Monday, May 5, 2008

i collected my transcript from the ADP office today.
the result was great.
at least it touched my target.
i need GPA at least 3.56 to get into nice and prestigious Australian university next year.
my Grade Point Average is 3.6 over 4.0.
it's good.
but i'm not happy at all.
not because i'm not contented. i am contented.
it's because i'm not in the mood.
cause i made other flung tests.
i'm sad.

and i'm sad because i didn't put in all effort during the finals.
i'm disappointed.

CSCI 101 - A
ENGL 093 - B
GBUS 102 - A-
MATH 110 - A-

my math i thought i could get at least an A. but i didn't.
english writing i thought i could get a B+. but i didn't.
GBUS got A- is a big big consolation cause i'm not into it.
and CSCI at least my effort of whole night cram pay off.

i can't even smile now.
no consolation please.

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