Monday, May 5, 2008

i'm blank. i'm mad. i'm so not me anymore.

still remember i mentioned i made mingzu flung his second test?...
yesterday i thought i can manage to not make him angry..
i really thought i made it..
mana tau this morning...
early early in the morning..
i made him pissed off few hours before his exam...
thank God.

he's going to fling his 3rd test.
bravo me~
i'm guilty though..
so i decided to go to subang in the afternoon...
when my mom wanted me to stay at home..
at 1st i wanted to give him a big surprise on his break..
but i really don't freaking know what the hell is wrong with me today..
i left my purse on the other bag which i brought out yesterday...
genius me~
damn... luckily i found out before i sit into the taxi...
aizs... then i have no choice but to tell him that i'm at the train station edi but i didn't bring my purse..
so i have to walk in to taylor's.
it's freaking hot and i didn't have my breakfast or lunch either.
walking slower and slower and slower...
and by the time i was walking..
i saw a girl who passed by me holding a file..
only i realised that i didn't bring my file with me...
and i have his very important documents with me...
cause i'm not sure when i will be going to subang again..
so i have to pass it to him and *^%*%^*#.. [i can't scold any rude words.]
i am so damn wrong today..
i feel like abusing myself..
i made him damn mad..
damn troublesome me...

and and and...
i told him let's don't converse today anymore..
cause i'm so not right..
and i'm so helpless..
each single word from me will only hurt him..
but after that
i regretted..
i know i can't stop converse with him...
what am i going to do now?
i am blank
cause i cant pull back my words
and most probably he wont reply me or pick up the phn..
cause i said not to contact today..
how? how? how? how? how?
i am mad already. =(
after all..
you still mean to me..
a lot.

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