Sunday, August 31, 2008

31st August...

... was a special day for me for the past 5 years. seriously special. it was never a holiday for me. but a wonderful tiring day when i have to wake up 3.30 in the morning and rush to school, dressed up in super red and there we went by bus to our merdeka parade! you know, i'm so glad that i was once a patriotic one, or to be more precised, a forced-to-be-patriotic! haha.. i've never watched a parade, but proud to say that, i was always in the parade!

the most enjoyable parade i had was when i'm in form one. so many reasons. 1: it's my 1st year on merdeka parade. 2: it's a NATIONAL parade held at PutraJaya. 3: i was still a kid therefore no management worries. and the list goes on.

tell you a secret. during my 1st few rehearsals which is super tough for a freshman, i cried during the parade. i mean sambil marched sambil weeped. =.= cause i thought i shouldn't deserve these hardcore practices. imagine we have almost 5 days of practices with the authorities, waited and waited for our turn to rehearse early in the morning, marched for god-knows-how-long, and have our Malay lunch which is super untasteful. okay the best part is to skip classes.. hohoho.. i was once so happy to have this privilledge, to couragely tell those teachers 'i'm a band member!', to laugh at my classmates who was suffering in the class and i am outside the class, wandering around, have my super great time. hahaha.

think about then, it has been more than six months i haven't play the flute already. it has been almost a year since i conduct a band. it has been agessssss i've been to band concerts. the colorful life music had brought be a year ago had been faded as time goes by. even piano, i hardly touch it at home. i no longer listen to classical music. the passion in me has almost died. my time management has been a mess. super mess. my self-discipline i used to build up during my band practices has all gone. parents don't allow me to join TNYB. MIB is super far and super inconvenient. when i tell my parents i'm going back to KHB, they nagged. sigh.

the 2008's national day. the most unpatriotic national day. the 1st national day after 5 years which i slept until afternoon and do nothing for the whole day. i am not happy. i rather being tired and smelly with whole bunch of sakai.

Mom says it will be less than half a year before i leave here. so why join band and leave them in a short time? true. i hope i still know how to play the flute when i come back after 2 and a half years. i hope i have my own right to do my decision.

i miss band. i miss my colorful 31st Aug. =(

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dooney & Bourke

i found this designer brand on google and was so excited! *jumping up and down*
i think this is more suitable for teenagers like me. okay at least rather than LV, Burberry, Gucci and stuffs. i will want to own those designer brands few years later, but now, i mean in these few years, i want to land my hand on these gorgeous sweethearts!!! too bad there aren't any cheaper than LV and co. i have to start saving now!!! (cakap saja, i hardly success on savings =.=)i like the heart shape charm. i heart hearty hearty stuff. =) the only trait to say i'm still a girl. lol.
i'm aiming for this!!! Small Double Handle Tote, Sweetheart Grafica Collection. it's freaking 175USD without freight-in and taxes. sigh. why so spensive?????

oh and this Nubuk Medium Chiara Bag. wholly leather 385USD gross. me likey big tote! =)
me likey white too! white is so classy! Burberry has one of this kind of design too. thou shall own this when i have my own career. ahhh white leather bag! so addictive!

Dooney and Burke. omg i shall stop looking at these heart shapes! This brand is still not available in Malaysia. how sad. never mind, since there's so many ADPians going to the states. hahaha! i can foresee myself bringing one of these. =p

this brand is wayyyyyy better than XOXO. seriously! =)
something is going wrong already.
am i right? am i wrong?
i no longer have the ability to differentiate right or wrong.
i just want things to go right. RIGHT!
please. my karma shouldn't start here. =(

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

why can't blogspot provide the service of having passcode for certain post that we really really have to personalise???????? huh huh???
this is so not good. sigh!

yeah ah i want to show off ah cannot a? blame blogspot for not having passcode service la!
hope I[love]NY won't sue me. =p

Sunday, August 24, 2008


On 20082008,
i wished
the 8-years-best-friend
the favourite cai bao

HAPPY LEGAL 18th!!!!

woohooo~ we threw him a birthday surprise! =)

i am too lazy to elaborate much. yes i am more sentimental than the girl from hell but the lazy bugs in me is farrrrrr more than the sentimental genes. okay i suggested and planned. (shien i admitted okay?????) and shien is the one to inform people, and finally after the ffk-ed ones, left the 4 girls - Jocin the leng lui, Shien the girl from hell, Khai Wee the shu nv and yours truly the princess. =p (he claimed that the four of us are his fans which is very not true cause girlfriend won't let girlfriend bump into ugly guy! =p)
okay i want to complain that the birthday boy said i bo sim in the afternoon!!!!
he returned call to me after i sms-ed him to ask if can tumpang his car back home but it's too late cause that time i almost reach my house already. the whole conversation i acted like i didn't know his birthday. and try to ignore his clues. hahahaha.. (eh bugger you still owe me a meal har..) and i hung his phn without wishing him.. after a minute i received a message from him saying that day is a special day, 20082008 and claimed that i bo sim (means heartless in hokkien) i ranted to SeeBee straight after that and we laughed and laughed and laughed.. by the way the birthday boy is a 101% attention seeker.. haha..

i baked him a cake. SeeBee ffk-ed me on the baking session. so i did it myself and succeed on the 2nd attempt. it came out nice. at least for me okay. it's a great succesion for me already. =p when we arrived his house, he was half-naked. and he rushed to cover up. and he was so surprised when he saw the four of us! (i love giving surprise but i am scare to receive surprise. =.=)

*jump off the dontknowwhathappen part* then we started to sing the birthday song. it turned out a bit weird cause the four girls were clapping their hands and sang the song like retarded! @.@ then he started to make his wish...

after very long time, he was still making his bloody long wish................. @.@
we chatted the night away. =)
oh and my very chocolate cake is made up of chocolate baking powder, excessive of chocolate chips, chocolate frost on top, the biggest pack of M&Ms and marshmallow as decoration. it's super expensive and i use my bloody pocket money for that. but it's okay cause friendship shouldn't value with $$$. =)

oh and before i end this post. just want to show how pathetic the birthday boy is....

by making an own birthday card for himself. =p =p =p
seriously, i did this last few years and for few years. but i didn't do it this year cause it's lame. =.=

whathisname vs Mr Sunda

know him????.. the evil captain from Ratatouille cartoon! (recall recall recall!!!)hey ADPians, don't you think that this whathisname look like MR SUNDA?????
omg i was so shocked when i suddenly think of this when i was driving half way yesterday and i can't stop laughing... hahahahahahhaa....
think about the way Mr S lectures, the way he 'live in his own world' while lecturing.. hahahahahahahahhahahahahaaaaa.... i can't stop laughing!! hahahaha...
(i hope i won't get suspension when Mr Sunda accidentally googles his name and found out this. =.=)

laugh out loud and have a good sunday night =)
omg i should have snap a photo of Mr Sunda and upload it. wahahahaha.

Friday, August 22, 2008

freaky stalker

i was waiting my parents to fetch me from college but got ffk-ed. jinwei left Subang 5min before i called him up after bumped into his friend, Louis. the boyfriend is having holiday. momoko went home few hours earlier. i had no choice to walk to the train station which i haven't do that for so long already. i walked alone.

somewhere around the field there, before i crossed the road, there's an Iranian came by my side and started to talk to me. he acted as if he really knows me. seriously i was shocked at first, and i mistaken him as my calculus classmate when he said he's from Iran. (i knew a new Iranian classmate that morning and had group discussion with him and i totally forgot how he looks like) i talked to a stranger about myself for few minutes before i really knew he is a stranger to me! oh. my. god. i told him i'm walking to the station, i'm living in Port Klang, somewhere near the port, i hate walking to the station etc etc etcccc. guess what, when he asked bout my name i suddenly felt a bang in my head and i stopped talking to him. i walked faster, ignored his questions, but that bugger followed me so near. i stopped and yelled at him to stop following me and he was still smiling and try to be nice to me. i was so terrified and i called the boyfriend and he asked me to run instead of still dealing with that stranger. seriously i ran as fast as i could until i reached the skybridge nearby and i turned back and he's nowhere already.

i called momoko. cause she told me "be careful you know, anything happen must shout, if not call me!!" when i'm about to be alone. actually i just told her the happening and she just consoled me a while and i hang up the phone.

i smsed my dad "daddy i met a stalker and he totally freaked me out!!!!!" guess what my dad reply????? "what is stalker?" o.O i was too lazy to explain so i didn't reply him.

Eva: what do we call those people who use their butt to think?
Boyfriend: don't know. why?
Eva: Smart Ass laaa! nothing, for fun. =p

i told this to the boyfriend yesterday, and was regretted i told him. he's now giving a brand new title called smart ass, cause i didn't use my brain to think. i use butt to think. he reminded me a gazillion time not to talk to strangers cause he knew i was too helpful to reject people when they talk. he got so angry of me. =(

and you know what??? i am so confused now because i totally forgot how my iranian classmate looks like! the boyfriend asked "how if he's really your classmate and suddenly forgot your name? you can forget how he looks like and you didn't expect he will forget your name ah?" true also now i really pray hard it's not him or i will be in deep shit. cause. we. are. going. to. be. in. the. same. discussion. group. for. the. whole. semester!!!! oh. my. god! when i think of this i really want to faint. how embarass if he really is my classmate? i'm yelling at him and running away from him rudely?

who cares cause he scare me out of shit first. blah blah blah! oh i shouldn't be racist but seriously, Iranian freaked me out, thrice! 1st is the one who was in the same class as mine, English 093 in the 1st semester. Tzen hated him also. =p second time is when another stranger followed me all the way while i was walking to the train station also and he suddenly tapped my shoulder from the back. freaked me out kao kao luckily he's just asking bout some roads and hotels. i. hate. Iranian.

okay lah i care la, i care my reputation in ADP. what if really it's him and he tells people all around the 12th floor?????? ah i want to be ostrich that time and ground my head in soil!!!! T.T

Thursday, August 21, 2008

sneak peek on my 20082008

have a peek on my so-called-special day 20082008.

okay i know it doesn't look like a cake for an eighteenth dude, but it's far worse better than the pinky little heart shape cake. =p
and okay that very special day i don't have any artistic genes pulling out of me so yeah stop telling me that the cake and the card are fugly. okay the card IS ugly... eh i use 5 min only ler... that time really cant think of anything to do ma.. somemore my colour pen all don't know gone where already... so come out this shit.. but the birthday boy doesn't mind so who cares. =p and the cake is 100% edible. please trust me.

ahhhhh i really don't have much time to blog. byee. =)

of the final semester in ADP

i have to thanked Mr Sunda although i don't really enjoy his lectures. it was in his class, i got to know more friendsssss. i mean really many friendsss. this is the 3rd and last semester i will be in ADP and now only i know how fast time flies and how we should really cherish time with college friends. seriously, compared to the previous two semesters, i make the most friends in this semester. they are not only the hi-bye-friends. we talked a lot. i mean when we were in class, as if when the lecturers are not in class. ;) Mr Sunda made us to know all of our classmates by giving extra marks for final exam. how kind of him, killing two birds in one stone. =p

In statistic 230 class i had yesterday, i was late. very, very late cause i was starving and ate my breakfast with xinyi during the 10 minutes break. lol. i rushed up to 12th floor and thank God when i entered the class, Mr Sunda was not in it. yet, when i opened the door, the students who were all talking to each other suddenly stopped and everyone's eyesight dropped on me. okay i was super shocked as if i was in the wrong class. after reconfirmed it is the class, i started to find for seat and on my way to the front, people started to ask for my name and where do i from. i was quite terrified honestly and nervous until i answered "i'm from ADP!" when they asked where i'm from. and there's people who burst into laughters and even made fun of me when the lecturer asked bout it. i totally like my statistic class! i mean exclude the lectures. hahaha. how are you going to say it's fun when we have presentation to do on the 2nd class and have to stay back for discussion the day before????? hey it's only the 1st week!!! sigh!

i didn't get to know any new friends at Microeconomics class because Ms Lim couldn't stop talking. and i'm with Xinyi, whom i knew and is providing me comfort to know new friends. =p

Moral Studies is so packed!!!! the room is so small but the students are damn a lot! can't they just follow back how we have our Malaysian Studies by using the lecture theater?? and guess what? yours truly, Momoko and Xinyi are in the same class but we were not sitting with each other! i was sitting with Michael and KenLing and the gang and i yawned when Sean yawned. omg although Wei Hsien (our lecturer that just came back from US and wanted us to address his given name instead of Mr Wan) has a pretty nice american slang but okay i should admit that the lecture was drowning me.

today's only class, the Calculus II, i couldn't understand one bit of the lectures. omg i am so blur and confused. i didn't know what Mr Sunda wants neither the classmates. oh and i have new friends. the leng chais and leng luis. =) i'm glad i finallly found myself back, the non-anti-social me. i now no longer isolate myself from the ADPians. i can talk a lot with peoples! i now no longer hate 12th floor. i get to catch up with different peoples in the corridors which is totally awesome!

actually i am a lil sad of leaving the school this year end. i used up half a year to warm myself up in ADP and now i left few months here only. i was touched when everyone asked about me going to Aussie next year. oh i even had lunch with Rachel and Momoko today! it's nice to have people joining me and Momoko for lunch! it had been such long time i didn't have lunch with ADPians other than Momoko and Xinyi. you know that kind of feeling. i can't word it out. haha. i am glad. really really glad. i am glad i am someone to people in 12th floor. i was so surprise and happy to hear Rachel saying that she will miss me when i'm not here next year. you know, we are just hi-bye friends for half a year already, only having same classes during the 1st sem. humanity! i smell it now. i feel it now! =)

of the Winter 2008 intake students, i am the 1st to leave. hahaha.. sounds like very bangga! i wish i have more time to spend with you guys and get along together. (as if i have to leave tomorrow) (why i sound so emo) i will appreciate the time i have in ADP, now and later. i am proud to be ADPian! =)

do me and momoko look alike?????? an admin officer suddenly asked us and we were shocked!!! "are you two sisters????" omg i can't forget the question. hahahahaha!!!

it's my timetable for this semester. call me out if any of you are in ss15 when i'm having break. ;)
tommorow i have Accounting 1st assignment to hand-in, presentation in Satistic class, and two bloody questions to do for Moral Studies. i didn't know the first week we have such a hectic school life already!

off to draw my graphs and charts! =)

Monday, August 18, 2008

i. am. very. bored. bored. bored.
but i have nothing to update. therefore thou shall go randomly.

this early morning, whilst i am still reluctantly pigging on the bed, i heard my phone rang. not the usual alarm ringtone, but my caller ringtone. and it called twice. twice means there's really something the caller wanted to reach me to make him call twice. lol. despite the reluctantness, i still rolled down my bed to the phone and surprisingly i heard sayang's voice from the other end of the speaker! he's having school break now and is being a driver sending his sis and bro to and from schools and sort of that. and surprisingly, he came to fetch me to school as well! when i heard that he's in front of my house already, i was so gay. (happy kind of gay. not sexually gay.) =) you know i can't think well when i am just awaken. seriously don't talk to me or tell me to do things. at least give me some time to warm up myself. lol. after hanging up the phone, i stood at the same place blankly for god knows how long, thinking what should happen next. after a while only i started rushing mad to the toilet, brushing up myself this and that. i was so blur that after i am done with everything, only i realised i haven't change my shorts. @.@ i nearly went out of the house with my sleeping shorts. hahaha. luckily i didn't if not the TanChinHeng who was also in the car, calling me when i'm half way rushing, sure will laugh insanely.

i. am. very. bored. bored. bored. again.
my randomness is too random.

ADPians should know Miss J*n*c*, the program director. the very very oh-not-so-nice-old-woman. she changed lotsa stupid rules after she took over the admin, yea i think all of us know this. i wonder how this woman who cares so much of her room's switch than anything else (inside joke for winter 08 MATH110 students) can still sit on that position. omg omg omg. i really wonder if she stepped my back or what. lol. i just hate her. for no reason. oh maybe there is. you know whenever i am meeting an admin officer, she will came in for interuption. last time was when me and momoko are talking to the counsellor who ffk-ed the day before and she wanted us to appoint the other time cause she wanted to occupy the counsellor that particular time. and this morning, when i'm explaining my super complicated situation of being an ADP student but wish to do Aussie course next year to Mr G the deputy program director, she came in and straight away asked Mr Gto meet another person. and i have to wait again. what is her problem la now???... she has a kind of super stupid sombong face. like Lin Dan the badminton male single champion. the face which you will want to land your hand on it. grr! i am super pissed of her.

i. am. very. bored. bored. bored. again. and. again.

i didn't know my randomness is to bitch about our program director.

i may be having 4-6pm classes on tuesday and thursday which will be so wrong. it's like going to classes when everyone has gone home. the loneliness. super annoying. should i take Management Information System or Marketting Principle? or Statistic? or Advertising? or the very very chim what what Equation Math??????? seriously Fall Semester timetable sucks!!! imagine i'm having my Moral Studies every Monday, Wednesday and Friday when everyone is having their lunch???? and i have to stay back until 6 for Info System class on tuesday and thursday which my 1st class of that two days ends at 10.40 in the morning???... oh! my! godness!! tell me what kinda timetable is this?

i. am. super. seriously. bored.

don't ask me why.

oh the boyfriend wants to teach me online game after i bugged him just now. hahaha. his replied was 'teach your head, go study!', 'no', 'no', 'your respond so slow cant really play any game', 'pig la, you go youtube, watch all video, see which one you like, then i teach.' hahahahaha finally he promise to teach me online game. =)
any recommendation people????
i am very troublesome. cause i'm very helpful. when i help another, i trouble the other. i thought it's right to be helpful but i think i'm wrong now.


i shouldn't take thing for granted. super seriously lor.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

i took down the previous post cause before the storm really comes, the wind blew all the clouds away. pheew, i am scared of storm, thank God it doesn't happen.
i am so confused. suddenly so many things going against me. help me anyone? =(

Friday, August 15, 2008

Shien dream of a cute me the day before yesterday. hahahahaha. i am cute in reality also okay. =p

oh and another thing, heard that Wall-E loves Eva. i shall watch that movie in compliment for my name's appearance. ;)
since i have nothing to do and wanted to kill time now, here i come to do this very very very the confusing tag. ;) oh and i simplify it by breaking the very confusing rules. i hate UrbanDictionary for no reason btw.

Go to, and type in your answer to each question in the search box. Only use the first three results.

1. Your name?
- a girl, woman, female, bitch, bean, DAB that has a short temper, and or likes to cause violence, and or does not take shit from anybody.
(yes, take this. i'm this!)

2. Nickname?
- The thing that comes out of insects after they make mad passionate love
- When you feel so unbelievably amazing about somebody that love doesn't seem to do it. It's the greatest feeling in the world, and you'd take absolutely any opportunity to be with the person you lurve. Staying up late at night thinking about them, staring into their eyes to escape reality, longing to hear their laugh, see their smile, feel their hug. You can't compare lurve to anything else, so unless you lurve someone you can't imagine the feeling. If you lurve someone, you know.

3. Relationship?
attached to someone.

4. You describe your best friend as?
a plaster, which can heel me when i'm hurt.
-Plaster is just another word for Band-Aid. They are used to protect a small cuts and wounds from infection.

5. What should you be doing?
running away from home.

6. Favourite food?
you name it, i like it. since i'm so moody now. you can say all.

7. Home state?
Selangor, Malaysia

8. Finish the line: "the best thing[s] in life is/are __?"
freedom. that's why i wish for my 21 to come.

9. One word to describe yourself? .
helpless. by this moment.

10. How do you feel today?
super cranky.
-When someone is upset, anygry, or unhappy. Another word for "Pissed Off". Usually said in a non-offensive manner

p/s: i break the tag rules. so what? cannot a? sue me la!

the reality

everyone see me like i'm a princess. a princess with a nice brain, nice personality, nice family, nice friends, nice everything. who will actually believe if i say i'm not? in fact, yea, i'm a princess once in a while. i should say i'm not perfect, i don't get what i want everytime, yet i have so much to be envied by others. yet seriously, not much people know the real me.

i just want to say that, i'm a pro gemini. a very very gemini. i have double character and conceal the worst part the best.
p/s: i swear i won't tell my children i hate them and i don't want to see them. i swear i won't say it makes no difference without you to my children. it hurts. i hurt out of shit. i no longer can control my tears.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

one hour ago i'm in dilemma whether to update the blog or not. hahaha. cause it's the 14th of the 7th lunar month and i wanted to sleep earlier!!! but no choice have to accompany Eda to rush her theory cause she will be having exam next monday. pity me the sister. aizs.

i watched Meet Dave with the boyfriend and Forgetting Sarah Marshall with Momoko. Meet Dave is not bad but FSM is totally a waste of money. okay go torrent and watch the whole version of the movie. Malaysia government really too much la.. cut here cut there, the movie keep jumping, jump until two of the decent little girl felt so blur.. seriously this movie is so lame. mind me, NO HOT GUY IN THERE! not even one!!! so girls, don't bother to watch. oh there's hot girls, but boys, don't watch too, cause all the sex scene you guys love so much had been cut. oh there's one part Sarah is doing oral sex for Pete but nothing to see also, and it's like so fake. ahhh, so all in all, a BIG NO NO for FSM.

oh and Momoko's manual car driving skill is still not that good.. hahahahaha.. don't get mad when see this momoko. haha. i mean really, my heart beating damn fast when she nearly bang a car, and she can't manage to U-turn, and she mati engine once in the car park, and her unconstant driving speed. hahahahaha Momoko, i know you are turning mad when you see this, i'm ruining your reputation la.. =p

oh Momoko drives superbly! =)

no fate to meet the boyfriend although i was in ss15 for twice today. sad case. =(

want to know what's my dinner for today????
1. 6 pcs of chicken tender from Burger King
2. one regular Coke
3. 3 fried dumplings from Face to Face Noodle Shop
4. a bowl of pan mee from Face to Face Noodle Shop
5. one chrysanthemum drink
6. 2 medium size of grill mutton (omg this is so yummy)
7. seafood seafood seafood!!!! (this is really killing me!!!!)
8. a plum lime juice
omg 4 hours of dinner marathon, i am having slightly stomach ache now. blame my daddy!!! now tell me how am i not to grow horizontally with all these yummy yummy darlings???
p/s: oh and i met TongHooiSing at his working Osim shop, and i tried on the electronic weighing scale and you know what????? i'm gaining weight to 45.2kg now!!!!!!! omg omg omg i should stop eating non-stop now!

Monday, August 11, 2008

happy eppy me

i should claim myself as the happiest person on earth.

why HAPPY?
i collected my exam transcript at the exam unit. i was super nervous before that cause this result is everything for my parents. (yea i assumed it was everything) lol. yea if my result drops, they will blame it on the relationship, friends, me for not taking care of it etc etc etccccc. you know lar.. PARENTS are the same. i seriously scare out of shit until i have no appetite for lunch. my heart beated like i'm going for execution or what not when i was waiting at the exam unit. and tadaa~~ i score better. BETTER!!!! and my CGPA rised a bit. i am entitled to apply for Melbourne University lol. (i'm not gonna reveal my result here for some personal reason. ask me personally if you really kepo!) and before i left out this, THANK YOU MR KC CHEONG!!! I KNOW YOU TREAT ME EFFING GOOD AND I DIDN'T EXPECT YOU GAVE ME THIS HIGH MARK FOR AN ACCOUNT NOOB LIKE ME!!! and i want you to teach me Accounting 2 next semester so that i can get nice mark from you again. hahahahhaa... i couldn't believe my Accounting marks when i saw it cause i knew i screw some questions on the final exam not to mention i kept doing mistakes on assignmentsss. thankuverymuch,sir. i really thank you from the bottom of my heart lor.. you are a good lecturer.. really. =)

and at 1st i thought Miss Prema treated me not bad also. i try my best to do better in English cause the seniors always say it's hard to score on English 101. mana tau the result came out i was a bit disappointed cause i'm merely lack of 0.1mark to get an A-. OMG MSP YOU SO KEJAM LOR 0.1 MARK CAN CHANGE MY FATE MAN.... nevermind cause i didn't expect to score an A from you also. =p =p =p


the boyfriend treated me super good. yes good is so subjective. so if you think is thhhhaaaat good then it's thaaaaat good. hahahaha. oh did i say that the boyfriend looks handsome in formal clothes? yes it's black again but it didn't matter. black looks good on him. =) we stayed back after his classes and he's doing revision for tommorow's common test. okay i know i am sooooo annoying. i'm toooo free, holiday ma.. and i was super hungry cause i didn't bother to eat lunch before collecting my transcript haha.. boyfriend told me we will have our dinner when the sky turns dark. i shall admit it's my wrong if he screw his test tomorrow. i keep disturbing him although we were sitting at the slot-slot-table. imagine i started to say i'm hungry from before 6 to the almost-darkening-time? blame the holidays, cause i ve nothing to do in the library. i keep repeating this for the entire hour - "you assume that the sky is dark now lah..." =p

oh and before we left the campus, we played hide-and-seek. haha wtc. now only i know there's lotsa hidden corridors in main campus and you know what, MAIN CAMPUS HAS UNDERBUILDING PARKINGSS!!!! omg now only i realise that even though i go to maincampus so frequently! i am so not canggih. i was like "where am i??" when i was in the parking places. hahaha. we visited Uncle Ronald before going back and we gossiped bout the people around us. =.= omg why time is always so short when you want it to be longer??????? (hahaha shien i know you want to kill me edi but i think you will die of sweetness before you come to kill me =p =p =p)

okay now you decide whether i'm a happy person or not. =)

i dont want to end this post like that.
i want you guys to repeat this
"Eva you are such a happy person laaaaa"
haha i will say thank you. =p

Saturday, August 9, 2008

aloha dudes and dudettes~
i've got back my digi number after few attempts to the stupid service centre.
despite the very lousy service they performed, i'm still happy cause i finally got back my bloody number.
mind me, i went to digi service centre for thrice. THRICE!!!! if not cause of the boyfriend is using digi, i won't bother to get a digi number.
screw you DIGI!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

mummy was driving to fetch daddy.
when daddy came, mummy shifted to the passenger side and let daddy to drive.
daddy: Haiyo... why your butt so big... the seat super warm...
mummy: give you my warmth ma..
daddy: eh my butt also not small.. next time when you feel cold, you can stick your face on my butt la.. i can give you my warmth also...
HahAhahahAHAHAhahahAhahahaha. i laugh insanely. lol.


when in a junction...
daddy: these people har... drive like sakai.. simply turn here and there.. eh Eva you got member edi... you drive like that also.. nah nah... this one same like you one.. turn 90 degree on junction one..
mummy: hahaha... daddy's main point is actually want to claim you as a sakai...haha..
Eva: i know daddy always turn a round to sut me one.. *pretend to be so helpless*
daddy: eh you very blissful edi lor... you know hor.. your mom everytime sut me also didn't turn round one... straight straight come one... super hurt..
hahAhaHAhaHaHahAhAhahahahahaHAHahaha. i laugh insanely again. lol lol.


The Big Thing #1
Daddy treated me like princess yesterday. we turn rounds and rounds in Uptown to find for + Wondermilk (the cuppacake shop) and we managed to buy some cupcakes before the shop closed. =)

The Big Thing #2
Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony damn chun. omg omg omg. i wonder how they trained so MUCH people for the ceremony. (i use MUCH cause uncountable =p)

secret to skip queue. ;)

two days ago, i told Shien that i've a big bunch of interesting happenings to update in blog but i don't have that time. and when i have time, my laziness conquered me. so she asked me what are those nice happenings and wanted to help me to upload. i told her bout me, Momoko and Tzen's cinema ticket's purchase new tactic. the fast and easy one.

Click Click Click to find out how can you save up your long queing time. Me, Momoko and Tzen tried it and it works! ;)
(Shien, I'm promoting your blog. Your nuffnang earning split half to me. =p)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

my sexy legs..

still remember the so-called water bubble i mentioned yesterday? it bursted!!! ewwwww.... all the juice burst out really like volcano errupted. and now only i knew it was same as the one i got it two years back, which left a fugly mark on my right thigh. sigh. girl's most important sexy legs.
i don't have.
i won't have. sad. =(

the before. disgusting hor..the after. got big recovery le hor.. now just left the red mark and my loosy skin. ='(
okay let's see the bigger view of everything. the BEFORE.
The DURING. fugly hor walking like that. =(
Tadaa~ The AFTER. despite the recovery, i'm still not satisfied. cause i know more scars growing on my already-not-so-sexy-legs. =(
i want to tell the whole world that.. I AM SAD!!!! with the two gonna-be-scars on my knees.
=( =( =( =( =(
I updated Fairy Sensation!!!!

titled The Dark Angel

click to read lar.. support a bit bit wei... =p

p/s: Tzen i updated one story edi.. =)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

sorry la shien... have to write bout relationship again. =p
i want to show off la can.. cannot tahan me please x on the right top. =p =p =p

see he forgave me. envy me la... blek..

i lurve you sayang. xoxo. =)
after my disappearance from blog for few dayssssss and my ignorance of writing interesting happenings last two weekssss.... here i come to summarize a few things with photos. =) (just a few. there are more more moreeeeee things happened during the two weeks) ;)
**all photos are not chronological order.

guess what is this!!!!
no you are wrong. it's not a nipple. =p
take a larger look of the whole thing.
leg????? yes. it's my very pretty left sexy legs. i mean before this stupid idiot grow here. =.= i don't know what it is called in English. but direct-translate from mandarin will be water bubble. i know it sounds so cute. but it isn't.
so this two idiots i got it from work. kesan drpd keep kneeling down for gazillion times cause the super not-so-cute kids aren't tall. and these are killing me. can't walk properly also.. now i walk damn kangkang lor... momoko. i'm still a virgin!!!! =( (inside joke.. hahaha)
i wonder when will the bubble burst. is like waiting for a volcano to errupt. damn scary.. =( tell me when will it burst????????

next, i cut my finger with a can-opener! stop saying
"woahhh... you so genius wei... can-opener also can cut you.."
"i know princess doesn't use this before... but how can it cut your hand?????!!!"
stop praising me. i know the geniusity level of mine. =p

so a day before our calculus final we tend to study together and momoko suggested to go pyramid for lunch and study. after lunch and window-shopping for a while, we settled in Starbucks. this photo nice hor... spot me and momoko. =)
here come the climax of the day.
*we chatted and chatted and chatted*
vava: eh gonna start study edi la..
momoko: ok.. what u bring for math?
vava: what? i thought u bring? so i didnt bring..
momoko: well, i thought you are fully equip
ma? so yea. how now? i no need study lo..
vava: lol.. then i study accounts lo.. you drink coffee lo..

momoko: aiyo.. waste my coffee money la you.. anyway, since i got nothing to study, i bet you can't study too.. =D

(direct copy-and-paste from momoko's blog) haha.
so we ended up chatted for few hours before going back. =)

cramming in the late night is disastrous. =( tell you a secret to relieve tension. CAMWHORE!!! =)
i know my phone kinda ciplak so the colour turn out to be this cacat. resolution not high enough. want buy me a new phone? =p

somehow this photo from the very ciplak phone still can obviously see my dark-eye-circle. wtc. and btw i want to tell the whole world that I LOVE MY CALCULATOR!!! and i'm showing it off. =p

camwhoring makes me high. hahaha. i can stay up the whole night man..

in the 11th floor library, table slot #31....i motivate myself by writing all these colourful stuff. but it has no good outcome. i am still camwhoring.
and after camwhored, i was satisfied and wanted to start study and here come CK, chatted all my time away. =p
omg... 1st time i see my skin color so nice lor.. that's why i post this up.. hahaha... i just add some light only. didnt edit hor.. and my eye is this big. =p i don't like my button nose. =( short and wide. and got pimples on it. =((

saturday at home alone. what to do? nothing. so decided to shave my hairy legs. =)
i use VEET! not bad though.
see the AFTER?.... sexy hair-less legs. hahaha. was super not used to it when i touch my leg. it's like touching the boyfriend's non-hairy leg. hahaha.

Sunday's family gathering at my aunt's place. and my the other aunt brought back durians and mangosteens from her hometown.
so this is Sheen. and baby Sheen. hahaha.

and this is MJ ;) eh MJ i like your butt. got flower shape one.. super lovely eh.. hahaha..

and when one crave for durian, he will use all sort of ways to open it.
like this...
and this... maciam constipation eh?... hahahaha...and when one loves durian so much and but don't want to stink their hands, he eat in super convenient way. *double thumbs up* =D

pity residue of the MJ & Sheen. =p =p =p

okay this is when while waiting for Momoko to finish her Psychology final. i look super sombong hor... and my face fat like what.. wtc

okay so this is the very-recent-me. it's yesterday-me. =.= yea while working in front of the computer. =) eh my dark-eye-circle got better hor? but the face still so fat. sigh.

okay suddenly found this photo in the album which is super old edi.. spot the words on the table? i wrote it with water. =.= damn bored that time while waiting for the angry boyfriend to forgive me. wtc haha.
i will end here. =p
btw people, DON'Twatch Kung Fu Hip Hop in cinema. a waste of money. nobody watch it. i mean i was in the cinema today and plus me and the boyfriend there's only 5 of us. and later came in 4 more. super boring movie. tilll half i asked boyfriend "eh very boring la.. how a?" see... you know how boring it is.. aizs.. i wanted to watch 21. sigh sigh. tomorrow onwards nice movies are coming in a bunch. i want to watch Meet Dave the most. =) Wall-E coming soon also. *double grin* =))

bye peeps! xoxoxo.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

okay this post will be introducing
Fairy Sensation

hmm... lots of you still don't know bout this story blog.
it's owned by
Tzen, Momoko, XinYi and yours truly.

see, most of us have the creativeness to write, but we don't know how to express all these creativity. so we open a whole new co-blog to just write story.
we have short stories, documentaries, fairy tales, the suspending ones etc etc etc.

friends friends friends, kindly visit this blog for more surprises on words! you will like it!
Click HERE to enter. =)
click or die =P

p/s: Tzen said if i don't update two post in that blog that she won't be updating. sob.
pp/s: I didnt know there's so many of my friends write story too. e.g. bangkia! keep it up! =)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The forgotten one...

Momoko urged me to blog for few days already. Albeit no blogging mood, i blog for Momoko's sake. see, how good am i treating you. =)

there's too much to blog about this week. too many happenings. due to the final exam cram, i wasn't able to spend time in blog. but after exam, i am now too busy to blog. dad and mom is giving a whole big pile of work. okay i have to work cause I WANT MONEY!!!!! they said there's no free lunch. sigh. how i wish i have a cash printing machine. my heart ached a lot when i watched the Joker from The Dark Knight burnt a mountain of cash. somemore those are USD. @.@

okay i shall skip everything i wanted to write before this. headache in the morning. can still feel the resonance now. sadness. =(

I AM VERY UNHAPPY THIS MORNING when i received Jin Wei's message. why? CAUSE I HAVE BEEN FORGOTTEN BY THE WHOLE KWANG HUA SCHOOL BAND MEMBERS. i really wanted to curse. nobody informed me that today is the AGM. once in a year. such an important date but i didn't receive any information. you see, i have been busy with exam this week, not able to contact the besties and nobody even mentioned this to me. JinWei asked if i'm going this morning and i am so surprised to know i didn't know about it. and then i called KhaiWee. this is what she asked me back "Chen Yee didn't sms you meh?" FINE!!!! i know i'm just a very very very very very very very minor + ordinary exmember. or maybe i'm not welcome by them to the AGM. whatever! since i've promised my dad to help out with the kindergarten stuff that morning, so forget bout it. i couldn't attend and i didn't invited to attend. omg i don't know why am i so angry it's nothing to do with me i'm not the member already and no contribution nothing so why ask me to go. curse curse curse!!! the boyfriend said maybe cause i changed my phone number already so they can't get me. but how can? I DIDN'T EVEN CUT MY MAXIS LINE AND THE BLOODY PHONE WHICH GOT STOLEN THAT DAY IS MY DIGI NUMBER NOT MAXIS AND IF ANYONE OUT THAT STILL CLAIM THAT YOU DON'T KNOW MY MAXIS NUMBER HERE YOU GO IT'S 0122670540!! i wanted to message the junior after that but okay i have lost all of my contact number cause of the bloody stolen phone. i have none of the contact so forget bout it. will ask jinwei or khaiwee for the new ajk list and shutup to be a NICE exmember. now what can i do other than ranting in blog? bite people? open champagne to celebrate? or should i blame myself for not being a concerning ex?

okay i don't mean to be so mean. shut up! i will be okay very soon.

I AM TOO DISAPPOINTED TO CONTINUE THIS POST. but no worries, i won't be blaming any of you after today. just let me be today. curse again!