Sunday, May 11, 2008

okay. Happy Mother's Day. i didn't make any cards or bake anything. cause i'm lazy. lol. so me and my sisters bought birdnests from LoHongKa as my mom really need birdnests now.. her throat has don't know what prob and it's quite serious i think. (i'm not so concerning. ****) need to do operation i think. or laser something. oh i'm so confused. leen says cause she scold too much.. that's why she hurts her throat. wth. anyway, happy mother's day. wish all moms are in good health, stay pretty! =)

mother's day is like another day. duh. i was so tired today. and damn worry. i may be failing my english 093 and can't get into 101. aizs. everyone pray for me please. i have to go into 101 to get my preference subjects. oh god. ya allah.. help me la wei..

i'm really tired.. i'm suffering from insomnia yesterday. aizs. and did something stupid. oh god... i really pray he didn't listen to what i said. i can die. i didn't know if i say wrong things or not. sooooooooo wth.

tired. byee.

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