Tuesday, September 30, 2008

break down.

i so wanted to update my blog. i so wanted to release my feelings over here. i so wanted to spill out every single words describing how helpless am i.

but no i cant. i don't want to get sympathy from others. i don't want people look me in one kind. i don't want to listen to concerning tones which will make me feel like i look like a shit. i will keep it by myself.

will everything be alright? can i accept the last decision? should i remain optimistic?.........

i will come back to my blog when everything turns fine. very soon, till then.
(no comment no question nothing. thanks.)

perasaan kegentingan yang teramat.

will God be with me this time? will God listen to my prayer this time? =(

Sunday, September 28, 2008

how to smile with a crying heart?

my brain in full of images that shouldn't be in there. crammed for accounting. but nothing goes in. say yay! tomorrow's 15% in final exam will be gone in 1 and a half hour time. things went so wrong these days. nothing is right. like i've been cursed like Tzen's Reeves. super wrong. Momoko, Tzen, Xin!!! tell you girls, yesterday when i was in the restaurant, i got dipped by beverages again. and this time i'm wearing white thin shorts. super embarassed. even underwear was wet. so basically after the stupid tea poured on me, i was half naked lol. tell me i'm so suei! gaah.. i hope everything end today hor.. i really have to score tomorrow to rescue my accounting's final result. sooooo pathetic. =(

edited: red-tide visits me today. what a lucky day. stomach starts cramping already. =( how am i going to survive until tomorrow? everything is going worse. i hope tomorrow i will be sick. so that i can avoid everything.

edited edited: did i mention that i kena birdshit on my head last week after meeting Tzen??? like so accurate that stupid crow drop one big drop of shit on my head and super disgusting i thought is raindrop. omg tell me why i so sueh????????
forgive me, would you?

and i will use all my way to make you smile.

Friday, September 26, 2008

feeling nervous.

幸福背后 - 王心凌

Thursday, September 25, 2008

spreading emo viruses.

Eva emo.
Tzen emo.
Momoko emo.
Charles emo.

see me and momoko and tzen are having the same display message. we are so pathetic. =(
zomg zomg zomg!!!!

i didn't realise that i actually got the conditional offer from Melbourne University too! and it's like for 2 weeks already! they send it by mail and i just ignore it due to laziness. LOL! so means that my 1st letter of offer is actually Mel U's. hahaha. i super happy eh... i can enter the prestigious Melbourne U with the condition of sitting for a Senior Math Online Exam and score at least 75%. sacrifice my life also have to get in there lor...

dad says we'll wait and see if queensland U will offer some better course. and we'll compare the exemption given. then only choose which is the most suitable one.. so yea.. just wait and see. =)

anyway i'm glad and lucky to be offered by all these nice unis. thanks God for giving me chances. thanks to the boyfriend who keep nagging me to study before exam. thanks to the college friends who help me out when i'm lost. thanks to my family who didn't really being noisy on midnights so that i can study. thanks to myself for being so enthusiastic in studies. LOL. no la no choice ma so have to study wtc.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

the surprise.


i received Sunda's mail again.

enough said. =(

my 1st uni offer letter!

i got conditional offer from Monash University AUSTRALIA today!!!!
p/s: all photos are clickable! =)

1st course offered: Bachelor of Sports Promotion and Events Management
what a reason to not giving me exemption.. @.@

2nd courses offered: Bachelor of Communication
i didnt go thru everything very well. and suddenly i saw the
climax of the day.............see the duration of the course????
2 years.
it's freaking 2 years only and i can get my bachelor!!!!
omg how cool is that???
means i can get my degree at the age of 20!!

i am exempted 48 credit points. 1st year 24 points and 2nd years 24 points!!! super cool hor??? i can't stop grinning lor.. hahahahahahahaaaa...

okay wait i know you guys have questions...
this is a conditional offer only ma, why so happy??? it's not full offer also...
cause, the condition to fulfil is super easy. 1st, i've to finish my this semester of ADP in Taylor. 2nd, my CGPA have to be at least 2.7. tell me why not happy??? it's so easy to fulfil hor.. =p

tomorrow after class i will got to placement centre to reconfirm this thing. if not later got prank i will be so embarass lor.. haha.. and i totally forgot i might be flunking my calculus 1st test which worth 15% in final exam. i did it badly just now. but who cares, i have already safeguard a place in Monash. now i'm waiting for Queensland U and Melbourne U's offer letter. till then only i decide where to go. =) but thought of Monash's two years degree, i can finish my course faster and come back to my boyfriend faster. don't feel like going and can't wait to come back here. lol.

i am a happy person. =)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

the duuu dahhhh!!!

the boyfriend started the jealousy game thingy cause he knows i'm easily-jealoused and yea i lose everytime. gaaahh... it's not nice to play at all...

tomorrow's stats and calculus will come out gg. Momoko says, dig our own grave man! my god, calculus test worth 15% in the final. thou shall be dead very soon.

my blog is dead. deep dead. nevermind, i will upload some pics of the outing we had yesterday when i get it from xinyi.

pray to the God. God you hear me??????....

Saturday, September 20, 2008

i fear.....

当对方以"太累" 为分手的借口时, 才觉得自己用错方式去爱人, 造成遗憾中分手.

i hope that this won't happen to me. i'm scared..... =(

Friday, September 19, 2008

you know which kind of email i hate to receive the most??

forward emails?

junk mails?

notification mails?

spam mails?

chain mails?

emails from relatives or friends from far far away land?

Sunda's mails?

YES YES YES!!!!!!!!

why hate it?
1. 100% sure got homework to do.

2. he's like wanted to act like a technology pro by using email.
(my presume lol)

3. he always mail last minute and i have to rush my work like hell.
(actually he didnt but it's quite late to me cause i'm not checking my mail that often)
(i don't really do his homework. i copy from Charles the morning of the deadline lol)

4. we have to print out the assignment questions by ourselves which is very troublesome.

5. he ask stupid question in his mail which we cannot answer! like this.....(clickable!)
you think we can say no a?
bloody hell.. wednesday got calculus 1st test summore. i can die of numbers man...

but compared to boyfriend's SAM trial,
i'm way more blissful already.
although i don't know a damn thing in calculus. =(

a girl without principle.

wo de tian ah.... wo ying gai zen yang zuo cai dui???... zen yang zuo cai shi zheng que de jue ding? wo gai ba wo xin li xiang de dong xi jiang chu lai ma? deng xia shi qing bian de yue lai yue zao gao zen yang ban?? tian ah...

it's normal it's normal.. be steady man... somebody talk to me can??.. i need attention to stop those things in my head...
in 24 hours time, i have already played truant for two classes. hohoho. i skipped moral studies and bloddy stats. not that happy though. tak da mood nak happy lol.

i have just collected my IELTS test result an hour ago. =) say yay to me! i don't have to retake. my overall result is 7.5/9 =) in add, listening test i got FULL MARKS!!!! full marks k... super proud lo hor..

sometimes, being honest is not a good thing. learnt this from Momoko, learnt this from own experience. this world is too complicated to act easily. my god. telling the truth won't make you get back the respond you want. so shut up, why bother to tell already?? i'm annoying people already. =(

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

craved for mashed potatoes now.

why KFC doesn't have delivery service??????!!!!!!! =(

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


lol the title given is inspired by our political something something. actually i don't know what the hell is going on out there. but so many people told me bout this date and scare me out of shit. Michael says Klang will be the possible place for the chaos to start. lol. if its true i will die i tell you. later mom and dad dont allow me to go anywhere again like last March's election day. hell! anyway, Happy 45th Birthday Malaysia! (i got study history hor...)

this morning i was late for train. can see the train from 100metre away passed by in front of me. nevermind at least i got condolescence from Jocin lol. and i met Yong Wee. and he taught me some calculus questions which is super important in my later quiz. and we saw a baby with super big eyes which her cornea is bigger than mine lol. and we termet his another friend whom the friend's friend fetch us from train station to ss15 which means today i didn't spend any cash on transportation. yay! overall i still gain more than what i lost. har har.

for the very first time in calculus class, which now is the 4th week already, i finally understand Mr Sunda's lecture in class. lol. omg i felt so happy at least when i heard other people asking those questions i knew, i laughed at them. hahaha. i know i'm bad but who cares, i was too happy to bother that. and you know the today's quiz, for the very first time i can see solutions to two of the questions which is a very big improvement already since i haven't can see any solution in the previous two quizzes.. har har.. sangat bangga hari ini! although my answers are different from other people, but i'm quite confident that Mr Sunda will mark a big correct for each of the two questions on my paper. =) i was the second one to leave the class after finishing the quiz paper. the 1st one was a guy who score the highest in class. can see his actionness on his face which i hated him so much for no reason. super kiasu fella, one day you are not the highest in class i sure laugh at you lor. =p (i tell you leng chai so what? attitude got problem others no need to consider already hor..) i am so proud to be the second one to leave the class. though this time my paper still write until super full, but i got confident at least i got one mark for each of the two questions. another three questions honestly yours truly don't know them. lol.

saya sangat geram pada lunchtime. Momoko craved for fries so she dragged me to Mcd and there, i saw the boyfriend. should be ter-saw. lol. cause i first spotted a big bunch of guys, which there are quite a few of familiar faces. then i try to seach for black tees but failed. cause other than Yong Sheng every of the guys were wearing white, so i thought boyfriend saya wass not there (the boyfriend usually wear black tee) which my boyfriend was actually there, among them. lol. saya sangat tak suka when i couldnt spot my boyfriend when i know he might be there by chance. in add, he told me he's skipping the afternoon class so i thought he went back already. and the freaking Mcd for don't know how many weeks already the ice-cream machine got prob and for the 2nd time i walked so far from ADP just for McFlurry and they dissapointed me so easily. kegeraman tak habis-habis. forget bout it!

i like Moral Studies. i don't like Moral Studies. in dilemma eh. i learnt lotsa new things from Wei Hsien. he taught us different kind of philosophies. from Nitczhe to MoZhe to Aristotle to many many once a strange name. you know, that kind of people whose heads are filled with knowledge, super genius and created so many ethics and rules in ancient time. i got to know them, which is actually quite fun. but on the same time, every lectures Wei Hsien will introduce a new philosopher with his new philosophy which is everytime there's different definition for Moral Value which really confused me. is like brain washing me every lecture. MoZi says, we have to be filial to have moral value. Immanuel Kant says, moral value will be no meaning if there's no duty in it. (means when you are doing a good thing without a specific intention which means doing a good thing naturally, you have no moral value. crap much? lol) i like Nitzche who says, CREATE OWN RULES!!!!! there's no such thing as moral value lol. etc etc etc etc... i tell you i can faint already. stop brain washing me man... i follow Nitzche's definition. har har..

i fall for Rubik Cube. for the 1st time i realise i really have patient lol. i played that damn thing while waiting for train, in the train, in car, at home. lol. still, i can't figure it out. but i will find out the formula one day. and you guys wait, i will show off to all of you. =p

such a long time i didnt post any photo already. my blog damn sien hor... sigh!

Tzen tagged me twice!

1. What is the relationship of you and her?
my lunch kaki. my fantasy kaki. one of my twin in ADP. =)

2. Your 5 impressions towards her.
the complicated Hollywood relationship. Keanu ReeveS' fiancee. Takeshi Kaneshiro's biggest fan. she has big watery doggie eyes. =p she likes to merajuk.

3. The most memorable things she had done for you.
she created a blog banner for me. =)

4. The most memorable things she has said to you?
only dogs are loyal. we are not dogs. so we don't have to be loyal. o.O

5. If she becomes your lover, you will...
she's always my lover. =)

6. If she becomes your enemy, you will...
still love her.

7. If she becomes your lover, she has to improve on...
being realistic.

8. If she becomes your enemy, the reason is...
i suddenly fall in love with Keanu? lol

9. The most desirable thing to do on her is?

10. The overall impression of her is..

11. How do you think the people around you will feel about you?
one kind.

12. The character of you for yourself is?
special. lol.

13. On contrary, the character you hate of yourself is?
super stubborn. =(

14. The most ideal person that you wanna be is?
hmm.. well i should describe it.
long smooth hair, without specs, with smooth legs, fairer, wear skirts everyday, girly, smooth back.

15. For the people who care about and likes you, say something about them.
i like you too. =)

Ten people to tag :

If no. 7 and no. 10 were together, would it be a good thing?
lol. impossible hor..

How about no. 5 and 8?
the lame one. haha.

What is no. 1 studying about?

Is no. 4 single?

Say something about no. 6
he has a girlfriend named Sherryn but he never introduce to the kawans.
oh and he has the same respective surname as me. =)

Tzen tagged me!

The rules and regulations:
1. Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself.
2. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird things/habits/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly.
3. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.
4. No tags back!!

1. I have frizzy hair. =(
2. I don't want to go Australia next year. =(
3. I am so into Rubik Cube. har har. i want to learn the formula and break it and show off to others. =p
4. I can't say things properly. i got description disorder. i always used wrong words to say something and ended up being another meaning and ended up pissing people off. =((
5. I don't like boyfriend's having exam. cause i will totally being ignored. it's not good. =(
6. I am a questionaire. i asked godknowshowmuch of questions. whether it's useful question lame question repeated questions rubbish questions bla bla bla you think it's a question and you will hear me asking it. =(
7. dad started to control my financial already. ='(
8. i hate anchovies. super hate. don't ask me why. it stinks. it's shiny eyes and body freak me out kao koa.
9. i don't like to go home. i don't miss home. the house is 24-7 noisy. i can't do anything properly at home. sleep also got distracted. =(
10. i want to go vacation with boyfriend, but that freaking week sis is coming back to malaysia. i am so scared to ask my dad if i can away for that week or not. =(
11. i lurve my boyfriend. it's turning into addiction already. i know it's not good. hell know what's wrong with me. i'm thinking if my behavior is making the boyfriend tired and he will ditch me.
12. i want to wear contact lens. but my dark eye circle is freaking serious. i scare i will freak people out. but i still want to wear. am going to the optometrist as soon as possible with Eda.
13. i have wierd dreams. one of them was about me becoming a fish. yellow fat fish like the one in Little Mermaid. a shark is chasing me. i super scared and swim as fast as i could. but at last i was eaten by the bloody shark. and there left my bone only. (boyfriend says shark won't spit out the bone) my dream is so unlogical. who cares.
14. i am emo lately. super emo. so negative. think pessimisely. scare of this scare of that. don't have confidence already. =(
15. i have big face. sobbb. there's no way to make my face smaller other than plastic surgery. but hell no i'm not going to PS. i won't break my bone like Jolin Chai. =(

Monday, September 15, 2008

i watched Wall-E with boyfriend finally. =) omg Wall-E is so damn cute! EeeeEEEEeEeeeeEeVVvvvvVVvVvvVvvvvaAaAaaAAaAA~~

Frankly, i am too over-jealoused already. =( i don't want to be like that, but i can't help to be like that when i heard bout what he said. wo mei you xin xin le.. ='(

coincidence makes life live!

Monday is always good. i wonder why. i love Monday super lot. *grinning widely lol*
can we have more monday in a week, God? i want everyday to be monday! =)

tomorrow i will be having Calculus quiz AGAIN! i totally flunked the 1st two quizzes and i think it will make no difference for me to do this coming quiz well. yet i will still try to study. Sunda started to pick on me already. am super scare. i want to pass my Calculus and Stats. hmm... i shall title myself as the suei-est student in ADP to get the chance to see Mr Sunda EVERY WEEKDAY. oh so do Charles. omg can you imagine you have to sit in his class every monday to friday at least for an hour. i wanted to drop stats last time but wo bu gan drop. now super regret lor...

when in stats class today, i was super sien alreaedy. started to look around, mind wandering, and i found out two oh-so-coincident things. 1st, me and my groupmates (Charles and Teddy) are all wearing white tops, denim bottoms, and white shoes! and we are sitting in a row. hahahahaha. i super excited and told Charles but get no respond from him. and then suddenly, i found out another thing. there are six girls in my stats class. five of them are wearing at least a piece of pink. Feon wears pink sweater, Chloe has pink orchid hairdeco, Sam's wearing pink top, Shanti wears pink top and jacket, Judith wears pink top too. okay other than me, you can see half of the class is on pink! like they really discussed before that. lol. so the only not-so-girly-girl who wears skirts and without any pink cause pink is not suiting her, grab the pink highlighter and hold that florescent pink highlighter for the entire lectures. hahahahaha... i am super excited. at least this can make me awake for the rest of the lecture. "Can you concentrate a?" this is what i get from Charles when i told him. oh.my.god. maybe human from zaman batu is this boring lor.. i just want to share my excitement but he is such a boring person. oh well, forget bout it. i am still excited bout the pink thingy! =p

ah i'm waiting for my sweetie pie at library now. can't time pass faster???????? 2 more hours before i can see him. cannot tahan me? off this window lor... =p

oh and i found out that i am super emotional these days. happy sad frust excite frown everything come and go like tornado. ohmygod i have to upgrade my eq already.


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sorry dear keyboard.. i can't think of any other ways to release my moodyness. iwanttosleepalreadybyebye.

i didn't finish Sunda's homework. emo. no mood for homework!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

the stone. the lazy bug.

i hate Saturday staying at home! super cranky i tell you! i want to bite people!!!!!! RAWRRRRRRRRR!!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Mingzu dear,

I'm tired of making you feeling sick everyday without failing. I'm disappointed of myself making the same mistakes everyday. i am not improving, i need your forgiveness. sorry dear, i will never be good. too much things i committed, too much disappointment i gave you, i couldn't promise say more already. the more i speak, the more i wrong.

I just want you to be happy. even it's not of me, not with me.
I hope to see you smile every second. even it's not to me.
I wish you can free from problems and troubles. which caused by me.

I respect you whole-heartedly.
I trust you undoubtedly.
I lurve you not of what you can give me,
I lurve you cause you are you.

Cheer up, sweetheart.
Sorry to keep making you upset everyday.
Sorry =(

The lucky one, the worst gf,

Thursday, September 11, 2008

i'm super hungry...... daddy where are you???????!!!!!!!!!

tomorrow's accounting homework and assignment, i die-ed.

finally becoming a college nerd

am in the library now, thought of nerding Accounting but ter-log in the computer and now addicted already lol. so thou shall write a short post now. =)

Momoko feel my emo-ness today. hahaha. so Momoko i give you the compliment. you are the one who really can feel me today. Nobody bother to ask am i okay also. emo shit emo shit but still have to act. sigh this is life man...

Tzen came to have lunch with us the usual gang yesterday. keharuan yang teramat. haha. you know when we get along together, we can talk forever. even if we meet everyday, we will still talk forever. just of the Hollywood and Bollywood, we can lame for the whole afternoon. i felt happy with the girls. we laughed the whole noon away. Tzen Reeves i miss you already hahaha.. tell me earlier when is your wedding and i shall start to save my money to buy the best wedding present for you. =p har i tell you people, among four of us, i'm the most realistic one. the girls are all so fantasy. refer to my last week's post of the family tree and you will know. why realistic? cause i'm in bollywood. i don't have a lot of celeb relatives which make me so confused from ex boyfriend to uncle to dad's bestie to whateveryoucalled, you think it, the girls have it. bollywood is simple, even in the fairyworld. cause you just have to get a lengchai to play hide-and-seek with you and that's it. no need to be so busy updating who ditch who, who got twins already, who is a gay etc =p anyone want to migrate to bollywood now????? har har..

okay la back to reality.

i am glad i start to mix with people this semester already. not that anti-social Eva anymore. since so long i haven't get any invitation to join other people for lunch other than Momoko, Xinyi sometimes, and Rachel recently, the day before yesterday after my Stats group discussion, i went for lunch with my groupmates, Charles and Teddy. momoko came over to join us after her class. i still can't believe i'm actually socializing already. =) today i have my brunch with the friend too. i felt the dead Eva has came alive lol. i started to talk to others instead of the usual old gang and yea, today when i told momoko i'm going to eat with my friend, she gave me a wierd look. (i insisted it's wierd, Momoko. but not that kind you think okay? i know what am i doing. =p) anyone give me a round of applause for my initiative to take the first step out of anti-social group?? lol.

on the other hand, homework and assignments and presentations and tests and quizzes and blablabla everything abut academic have driving me nuts. serious nut. i didn't know studying in ADP is such hectic. last two semesters, i don't even bother to ask if there's any deadline the next day. and yea i can tell you, now everyday i have AT LEAST one deadline. and i'm waaaaaaayyy too behind the syllabus. for the 1st time, there's people asking me "you think you will fail this subject or not?" after knowing that i don't even have a good foundation for that sub. i felt so miserable. yes lar for the 1st time after so many classes i'm still not in the situation. i felt sick also. sigh! MY DEAR LECTURERSSS, CAN YOU PLEASE STOP GIVING QUIZZES OR TESTS OR WHAT NOT???? today i have bloody calculus pop quiz in class, quiz in moral studies. tommorow i have to hand in microecons quiz and accounting take-home quiz. should i start geeking now? sigh. screw myself lar.. i'm still so lazy to study. can't blame others also.. no motivation, no mood, no inspiration, nothing. i fail one of my sub this semester, i can kiss goodbye to University of Queensland already. har har... i dont really want to go there also...

all of a sudden, so many people is interesting about me and the boyfriend. thanks for the concern, dudes and babes. we are fine. my boyfriend is an ordinary man, people are not perfect so don't pick on weaknesses okay. know the flower language of Sunflower? Momoko searched it yesterday and told me today it's LOYALTY. not bad har.. wonder what is chrysanthemum lol. maybe it's troublesome? and can't talk rightly? or crying flower. i'm still emo.

a pig ignored me for so long already. didn't even answer my phone call this morning. didn't on his phone. reply someone else also didn't bother to reply me. =( pig where are you?????!!!! i miss you la pig.. =(

daddy is at Genting now. and i'm still waiting for him to fetch me from school. pathetic. too many books to carry already so not going to catch a train. emo emo. sigh.

this post is not short though.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


i'm still waiting. for you. not my judgement day.

a good night is more than enough. this is when i need you the most.

Monday, September 8, 2008


i have an important task to finish before today and calculus homework to rush before tomorrow. i give up calculus today, hope can finish on time tomorrow. that important task, just leave it aside first since i'm in such a moody now. somehow i just have the urge to blog.

precaution: I AM SUPER CRANKY.

last saturday's IELTS test wasn't good. i don't think i put enough effort in it. i didn't know what to write on that two essay. everyone was running out of time but yours truly finished that two bloody essay 15 minutes earlier. hohoho. i still have enough time to visit the toilet and retied my hair and stare into the mirror for god knows how long before going back to the exam hall. lol. reading test was quite a mess also. i reread for so many times to find for an answer. yet i still finish 10 minutes earlier. seeing other candidates super busy finding for answers and yours truly goyang kaki so free. a bit guilty lor... and i changed my answers when i flipped thru the question paper the second time. lol. seriously i didn't feel much tension this time. it's like going for application form filling test. took it super easy. two weeks from now, people you can laugh me for failing this international test and have to retake and cannot go aussie. i will be very happy. =)

watched You Don't Mess With Zohan. watched Money Not Enough 2. the former is so lame. "the bush is like a cushion. every women enjoyed it." lol. you know what that bush means wtc. note that he has super big bush hor... it's a super light movie la.. still got meaning at the end. world peace lar.. the latter you know lar singaporean movie. quite educational and yours truly cried for few times.... laughed by a pig who sit beside me. "you know when you cry, the girl on my other side also crying.." =.= i don't know why he didn't cry. cause it's super touching. i am so muka tebal to say that i was impressed by YanYan's character which sacrificed for love. she should be praised lol wtc.

the boyfriend has a new car, until my butt landed on that car for few hours already, i still didnt know that is his new car. now you know how easy to conceal me hor.. i like his new car. wholly gray. exterior interior up down almost everything is made up of gray black white and transparent lol. i like the seat, but leather seat keep making me sliding down wtc. boyfriend says cause i have no butt okay i admit.

i like being together with the boyfriend and my besties. i like to see everyone get along nicely. i felt so bliss. =)

i don't really like class gathering. i always got ignored. how pathetic. i used to be the super noisy one and i was being ignored in class gathering. see how people changed. and boyfriend and i can't get along together in class gathering. i wonder why. almost everytime ended up the same. sigh. i very don't like it.

omg i type this post to waste time to hope i can be not so moody after typing but it doesn't work. yours truly still emo shit here. GO AWAY LA YOU ALL!!!! >=(
......... and i suddenly slipped and dropped to hell.

happy heaven

i am in heaven now!! today is my best day ever. i got what i dreamed of. it's Monday and i got the morning wish and morning talk with the boyfriend, and he came all the way to my very-far-house to fetch me to school, spent my breakfast with me, spent tea time with me and fetch me home, and i already got my evening talk. =)

i don't even bother to carry the over 5kg textbookssss and try to catch the train. i hate monday's ktm which is super pack which i have to give out my place to the pregnant ladies which i almost everyday will meet one of them which i have to sardine with lotsa people which i have to squeeze myself and my bag so hard to make my way out of the super pack entrance. phew! omg so blissful lor can..

doubt my happiness? i owe him happiness! how you want me to not grin the whole day? lol. hohoho guess what? i am super semangat the whole day and super concentrate to the bloody lectures and presentations and meetings (which i got a post of the Director of Human Resources in the microeconomics' huge event. lol) and i'm still hyper now. and oh i'm super noisy for the whole day. can't stop smiling laughing talking shouting yelling greeting asking answering hopping jumping skipping etc etc lol.

sayang's blink can make me faint. =p

since he treated me super good today, i shall shout I LURVE YOU SAYANG here in return for my happiness. oh i'm so heaven now. jealous a? sue me la! =p


Eva: you know what sentence starts and ends at G?
Boyfriend: Don't know..
Eva: Gan Ming Zu is a piG!!! hahahahahaha.... (lol i think i am a genius to think of this =p)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Friday, September 5, 2008




i don't know what is my problem now eh.. the bubbles thingy struck me again. it's all over my head and i can't think well. bubbles... shoooooooooo!!!!! =(

Thursday, September 4, 2008

saya emo sekarang. hari ini emo tak habis-habis. 1st emo calculus quiz. then IELTS speaking test pun nervous, banyak problem, keep tergagap. then hujan. aku suka hujan tapi tak suka muddy dan basah road. buat kakiku sangat kotor. lebih-lebih aku pakai sandal hari ni. buat aku lagi emo. terserempak jocin dan jocelyn di keretapi. mereka riang betul. tengok dua leng lui tak habis-habis ketawa, emo dah kurang sikit. lepas tu aku tak nak mention la. aku buat orang terpenting naik marah lagi. sigh. aku tanya banyak. tapi tak tau answer apa dia mau. kesian. good night pun tak da. sigh sigh. emo lar............

p/s: obssessed to BM these few days. translate those english words into BM. my BM vocab is so damn limited.

serious emo shit. sigh =(


i totally flunked my Calculus quiz. Charles said it's quite easy and yours truly tak nampak any solution for that equation. lol. laugh me people! Charles' paper is so clean and yours truly's paper is full of calculation, yet all are rubbish. lol. just wanted to act like i am pro. hahaha.

p/s: yesterday i told Momoko i have the instinct that today we won't be having any quizzes. too bad! =(

pp/s: Charles is my groupmate in Calculus. and he got a B+ for Calculus I and i got an A. but actually my math is worse than his. sigh.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

very memorable

i hereby proudly announce that
Tee E Va and Gan Ming Zu
have been attached with each other
for 10 months!

it's a big 1 and a big 0! 10!!! 2 figures man... hahahahahhaaaa...
sangat besar hati sangat bangga sangat [isikan positive nice expression here. =p]!!!
super happy eh... and we talked on the phone for super long until i forgot bout my Statistic discussion in MSN! =)
i have super big grin today. =))

happy 10 monthly-versary, sayang! lotsa xoxo! <3

my mom won't fail in pissing me off!

"you better don't make me die of heart attack har......"

"why you didn't use your signal one???... i thought i told you that you are a new driver so must use the signal earlier????..."

"slower.... slower....."

"i know you want to cut into the 1st lane already.... you better stick to this lane... that lane is for driver more than 120km/h one..."

"why you drive so fast???? this lane cannot exceed 100km/h i tell you you better slow down..."

"why you drive so slow???... if you want to drive this slow then you must go to the 3rd lane..."

"faster a bit laa.... drive so slow you thought i got so much time sitting in the car is it???"

"eh eh eh... you didn't see the truck beside there is it??? why still so near???"

"signal!!! signal!!!"

"round-a-bout you better be careful... got lotsa cars one..."

"ok ok... now you go... eh eh eh!!!!! wait stop... give that car go 1st..."

"why always when you drive got so many people call you one???? next time tell them when you are driving don't call you.. if not how you concentrate?? so many friends for what???"

Eva: &^&@^*(^*&*$%%^*(&(*(638*#&^*#&(#%^*#^*#$^*#^...........

OMG!!! what is this??? i can 101% confirm that i am a safe driver and i drive safely. i should ask dad to guide me instead of my very very very [argh insert your own word laaaa tut] mom.. and she shouted for no reason, when i slow ask me to fast when i fast ask me to slow!!!!!!! i really wanted to curse... she says all i tell you... i am super pissed when i drove just now.. that route i drive for like 10 times already, i know when to slow down, when to be more careful, when to turn this and that and she was like................. omg i don't think i want to continue this post! bye laa!

oh and people, i will message ALL OF YOU when i drive okay???? so please please please don't try to call me when i'm driving thanku! WHAT THE TUT LA!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


wish me GOOD LUCK weiiii!!!!

tomorrow - Moral Studies quiz
thursday - IELTS speaking test
saturday - IELTS test

and there might be pop quizzes on Statistic 230 and Calculus 162 in this two weeks. omg omg omg calculus i don't even know a hell.


oh my i'm insane already.
signing off. RAWR!