Saturday, May 17, 2008

yesterday, Tzen sms-ed me to tell that she dreamed of me and her Takeshi.
today, Shien wrote in her blog that she dreamed of me in her dream too.
i know. i absolutely know i'm adorable. =p

okay talk bout dream, yesterday i have a funny dream too.
cause yesterday night i witnessed an accident on the way back from QiJia's birthday party.
a night-blind (my presume. wth.) motorcyclist bang into a cab which was parked at the road side earlier.
i saw the whole process. how he banged, how he jerked to the back, etc.
and i was stunned. my heart beat damn fast can..
and i keep thinking should i call to the police.
i lighted every single candle in my prayer room that night.
i chant for him to be safe.
i hope he won't die. cause i witnessed everything.

okay then my dream was about me being called by the police to the station to give useful information bout the accident cause i'm the only witness. =.= damn lame hor.. i don't know why the police know i'm the only one who saw him in the accident. wth. but this is better than i have nightmare of how the person died k.. *touchwood*


yesterday, went to QiJia's birthday party with MingZu. (happy birthday QiJia!!) okay i didn't know him before this. and didn't see him at school before also. =.= i'm damn blur k. and his very helpful cousin brother, Ah Fai, who was also once a schoolmate of mine. thanks God i really damn blur. they were so strange to me. but i knew them now. =.=

okay after reached there only i know i'm the only girl among friends. although those friends i knew all of them and pretty much of them were my classmates before, but still strange la wei.. half year didn't see each other, and some didn't even talk for years. but overall still okay lar.. when they chit-chatting, i'm the most beh-cham one.. =.= cause i didn't play online game also.. the terms all i hear until faint faint.. i didn't know what they do everyday also.. they say what i also blur blur.. and they keep using short form and their language. @.@ oh yea i fed quite a lot of mosquitoes.. at 1st i thought the mosquitoes at Setia Alam are all male cause most of them just land on my leg and didn't suck my blood. =.= but proved that my statement is not true. lame har. =.=

now i really know i am not a good gf la wei... got gf tuition one a?.. or any course to be a good gf?.. i sound so desperate hor.. exactly la.. desperate. =S

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