it so damn easily. trust is not to play. so don't play with trust. cause once you destroy the trust I've built for you, too bad there's no next chance. anyhow, thanks for the memories, thanks for the way you treated me. i hope it's not faking all this while. at least i trusted for the last time, i know it's not. don't take grant on my trust, for it is priceless.

someone says i acted pity. oh well, I'm just not in the mood to fake around, even just a smile. too bad, I'm not angelic after all. haha.

i will remember the good things. the bad ones will fade in no time. i am still me, but a lil more grown up. my mind was so overloaded with complicated theories the whole week and now i just want a good rest. this is my blog, i rant, but i'm not accusing anyone. it's my blog after all, i write for myself. so read and forget. more posts coming up. ;) good night peeps.

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