Monday, May 12, 2008

i failed my English Common Test???!!!!!! is so wth... i can't get into English 101 now. i feel like dying.

Hey world, Eva is going into English 095 instead of English 101!!!
what is this?? i should have got into 101... why like that?? sob4..

whole class failed this test except KinChin. the so-lucky-birthday-boy. yeah. happy birthday. i damn sad now you damn happy. i crying you smiling. aizs. i have to face the fact.

tomorrow i have to go the ADP office and change all the subjects that i have preregister earlier. why me??? now i can't take my preference subjects cause all of that require at least eng101. and once again i failed to get any communication subjects and I'M A MASS COMMUNICATION STUDENT!!! so funny right? laugh ba.. i deserved to be laugh. i have to wait until next semester and wth next semester doesn't offer either Comm101 or Comm105. omg i feel like hiding from everyone. i failed my ECT man.. Tzen still said '1st time i heard ppl fail their ECT, ppl failed EPT only la...' i more sad la wei... i'm an idiot now.. failing those shouldn't be failed subject. thanks God for giving me this experience so i will become stronger and tougher next time? wth.

GPA 3.6 so what.. i'm not happy at all. my name is in the honor list so what.. i cant study what i like. now i think i left those business, math and science subjects which i hated them so much. wth.

thanks KinChin for giving me such a morning surprise this morning. thank you. you deserved my shout. wth.

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