Wednesday, May 14, 2008

i'm still in english 095. wth.
MsP wasn't in college today and i talked to MsThava.
conclusion i have to take 095 before going on to 101.
luckily i'm optimistic enough.
yea we have to sacrifice something to gain the other.
damn true can..
i can have my lunch every weekdays with mingzu now.
whereas if i'm in 101 i can just meet him on friday's break.
how sad. so i still gain some =)
ya allah i super optimistic k.

i disappointed MsNg for not getting A in math.
i can see disappointment on her face.
sorry MsNg.. =(

oh i'm suffering from insomnia these few days...
damn suffering k..
i couldn't sleep when i want to
and super dizzy when i shouldn't..
i'm so zombie now. wth.
and pimples have migrate from my forehead to cheeks..
i have a super uber big red spot on my left cheek..
i'm even worse than exam time now..
i tried to make myself cry in the middle of the night so i can sleep after crying..
i desperately need sleeping pills la.. aizs..

maybe cause of lacking rest
my mood was so unstable these few days..
i can suddenly be so moody
and everything seems to be against me..
i don't have appetite..
my eyes nearly closed yesterday when i was walking to ktm station..
damn dangerous..
and i can't stop yawning..
keep pinching my hand so that i can stay awake..
wth.. i really need comfort and console right now..
i don't know why i met all these nonsense..
i really want to have a good sleep...

i'm tired of argument.
i am avoiding from this..
but i am not in the condition now..
feel like slapping myself..

i'm almost dead.
for whatever reason.

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