Saturday, May 31, 2008

aloha dudes and dudettes!!!!
opps... found some webs here and there since no update for almost one week already. =p

okay i did enjoy my life these few days..
i try to summarize them in short..
but too bad there's no photos cause i'm not in the mood of uploading photos now.. =)

wait. i hate to recall my past.. cause I've forgotten much of them. hahaha..

have my nice nice BK mushroom swiss again. =)
then headed to Sunway Pyramid to meet Tzen which i hadnt see her for month.
i like her new hairstyle! she looks even glamorous now. =)
okay tell you we waited for her quite a long time
then when she came in, taking the drawing block and a piece of wood thingy..
woah!!!! look damn professional la can.. hahaha...
really got the designer look.. =.=
then as usual la.. gossips, chatting, joking, laughing! i like them.
then after wandering around, we went to the purikura machine to take photo stickers again..
and this time, we didn't finish editing.. cause the two girls keep erase and edit.. and they didnt really know how to use that thingy.. hahaha..
but the outcome still nice..
and i'm the chubbiest among them. sad case =(

i saw a necklace at Forever21. it has an eiffel tower and two hearts. one heart can put small photos or what in it. wanted to buy it but still thinking bout it. 40 bucks but it's nice. but kinda broke these days. so still thinking. dad's grumbling around already. said my expenses are very high recently. so i have to cut down my expenses. =(

oh and malaysian studies that day was not great at all.
at 1st wanted to skip it.. and kinchin smsed and told us we were going to have quiz that day..
so rushed back to LT2 and got prank by Miss Sue. wth.
i didnt meet the hinhua fella that day. =)


went to watch What Happen In Vegas with sayang.
so we went by cab from Taylor.
here comes the joke of the day la can..
after i met up with mingzu, then we were going to call a cab in front of Inti.
there's one red car and one blue car. two of them were Saga.
you know what, i'm blind that time. really blind. day-blindness.
i walked to the red car and opened the front door. i put my head in and ask "Uncle, go Sunway Pyramid how much a?"
and the uncle, who was a Chinese, enjoying his newspaper, turned to me and said "I didnt tumpang ppl one.. i am not driving..."
so fine. then i thought he didn't want to have business or what..
then i looked at mingzu and we headed to the second blue cab.
then the Indian uncle said okay then we got into the cab already la..
then in the cab mingzu asked me why i asked the red car just now.. cause the red car is not a cab!!!!!!
omg i damn embarrassed you know.. luckily nobody saw that..
and luckily i didnt sit into the car first.. if not the uncle sure thought i'm going to rob him. wth.
and i really blind lar... i didnt notice there's no taxi sign on the car also...
okay lar i'm stereotype lar.. red Saga are always cab right.. some more he parked near all those cab there...
and i blamed mingzu for not stopping me to do these idiotic thingy.. and he said i looked so enjoy so he didnt want to interrupt me. wth.
laugh la dudes. i brighten up your day. bla.

Mr KC Cheong is a good lecturer. i attend his ACCOUNT class in the AFTERNOON yet i'm still so awake and concentrate. i like him. =) accounts are no longer boring or threatening subject. okay lar. except those bloody tedious ledger thingy lar.. and assignmentssssss!!! like cant finish like that.. =(


oh Wednesday is my 1st time in English 101.
i'm confused with MsP.
she treated me really good sometimes but suddenly like a devil again.
how a?
i love her. but i hate her. =S
at first i thought i am in Section 2 at least there's kinchin to help out with.
mana tau after a while she said "KinChin, i don't want to see you sit with Eva again har.. go sit at the back with xxx..." wth. she was not liking me that time. =(
so now my Engl 101 class was damn boring. have to blame Tzen for cabuting so early. =p
and i have to rush my 1st assignment in a day which they have already done the outline and 1st draft part.

went to kwang hua that afternoon to visit the school band.
i like the song Distorted. the grand one. =)
peoples are changing. quite a lot of improvement. am so happy to see that.
but still, some didn't turn up. there's still problems in band.
i saw Kim Leng already. he's not fatting anymore. but still plump. hahaha. and he said this to me..

"last time you said will come to Tshing Nian Band after graduate.. now after half year i still haven't see you there.. what are you busying about har?"

"no la, coach.. my college life a bit hectic lar... so many assignments and tests and what not... and my dad..........."

i haven't finish my line and this what concluded our conversation..
"got time to go dating no time to see me la?.. i just ask you to company me for two hours a week.. like that very hard meh?.. got bf edi lar.. forget me edi lar..."

i go like... stucked... wth!!
and i pitied those small kids.. they keep punished by the fat one. hahaha...
hmm... this what i saw today. the band are not unite enough. enough said.

oh but i have to add this.
THAM KIEN SIN i am not going to forgive you.
stop copy and paste so many 'sorry'..
i really am angry.
nobody slapped me like you did.
it's hurt and i won't forget my 1st bloody slap you gave.
thanks and don't ever touch me again!
yes i am 'chuan' or whatever.
i just DON'T WANT to forgive you!!!

i slept at 2.30am that day. =(
pimples have migrated from my forehead to my cheeks.
now they migrate from my cheeks to my chin. omg..
in conclusion, i have red dots everyone on my face. wthhhhhh.
i hate them. =(


craved for food today. ate meehoon siam at the bakery. ate seafood pizza, the round one at the bakery. ate chocolate indulgence at secret recipe. ate these in just 3 hours time. i claimed myself a-going-to-be-fat one.

oh i didnt met the hinhua guy also. =)
in train was packed. super duper packed.
i hate school holidays. i mean those common school holidays.
kids tend to go out with bunch of friends.
and most of them go by train.
and this make my life harder by squeezing with them in the not-so-long train.
some more now the ktm changed their schedule. last time was 15min a train. now changed to 20min a train. lagi pack la i tell you.
i managed to squeeze in the train so to avoid meeting the hinhuarian on the next train.
and i cant even touch a tiang. but i was not able to fall too. wth.
you can imagine how packed is that. luckily around me were all women. but sad one, all of them were malayssssssss, and the sadness continue when i blended in them.. =(


Mr Daniel the lecturer of calculus 161 is a good one too. but he kinda exaggerate during explanation. i mean the explanations were a bit wasting time. for instance when he wanted to tell us the difference of one variable and more-than-one variable, it's enough for him to tell about mother and mother-and-father. but he just elaborate until mom and dad and sis and bro and more.. i am sleepy. aizs.. laura said "his explanations are like if we are dumb." hahahaha.. damn true..

went to watch Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull with sayang..
not bad la the whole movie.. love the soundtrack a lot... cause the soundtrack once made me feel proud of myself back in year 2003. hahaha..
and i learnt my lesson. i wont buy popcorns to movie anymore. cause i was being neglected by a pig. it snatched my bf's attention!!!!!! bla.. no no popcorn ever.

oh and i wont buy expensive stuff anymore.. i will be more thrifty next time. cause i know money is hard to earn. =)

i lurve being with my sayang even if just doing nothing sitting even without conversation. i lurve his smell. =)

staying in the library until dark i had this experience this day.
oh i like it. cause the library is back to the not-so-noisy-library. i can concentrate without sitting on the one slot one slot desk. lol. i didnt know what is that called. hahaha..
i did all my calculus and english homework. so now left bloody accounts. =)
i will stay back until late for revision next time since the library is open until 10pm.

see, i spent my week so well.
i like everything now. =)


kawan-kawan sekalian,
i made a poll so please vote okay?

and who the hell comes here to hack my life?
tell you you are not gonna success...

and thanks to those adore me.
i know i'm adorable =p

and those who are very very sien until have nothing to do only come and visit my blog.
i'm sorry to tell you that..
my blog is not suitable for you so please back off.
oh sorry to be mean but i am sometimes a mean. =)

@.@ i really gonna faint.. ya allah i know he's damn adorable =) dont come to my blog cause of my bf ler... i dont know you.. faint faint.. @.@

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