Friday, May 23, 2008

eh.. Eva got into English 101 la...
eh eh.. Eva really got into English 101 la...
ehhhhh.. Eva really really got into English 101 la..


you know i can't stop smiling widely when i receive this news..
and i told quite a lot of friends around..
and i can't help spreading the so good news..
i am happy. nope. is damn happy. nope. is damn damn happyyyy!! Happy Happy!!

oh my God tell you all i am always the lucky one..
from small till now...
i didn't study very hard also can pass with flying colors,
i was offered the AFS scholarship,
i got a very nice cute boyfriend who can stand my self-unawareness and being so patient,
i get what i want almost every time, and i am so contented.
God treat me so good. She loves me. (note that God is a Girl. wth.)
and now, after few weeks of reluctance to go to 095, here comes MIRACLE~
oh you know how it feels?
it's like you are in the moon and you can't believe you can actually see the earth from there...
and still asking whether that bloody round thingy is earth or not.. =.=
nice example huh... =p

i really feel like jumping up and down..
i keep telling my sis 'Eh, i am in 101 la...'
a minute later... 'Eh, can't believe i'm in 101 hor...'
then a while later... 'da jie, you know i really in 101 ler...'
a while more later... 'ahhhh... i really can't believe i'm in 101 ler!!!!!!'
not long after that (still with that big wide smile) 'eh i better call them and tell them this!!'
then i start smsing.. =.=

but what bloody hell is i just made my fees payment in the afternoon. wth. so means that i have to rethink if i really want to take 12 credit hours or 9 credit hours.. then have to trouble the admin jie jie again.. then they have to cancel my subject again.. and then now got time clashes again.. have to change again...

oh but i like these troubles!!! cause they make me feel so damn good!

can't help... i still want to repeat this one last time can a?....
eh... Eva is in English 101 now!!!! wahahahaaaaa.....

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