Sunday, May 25, 2008

i felt so relieve when Khai Wee and family said the cake i baked was not bad.. yay~ =D

so today after few hours of baking the 1st cake in my life...
mind my words, i baked cake. =.=
the cake, which was hard like stone, hangus a lot, and sweet like hell, outside sucks inside sucks, was being made by me whole-heartedly. =)


okay stop saying what my sis keep saying... 'omg... it's like a piece of ****!!'
wth.. i'm an amateur k... see the candles?... don't think the candles are long. haha.. the candles cant even get through the cake you know... i didn't know why it became so hard.. but i like the candle part... when they was being lighted it became like this...

nice huh?... i love candlesssss!!!! oh i knew it will come out nice with my last-minute-card.. my intention to put that card is to move the attention away from that ugly cake. lol.

okay la seriously i over-baked the cake.. that's why it came out so hard.. and i didnt put any paper or what below the container.. so it just stucked inside the container... that's why it broke into half... luckily i was going to apply the chocolate frost outside.. so it won't look more ugly..

you know inside i put a thick layer of peanutbutter-honey.. the texture is 100% like caramel... oh my god.. i lurve that so much... when i was baking i keep curi-curi eat that.. haha..

okay now came the surprise part.. after bathe i went to her house, pakat with her family members before this so everything just went fine.. khai boon, her bro, even waited me outside of his house.. hahaha.. we damn nervous la can.. then find for lighter and start light everything when khai wee still in her room... i so excited until i cant really deal with the candles properly.. luckily when she came out of the room to the kitchen she didn't notice me in the living room.. i sneaked into her house without her dog's bark. hahaha. (note that her friendly unfriendly dog always welcome me with lotsa barking. =.=) damn proud her dog didnt see me. hahaha..

then after everything alright, yours truly, khai boon, khai loon, and her mother stand in front of her bedroom and here went our lovely birthday song... she was so surprised can.. haha.. i knew she will be so touched cause they don't have the tradition of celebrating birthday.. and her last birthday cake was on her 12-year-old birthday party.. how sad.. =( she was so shocked until didn't know what to react.. haha.. i love to make people touched.. =) then all of us went back to living room and i gave her her birthday present, a lil cute seal bookmark and ask her to make wishes.

here came the interesting part, the cake cutting session.. ombbq!!! i was so embarassed when she couldn't cut the cake.. lol... it was hard like stoney stone!! then they laughed la.. damn paiseh la can.. feel like digging a hole and jump into it.. =.= luckily when they ate the cake, they said it's not bad.. just a lil bit sweet and lil bit hard.. yea.. it's sweet cause of the peanutbutter-honey thingy.. and according to khai loon, if they eat the whole cake, i should be blame for causing them diabetes. wth. oh they love the chocolates!!!! i am proud i knew them... hahaha..

khai wee my bestie =)
oh 18 candles can make this glow!!! haha...

i felt so contented. when she looked at me with eyeful of gratefulness, when she blew the candles, when she made her wishes quietly, when she ate the cake and commented... i was touched too.. i was happy to see people around me happy.. i was glad i brought happiness to them.. that house of her, it's like my second house before and during spm.. and now after half year didnt go there, i felt so bliss we chatted for an hour or more like what we did last time.. we gossiped, we laughed, we insulted each other, we cursed who we hated etc etc etc... hahaha.. they are like my another family. =)

oh khai wee drove me home today.. 1st time k.. and her driving skill is better than me!!! teruk me. i will learn to drive to subang in a short time.. bless me...

Happy Belated Birthday, Khai Wee and See Bee.
Happy Early Wishes for Hui Shien...
you girls are legal now. =)
hugss and kissessss...

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