Monday, June 30, 2008

i miss my sis. i cried whole night. she cried whole night. you know sisters share everything, even red-tides. =)

i haven't received any emails or phone calls from daddy or jie. i cannot listen to jie's voice. i will cry. =(

i don't want to go to school by public bus. so troublesome. =(

i desperately need rest. bye.

okay i cried before this pic was taken so you can see my very small eyes. =.=

oh i will miss you from tomorrow onwards. very very miss you. i can never yell "i'm naked!" when i finish bathing which i used to shout it to you everytime. hope my webcam works and you can see my 'naked' again. =(

take care, jie!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

see the very yeng fatty at the back?.... she will be gone in 8 hours time. =(
i will be losing her for 138 day till she comes back on the end of the year..

I WANT TO CRY!!!!!! =(

Saturday, June 28, 2008

i have an ultra-excited thingy to post before i go to bed!!!!!

okay i have confirmed with Jocin that she has a best friend in SAM called Zi Qian.

so now let me complicate things. Zi Qian is Momoko's high school best friend. Jocin is my high school best friend. Momoko and yours truly are college best friends. Zi Qian and Jocin are college best friends. so means, Momoko's best friend is my best friend's best friend. and my best friend is Momoko's best friend. Momoko's best friend's best friend is my best friend and my best friend is Momoko's best friend's best friend. Zi Qian's best friend is my best friend's best friend. Zi Qian's best friend is my best friend too. Jocin's best friend is my best friend's best friend. Jocin's best friend is my best friend also! so all in all, best friend's best friend's is best friend's best friend's and best friends are best friends! hahaha!

o.O damn hyper now! the world damn small can?.. but i like this kind of smallness. it puts a smile on me. =)

off to bed. good night people!
finally i updated Fairy Sensation!!!!! click here to read it. i confessed to my Kwang Hua School Band. ;) KahWei jie inspired me =) poeple, don't be afraid to breathe because of a hiccup! keep it up! =)

i guess i do not need to wait tonight. my lurve one came back.
before today, i slept not to rest, i slept not to dream, but i slept so that the next day comes earlier. after yesterday, i will sleep to rest, i will sleep to dream, still i will sleep so that the next day comes earlier. =)

my dad says i cannot drive to anywhere next week. buses here i come!!!!!! sadness though. =( leen is leaving to the evil-kangaroo-land very very soon. i miss her even though she is still here. i am scared of the days she is not with me. whom should i wake when i have nightmares middle in the night? whom should i tell all girly secrets to? whom should i quarrel with to kill boredoms? who can i ask for help when i have financial problems but my parents don't want to give financial aids? who can i rant to after i quarreled with my boyfriend? who can i bully a lot when i have nothing to do? who can i ask for help to sneak out of the house without my parents' permission? who can i share clothes and earrings with?..........................

jie, i will definately miss you. we haven't been apart for such long time since our births. should i or should not i send you off in the airport? i am afraid i can't control my tears, my freaking feeling and you will be so reluctant to leave me.. hahaha.. i know you will 101% miss me. i know you will miss me the most when you are there.. cause i'm your favorite sis and you are mine too! =)

oh this post is so sentiment. i shall stop before these things make my tears flow. till then.

***** click here for another meaningful thought! it's so meaningful that i have no reason for not sharing. walk all the way in life! =)

Friday, June 27, 2008


still waiting. =(
i have phobia on 'good night'.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

oh so sorry Tzen, i like the header you did for me, but currently don't feel like putting any header picture. =)

i will go random on this post.

accounts is getting me nuts already. serious case. but i'm still glad i'm not the only one who didn't understand. i asked Jane and Sarah and they ranted too. afternoon is so a wrong time to study account. and Mr KC said "i may be rushing a lil bit cause finals will be in three weeks and we have 5 more chapters to go!" oh boy can you imagine 1 week has only 4 hours account lectures? 12 hours to finish 5 chapters. i should say i am nuts now. =S

i know why i am chubbier already. i have to stop fast foods. this is so serious. i counted i have at least 5 meals of fast foods in a week. sometimes MORE!!! oh i don't want to be a ball. o.O

ah i know how the boys kill their time in cybercafe already. i experienced it today. believe it or not, time flies faster when you are in cc. 2 hours past in a blink! or should i say time spending with sayang flies faster? =(

my Touch&Go debitcard has no credit already. and when i'm buying ticket the train came. i ran like an insane into the cabin. the cabin i was in has aircond malfunction. it's the second time already. people, don't go into the second cabin of KTM. it's the always-got-problem cabin. so Woei Jye and i tended to change cabin on the next stop. and you know what, when the train stopped, i ran out left and he ran out right. lol. i was in the third cabin and he went into the first cabin. =.= luckily he came back to the third cabin to return my account book to me. and tell you guys a secret. boys with ear-piercing is so gay. no offense though. =)

it's not good to happy all the while. after sad happenings, i appreciate more on joy. this is life duh.

pig is ignoring me. pig knows who he is.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

i look forward for tomorrow.
*squeezing smiles*
early this morning, i drove to ktm station with my dad beside me. my dad said i couldn't drive early in the morning cause i'm not awake enough. he said my reaction is too slow to drive. i will commit in accident. and, i am confuse with the left and right when i reverse the car. i nearly bang off the side mirror, i nearly bang by other car when i was turning out a junction, and the best part is i banged the bloody DIVIDER when i am so satisfied with my one shot parking skill. *no no cursing eva* smile. =) i am not going to walk to the station or take the bus to ss15 the next whole week. I CAN DRIVE AND I WILL DRIVE!!!

people says bad luck comes in three. so the 2nd very unlucky case is due to avoid the very bugging idiot i have to meet once in a while in the train station, i chose to stand at the jejantas, near the stairs. i was so nervous before this cause i banged the bloody divider and was splat whole head of dad's saliva, i took out my water tumbler from my bag and it slipped off my hand and and and "tum tum tum............" it dropped onto the groundfloor. oh my very precious purple nike water tumbler was almost hopitalized. *no no cursing you are a good girl* smile. =) it was super fugly now okay with the white marks here and there. and scratches and what not.. omg..

remember i have calculus test today? good. there's one big question i did wrong two third which i shouldn't make any mistake. thanku god. my final exam's A fly away already.

people and Eva is not the same. Eva has much more unlucky than people. people have three and Eva is always the lucky one to have more. i dozed off in the train back to port klang. and for the [insert own preferable number] times i missed my stop AGGGAAAINN!!!! and there i went to the port. oh and the fishy smelly stinky vomity fish smell. *no cursing no cursing. calm calm* fake smile can.

one last thing. it's not about luck. it's about faith. yes i am self-slapping. i am the one who keep explaining but i said explain is giving excuse. i am on fire. mere little fire. cause of the off-coming red-tide? or the bloody weather? or my own problem?

today is not a good day. end.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

okay 1st of all. i am cheerful. remember, cheerful. as cheerful as i can be.
smile widely and skip and hop like i never can be. =)

i am not as lame as the streamyx line.
i am going cuckoo very soon cause of this bloody unstable line.
*no no cursing* smile.

tomorrow will be Calculus 2nd test.
i didnt went for the second last class so i totally have no idea about the limitation and continuity.
momoko is nowhere better than me. she left her every math things in the locker.
thanku god for treating me better than her. =p

life lately is so rojak. rojak tastes good. =)

and tell you guys a secretive secret. am falling for toilet all this while.. hahahaha.. not for its stink yet its quiet, peaceful, ignorance. am a bit anti-social these days. sadness. adp 12th floor has a not-so-bad toilet. =)

i have to sleep before midnight as to be an obedient. and i'm half way on calculus and havent start any of the english criminal research. crime and law. gosh. what a title. MsP is boring. way too boring to give all these boring titles for assignments. sighhhh.

i want to date my sayang this weekend. but the chance is 0.1%. aaizs. leen is leaving for the-evil-kangaroo-land so my dad says i better spend more time with family. haven't date with sayang for almost 2 weeks edi. =( i miss you sayang.

oh everything is so random today. today i blog to blog. no mood also. messy blog. =(

Sunday, June 22, 2008

my Sayang's gift.
nice, sparkling, unique pendant. me likey! =)

the ADP kaki's gift.
see the Eiffel Tower and two hearts? me likey too!
thanks to Tzen, Momoko, Xinyi, and KinChin.

leen's gift.
me likey three!
i love hearts!!! but i'm not que1 ai4. wtc.
leen said girls who love all hearty thingy are those very que ai one.
is mere like it okay.

Tanjung Harapan, Port Klang.
come come, friends come and visit me then i will bring you all here.
Port Klang has nice view of sunset too. =)

i freaking chubby and dark. wtc.
my blog i rant. =p

tell me how to slim my face and i will treat you 10 mcds.
i mean it. i desperately want to slim face.
oh and i want pimple-free face.

i want a big shades too.
i will buy one when i finally set on to contact lens.
very bery soon. =)


okay here come my wordsssss.
don't take things for granted.
i got my lesson and i am glad i really came through this.
appreciate every of your love ones
who knows the person/thing will go missing in a puff.
i know what i want now, and i will do my best.
1st thing to do is be as cheerful as i was.
smiley here i come! =)

i am so glad now.
i am damn glad now.
i am very bery glad now.
i am smiling. =D

Saturday, June 21, 2008

i am bored of my header already.
anyone want to design one for me?
i want a plain one with meaningful outcomes of the 3 words.
anyone please?
i miss my boyfriend. =(

i am clingy, can or not?

Friday, June 20, 2008


文 / 陶晶莹














**tao jing ying can really describe the situation so well. bravo! boysssssss, read it!!!!

i am still waiting for red-tides to come. seriously suffering from red-tides-worry-syndrome. lol. when will you visit me? i want you to come earlier and leave earlier! wtc. come please.......

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

i should laugh or cry?

kids nowadays............................

don't know how to explain..............

i suddenly received a text message.

0122x6x9xx: Hihi.... i'm xxx that u oways send msg in fs de

yours truly: who?

0122x6x9xx: u go fs find lor^^, XX XXXXXX (the name)

yours truly: how did you get my number?

0122x6x9xx: 校刊lor^^

yours truly: oh i dont know you right? from kwang hua?

0122x6x9xx: ya...kwang hua form3

yours truly: erm... then why suddenly msg me?

0122x6x9xx: duno... hahaxx suddenly ntg to do^^ ps let you so blurr

yours truly: you know me?

0122x6x9xx: ya.. in fs.. we both oso who is it

yours truly: but why i dont know you one?

0122x6x9xx: aiyo... ltr i send u a comment for u in fs

yours truly: lol you really quite free hor... mayb you dont know who am i also...

0122x6x9xx: no...your name is eva, u add me in fs de

yours truly: i added you? you sure? i dont add strangers in fs de wor...

0122x6x9xx: call me strangerT.T so sad, 100% sure u add me

yours truly: lol mayb ppl hack my acount and add you. wtc.

0122x6x9xx: u add me 1 year ago lor... nvm lo, new fren fly again lo


nowadays, kids have nothing to do. =.=

tagged by mengyee.

1. Six People to Tag. The victims are

2. Six Things I'm Passionate About
My boyfriend <3
ss15 on weekdays
My bloggie
Starbuck's Caramel Frappucino
Chrysanthemum Can Drink. (Season's preferable. =p)
accounts! (explained in my previous post. wtc.)

3. Six Things I Say Too Often
what the chicken. (new cool curse! =p)
dui ya~
i don't want to friend you already. (wtc!)
xoxo. hugs and kisses. =)

4. Six Books I've Read Recently
Thanks For The Memories
If You Could See Me Now
P.S. I Love You (the best among all)

5. Six Songs I can Listen to Again and Again
Bye Bye - Mariah Carey
Love Song - Sara Bareilles
The Black Parade - The Chemical Romance
黑白配 - 范玮琪
阿母斯壮 - 五月天
幸福背后 - 王心凌

6. Six Things I Learnt in the Past Year
True love.
How to get out of this country without my family. wtc. Japan la wei..
True friends are hard to get.
The joy of efforts paying off for.
Procrastinate is not a good thing. (learnt doesn't mean change right? wtc.)

ohGod i am so obedient to write all 6. wtc.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

my accounts homework quiz which worth 5% on final exam!!!!!!!! and was given back to redo the 2nd bloody time!!! =(

journals entries ada problem....
10 column worksheet ada problem... (spot the small small red crosses below. wtc.)
ledger books got problem....WHAT THE CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!
people say you have to love something in order to success in that bloody thing.
so wahai kawan-kawan sekalian,
oh now i have the other very important and meaningful reason to write blog. =)
in fact it's too meaningful so i will just keep it with myself. =.=

sooooo, what's that pre-birthday, birthday, and post-birthday about???????
don't say i'm greedy. oh yes i'm! =p

so pre-birthday is for boyfriend. =)
sorry khai wee, see bee, jocin, hui shien and lotsa lotsa 8-years-already friendssss... but i plan this for months edi... i reserved this saturday for him edi la... we meet tommorow at 3pm okay?
you know i may hate calculus class already. cause Mr Daniel allocate the replacement class on this very saturday!!!! what the chicken. my new curse. wtc.
so the morning i went for replacement class. aizs.
and Momoko 1st reaction when she saw me is looking at me with jaws open. =.=
cause i wore skirt. hahaha.. i know it's so rare to see me wear skirt. cause skirt is so troublesome and dangerous.

okay i have to declare my guiltiness to Uncle Gan, daddy of my boyfriend!!! cause of my birthday his son sacrifice to not celebrate his father's day. ya allah i damn guilty la can.. i am scare already.. next time dont know how to see him..

spending time with sayang is nice. even if there's no where to go. so after class he fetched me and we went to sunway pyramid but Kungfu Panda was all full seat. we so wanted to watch that movie lor.. so after wandering a while we went back, spent so a lot of time in car to strange places and finally in track of Kesas. since driving him is one of my birthday wishes, he granted me the chance to drive, without putting helmet on himself. what a good boyfriend i have. =.= i drove him back to klang!!!! damn hyper i tell you. i drove up to 100km/h!!! hahaha.. my 1st time okay cause dad won't allow me to drive over 80km/h. and i really got problem with the steering so sayang has to hold my hand while i was driving to not letting me lost control on the blooding steering. so the car was like drunken car before he did that. wtc. driving is hyper. hyper is tiring. and driving beside a big truck or big bus or whatever bigger than my sayang's car is super hyper and super tiring. so after all, i think the left seat is more suitable for me. =)

went to Aeon, bought the finally-got-stock Converse white chio handbag, which was the last one in that store that was out-of-stock in pyramid's branch. happy happy. bought the evening ticket of kungfu panda since there's also fully seated in the afternoon and went back to sayang's house. you all should see his house. you know the poor has a big house. =p we didn't finish what we plan to do that day. cause it's out of plan. =)

KungFu Panda was awesome! oh that panda is totally adorable. and there's no charge for awesomeness! hahaha. go watch it everyone!!everyone should watch it. i like his big fat stomach, and his little cutie tail. nicey nice! gastric stroke me that day instead of red tide. =( i have no appetite for dinner. and Manhattan's Fish Market's hot chocolate is actually salty one. wtc.

oh tell you guys a secret. my boyfriend has totally black eyes!!!!!!! it's like wearing those dolly black contact lens.. damn chun damn nice! i can't spot any brown in there.. but don't ever look into his eyes. cause only YOURS TRULY can do that. =ppp

i got a nice oval pendant from sayang before i went back home. i LURVE it sooooo much! i lurve it i lurve it and i gonna wear it everyday. =)

awesome day i have! =)


my birthday that day was not any good in the morning. with lotsa lotsa strangers and a fake smile from me. enough said of them.

Eda went for a musical audition and i was no where to celebrate my birthday. it's just a plain 18th birthday. oh i have a share birthday cake with all the dadsssssss there, my king, Uncle Jeh Yu, Uncle Jin Liang and dont know who already. Opera cake. nice though. maybe this is the climax of the day. but you know what, there's just 6 tiny candlessss. wtc. i lurve candles and have only one third of my age's candle. 6 small candles for a 18th birthday girl?? thank you everyone. at least i got a cake. wtc.

so birthday was nothing much to say about. oh i have to thanksssssssssssssss those kawans who brighten up my day through my non-stop ringing phone. my mom was so fed up with the ringtone and i have to switch to silent mode when i'm in the car. wtc.

thanks to Julius, who called from Aussie the on my pre-birthday and told me to have safe-sex. thanks for reminding. i know safe-sex is so damn important. =p thanks a lot to Caesar the 15th babe too, Jia Xian another 15th babe, Kin chin, Chung Guan the once a class monitor, Chiew Hsia the long lost friend, Jern-Yi the another long lost friend, Jia Kay, Tzen, May Pin, Mei Fong, Pang Yang who i didnt owe any Mcd to him, Piek Ying jie jie, Chin Heng, Momoko, Wei Kang another geminian, Yin Yin whom i haven't see her for ages, Yu Jian, Shien the big fat tortoise, See Bee, Khai Wee for twice who keep reminding me i'm adorable hahaha, Xin Yi, Sam, Siaw Lee the CSCI classmate, Chee Yong, Wayne, Mun Jie, Jing Shan, Chen Yee, Wey Khay, Li Shi, Jin Wei aka Cai Bao aka the fatty aka the botak, khai boon my grandma, mei fong the bithday girl, Shayrol from Aussie, Lillian the gorgeous one and many many others i couldn't list out all. thanks for brightened up my day even if it's just a short and nice text. =)

oh so leen the fatty presented me a big fat hearty heart neclace. i like it! =) and Eda presented me another fluffy tame tiger softtoy but i didn't unwrap it cause my bed is too full edi. =) mom gave me a purse. it's so not my style but i will appreciate it. =) Ena the cutie gave me Eucerin the bodywash for sensitive skin, which mine have finished few weeks ago. grandma gave me an angpau. and guess what my dad gives me????????? a bouquet of 6 roses!!!! why 6????? cause he's jealous of my sayang... hahahahaha... (note that sayang gave me 3 roses on valentine's) my mom curi-curi told me that.. i laughed like what... okay seriously i can feel his jealousness.. he told me once also. what a dad i have. =.=

sour roses. =p


post birthday is to celebrate with friendsssssssss.
and it's college friends. =) XinYi, Momoko and Tzen!!!!!!
tell you my college kaki's are soooooooo sweetttttttt....
they emptied the locker which should be FULL of bookssssss to do this...

my favorite Chrysanthemum and Rocky!!!!!!!!!!
awwww.... see they love me! =)
and the food are actually my name! E-V-A!!!! creative huh. =D

after classes, we went to sunway pyramid to meet up with Tzen.
Tzen is not feeling well. =( bless her.
we have our lunch at Mr Teppanyaki and do lots of chatting. we love to talk so much. =)
after Tzen left, three of us shopped a while and my very sweet friends put a Eiffel Tower and hearts necklace i so wanted from Forever21 into my bag, tending to give me surprise!!! okay they did surprised me. hahaha. but they didn't plan to have me seeing the necklace that fast. lol. it was not more than 5 minutes they put after i saw it. hahahahaha. i really shocked when i opened my bag to find for my phone and stunned a while when see the necklace. the 1st thought was, what is this????? i didnt steal! did i???.. lol wtc. hahaha.. then i saw them laughing. thanks girlssssssss!!!! (no pic for all necklace cause i lazy to take. wtc.) i bought 4 earrings again! i have most earrings among accesories. i love earrings. =)

when i'm at the subang's ktm station, in surprise and for the very 1st time, i met so many knowns there. i met the Intians - chee yong, khar yau, and their friend chin yang, Tzu Yiong from Segi, Jocin and Caesar from Taylor. all kakilang. wtc. my hokkien nice har. hahaha.

overall pre-b and post-b are much more better than birthday. still i appreciate every of it. =)


wait for my tomorrow's post post birthday which i gonna celebrate with my very nice long friends!!!!!!! =)

xoxoxoxoxo for the whole long birthday week!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

have a peep on my pre-birthday! ;)

oh god. was damn hard for me to have a photo with my sayang.
and this not very perfect photo is satisfying me already. =)

have no time for blogging these few days...
will upload my pre-birthday, birthday and tomorrow's post-birthday once i have time.
stay tune then =)

bunch of xoxoxoxoxo to those who wished me.
thankssssssssssss!!!!!! =D

oh and before i forgot,
he's such an adorable one! envy me ba.. =p

Friday, June 13, 2008

okay for those very concerning ones,

today's Account was very good FOR ME!!!
at least i didnt leave any questions blank.
and cause of the stupid ulcer i kept drinking water all day long.
i went to toilet before the test.
and half way through the test i really couldn't tahan more to pee already.
but i managed to tahan until i re-checked the whole paper (luckily i re-checked)
and found a very suspicious answer.
i went thru the question again.
broke my brain to think nicely but i couldn't cause my head is full of toilet sign.
and, i changed my answer to the second time's thought.
okay so this answer changing is damn so tedious.
i have to change the adjusting journal entry, change the 10-column worksheet, change the balance sheet, change the statement of owner's equity, change the income statement and change the closing entries without wrong figures. figures just look all the same you know.. you say ma fan or not? that's the part i hate accounts the most!
after changing i was the 1st to pass up the paper and rushed to the loo.
i was so thankful today. i was the lucky one again.
heard from some of my classmates the final balance answer.
and i was soooooooo excited to hear the familiar figure!! $7575. go buy 4-d my friendss.. haha.
so enough said. i ter-balanced my account. =)
seriously i'm smiling fakely.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

i am so sad and angry right now. =(
sometimes i just couldn't understand what my parents want.
i asked for their permission for outing this Saturday since Sunday will be my birthday.
i just want to spend some time with my sayang on my birthday eve.
and my dad didn't want to reply me and asked me to asked my mom.
and my mom gave me all kinds of excuses like
  • now got boyfriend already la.. don't want to celebrate your birthday with your family already la.. note that my birthday is on SUNDAY and not saturday.
  • and she claimed that we usually celebrate birthday the day before which since i am conscious i didn't even realise i celebrated birthdayS a day before! and she said this is our family's tradition? omg bullshit can!
  • and she asked if i don't want to celebrate father's day with my dad already but i told her father's day is on SUNDAY again not saturday and she fired me like what.
  • and she said that i'm even more rebellious now (oh so i am rebellious!) and keep going out this and that but hey i just went out once a while with my friends and this is nothing wrong what. compared to others i am already a very very good daughter. seriously they maybe think that my life is just study and family. and her loads and loads of works to help out. oh and a lot a lot of noise during their quarrelsssssss. omg i feel like shouting out all vulgar words now!
and after all, this weekend is my birthday. =( shouldn't they just let me out this time? i just want this time. can you just don't end our conversation with 'if you really don't want us to celebrate with you already then just go ahead!'?

what a mom i have. =(

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

since monday is a good day, tuesday is a nice day, WEDNESDAY shall be a blissful day!!

Am very bery blissful today. i wonder if there's any karma on being tooooo blissful. i feel like holding my breath, so that i can hold everything on, so that happiness remains. =)

morning is blissful.
you know when i say blissful nowadays is just meant for my sayang. hahaha. okay i am very colourful i know.
so before classes start, i spent my very morning with him. just him. nice!

afternoon is blissful.
i spent my time with my sayang again after classes.
we had lunch at the 1st-very-ignorable-but-very-unignorable-afterthat-place, KFC. students won't want to walk so far to KFC for lunch hence there is a nice place for ignorance. lol. after lunch, dearest sayang suggested to walk along with me to station!!!! a so-big-thing okay. cause it's his virgin walk on that path. hahaha. seriously 1st time i was so so semangat to walk to ktm station. am happy. am excited. am contented. am everything positive. =)
my boyfriend company me to walk to station and walk back to school for classes after that under the freaking hardworking sun. i damn blissful can or not? =p

evening is blissful.
cause the blissfulness just carry on until now. so i am so blissful.

  1. now only i know how famous i am in KLANG. lol!!! people from Klang came to SS15 to ask me whether he knows me or not. see i famous or not? hahaha.. no i'm exaggerating. =p but true what really got a stranger asked me if he knows me. he said i look familiar to him. but sad case he recognize wrongly i think, cause i'm not the he-knows-me. wth.
  2. am falling for STARBUCKS these days thanks to Momoko Sum. i know i shouldn't cause i'm almost broke now and i said i will be even thrifty. so no no for the so-called luxury. but seriously after Starbucking, i can save my lunch and so on. so maybe can contra it. lol. still i have to be thrifty. Do or Broke. i don't want to be a beggar. =p

i have to stop here if not i will be failing my accounts tomorrow. wish me luck!

short and nice post.
i like it! =)
full of xoxoxoxoxoxoxo!
for the Sony Ericsson phone userssssss,
find out your phone's nice name!
click here!!!!
damn cool okay!!!!
my sayang has a black Cyndi and Mulan. =)

and i finally found out the model of the phone i wanted to buy last few days.
it's W890i!!!!
omg the brown color damn elegant.
but my whole family object to buy me the phone.
cause they said just few days a new and nice phone will bcome a used-few-years-phone.
sadness. =(
i want that phone!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

heyyyyyyyyyyy everyone!!!!
okay i miss blogging so much these few days but i hardly have time to blog.
cause wanted to blog, i brought my laptop to Kuantan but my wireless keep couldn't detect the line. sad case.

so i will summarize my recently weekdayss.
start from FRIDAY.

Friday is a busy day.
last friday is about college, high school, and friends. a lot a lot of friendssss.
Classes in the morning weren't bad.
i last minute changed my plan to visit my favorite high school band after confirming couldn't meet my sayang. oh the band had exchange activities with Seafield high school band and i thought i missed it but eventually they haven't leave when i reached. i didn't manage to see how they exchanged but heard that it was unhelpful for them after all.

here comes a small part of the day:
Mr Mah, the instructor of Seafield band came to me and chitchat a while.

Mr Mah: How are you recently?
Me: Not bad! *big wide smile*
Mr Mah: Studying? College?
Me: Yea. Taylor's! *bigger wider smile*
Mr Mah: So you still got come back to help them (the band)?
Me: Oh not that much. college life is not that free. hahaha. but came quite some times these days. *bigger-er wider-er smile*
Mr Mah: it's good! are you still teaching piano?
Me: No i didn't. erm.. to be true i didn't teach piano at all. it's my sis doing that last time. *biggest widest smile!!!*
Mr Mah smile back to me too. in fact, i didn't see him not smiling before. haha.

okay back to topic i mean i doubted if he really knows me. lol. i talked to him few times, my dad knows him, my mom knows him, he knows my dad, he knows my mom, he knows kimleng and kimleng knows him. but he really knows me??? lol.

after feeding mosquitoes, sayang came to fetch me and we headed to chinheng's house with abdu to pick him up and to finish their LADYBIRD!!!

so they wanted to be extraordinary and this what they did....
the back view of the ladybird. they insisted on the two angelic devilish skulls as ladybird spots and the Halloween pumpkins as eyes. chio-ness!

don't ask me why the photo is so greenish. what to do my phone ciplak one.

okay this is the front view. see the leng chai abdu kor kor??
(cause it's a bit wrong to call him adik. then he will be calling me kakak and sounds so like maid. then when i try to call abang it sounds so wrong also. so he suggested me to follow my sayang to call him kor kor but until now i haven't hear sayang call him kor kor at all. lol.)
the black color moon-shape thingy i cut one.. hahaha.. damn proud la can. =.=

now it's the graduation top thingy. i don't know what it is called. lol.
it's not cause of his head is big. they ran out of paper since the school just gave them this much of paper. so they just can do a smaller diameter one.

oh i feel like passing by High School Klang these few days to check out the ladybirdsssssss.. hahaha... pity you guys..

after that okay la i got tonnes of things to make my sayang angry. so forget bout the later part.
just want to wish Chia Chuen the 1st geminian HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!! rock Penang to the max!!!

and clock tower, here i come this saturday.. wahahahaha...


MONDAY is a good day.
seriously, i like yesterday and today.
and it's like for the 1st time in 7 months i saw so much of smiles from sayang!
feel damn good you know. oh God i really hope time just stop here. =)

since i was happy i shall contra the saddening big thing that is..
freaking pain la can.. i can't even eat properly. sometimes can't even speak properly. i can't yawn. i can't eat my favorite BK mushroom swiss cause i can't open my mouth widely. i can't smile and laugh i want. i can only drink cold drinks. i can only eat mashed potatoes when my dearest bf is enjoying my favorite BK mushroom swiss!!!!!! i cannot eat what i craved for. very saddening. very very saddening.

oh so i shall contra the second sad case of the day.
during english class when msP gave back our impromptu trial essay we did last week..
i was so SHOCKED that i only got 10 upon 20%! okay seriously this was the 1st time in the past half year in english. i am not trying to say that i am good in english. i am not indeed. but i write safe essays. those which are safe to score.
and what makes the situation worse is....
everytime after getting back our essays msP will ask us to have a look at those good essays.
so i think she didn't know she gave me this bloody low mark. and she asked me loudly in the class in front of everyone what did i get for the essay.
then with the lowest voice possible, i told her and she went like "WHAT???? give me your essay!!" then she went thru it and started to scold me in front of everyone. "You know what i want you to write in the essay? i asked for effects not advantages and disadvantages!! you don't even know what the topic wants bla bla bla bla bla........" you know i damn self-conscious one lor.. damn embarrassed that time until feel like crying lor.. i know i disappointed her for getting this low mark la but she shouldn't treat me like that what.. telling everyone my bloody low mark i already very sad lar.. i hate the people looking at me when i'm in a deep shit la. and they did. wth.

luckily she said this is just a trial and the mark won't be in final exam. thanks god lots. and the journal we passed up which stand a mark of 7.5% in final exam, i did it well. she praised me after that which make me feel so much better. =)

yours truly, momoko and xinyi went to As You Like It for lunch after that.
to kill time as malaysian studies will start after hours, we played the stick game after that. we enjoy ourselves!

ini budak busying posing saja. =p

seee.... posing again.. wahahhaa..

at 1st i am the pro among us. then after that 2 of them improved so damn fast. then i lost quite some times. hahahaha...

tongue again. not my fault you know. my tongue want to pose also. i asked it to stay behind my lips already. but it didn't want to hear me. rebellious tongue you know. =.=

xinyi!!! she looks great in this photo. credit to me la of course. my photo always come out nice one. hahaha..

During malaysian studies, we are so unlucky to have seats in front. to respect the lecturer, i didn't do anything else but sat there listening to lectures. listen kononnya. hahaha... and there's once when the lecturer asked a question "how many people are there in XXXXXXX [don't know what election thingy]?"
then everyone's ignoring her and i answered "5!!!"
i didn't mean to get the correct answer.. lol..
then xinyi turned to me and said "Woah.. very geng ler you.. how do you know?"
then i replied "dont knw.. guess one.."
two of us laugh like what..
i tell you MS really damn sien. sien sien sien.

and before the class ended, we have to take attendance. i helped momoko to answer when her name is being called. and the lecturer asked again "Where is Sam Yuet San??" then i quickly raised up my hand. i damn nervous can.. i am not good in all these.. keep asking xinyi how am i going to answer twice with different tone.. hahahaha..
then after that i quickly asked Joe Kuan to tell Charmaine to take my attendance since she is sitting far more behind. and when my name was being called she shouted and Sean and gang were so shocked. hahahaah.. i quickly turned back to avoid their eye contacts. scare la.. hahahaa.. i have to improve in this. =)


TUESDAY is a nice day.
don't ask me anything now cause my whole head is full of my baby's smile. hahahahaha.

after sleep all i want, went to college and have lunch with dear.
the ulcer still killing me. =(
i watched him gobbled the nicest mushroom swiss while i'm having the very-distasteful mashed potatoes. don't ever order mashed potato in Burger King!!!! freaking salty. what to do, it's from maggi's mashed potatoes machine.
the rest of the one hour lunch is all about his smileeee!!!! me likey! =D

am soooo happy that tomorrow's account test changed to thursday. that's why i have time to blog now. =)

Account class was not as good. it's hard to understand. i am sad. i couldn't understand while others can. =(

eh i really like today a lot. i like spending time with my lurve one. the feeling of secure and contented. hmm hard to express. shall leave it between us. =)

so overall of these days....
=) =( =( =) =) = =)

oh i am currently addicted to Mariah Carey's Bye Bye. =D

lots of xoxoxoxoxo.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Kuantan's sunrise in my dream...

saturday morning went to Cherating, Kuantan. for what? vacation i think. lol. forced to go by mom cause jie's leaving two weeks later to the evil-kangaroo-land. (evil cause keep snatching my friends and family there... sadness..) hahaha. so i missed the Roxy's Summer Splash, yet i have my natural summer splash here, said leen. lol. yea. damn nature can. but i just don't have the mood for vacation. i want go to summer splash with my adorable bf laaa... sien!

photos say it all can. lazy to tell story.

the Essss'.. hahaha.. hmm.. okay four of us altogether have 18 E in our names.. proud!

seriously this is the 1st time i saw hornbill. okay from far. luckily i have a nice camera which can zoom until so near. damn tall the tree can. their beaks damn big la.. thinking if it's heavy.. hahaha..

leen and i has another this seaview photo last time we went to morib. =)


at 1st i thought this fishing rod is display only. cause it's damn far from the sea lor can. but then there's the nice uncle which was the owner of that rod told me he's catching STINGRAY!!!! and the string is 200metres long. imagine that, you catch stingray on the shore. damn yeng okay. and the bait is a ikan kecik. hahaha.

so this is the uncle and the very ss family. 1st i found out that the king like this very heavy pose. omg and i am the always one who needa hold their weight. wth. okay and you see the youngest princess with the very [fill in the blank] pose. hahaha. my mom dont have nice capturing skill.

the 1st evening, i was at the beach reading my novel, while all of them were in the sea. and they threw me into the water for more fun and wanted to ride on the banana boat. seriously i scare sea. cause got shark. i scare shark. i cant see thru the water which i won't know what will be down there. what if really got shark?..

my uncle. mind my words, he is a DATO'. hahaha.. i should blackmail him with this photo. lol.

this one har without life jacket one. just posing for my mom to take pic. lol. from left to right: daddy, daddy's 3rd daughter, daddy's big childish daughter, yours truly, the Datin, and the Dato. opps! i didnt mean to break the handle. hahaha.

okay after we dropped down into the water and it's quite deep there.. i really scared until feel like pee-ing. i scared SHARK!!! and they let me to be the last to climb up the boat again.. and i scream la. scared can.. i keep asking them 'if got shark how a?' i asked for gazillion times that short time. lol.

so this was on the second day, when they are having fun on the beach AGAIN, i damn moodless so just sat by the beach and texted my dearest bf. and they are happy to have someone to take care of their belongings also. see i so good.

okay before that my sis asked me if we wanted to watch the sunrise that early morning cause we seldom have chance to go to east coast. but we have to wake up damn early la.. then after i think for quite long i agreed. and i said, come let's watch the sunrise in our dream la wei.. hahahahahahaha.. and she gave me the bunny =.= look. hahahahahaa...

and i slept and this don't know who capturing this photo which i ter-found in the camera. lol. oh my! i'm enjoying me life!!!

the novel which i ter-rendam-ed in my bag where the water tumbler ter-opened and become like this. very sadness. and my very adorable octopus bookmark. xinyi asked if it has gone back to the sea and i answered it swam a while and came back to me. lol.

leen suggested us to draw our own homo-sapien. my stick-girl. lol.

and came out as sticky Chibi Maruko. lol. pili pala pili pala. hahaha. momoko knows this. =D

and leen was envied on my artistic masterpiece and this was what she did. bad hor..

told you i wasn't in the mood. keep playing emo game. hahaha. but i treated my family well. i didn't disappoint them. so while waiting for the kind to check-out the hotel. we started our camwhore session. we likey =D

seriously i cant help putting my tongue out when the camera focused on me. i should change. i will change. blek.

i like this naturally B&W photo. cause of the lighting thingy it just came out B&W. nice! =)

the EEEEEEEEEsssss again!!

so here come the photo of the weekend...................................
i like it! me like reflection =p and see the red flower on the right top? it's the hotel's logo. nicey nice. =)

xoxoxoxo for those i missed during my weekends.
okay for the one i missed during my weekends. =p