Thursday, May 15, 2008

no semangat to blog today la.. cause nothing to blog about also.. oh yea.. today i didn't see Momoko and XinYi.. and it's my turn to say "KTM SUCKS!!!!" yesterday and today is horrible.. i waited at the station for ages and i stucked in the train for ages!!!! feel like writing complaining letter if i am in the mood of brushing up my letter writing skill. wth.

okay and i'm so sick of HinHua guys now. oh i'm stereotype.. i hate you hinhua boysss.. girls are okay lar.. i have quite a lot of hinhua girl friends at coll.. but boys.. you guys damn sickening. sorry but i just wanted to offend you all!! okay lar.. not being too mean lar.. i mean most of you all!! please lar.. you all make my life harder.. i don't like you all.. don't mess with me can a?.. i am not a good girl lar.. friend with other ppl la wei.. you make me sick and i will make you sick soon lar... aizs.. now i feel like playing truant for the rest of Malaysian Studies classes.. wth wth wth.. i hate you! oh i didnt know your name and can't bother to know.. i hope you just don't see me next time and if you do please don't come and talk to me.. pls pls pls..

okay enough said. i'm tired and pissed with that guy. if i see you at ktm 2ml,... oh god.. i feel like bringing the biggest shades and wear cap 2ml.. wth.. and why are you living near my house????? wth!

I WANT TO QUARREL!!!!! i miss quarreling.. i miss your angry la wei.. i miss when i am wrong you don't want to talk to me.. i miss i have to memujuk you not to angry everytime i make mistake.. i missssssssssssssssssss the day before yesterday's sunflower. angry me can a? =.=

i am insane.

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