Wednesday, May 7, 2008

i have serious body acne at my back.

anyone has any really really not fake nice remedy????

i have tried on lotions, Ucerin body wash, those what salt ingredient body wash, scrubs, etc etc.

and yet they didn't go off, instead there are even more spots now..

desperately need to get rid of these spots..

it's damn ugly and i am so sorry to scare out lotsa ppl. lol.

and sometimes it's painful..

this will be my birthday wish.. =.=

my 1st 18th birthday wish is "back off you idiot body acnes!!!!!"


opps... i have my 2nd and 3rd birthday wishes running in my head..

am going to write it next time..

bloody menstrual ache is killing me. hell!!

***Kelly Clarkson's initial - 'A Moment Like This'

suddenly i just got addicted like nothing.

her voice is soooooo nice.. and i like the lyric.

'some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this.'

any moment will do.

i am waiting for each and every nice moment too.

those memorable and once in a life time moment.

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