Monday, May 19, 2008

i went for hair treatment today after few months didn't follow up any hair treatment course and was being scolded by so many people for not taking good care of girl's most precious hair. and i trimmed lil bit too. so this is the new me and this look is gonna stay for 1 day only. =.=

lol. personally lurve to do screw-up-face recently. wth.

i lurve my hair colour in this pic. it's so naturally brown. =)

act cute la wei. =.=

mingzu please ignore this photo. and forgive me for being so not polite. at home it's not big deal hor.. and this photo says 'what you want? come fight la.. i'm bored.' wth.

oh it's the 1st time i take photo from this angle and this sucks.

lol. okay this will be the maximum length to put out my tongue. lame har..

eh look so not like Eva hor.. i purposely put a lot of light in this photo so that my dark-eye-circle wont be so visible. and i lurve this hair color la wei.. and and.. my hair effect is like soooo smooth... wahaha... so suang. =.=

i like my skin color here. but it's the sunlight effect la wei. =(

oh reflection taken yesterday. i like reflection =D

hmm... i like almost each of the element in the above photo. if everything combine together then it will make a perfect me. wth. i'm fantasizing. =.=

and this post prove the statement of Eva is a zi pai queen. wth.

another photo... scroll down please...

[Eva and Mingzu's photo]
still, imagination needed.
i will upload the photo until a pig agrees to take a precious photo with me =)

sleepyyyy good night.

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