Sunday, May 4, 2008

Gan Ming Zu, you have to..
study study.
study study study.

today tak productive at all..
slept until 2pm..
and during my sleep i still can reply messages.
and my message is campur dream and reality de..
not funny actually. =.=
i really so bored la wei..

in the afternoon when i'm talking with Ena.
she suddenly said "what the fatty hell!!!"
i stoned there....
i can faint k..
she is not even a 6 years old.
i swear i didn't teach her this...
because the worst i say is only 'what the hell'.
i didn't use wtfh before..
then i yelled at her and warned her if she says that again
i will whack her..
lol. i used to say that but i didn't whack before la k..
if not i will be in lockup now due to child abuse. =.=
and leen used to say slap instead of whack..
we have own style. wth.

and leen is so used to say 'oh my barbecue'..
so if next time you guys hear me say this..
it's not my fault cause i'm a very-easy-being-influence person.
blame her.

i haven't start any of my holiday plan.. i'm in bed most of the time today.
call me procrastinator!!! =)

i miss gan ming zu.
i miss gan ming zu.
i miss gan ming zu.

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