Wednesday, July 30, 2008

tagged by MengYee.

Name : EvaT
Siblings : Leen, Eda, Ena.
Shoe size : 5-6 (i know i have big feet... i am not glad with that at all)
Height : 161cm
Where do you live : Port Klang
Favourite drinks : Caramel Macchiato
Favourite breakfast : i don't really eat breakfast. I eat breakfast to kill time. =p
What is your room like : a dog's kennel. hahaha. the boyfriend is so proud that his room is tidier than a girls' room.
What's right beside you : CPU? lol.
What's the last thing you ate : My grandma's homecook. =)

Have you ever
Been on a plane : Yes.
Swam in the ocean : No. i swim in pool. =p
Fallen asleep at school : a student's must-have-experience. i am a pro!
Broken some one's heart : yes a lot i know i suck.
Fell of your chair : Yes and there's once i fall twice in an hour.
Sat by the phone all night waiting for a call : Yes and it's not feeling good at all if the person fall asleep. =(

Have you ever had
Chicken pox : yes.
Sore throat : seldom.
Stitches : no.
Broken Nose : no. itchy nose got lar.. =.=

Do you
Believe in love at first sight : yes. sometimes chemistry just works! ;)
Like picnics : yes and no.

Who was the
last person you danced with : i don't dance. i will break the floor. but i danced during high school graduation ceremony. with whole big bunch of classmates. =)
Last made you smile : the boyfriend. <3
You last yelled at : let me think.

Today did you
Talked to someone you like : yes. a lot. Momoko, Jocin, Jin Wei.
Kissed anyone : yes. the boyfriend. =p
Get sick : yes. i am a sneezing panda today. i slept for an hour the day before and rub my nose i never had before. =p
Talk to an ex : no.
Miss someone : absolutely!
Eat : Filet 'O Fish value meal in the morning, Chrysanthemum drink for lunch and dinner for dinner. =)

Best feeling in the world : happy. or blissful. =)
Do you sleep with stuffed animal : yes. 1, 2, 3, 4...... 9, 10? my bed is full of that. did i mention i have very serious lack-of-secureness since small before? =(
What's under you bed : the other bed. =) i am up on the double-decker!
Who do you really hate : myself sometimes. =(
What time is it now : 2033

Is there a person in your mind now : what do you think? =p
Do you want children : no by now. i don't really like kids. okay i like them when they are not buggy at all.
Do you like your hand-writing : oh the round and fat alphebets! Vijin said my handwriting doesn't change from primary school. just the font size getting smaller.. ;)
Do you smile often : i smile all the while. not an attention seeker okay. =p
Are your toe nails painted : no.
Whose bed other than yours you would rather sleep in : no i just love my bed.
What were you doing at 7p.m. : yesterday 7pm was driving back home from college with whole bunch of stupidiest jokes made. today 7pm i was in the boyfriend's car. he sent me home from college. =)
What color shirt are you wearing now : red and white stripes. JinWei saw me just now and he's wearing red and white stripes and that bugger claimed that i followed what he wears. laugh people laugh! hahaha. who wants to follow him. =p
I can't wait till: the school reopen after 2 weeks long holiday. sigh.
When did you cry last: big girl doesn't cry. okay i lied. but these few days i didnt cry. good job, no? =p
Are you a friendly person: why not?
Do you have any pets: doggie once. Loving is her name.
Where is the person you have feelings for right now: his bathroom. showering. =p
Did the last person you held hands with mean anything to you now: God knows how much it means.
Do you sleep with the TV on: no. i'm not into TV.
What are you doing right now: waiting for the boyfriend to come out from his bathroom. =.=
Have you ever crawled through a window: yes. i used to be a tomboy before i am attached to him. ;)
Can you handle the truth: not really. i have a weak heart. =.=
Are you too forgiving: yes. waaaaaaayyyyyyy to forgiving.
Are you closer to your mother or father: sister.
Who was the last person you cried in front of: cry on the phone counted? i usually cry alone. reputation wei! =p
How many people can you say you've really loved: i love a lot of them but i only lurve one. =)
Do you eat healthy: the very unhealthy one.
Do you still have pictures of you & your ex: i don't have a photo of me and my ex.
Have you ever cried because of something someone said to you: yes. YES!
If you're having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to: the boyfriend, the sister, the bestie. KhaiWee knows i have a bad day when she sees my caller id. hahaha.
Are you loud or quiet most of the time: super LOUD! but kinda quiet in ADP. sigh. super sadness.
Are you confident: acted confident. seriously. =(

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Blame Momoko for my Boston addiction. =p
i have repeatedly listening to this for gazillion times. and i still like it.

the boyfriend promises to have lunch with me tomorrow. i am a happy person now. =)
xoxo much.

Saturday, July 26, 2008





I've been wasting 1 week of time. Appreciate, no?

Friday, July 25, 2008

training my patience.
and i broke my own record.
stick my butt on the chair for 5 hours to wait.

clap for me, no?
waiting is not bliss at all.
but waiting give more feelings. the ups the downs. the hopes of some appearance.
still a failure.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Momoko, you can have it!
curse curse curse curse curse!
bored. soOooOoOoooOooOoo bored.
i hate of me having exams. i hate more when the boyfriend is sitting for exams. sigh!!!
i didn't talk with the boyfriends for 4 freaking days already. mind you, it's FOUR!!!!
i was so damn free in the evening. free until i didn't know what more to do than keep blog hopping. sigh sigh sigh!!

more photos to come. =) now only i realise i used to slant my head to the left when i self-shoot photos. it's a norm. =p ah i like my Dopod. the camera in the phone just made me look sooOOooOoOooo fair. XD

see i'm still as cheerful as i was. so don't worry =)

okay this was taken today when i have nothing to do in Noodle Station for 2 and a half hours. o.O
the boyfriend is having exam and Momoko went for IELTS exam too.
i was bored the entire day~!!!!!!!!! =(
back to topic. i just found this photo unique. though there's nothing unique inside. maybe is the familiarness, the good memories revolved, my favorite Ice Honey Lemon, the feeling of the boyfriend beside me. =) this place will be one of the most missable places i will super miss when i am in aussie next year. i swear. =p

i abandoned Rocky and start to love Choki-Choki. =) chocolate pasta is more fun than chocolate stick!!!!! =D

i am bored. boredom can activate lazy cells. nothing to write also. signing off.

p/s: Momoko is making me so addicted to Augustana's Boston. omg the piano intro part is getting into my blood. =)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Momoko asked for my opinion when she faced love problem. Tzen came to me about love problem too. Everyone thought I'm a love expert huh? But the truth is i am a super failure in this aspect. I don't know how to answer my own questions, so don't bother mention bout others'.

"When two person be together, it is called fate. When two person continue to walk along together, it is called bliss."

i am greedy. i want fate and bliss. i don't care!

taggie by LuTzenTzen =p

1. At what age you wish to marry?
any. don't predict things. it bores life. =)

2. Will you consider sexual relationships before marriage?
yes considering the partner. oh or should i say curiousity will kill a cat? =p

3. Do you smoke?
good girl doesn't smoke. ;)

4. List out two gifts you'd like to receive now.
a purse. white preferably.
box my boyfriend and mail it to me. =p

5. Who did you text most lately?
the boyfie. <3

6. How old are you?
legally 18.

7. What is the latest thing you bought with your own money?
my lunch.

8. State 3 people of the opposite sex that first comes to your mind. Who will you most likely date?
gan. ming. zu. 3? =D

9. Who do you wish to get married ?
refer to question 8 pls.

10. Getting marry is going to heaven or grave?
should be heaven. =)

11. How many kids do you want?
at this age, i will say none. lol. kids are very the troublesome.

12. Are you in love?

13. Where is the latest restaurant you have dinner?
Sushi King @ Centro.

14. Name the latest book you bought?
CLEO magazine

15. Do you believe in God?
i'm an agnoist. =)

16. Name your favourite game or sport.
i am outgoing. i will give a try on any sports. run jump swim crawl hop.

17. Name the first person that comes into your mind now.
refer to question 8 again pls.

18. The most exciting place you want to go?
not milan like Tzen, no New York like Momoko. i am easily contented. i just want to land my legs up the Clock Tower in Klang and Pulau Indah at Port Klang. =p

19. When is your first kiss?
to be precised when i'm a baby. affectional kiss during my 17+

20. Single or Attached?
confirmed attached. =p

I tagged:

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

miss my chubby face???

hey people!!!!! i am so so excited now! bought a new micro-sd adapter for freaking 8bucks yesterday and imma upload whole bunch of photossssssssss now!!! =)

Lunch with Tzen and Momoko
@ Sunway Pyramid

as usual, laughs and lames. we had all kind of bollywood and hollywood laughters. =)
Tzen sent us back to SS15 and it freaked us a lil. =p

oh i have to say that, we have same mind. =)
it's not the 1st time for us to wear almost identical clothes.
see, we have graphic tees, white shorts, and bling bling footwear.
it's ALL coincidence. this brightened up my day though. =)
hmm.. you should go to Aussie next year la momoko. =p

and then when we met up with Tzen in the restaurant, Momoko suddenly reacted such exxagerating and said "Look! White pants!!" haha.. cause Tzen is wearing white pants too and on the way to sunway we are talking bout if Tzen will be wearing white pants or not.. by the way, Tzen is wearing graphic tee also!!!! ah i love the girls!!!! =)

while procrastinating
@ home

okay for those who cannot stand on self-shoting pic, kindly press x on the right top of the screen. thanku. =p
and fyi, below is not monster with big head big face big eye big nose big mouth and messy hair. it's just a so-called princess without specs with super dark eye circle, flawful faces etc etc etc. =p
the boyfriend says i have 'bread face'. true a?
what to do, bakery is the place i can lepak in the morning. =(
i swear i didn't edit this pic. blame the light for making me so fair. =p
omigosh i like my eyes man.... hahaha..

just being playful =)

the blurness of the photo make my face look smaller... @.@
better don't buy high resolution camera next time.. haha..

in the car
on the way home

the cloud!!!!! the magnificent cloud which comes in different shapes =)
doesn't it look like a turtle here??? oh i'm so imaginative!! =p

14/07/08 (if not wrong)
waiting for English class
@ library

okay Momoko is sleeping beside me that time. was bored to death after calculus class. went in the library because there's the only place we can sit or sleep without chatting. =.= started a lil photography session. lol.

terrorist????!! or arabian woman??? =.=

in the car
going back home from college

daddy was talking on the phone whole journey, we were stucking in the traffic jam. the FM was not interesting me enough, so i started on my camera phone. =p

oh i am so grateful that blogger has not malfunction. i uploaded my pics using the shortest time ever. =)

tell me am i getting fatter????
Whilst eating ais kacang with Momoko at Asia Cafe this afternoon...

Eva: Why you eat so fast one? I'm like eating a lot edi but the bowl still look so full...
Momoko (the ais kacang lover): I'm getting pro! =)
Eva: you know this can be determine by dy/dx cause it can calculate the rate of melting what...
Momoko: *impressed* wow!
Eva: is like the rate of the ice melting is faster than the rate of us eating....
Momoko: then it should be dM/dt... hahaha... imagine we are calculating xxx is equal to xx + xx..... tomorrow go and tell Mr Daniel (our calculus lecturer) bout this...
*burst into laughter*

okay we cant stop laming. =.= yea a... so proud 1st time i can talk like that.. like very pro.. lol.. i was so surprised on what i said also... hahahaha... Mr Daniel, see your student know application on calculus in life.. not bad huh... can add marks in final a?? giak giak... =.=

p/s: i like to hear Momoko saying 'Wow!!!'... it's nice! =)


thanks to the heng dai, Jin Wei who used back his primary school nickname - Tommy after abandoned this name for like 5 years??? lol.. why thank him? cause he nearly get us into an accident on the way fetching me back home. thank God the second lane didn't have any car that time, if not i can have my virgin try on airbag! okay i was shocked so did he.. omg he nearly killed me. =(


my account test was not very good. i am so thankful that Mr KC 'open one eye close one eye' and gave me 16 marks which i didn't deserve. THANKYOUVERYMUCH,SIR! this 16 marks is super important in my final. you know how easy the test is when my classmates got 101.5% over 100% (due to 2% of bonus question) while i merely scored 80 something. sadness huh? i couldn't imagine what if i was deducted 16marks. i can kiss and say goodbye to my accounting final.


omg from the morning i keep rubbing my right itchy eye and now only i realised that if not wrong my right eye has somekind of infection. chinese called it 'bak jiam'??? no i didn't apply eye concealer these few days. no i swear i didn't peep my boyfriend when he's showering. no i didn't look at hot guys excluded Christian Bale. =) and tell you a secret, i actually thought before of why so many got that 'bak jiam' yet i didn't. now see my burung gagak mouth, i got karma. i don't know how am i going to meet people these few days. =(

okay enough for my not-so-good-today.
no inspiration and motivation to blog though.
time pass please time. i don't like the time when the boyfriend is having exams. it bores me to death. =(

Sunday, July 20, 2008

after abandoned my blog for few daysss...........

i'm not going to talk bout my life these days, sometimes too heavenly heaven, sometimes too hellish hell. good to say that i'm still in heaven. =.=

movies movies movies. the entertainment i thought i will enjoy the most these days!
The Dark Knight - checked (super nice!!! Christian Bale is sizzling hot!!)
Hellboy 2
Journey To The Center Of The Earth
War of the Dragons
Get Smart - Checked
The Nanny Diaries
Red Cliff - plan to watch with Takeshi's toilet employer but the time dont allow =(
Made of Honour - Checked
Kung Fu Panda - Checked
The Incredible Hulk
Sex and the City
okay people, see i have just watched bout a quarter of the movies screening in cinema NOW. movie anyone? The boyfriend watched Hellboy, Wanted, and Hancock edi.. the girls? we are not gonna watch Red Cliff tomorrow so how bout Hancock?

sadness. super sadness.
jump this part. since the girls are all busy right now. =)

okay i know my blog is as dull as [fill in your word]. miss my chubby face? hahaha.. wait till i buy a micro sd adapter first. super sadness again. i cant upload photos to the computer and i cant download songs into my phone. tell me what is it if is not sadness. hmmph!

i haven't do any of my weekend homework yet. procrastinating like my boyfriend did. haven't type the letter to Digi either. yea yea blame the procrastinate viruses. it's all over me now. =(

i think i have lost the passion and patient to blog. till i found back the feel for blogging. byeee.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

okay finally i finished 2 test, 1 assingment, 1 essay. 4 down, 2 to go. i left lan assignment and an impromptu essay. =) today i shall write a long post.

first of all, MY PHONE HAD STOLEN BY A STUPID IDIOT when i'm having my accounting test. much sad, no? omg!!! i didn't know ADP has such low class people. please la you are embarassing we adpians man... if you see this you better return my phone back to me!!!!! or at least sim card please... my contacts are all lost AGAIN, my homework lists poofed, my unread msgs remained unread, my photos??? ohmy antique palmOS pda phone... how pity you being kidnapped by a stupid idiot. sigh sigh. but this idiot is really stupid enough to steal my palmOS. why???? because in my bag which i left outside the exam room has another more worthful Dopod phone, my purse with cash and card. stupid no? and he chose the most ciplak palmOS which i dropped it on the floor for gazillion times still couldn't spoil it and now worth less than 100bucks if i sell it. LAUGH THE IDIOT MAN.... =p

okay actually i should blame my carelessness. last week i lost my Nike purplish water tumbler. i left it in class and went back only to realise it's not in my bag. =( i couldn't find it in the lost&found counter too. and today i forgot to take my phone with me when i enter the class. i just grabbed my pencil case and water tumbler and rushed into the class. i am sorry dear PalmOS. may you be in well with that idiot. don't serve him you know.. =( and friendssssssss, from today onwards you guys have to wait a lil longer for my reply. i will be typing message like a tortoise now.. i have to re-adapt to use the 12 keypad phone. i used to type with 32 keypads. sadness. serious sadness. ='( STOP CALLING 0163852050 UNTIL I GET MY NUMBER BACK!!!! sob....


today's calculus test was not that bad. felt so sorry for momoko. she can't finish all. left out 3 questions which is really a lot. a quarter of the test paper. =( i managed to finish and recheck once. my mind was a bit messy that time, thinking lotsa nonsense. i hope everything go well. i am quite confident in this paper. =) accounting test was a bit nervous. i changed lotsa answers again and again. when i was in the class, i started to mix up perpetual and periodic system. cause two of them start with a p. =.= i hope i got it right. among the four questions i was doing confidently in the 3rd question which is about bank reconciliation. i like that one. i balanced it. so happy. =)

before the accounting test i went to noodle station alone. to quickly fill my stomach, and do last revision before test. i sat on the place where me and sayang used to sit. the waiter which he knew me already keep came to the place and check if my boyfriend comes already or not. lol. then i keep smiling back to him. after test i went to the mamak store i used to go with sayang. okay i was alone that time cause nowhere to go. and then there's this waiter asking me "boyfriend belum datang lagi a?" i was like surprisingly stared at him, then nodded with smile. =) hahaha.. i didn't know there's people noticed sayang and me. =) but i like it. i like their concerns. it feels so good. i can't help but smiling back to them. =))

i spent time with sayang today. =) i have to appreciate chance already. most probably going to the evil-kangaroo-land next February. i have to spend more time with the boyfriend. =( i don't want regrets.. sayang, i lurve your hugs!! i want more!!!!! =p

I have 101 ways to make you upset,
but you have 102 ways to forgive me.
I lurve you, sayang.
we will last. <3

after all the post is not that long. haha. i have so much things to write but i am lazy now. i shall sleep. =)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

i have to post this although i'm exceeding my own posting quota. lol. =.=
seriously i read a lot of horoscope analysis before but this is the most accurate one..
oh my! i'm a typical gemini can...


有 很多的朋友,可是'看起来朋友很多,可是知心的没有几个'这句话很深刻的形容了双子。双子很能说话,他跟别人可以天南地北的聊,可以聊得很八卦,也会聊一 些很严肃的话题。双子可以跟你聊很多东西,可是注意了,他都只是跟你聊一些不关自己的事。随便他跟你说些什么,可是跟自己有关的都只是些皮毛而已。比如, 今天又有某个明星怎样怎样了;隔壁班有多少美女帅哥的。关于自己的事,他几乎是不说的,就算是说,也是说一些关于自己无关痛痒的事。当你想更进一步的了解 双子,他会很自然的把话题给扯开。

对于自信的双子来说,他又同时很没有安全感,这是双子特有的矛盾。他喜欢把自己重重包围住,不让自 己暴露。对于双子来说,如果在一个还不了解的人面前把自己暴露了,就等于让别人抓住了自己的把柄。这样就失去了一定的优势。当双子感到独孤悲伤时,只会一 个人躲在房间里哭,或者一个人郁闷着。

双子也很怕被伤害,很多时候宁愿自己承受一切,也不愿别人抓住自己的把柄。所以久而久之也就养 成了习惯。 双子基本上也是个很痛苦的人。表面上总是很有活力,很快乐的样子,可是没人的时候他又总是很忧伤。双子总会被一种莫名的悲伤笼罩。但他不会让别人发现的, 他怕被伤害,也怕被别人抛弃,只能自己硬挺着一切。所以双子很神经质,精神脆弱,容易人格分裂,因为承受了太多的东西.

双 子是被公认的最花心、最冷酷无情的星座。其实对于双子的花心,真的不想再说些什么了。解释得太多,累了,也没耐心了。可是说起双子,就不得不提感情,双子 这一生,似乎必须被感情牵伴,跟爱情纠缠一世。很多人说双子并不花心,只是博爱,所以才会有那么好的人缘。忘了在哪里看见了这样的一句话:双子最大的悲哀 在于有两个人的思想,却只有一个人的身体,双子有爱自己所爱的人的权利,也有保护彼此所爱的人的义务,双子只剩下一个时,爱也就只剩下义务了。
我 想用如来若去说的一句话给双子的花心做个总结:花心的极端就是痴心的可怕。该懂的人应该会懂的。至于冷酷无情真的不知道该从何说起。其实双子是最平和的星 座,如果可以不发生冲突,都会尽量避免。双子也很少跟别人吵架,他讨厌吵架,如果是因为一些生活琐碎小事吵架,那么双子就在吵完的那一刻就把这件事给忘 了;

要双子真的跟你翻脸,除非是你的所作所为或所说的话实在让双子不能忍受,这时他会很鄙视得看你一眼,然后头也不回地走掉,甚至会 不给你留面子地离开。这时你一辈子也别想再和他和好了,就算有的双子碍于面子和你再成为朋友,但是他们已经对你鄙视到了极点,只不过维持着这一层不得不维 持的'朋友'关系其实,很大一部分双子,对待感情是非常专一的,之所以给人留下花心的美名,是因为很少有人能够让略带童心的双子动真感情,不是双子铁石心 肠,而是双子个性里面天生有一些忧郁,一些潜在的不自信,只是双子隐藏的深入,可是一旦让双子动了真感情,那么恭喜你了,双子的天真,率直,外加表达能力 丰富,一定能让你获得很多快乐。

每个双子都有一个故事隐藏在心里,多数是不堪回首的往事,双子是个念旧或者说是喜欢沉浸在回忆中的星 座,他(她)的这个故事通常都是因情所困,动了感情而被伤害了的双子是脆弱的,也是坚强的,他(她)可以很快的振作起来,可以当什么事都没有发生,这些都 是双子演给世人看的罢了,等到夜深人静的时候,双子内心的伤痛随着血液渗透到全身,他(她)可以一整夜的去回忆之前的点点滴滴,可以一整夜的沉浸在痛苦之 中,可以一整夜坐在那里发呆,但是,一旦天亮了,要出去见人了,双子马上就从痛苦中抽身而走,你看到的肯定是一个神采奕奕的双子,这就是双子,拥有双重性 格的双子,一个在世人面前乐天,快乐,在孤独夜晚独自伤悲的双子。

双子的爱是最永恒的,可以付出一切,有人说我们花心,那时我们没有 真正的爱,当双子爱上一个人的时候是痛苦的,因为我们太敏感。假如双子爱上了一个不爱自己的人,那莫我相信他永远都不会再爱了,当爱给过了一个人,他再也 没有能力再付出了,其实太多的人都不懂我们,其实连我们自己都不懂自己,我们很会伪装,很会说谎,但我们最细腻,对感情最敏感,双子的爱与悲伤,谁又真的 了解!

now you know me??? i have double-character... ngek ngek ngek...
i've got my boyfriend's consolation already.
everything's back to fine. =)
a bit hormone imbalance these days, compliment to the boyfriend.
ask HIM for further info. ask ME for his contact. =p

my nuffnang ads suddenly earn more than 5 bucks edi!!!!!! Celebrate celebrate!!!!! buy each one a sweet??? hahaha... what can a 5 buck note buy pressies for everyone?? for ant can la.. =.=

oh ya people!!!!! WHAT AM I TO YOU??? i mean like what do you think bout me? what do you know about me?? what make you think of me??? anything special relates me?????? tell me tell me!!!! IT'S SO IMPORTANT AND TELL ME AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE BECAUSE YOURS TRULY IS FORGETTING HERSELF!!!!! save me before you lose me. pleaseeeeeeeeeee.....

my self-confident is diminishing. =(
can the scene of two figures get out of my head?????
it has made my life upsidedown already.
i want to turn back time. i want this to not happen at all.
i thought after a long long sleep i can forget everything.
but when i woke up, everything seems to be the same.
he is still the same.
what happened happened.
i just want things to go right.
please God, i can exchange whatever you want with you if you can help me this time. ='(

Monday, July 14, 2008

behind the tears....

something is haunting me for few days already. i am scare of night and alone now. i will think a lot. everything just come into my head automatically and i can't get them off. is there any memory-erase thingy out there? how can i get rid of that? i know it's not like what i thought off, but my imagination can't stop working. it is traumarizing me. and i dont know whether telling the truth will help or worsen the bond. i am so helpless now. nobody feel the same as i. people just see the bright side of me, i start to forget my cheerfulness. is this me? help me to find myself back please. =(

Happy Birthday Jie!!! wonder how you celebrate your birthday. with tears? with walls? or with housemates? i wish you can adapt the life there faster. the wish from the very bottom of my heart.

don't cry your birthday away. smile please.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

of the cheaters in SS15....

okay i have to sacrifice some beauty sleep to write this.

of the previous post bout the stupid cheater thingy, i was lectured by my very-concerning daddy. okay for 40minutes! long enough for me to finish my group assignment. lol.

he said that kind of cheater are those want to be bad but not courageous enough to do bad thing. if he really wants to rob you or what, he won't explain so much to you. and this is definately nothing to do with gangster!!! my dad said a real gangster is bad enough to just stab you for money, no need to explain how much they have lost or what, what stuff they have which was gone, how much money etc etc etc. CHEATERS!!!! he said cheaters are those without gut. lol. try to scare you a lil 1st, then start to tell you grandmother story, and at last comes the main point - ATM Card, Credit Card etc. and he said next time if really got anyone tap you on the shoulder, be as fierce as you can and fling away their hand, use the loudest voice to ask them what they want. (if i really can make it. lol.) oh and dad is buying me a pepper spray. he said if the person don't want to let me go, just spray at them and run as fast as i can. and don't forget to call someone secretly, at least can get some help, especially girls! before he ends all this he said if they dare to hurt me, they won't survive also.

so after all, my dad said even if i know how to drive edi, he won't allow me to drive cause of this reason. and, he said he is not that free to fetch me everyday especially tomorrow cause the stupid parliament protest thingy so many road blocks so a lot of traffic jam. i am so pity. my dad wants me to face the fact, wants me to learn how to cope with these before i die in aussie next year, wants me to get ready for myself. sigh. if i really can cope with all these, i mean if. sigh sigh. i am like knowing there's cheater edi still want to walk that road. like digging my own grave like that. sigh!!! what to do, FACE THE FACT EVA! dont talk to them, spray them, if they hurt me they will die. but the question is, am i that calm to follow these?

hey people,

just wanted everyone to beware of cheating cases these days. omg it's like in drama like that.. i can't believe these will happen in reality.

so i read Shien's post bout this last few days which happened in KLANG!
click here to read.

and just now i was blog-hopping and i found this happened in SS15!!!!!!! omg i was damn scare now cause if i walk to the train station, i might pass by there. scary until want to pee weiiiiiii!!!!!!
click here to read this.

BEWARE!!!! the society has corrupted. don't talk to strangers (which i always do and worried my boyfriend a lot. sigh) and think of some excuses before they approach you.. lol.

i really damn scare. i want to drive to school now!!!! =(
i will start to nerd today.
  • tomorrow have to pass up the last english group assignment which i was grouped with the two guys for the second time, and always i'm the editor. they claimed i can write better, kononnya. sigh.
  • tomorrow will have an impromptu reflective essay to write in class for 1 hour ONLY. omg 1 hour i don't think i can spit out reflections. 7.5% in final result. ohgodpleasehelpme2mlihavetovomitoutatleast200wordsofrelections!
  • wednesday will be having calculus and accounting final test. okay final test not final exam. i hate to face numbers all day long.
  • next wednesday i have another impromptu english essay to write in class for 1 hour ONLY again. and this time this essay worth 15% in final result. o.O i have to buck up myself before i accidentally write dangerous essay. lol.
  • next next thursday will be my final exam. okay once again calculus and accounting has same exam day. i can drown of numbers. accounts? faint. really faint
after that i will be in hiatus. =) either visit my very missable sister in aussie =) or help out my parents in their business =( or start to draft the design for my new house =)) bytheway people, i am going to be a bukit-tinggi-resident. high five to the BTR!!!! we are getting nearer. =.=

the day after tomorrow will be my jie's 19th birthday. i wonder how will she celebrate her birthday at aussie. hope her housemates will celebrate will her, so that she won't be too missing Malaysia. i am very the missing her. =(

**i lost my micro-sd adapter. i cant upload any recent photos of me. =(

okay till then.
nerding starts.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

i am so confused now. i can't think properly. i scare to face the fact.

i don't want to die. =(

Friday, July 11, 2008

i used to sleep less than 4 hours a day now. having imsomnia when really wanted rest and felt super dizzy when i have to concentrate. i am one step from hell and look damn zombie now. finals is getting nearer. it's on the 30th. and in one day i will finish two bloody exams - accounting and calculus. i can die the day before. numbers will drown me. before finals i will have two tests, 1 assignment, 1 impromptu english essay and 1 impromptu reflective essay to write. my parents are giving me so much tension. should i disappoint them, i will ruin my not-so-social social life. that means even worse than now which i hardly spend time with friends and boyfriend. sigh.

i am emo now. mere emo. let me specify that there's no mixed feelings like jealous or angry. just emo. i am still in the school's library. waited for my parents for 5 hours which they promised to fetch me from school after i finish my class. obviously, they popped my bubble, and worse, making me not doing anything. i can't do this, i can't do that so i sat in the toilet for quite a long time. to think. library or anywhere else in ss15 i will bump into friends which when i am emoing i hate to talk. in the library the most corner slot table, 3 friends came by in different time to talk. how frustrated when you purposely sit at the very invisible corner and people still found you. sigh. i want ignorance i don't feel like smiling so i have no place to go other than toilet. i have to smile, even i wanted to cry. cause i used to smile to everyone, so when i don't, people start to ask questions. there are a lot of nice and concerning friends, which care and know when you are not smiling. =) grateful to have such great friends but please don't even bother me or smile to me when i am not smiling. it makes me smile back and smiling when you don't feel like to is painful. it's like stabbing my heart with a knife. i don't like forced smile. but i don't think i have choice to not smiling. cause others smile. life, this is life. sigh.

i am selfish. over-selfish. this is not good. it's becoming an evil root in me. and i hate it. i dont want to share my things with other. i should say i have improved a lot. hahaha. when i'm still a kid, i hate to share toys with other kids. i want friends to play with me, but i want to monopolize the toys and i take account of everything. when i grew up a little, i want my friends, especially the best friends to pay full attention to me. when they have other closed friends, i was not happy. now, after learnt quite some lessons from all the incidents passed through, i think i am still selfish. i want me to be the everything. i forget there's not everything that is fully mine. people have their own freedom and i shouldn't occupy someone like caging a bird. surely there will be inverse function. and that will be the time when things get worse and flee. i don't want this to happen to me. i have to change. change to be not that selfish. change to think from other point of view. change to be not that sensitive, though i'm considered a retard. lol.

i used to smile everytime that i didn't even realise i smiled. when i'm not happy i notice my every smile. which one is better? smile until i don't precious it, or smile when needed so it will be worthful? i am getting complicated. sigh.

i ranted. people don't start to rant. hahaha. i realized the last time i ranted, my friends started to rant too. don't rant, be a happy person! =)

i am smiling. i swear. i smile. =)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

omg omg omg!!
guess what, my mom fetch me to college today!!!!
it's like the 1st time after so long i am in school!
and it's like purposely sent me there and came back home!
10th of July what a memorable day!
happy happy!! =)

too much to blog, too little time. i am playing with deadlines. hahaha. okay today i spent my day meaningfully enough said.

eh i no time to blog already if not i have no time to sleep today =p


p/s: i lurve my boyfriend! <3

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

is like.. SERIOUSLY!!!
i should have bought miss little brainey at sunway that day. sigh.
BUT why i always think after i do??????!!!!!
i just don't think of all those before action.
if i
WOULD have, i won't get into such clumsy situation.
i should classify myself as a

-the very stubborn and troublesome gf.-

Sunday, July 6, 2008

a good sis i am =)

oh my oh my!! procrastination strikes me again. it comes whenever there's a number of deadlines ahead. =( and still, there's no remedy for procrastinations. sigh sigh sigh. am a lazy bug today. spent most of the time with my grandma, company her but doing nothing, lying on the bed watching the ceiling and try to spot if there's any ant or moth. spent abundant of time with Ena, playing cooking games, talking bout boyfriends (i know is weird but she has more ex's and boyfriends than me!!!!!!!!!! kids nowadays.... aizs..), talking bout Mr Bean, playing with invisible friends, rolling on the bed, etc etc etc.

talking bout boyfriend, i am so shocked when she said that suddenly. below is what we roughly talked about.

(after talking on the phone with sayang)
Ena: Just now you talk with MingZu a?
Eva: yea la.. why? you want to talk to him a?
Ena: i think i like him!!
Eva: WHAT?? you like who???
Ena: No la no la.. *blushed and giggled*
Eva: Ena you know who is he a??
Ena: I know, you boyfriend la!
Eva: you like my boyfriend? you know who is he?
Ena: I know.. i saw the photo in your black phone before ma..
Eva: you see him in real before?
Ena: no la..
Eva: Then you didn't see him before how you know you like him??
Ena: dont know.. no la i bluff you one la.. *blushed more*
Eva: why you suddenly say you like him???
Ena: he give you so many bear bear.. i also want.. i want the yellow color big big one..
Eva: *give her the bunny =.=" look* i tell your boyfriend you dont like him edi and i tell mingzu you like him..
Ena: *smacked her head and acted faint* i headache edi.. @.@

hahahahahaha... haiya i tell you my sis really acted like a grown-up. she said my boyfriend is good. hahahaha.. i knew that. =.= and i can't stop laughing when i saw her doing the fainting expression with smacking head and massaging her head like she really suffer from headache. lol. i asked her how many ex-boyfriends she has then she started to count and count and count for a few times, eliminated some names and added new names, and tell me who she wants to marry with, who is more handsome, who she KISSED before????? etc etc etc. omg can you imagine these all came from a little 6-year-old????? now my turn to faint. @.@

and you know children really have nice imagination and as complicated as the grown-ups!!! so Ena has four favourite fluffy dogs. her favourite bedtime companions. she told me two of them are males and two of them are females. (i called the males A & B. and the females C & D) she told me, A loves C, B loves D. C loves A also but D doesn't love B yet loving A. LOLLLLLLL!!! it's an empat-segi love situation!!!!! see people, children are not as easy as you think hahahahaha. and you know what, she said the dogs told her these. =.= i read 'if you could see me now' by Cecelia Ahern and i know the story of imaginery friend. lol.

i taught Ena how to walk like a penguin. hahahaha. lame ass i know. and when she imitates me and do the walking all the time, we got scold by grandma.. hahahahaha.. and you know what.. my sayang's Octopus fluffy toy which i put on my bed for quite some times, today Ena saw it and below is our conversation

Ena: Why you got the kurita one?
Eva: i don't have Kurita la... (i thought Kurita is a name. @.@)
Ena: neh the blue color one a... *pointing at the blue octopus*
Eva: that one the name is not Kurita! that octopus still don't have a name la..
Ena: but my teacher told me Kurita is octopus in BM.....
Eva: %^#%&@*^*@*(@^*^#*^*^*#^&#%^&&*^&

i was stucked by her words. hahahahahhaaa... i bet none of you know octopus in BM is kurita.. =p now only i know my BM level is not even a kiddy one. lol. then after talked with sayang i suddenly thought of this... if octopus is kurita, then what is SOTONG????????? *my turn to smack my head and act faint* @.@

i have great time with my youngest sister today. =)
people! sorry for playing hide-and-seek for 2 days. haha. i apologize okay. =p
yesterday is a =)) and =( day so overall is still a =) day. (oh i plagiarize Sam's idea. ;p)

so i went dating with sayang. i insisted on watching Made Of Honour. he doesn't like romance movie but i desperately wanted to watch that. =( btw it's a nice one!! it's another fairytale again. =) we bumped into very-pink-Mei and her friend before the movie. she's still living in her very colorful life. great to hear that! =D date doesn't need reason. i am more than satisfy to spent time with sayang. <3

**i wont write regrets here. =p

so here came the very saddening part. my grandma fall while walking and her whole body hit the wall and yea you know the oldies have a lot of problem after falling. so now she is complaining about arm pain, headache, waist pain this and that. and the worst part is i'm the eldest at home now! so i have to in charge of everything. and when my parents come back this tuesday, i will most probably the one to be blame for not taking good care of everyone at home. sigh. i can foresee how i will be responsible on every accidents. =( i eventually went to bed at 1.30 in the morning after i called up my uncle and have to wait him to come to inspect my grandma's situation then this that. i told you God treats me super duper zuper good. i am the LUCKIEST person to catch up with all this. thankugodiloveyousomuchsinceyoulovemeuberdamnmuch! i will kiss you when i see you. lol. i am going insane with all the responsibles and worries. omg i can't even take good care of myself and now i have to look after so many people. i need more energy man.. can die. i accept the reality. sigh sigh.

i cancel the meeting with the 8-years-besties today. what a sad story. =(

Friday, July 4, 2008

shut up and read.

okay la i am a lil unhappy today.

now only i realised when i'm unhappy i won't break down with all people. see not many people see my tears before right. the very bery besties can only make me cry. hahaha. otherwise, i make myself laugh a lot when i'm unhappy. KinChin said before, why force myself laughing when i don't want to? seriously laugh can make me hold back my tears and forget the saddenings. i can lame and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh until i don't have the intention to cry. i always cry to the same person. a few of them. and when the time i cannot burst out, i have to look into the mirror, encourage myself to be brave. i am always a despo. desperate for much things. (uncountable. wth.) sometimes cry really make things worse. you know i don't really know how to react after crying in front of mere friend or stranger. don't know should thank them for being a good listener or to congrat them for seeing my tears. ah confusing! many times i cry not cause of something. i cry of many things. somekind of explosion, like i can never ever stand over things anymore. then after cry i can be like nothing happens before. i know i am ultimate. thankyou. oh and i am not a beauty. so please don't imagine the way i look when i cry. will freak you out cause it's super duper a twin of pig. and i won't stop in short time when i started to cry. hahahahahaa. oh shit why am i describing myself as similar as a dinosaur girl (kong3 long2 mei4 wth) maybe i am who knows. hahaha. oh and there's another reason i won't cry in public. my ego. i won't let it down that's why i have to tahan even hard to not breaking down in front of people. i can cry in toilets or anywhere. the darkest the place the better! oh and i am very bery brave when i am sad or angry. lol. don't frighten me with serial killer somewhere near me when i cry in the alley because i can't bother bout them when i can't even bother bout my tears. (bullshit! yes i am) oh my oh my. today only i realised that talk a lot can temporarily forget the unhappiness. i talked a lot with momoko today. we can really talk. hahaha. and thanks for telling me those rich people. now i know the richest man in Malaysia. hahaha. i know you are one of those low profile one. i am the no profile one. lol. seriously no profile. hahaha. so wasted la Tzen and Xinyi not with us, if not we can talk straight until 4 oclock. hahaha. enough said enough said.

do you know what is the two worst break-up excuses?
1. you won't be happy with me. i want you to find your happiness so i have to let you go.
BULLSHIT!!!!! please friends, don't ever use this line to ditch your girl/boyfriend. don't act like you are very generous or what. you are making jokes only can. if you are happy when your the other one is no longer with you then tell the truth la... what for saying like you are so sacrificing yourself to give her freedom this and that. *omg i feel like cursing* please la if someone love you even just being with you doing nothing or what is more to be happy already. so stop using this very nonsense line to ditch someone else. you make yourself a fool and break your partner's heart ultimately.

2. i felt that you are not loving me anymore. that's why no point to be together.
*rolling eyes* wth is your problem if your girl/boyfriend doesn't adore you anymore? she/he will ditch you and not you the one to stop the relationship okay. if you are the one who is no longer liking your partner then why don't be honest to yourself? why do you want to make up things like YOU don't love ME anymore? couple so?? means you know what is in his/her mind? you know how much she/he loves you when he/she doesn't even know how much he/she love you? omg.. you don't deserve love man... for me i rather you say you don't love me rather than saying you felt i don't love you. it's like trashing your partner's effort of treating you good you know.. it's like stepping on other's niceties you know... i bet you don't know cause you split the line out!!!!

please la friends if anyone of you using these two lines to ditch your partner don't tell others you know me okay.. you don't gain my respect!! okay really enough to say now.

i know i anti-explain but i still want to explain!!!!
this morning i went to the bus stop to wait for the bus 15min earlier and ended up being at Subang Jaya 1 and a half hour earlier... everything was so coincident. coincidently the bus reached not long after i waited, coincidently there was no traffic jams, coincidently every of the traffic light went green, conincidently the 2nd bus waited for me, coincidently i was in Subang Jaya that early. i didn't expect to be so early cause the day before i was really quite late. i didn't know it made such a big difference and it's not what i want to be a loner sitting on the stairs near club seven and waiting for someone to call me. you know everything went so wrong today. everything was not in expected. see i said i don't like surprise. now i am even scared of unwanted surprises. i hate myself being in all these so-called trouble and being unhappy the whole day. but why i am so frequently picked by the lucky-God? lucky to have these happenings other people don't have. why me????????????????????????????????? grr...

okay seriously these things just came into my mind. it's nothing to do with me personally. i just feel like blurping everything out so my brain will not be so jammed. i need fresh air. till then. oh and before anyone ask if i cried. thanks for concerning but big girl doesn't cry. ;)

p/s: no worries the all above is nothing to do with my relationship. i am fine. my boyfriend treats me pretty good =)