Saturday, May 31, 2008 just sent you a nudge. says:
aloha says:
yst i whole night together with mz says:
wakaka says:
so? says:
blek says:
so sweet leh.. says:
you and him? says:
so sweet? says:
cannot ar? says:
jealous? says:
dont so gay la says:
hahaha says:
hahahahahha says:
:p says:
angry d? says:
eat vinegar d? says:
i wont jealous cause of a boy says:
=.= says:
sounds so wrong says:
wa...... says:
okay says:
next time we jio him MORE says:
MORE and MORE says:
it's okay la wei says:
hahaha says:
whole bunch of boys says:
he is not a gay says:
=.= says:
bleh says:
== says:
not fun says:
k la.. says:
byr says:
bye says:
hahaha says:
if it's a girl telling me all these says:
i will go crazy la

so sorry i post up our conversation... hahaha... cause it makes me laugh la.. i won't disclose who is trigarohnas.. so am just going to share with close friends.. hahaha... you are damn funny! =)
aloha dudes and dudettes!!!!
opps... found some webs here and there since no update for almost one week already. =p

okay i did enjoy my life these few days..
i try to summarize them in short..
but too bad there's no photos cause i'm not in the mood of uploading photos now.. =)

wait. i hate to recall my past.. cause I've forgotten much of them. hahaha..

have my nice nice BK mushroom swiss again. =)
then headed to Sunway Pyramid to meet Tzen which i hadnt see her for month.
i like her new hairstyle! she looks even glamorous now. =)
okay tell you we waited for her quite a long time
then when she came in, taking the drawing block and a piece of wood thingy..
woah!!!! look damn professional la can.. hahaha...
really got the designer look.. =.=
then as usual la.. gossips, chatting, joking, laughing! i like them.
then after wandering around, we went to the purikura machine to take photo stickers again..
and this time, we didn't finish editing.. cause the two girls keep erase and edit.. and they didnt really know how to use that thingy.. hahaha..
but the outcome still nice..
and i'm the chubbiest among them. sad case =(

i saw a necklace at Forever21. it has an eiffel tower and two hearts. one heart can put small photos or what in it. wanted to buy it but still thinking bout it. 40 bucks but it's nice. but kinda broke these days. so still thinking. dad's grumbling around already. said my expenses are very high recently. so i have to cut down my expenses. =(

oh and malaysian studies that day was not great at all.
at 1st wanted to skip it.. and kinchin smsed and told us we were going to have quiz that day..
so rushed back to LT2 and got prank by Miss Sue. wth.
i didnt meet the hinhua fella that day. =)


went to watch What Happen In Vegas with sayang.
so we went by cab from Taylor.
here comes the joke of the day la can..
after i met up with mingzu, then we were going to call a cab in front of Inti.
there's one red car and one blue car. two of them were Saga.
you know what, i'm blind that time. really blind. day-blindness.
i walked to the red car and opened the front door. i put my head in and ask "Uncle, go Sunway Pyramid how much a?"
and the uncle, who was a Chinese, enjoying his newspaper, turned to me and said "I didnt tumpang ppl one.. i am not driving..."
so fine. then i thought he didn't want to have business or what..
then i looked at mingzu and we headed to the second blue cab.
then the Indian uncle said okay then we got into the cab already la..
then in the cab mingzu asked me why i asked the red car just now.. cause the red car is not a cab!!!!!!
omg i damn embarrassed you know.. luckily nobody saw that..
and luckily i didnt sit into the car first.. if not the uncle sure thought i'm going to rob him. wth.
and i really blind lar... i didnt notice there's no taxi sign on the car also...
okay lar i'm stereotype lar.. red Saga are always cab right.. some more he parked near all those cab there...
and i blamed mingzu for not stopping me to do these idiotic thingy.. and he said i looked so enjoy so he didnt want to interrupt me. wth.
laugh la dudes. i brighten up your day. bla.

Mr KC Cheong is a good lecturer. i attend his ACCOUNT class in the AFTERNOON yet i'm still so awake and concentrate. i like him. =) accounts are no longer boring or threatening subject. okay lar. except those bloody tedious ledger thingy lar.. and assignmentssssss!!! like cant finish like that.. =(


oh Wednesday is my 1st time in English 101.
i'm confused with MsP.
she treated me really good sometimes but suddenly like a devil again.
how a?
i love her. but i hate her. =S
at first i thought i am in Section 2 at least there's kinchin to help out with.
mana tau after a while she said "KinChin, i don't want to see you sit with Eva again har.. go sit at the back with xxx..." wth. she was not liking me that time. =(
so now my Engl 101 class was damn boring. have to blame Tzen for cabuting so early. =p
and i have to rush my 1st assignment in a day which they have already done the outline and 1st draft part.

went to kwang hua that afternoon to visit the school band.
i like the song Distorted. the grand one. =)
peoples are changing. quite a lot of improvement. am so happy to see that.
but still, some didn't turn up. there's still problems in band.
i saw Kim Leng already. he's not fatting anymore. but still plump. hahaha. and he said this to me..

"last time you said will come to Tshing Nian Band after graduate.. now after half year i still haven't see you there.. what are you busying about har?"

"no la, coach.. my college life a bit hectic lar... so many assignments and tests and what not... and my dad..........."

i haven't finish my line and this what concluded our conversation..
"got time to go dating no time to see me la?.. i just ask you to company me for two hours a week.. like that very hard meh?.. got bf edi lar.. forget me edi lar..."

i go like... stucked... wth!!
and i pitied those small kids.. they keep punished by the fat one. hahaha...
hmm... this what i saw today. the band are not unite enough. enough said.

oh but i have to add this.
THAM KIEN SIN i am not going to forgive you.
stop copy and paste so many 'sorry'..
i really am angry.
nobody slapped me like you did.
it's hurt and i won't forget my 1st bloody slap you gave.
thanks and don't ever touch me again!
yes i am 'chuan' or whatever.
i just DON'T WANT to forgive you!!!

i slept at 2.30am that day. =(
pimples have migrated from my forehead to my cheeks.
now they migrate from my cheeks to my chin. omg..
in conclusion, i have red dots everyone on my face. wthhhhhh.
i hate them. =(


craved for food today. ate meehoon siam at the bakery. ate seafood pizza, the round one at the bakery. ate chocolate indulgence at secret recipe. ate these in just 3 hours time. i claimed myself a-going-to-be-fat one.

oh i didnt met the hinhua guy also. =)
in train was packed. super duper packed.
i hate school holidays. i mean those common school holidays.
kids tend to go out with bunch of friends.
and most of them go by train.
and this make my life harder by squeezing with them in the not-so-long train.
some more now the ktm changed their schedule. last time was 15min a train. now changed to 20min a train. lagi pack la i tell you.
i managed to squeeze in the train so to avoid meeting the hinhuarian on the next train.
and i cant even touch a tiang. but i was not able to fall too. wth.
you can imagine how packed is that. luckily around me were all women. but sad one, all of them were malayssssssss, and the sadness continue when i blended in them.. =(


Mr Daniel the lecturer of calculus 161 is a good one too. but he kinda exaggerate during explanation. i mean the explanations were a bit wasting time. for instance when he wanted to tell us the difference of one variable and more-than-one variable, it's enough for him to tell about mother and mother-and-father. but he just elaborate until mom and dad and sis and bro and more.. i am sleepy. aizs.. laura said "his explanations are like if we are dumb." hahahaha.. damn true..

went to watch Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull with sayang..
not bad la the whole movie.. love the soundtrack a lot... cause the soundtrack once made me feel proud of myself back in year 2003. hahaha..
and i learnt my lesson. i wont buy popcorns to movie anymore. cause i was being neglected by a pig. it snatched my bf's attention!!!!!! bla.. no no popcorn ever.

oh and i wont buy expensive stuff anymore.. i will be more thrifty next time. cause i know money is hard to earn. =)

i lurve being with my sayang even if just doing nothing sitting even without conversation. i lurve his smell. =)

staying in the library until dark i had this experience this day.
oh i like it. cause the library is back to the not-so-noisy-library. i can concentrate without sitting on the one slot one slot desk. lol. i didnt know what is that called. hahaha..
i did all my calculus and english homework. so now left bloody accounts. =)
i will stay back until late for revision next time since the library is open until 10pm.

see, i spent my week so well.
i like everything now. =)


kawan-kawan sekalian,
i made a poll so please vote okay?

and who the hell comes here to hack my life?
tell you you are not gonna success...

and thanks to those adore me.
i know i'm adorable =p

and those who are very very sien until have nothing to do only come and visit my blog.
i'm sorry to tell you that..
my blog is not suitable for you so please back off.
oh sorry to be mean but i am sometimes a mean. =)

@.@ i really gonna faint.. ya allah i know he's damn adorable =) dont come to my blog cause of my bf ler... i dont know you.. faint faint.. @.@

Sunday, May 25, 2008

these days keep blogging..
i am tired...
i won't be blogging for a short while..
am going to live, life and lurve. =)

all are excuses.
byeeee blog.
i felt so relieve when Khai Wee and family said the cake i baked was not bad.. yay~ =D

so today after few hours of baking the 1st cake in my life...
mind my words, i baked cake. =.=
the cake, which was hard like stone, hangus a lot, and sweet like hell, outside sucks inside sucks, was being made by me whole-heartedly. =)


okay stop saying what my sis keep saying... 'omg... it's like a piece of ****!!'
wth.. i'm an amateur k... see the candles?... don't think the candles are long. haha.. the candles cant even get through the cake you know... i didn't know why it became so hard.. but i like the candle part... when they was being lighted it became like this...

nice huh?... i love candlesssss!!!! oh i knew it will come out nice with my last-minute-card.. my intention to put that card is to move the attention away from that ugly cake. lol.

okay la seriously i over-baked the cake.. that's why it came out so hard.. and i didnt put any paper or what below the container.. so it just stucked inside the container... that's why it broke into half... luckily i was going to apply the chocolate frost outside.. so it won't look more ugly..

you know inside i put a thick layer of peanutbutter-honey.. the texture is 100% like caramel... oh my god.. i lurve that so much... when i was baking i keep curi-curi eat that.. haha..

okay now came the surprise part.. after bathe i went to her house, pakat with her family members before this so everything just went fine.. khai boon, her bro, even waited me outside of his house.. hahaha.. we damn nervous la can.. then find for lighter and start light everything when khai wee still in her room... i so excited until i cant really deal with the candles properly.. luckily when she came out of the room to the kitchen she didn't notice me in the living room.. i sneaked into her house without her dog's bark. hahaha. (note that her friendly unfriendly dog always welcome me with lotsa barking. =.=) damn proud her dog didnt see me. hahaha..

then after everything alright, yours truly, khai boon, khai loon, and her mother stand in front of her bedroom and here went our lovely birthday song... she was so surprised can.. haha.. i knew she will be so touched cause they don't have the tradition of celebrating birthday.. and her last birthday cake was on her 12-year-old birthday party.. how sad.. =( she was so shocked until didn't know what to react.. haha.. i love to make people touched.. =) then all of us went back to living room and i gave her her birthday present, a lil cute seal bookmark and ask her to make wishes.

here came the interesting part, the cake cutting session.. ombbq!!! i was so embarassed when she couldn't cut the cake.. lol... it was hard like stoney stone!! then they laughed la.. damn paiseh la can.. feel like digging a hole and jump into it.. =.= luckily when they ate the cake, they said it's not bad.. just a lil bit sweet and lil bit hard.. yea.. it's sweet cause of the peanutbutter-honey thingy.. and according to khai loon, if they eat the whole cake, i should be blame for causing them diabetes. wth. oh they love the chocolates!!!! i am proud i knew them... hahaha..

khai wee my bestie =)
oh 18 candles can make this glow!!! haha...

i felt so contented. when she looked at me with eyeful of gratefulness, when she blew the candles, when she made her wishes quietly, when she ate the cake and commented... i was touched too.. i was happy to see people around me happy.. i was glad i brought happiness to them.. that house of her, it's like my second house before and during spm.. and now after half year didnt go there, i felt so bliss we chatted for an hour or more like what we did last time.. we gossiped, we laughed, we insulted each other, we cursed who we hated etc etc etc... hahaha.. they are like my another family. =)

oh khai wee drove me home today.. 1st time k.. and her driving skill is better than me!!! teruk me. i will learn to drive to subang in a short time.. bless me...

Happy Belated Birthday, Khai Wee and See Bee.
Happy Early Wishes for Hui Shien...
you girls are legal now. =)
hugss and kissessss...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

to all readers,

i am going to shut down this blog.
i am sorry for the disappointment.
what to do, nuffnang doesn't appreciate my number of unique visitor of over 20 and my earning after few weeks is just 1 bloody buck and i was just offered 2 ads.
how sad. bla.

i am damn lame can.
lol i'm not going to shut down my blog cause of that bloody suck reason la.. hahaha...
i just don't have anything to blog today that's why so lame.

2ml morning me and shien gonna have a belated birthday surprise for khaiwee.
i super looking forward to her reaction.. haha..
the surprise is i am going to give out my virgin-cake-bake.... =.=
i bought lotsa chocolate stuff edi... choco chips, choco cream, choco powder etc..
cause it's her favorite!!
bless me to not fail =)

i learned a lot today... haha..
thanks sweetheart...
i know i got a lot more to learn...
and i'm willing to learn more... =)

....... cause i'm Eva...
oh i like this phrase... cause i'm Eva...
damn special la this phrase...

my reserved lurve need password to access one...
it's like atm machine... once password recognized.. then you can get the amount you want to... hahaha... it's like lurve bank... =.= i'm damn lame la can..

i am anti-ing 'you like bah' and 'sorry'..
stop suaning please... bla..

love, is easy to spell, but hard to define.
damn true can. i <3 style="font-style: italic;">sayang! =)

Friday, May 23, 2008

eh.. Eva got into English 101 la...
eh eh.. Eva really got into English 101 la...
ehhhhh.. Eva really really got into English 101 la..


you know i can't stop smiling widely when i receive this news..
and i told quite a lot of friends around..
and i can't help spreading the so good news..
i am happy. nope. is damn happy. nope. is damn damn happyyyy!! Happy Happy!!

oh my God tell you all i am always the lucky one..
from small till now...
i didn't study very hard also can pass with flying colors,
i was offered the AFS scholarship,
i got a very nice cute boyfriend who can stand my self-unawareness and being so patient,
i get what i want almost every time, and i am so contented.
God treat me so good. She loves me. (note that God is a Girl. wth.)
and now, after few weeks of reluctance to go to 095, here comes MIRACLE~
oh you know how it feels?
it's like you are in the moon and you can't believe you can actually see the earth from there...
and still asking whether that bloody round thingy is earth or not.. =.=
nice example huh... =p

i really feel like jumping up and down..
i keep telling my sis 'Eh, i am in 101 la...'
a minute later... 'Eh, can't believe i'm in 101 hor...'
then a while later... 'da jie, you know i really in 101 ler...'
a while more later... 'ahhhh... i really can't believe i'm in 101 ler!!!!!!'
not long after that (still with that big wide smile) 'eh i better call them and tell them this!!'
then i start smsing.. =.=

but what bloody hell is i just made my fees payment in the afternoon. wth. so means that i have to rethink if i really want to take 12 credit hours or 9 credit hours.. then have to trouble the admin jie jie again.. then they have to cancel my subject again.. and then now got time clashes again.. have to change again...

oh but i like these troubles!!! cause they make me feel so damn good!

can't help... i still want to repeat this one last time can a?....
eh... Eva is in English 101 now!!!! wahahahaaaaa.....

Thursday, May 22, 2008

i LURVE to work hard with mingzu.
even if the outcomes are not appreciated.
the time we spent together can make me smile for many many days. =p

oh i like the yummy yummy BK mushroom swiss. =)
and i do have more mushroom. blek. =p

i am happy even you are angry of me.
this prove that you worry me. =)
don't give up k sweetheart.
after tomorrow everything will come to an end.
smile for tomorrow! =)

no no hurty hurty words.. =))
i LURVE you laaa...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

hey peopleeeee!!!!! i have no mood to blog today... but i have to must blog bout this... so the two edited pictures of the prince and princess (i am a princess so he has no choice to become the prince. ya allah wth muka tembok me. =.=) below is not done by me... and it's so uncommon for a boy to edit photos.. therefore........... *drum rollsss*

....the creditsssssssssss are given to Mr Mangosteen!!!! or more well-known as the bubbledragon Long Mun Jie =))

ohhh.... we are so WANTED... haha..
cause two of us are much adorable no??.. say yes pls.. =p

and, this lovey-dovey heartful photo.. awww... it's just so sweet...
eh eh... but why is not Eva lurve MZ one??.. *winks*

bunches of thanks once again to MJ, the always care friend.
may you and Miss Durian be as well as possible too. ;)


today in the afternoon was a bit suei.. but i still like today cause it's my day. ;)

eh i like your selfishness la..
and i'm so glad my LURVE came back to me. =)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

i'm not a supergirl.
sometimes, something i really can't help at all.
finally i realised this.
and aids will make things worse.
and this is how i made troubles.
learn from me. =)
wth. =(

lurve like you've never been hurt.
live like there's no tomorrow! =)
oh today i skipped all classes.
it's so not me.

Monday, May 19, 2008

"When are we going to marry?.." =D
"Tommorow!!" =p

Today is a happy day. =D
No no falling sick.
You are such an adorable pig. =)
loves, hugs, and kisses. <3
i went for hair treatment today after few months didn't follow up any hair treatment course and was being scolded by so many people for not taking good care of girl's most precious hair. and i trimmed lil bit too. so this is the new me and this look is gonna stay for 1 day only. =.=

lol. personally lurve to do screw-up-face recently. wth.

i lurve my hair colour in this pic. it's so naturally brown. =)

act cute la wei. =.=

mingzu please ignore this photo. and forgive me for being so not polite. at home it's not big deal hor.. and this photo says 'what you want? come fight la.. i'm bored.' wth.

oh it's the 1st time i take photo from this angle and this sucks.

lol. okay this will be the maximum length to put out my tongue. lame har..

eh look so not like Eva hor.. i purposely put a lot of light in this photo so that my dark-eye-circle wont be so visible. and i lurve this hair color la wei.. and and.. my hair effect is like soooo smooth... wahaha... so suang. =.=

i like my skin color here. but it's the sunlight effect la wei. =(

oh reflection taken yesterday. i like reflection =D

hmm... i like almost each of the element in the above photo. if everything combine together then it will make a perfect me. wth. i'm fantasizing. =.=

and this post prove the statement of Eva is a zi pai queen. wth.

another photo... scroll down please...

[Eva and Mingzu's photo]
still, imagination needed.
i will upload the photo until a pig agrees to take a precious photo with me =)

sleepyyyy good night.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

coincidently met YuJian, the dear ex-drum major of Kwang Hua School Band 05/06 (oh god. you have a long title. =.=) he waved at me from far. and i just stared at him blankly cause i didn't recognise me until he was in front of me. wth. yes his life is happy i think. cause he add on weight quite a lot. lol. oh my god. i'm bad. =p

and now only i know not only the full-A students can apply for JPA scholarship. wth. i should have meet him earlier so i can apply for the bloody good scholarship.

Jian: You didn't apply JPA a?

Eva: No lar.. i didn't get full A also.. i just got 7A1..

Jian: (with the bunny =.= look) my friend with 5A1 applied for it also..

Eva: har.. why you didn't tell earlier.. i know KahWei went for it..

Jian: She got it what..

Eva: har... i should apply one hor.. aizs.. over edi??

Jian: yea la.. talk now for what... no use also edi.. (the bunny look again..) =.=

yea lor... our conversation damn lame... the result also came out edi... we still discuss about it.. i miss the time we had together in band la wei... how we ponteng from classes.. how those coldy cold jokes came out from you and JinWei's mind.. how the AJK Tinggi quarrel and encountered everything together again.. how YELLOW yours and JinWei's minds were.. how we made history in Kwang Hua School Band. oh god.. those were the daysss... college is so different from this... i'm high-school-band-sick now.. =(

ah, i feel like conducting the band again.. i feel like insulting the Trumpeters when combine practice again.. i feel like quarrel with JinWei cause of different opinion again.. i feel like warning the members to memorize the notes and the EXPRESSIONS and everything but ended up just let them be instead of punishing them harshly again... i feel like saying Good Morning to Ong Kim Leng again.. i feel like shouting at members when conducting but my voice cant be listen by the trumpeters, trombonists and percussionists again.. i feel like comforting and confident those nervous members before competitions and performances again.. i feel like working hard with you guys before competitions and cry happily with every of you when we get the triumph again... i feel i feel i feel.. how i hope i could rewind the time and pause everything at this moment.. how i wish i could still be with you all play when play and practice when practice.

Dear all members, having faith on the leaders is too important for a band to survive.. keep it up.. stand on still.. be together and write new history in this coming competition. leaders, be like leaders! no no for running away from responsible and confident your members. mindset them to be into ONE and nothing will be impossible. smile all the way to victory! =)

xoxo, Eva, one of the most supportive ex-leaders. =)

personally lurve this formation very bery much. =D

khai wee and my cutie fellow juniors. [flute section damn rawkz!!]

oh this is nice.. cause i hardly got the chance to hold the flute last year. =.=

the most cooperative bhb drum major. =p

flutist again.. god.. now only i know i look quite childish.

the band memberssssss. i love them. =)
yesterday, Tzen sms-ed me to tell that she dreamed of me and her Takeshi.
today, Shien wrote in her blog that she dreamed of me in her dream too.
i know. i absolutely know i'm adorable. =p

okay talk bout dream, yesterday i have a funny dream too.
cause yesterday night i witnessed an accident on the way back from QiJia's birthday party.
a night-blind (my presume. wth.) motorcyclist bang into a cab which was parked at the road side earlier.
i saw the whole process. how he banged, how he jerked to the back, etc.
and i was stunned. my heart beat damn fast can..
and i keep thinking should i call to the police.
i lighted every single candle in my prayer room that night.
i chant for him to be safe.
i hope he won't die. cause i witnessed everything.

okay then my dream was about me being called by the police to the station to give useful information bout the accident cause i'm the only witness. =.= damn lame hor.. i don't know why the police know i'm the only one who saw him in the accident. wth. but this is better than i have nightmare of how the person died k.. *touchwood*


yesterday, went to QiJia's birthday party with MingZu. (happy birthday QiJia!!) okay i didn't know him before this. and didn't see him at school before also. =.= i'm damn blur k. and his very helpful cousin brother, Ah Fai, who was also once a schoolmate of mine. thanks God i really damn blur. they were so strange to me. but i knew them now. =.=

okay after reached there only i know i'm the only girl among friends. although those friends i knew all of them and pretty much of them were my classmates before, but still strange la wei.. half year didn't see each other, and some didn't even talk for years. but overall still okay lar.. when they chit-chatting, i'm the most beh-cham one.. =.= cause i didn't play online game also.. the terms all i hear until faint faint.. i didn't know what they do everyday also.. they say what i also blur blur.. and they keep using short form and their language. @.@ oh yea i fed quite a lot of mosquitoes.. at 1st i thought the mosquitoes at Setia Alam are all male cause most of them just land on my leg and didn't suck my blood. =.= but proved that my statement is not true. lame har. =.=

now i really know i am not a good gf la wei... got gf tuition one a?.. or any course to be a good gf?.. i sound so desperate hor.. exactly la.. desperate. =S

Friday, May 16, 2008

i leave scars on our relationship.
again, i stab your heart with minor nonsense.
it hurts i know.
you are angel, i am devil.
we are not the same kind
but it's nothing to do with matching.
i said i'm insane. absolutely.


i am bliss
the moment you whispered 'I Love You'
under the starry sky.
that's when you are at my side,
care for me.

this is what i want
when i am in strange places.

the bliss is short,
but i cherished like i never before.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

no semangat to blog today la.. cause nothing to blog about also.. oh yea.. today i didn't see Momoko and XinYi.. and it's my turn to say "KTM SUCKS!!!!" yesterday and today is horrible.. i waited at the station for ages and i stucked in the train for ages!!!! feel like writing complaining letter if i am in the mood of brushing up my letter writing skill. wth.

okay and i'm so sick of HinHua guys now. oh i'm stereotype.. i hate you hinhua boysss.. girls are okay lar.. i have quite a lot of hinhua girl friends at coll.. but boys.. you guys damn sickening. sorry but i just wanted to offend you all!! okay lar.. not being too mean lar.. i mean most of you all!! please lar.. you all make my life harder.. i don't like you all.. don't mess with me can a?.. i am not a good girl lar.. friend with other ppl la wei.. you make me sick and i will make you sick soon lar... aizs.. now i feel like playing truant for the rest of Malaysian Studies classes.. wth wth wth.. i hate you! oh i didnt know your name and can't bother to know.. i hope you just don't see me next time and if you do please don't come and talk to me.. pls pls pls..

okay enough said. i'm tired and pissed with that guy. if i see you at ktm 2ml,... oh god.. i feel like bringing the biggest shades and wear cap 2ml.. wth.. and why are you living near my house????? wth!

I WANT TO QUARREL!!!!! i miss quarreling.. i miss your angry la wei.. i miss when i am wrong you don't want to talk to me.. i miss i have to memujuk you not to angry everytime i make mistake.. i missssssssssssssssssss the day before yesterday's sunflower. angry me can a? =.=

i am insane.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

i'm still in english 095. wth.
MsP wasn't in college today and i talked to MsThava.
conclusion i have to take 095 before going on to 101.
luckily i'm optimistic enough.
yea we have to sacrifice something to gain the other.
damn true can..
i can have my lunch every weekdays with mingzu now.
whereas if i'm in 101 i can just meet him on friday's break.
how sad. so i still gain some =)
ya allah i super optimistic k.

i disappointed MsNg for not getting A in math.
i can see disappointment on her face.
sorry MsNg.. =(

oh i'm suffering from insomnia these few days...
damn suffering k..
i couldn't sleep when i want to
and super dizzy when i shouldn't..
i'm so zombie now. wth.
and pimples have migrate from my forehead to cheeks..
i have a super uber big red spot on my left cheek..
i'm even worse than exam time now..
i tried to make myself cry in the middle of the night so i can sleep after crying..
i desperately need sleeping pills la.. aizs..

maybe cause of lacking rest
my mood was so unstable these few days..
i can suddenly be so moody
and everything seems to be against me..
i don't have appetite..
my eyes nearly closed yesterday when i was walking to ktm station..
damn dangerous..
and i can't stop yawning..
keep pinching my hand so that i can stay awake..
wth.. i really need comfort and console right now..
i don't know why i met all these nonsense..
i really want to have a good sleep...

i'm tired of argument.
i am avoiding from this..
but i am not in the condition now..
feel like slapping myself..

i'm almost dead.
for whatever reason.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

oh i nearly forgot bout this..

Tzen, Momoko, XinYi and yours truly is having a co-blog.


for more fairy sensations =)

FYI this three lil sweeties didn't mention anything to me bout this.

i found it myself. lol.

and was so damn shock i'm the blog owner too. gah.

xoxo then.
i was so damn tired. and there's still a big bunch of things undone.
no mood to blog today. shall blog tomorrow. *squeezing smile*

i don't really believe in miracle although i hope there will be one.
i trust in efforts. =)
tomorrow yours truly is going to fight for my last chance to sneak into english 101.
wish me luck.
i am so desperate. wth.


wth is equal to =.= to me.

Monday, May 12, 2008

i failed my English Common Test???!!!!!! is so wth... i can't get into English 101 now. i feel like dying.

Hey world, Eva is going into English 095 instead of English 101!!!
what is this?? i should have got into 101... why like that?? sob4..

whole class failed this test except KinChin. the so-lucky-birthday-boy. yeah. happy birthday. i damn sad now you damn happy. i crying you smiling. aizs. i have to face the fact.

tomorrow i have to go the ADP office and change all the subjects that i have preregister earlier. why me??? now i can't take my preference subjects cause all of that require at least eng101. and once again i failed to get any communication subjects and I'M A MASS COMMUNICATION STUDENT!!! so funny right? laugh ba.. i deserved to be laugh. i have to wait until next semester and wth next semester doesn't offer either Comm101 or Comm105. omg i feel like hiding from everyone. i failed my ECT man.. Tzen still said '1st time i heard ppl fail their ECT, ppl failed EPT only la...' i more sad la wei... i'm an idiot now.. failing those shouldn't be failed subject. thanks God for giving me this experience so i will become stronger and tougher next time? wth.

GPA 3.6 so what.. i'm not happy at all. my name is in the honor list so what.. i cant study what i like. now i think i left those business, math and science subjects which i hated them so much. wth.

thanks KinChin for giving me such a morning surprise this morning. thank you. you deserved my shout. wth.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

okay. Happy Mother's Day. i didn't make any cards or bake anything. cause i'm lazy. lol. so me and my sisters bought birdnests from LoHongKa as my mom really need birdnests now.. her throat has don't know what prob and it's quite serious i think. (i'm not so concerning. ****) need to do operation i think. or laser something. oh i'm so confused. leen says cause she scold too much.. that's why she hurts her throat. wth. anyway, happy mother's day. wish all moms are in good health, stay pretty! =)

mother's day is like another day. duh. i was so tired today. and damn worry. i may be failing my english 093 and can't get into 101. aizs. everyone pray for me please. i have to go into 101 to get my preference subjects. oh god. ya allah.. help me la wei..

i'm really tired.. i'm suffering from insomnia yesterday. aizs. and did something stupid. oh god... i really pray he didn't listen to what i said. i can die. i didn't know if i say wrong things or not. sooooooooo wth.

tired. byee.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

i ask my boyfriend to eat more so can be fatter.
and this what he says: "don't want. i want to be sexy gan~"
hahaha... i laugh and laugh and laugh non-stop.
he's so cute. haha.. =.=

i lurve him la.. <3
am helping my mom on kid's cd stuff, but i still want to write a post. =.=
multi tasking is my pro. just sometimes only. =)

was blog-hopping just now and i came across this topic PMS which means pre-mestrual syndrome. okay i admit i didn't know about this before just now. yea i didn't know there's this kinda syndrome which i should be known. yea i'm not a concerning girl. yea maybe i shouldn't be a girl. yea i can't do well to be a nice girl. so i'm too lazy to say again about this so click here to find out more bout PMS. girls, know more bout yourselves. boys, learn something for your girlfriend =)

yesterday Piek Ying jie jie and yours truly organized a gathering for S4-ians. and i'm so so so so so so very sorry to all of you who attended cause i'm really not in the mood. that's why i was not speaking and i smile fakely. i am sorry. next time i will ensure that i will have a pretty good mood first only i will help-out to organize gatherings.

i was like a stranger to someone in yesterday's bloody gathering.
he didn't look at me. he didn't talk to me. he didn't smile at me.
when he did all this to everyone else. =(

sorrrrryyyy Tan Chin Heng. hundreed thousand millions of apologiessss. can can can? forgive me can?.. i'm sorry i treated you rudely yesterday but i should be forgiven cause i'm moody that time. sorry la wei.. but then Abdu said it's my wrong too. =( and what Abdu said is always unbiased, at least for me he is. i will treat you mcd okay? don't keep menjeling me edi la... your eyes also will tired right? wth.

oh yea. my dates were always like a roller-coaster. why? no why. cause we are not always happy. wth. i mean there's not only happiness. but after all everything will be to normal again. see, how good we are. **** wth. =.=

yours truly is not going to wear skirts with no reason again. oh i will when i am blind and deaf then i won't hear what makes me sad and see what others' responds are. cheers! but i still will learn to be not so rude. i am a shu nv wannabe (said by shien. wth). at least when i put my effort on, i will think bout him, the one i care for and the one who care for me. =)

yes i am irresponsible. i'm childish. i'm troublesome. and i know how to worry people.
this is me. sometimes just let me to be the most me and i will appreciate everyone of you. i am not purr-fect. haha. perfect la wei. =.=

sorry to the GBUS Section-2 dudes and dudettes. i don't mean to ffk.

enough saidddddddd. =)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

kena tagged by senseless-Sam...

he's not sense-less though =)

The rules are:
1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
2. Each player answers the question about themselves.
3. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and post their names then go to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and to ask them to play and read your blog.

What was I doing 10 years ago(1998)?
Swim, swim and swim.. i'm not saying swimming in the bed =.= swim in the pool almost every weekday's evening for swim team training k.. that time really going to have hydrophobia. wth.

5 things on my to-do list today
a) Finish up my mom's never-end works
b) Read at least 5 pages of PS I Love You (i just read once that day. =.=)
c) Try to figure out wth is happening to my laptop's connection.. can't reach me to the net. fed up la..
d) Get away from pc and phones as much as possible cause I sat in front of the laptop the whole day yesterday. (but i know i cant do it. =S)
e) Change padss. wth.

5 snacks I enjoy
a) Rocky!!!
b) Lollipop
c) Cadbury's Bytes
d) McFlurry Oreo
e) Chocolates~ (fattening k. =[)

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire
a) Invest to get more money. (****!! I'm greedy.. wahaha..)
b) Donate to those needed!! (am charitable too... haha..)
c) Pamper myself.. (not with branded stuff.. am easily contented =))
d) Do things i can't do when i'm poor (yea.. money still is something.)
e) Do something for my beloved friends and family =) (see... i said i'm charitable!! hahaa..)

5 of my bad habits
a) Stubborn (damn stubborn!!!!)
b) Self-centred (sunflower said Egoist.]=)
c) Procrastinate and rush like hell before deadlines
d) Choosy in food (Grandma said I better eat stone.. what also don't like @.@)
e) Kiasu (sometimes only la... i'm still a malaysian. wth.)

5 places I have lived
a) Shah Alam (when i was a baby)
b) Jalan Meru (when i was a child)
c) Port Klang (when i was in primary school)
d) Port Klang again (when i was in my high school)
e) hmm... maybe Kapar in future???!! (hahahaha.. i think too much. wth)

5 jobs I've had (if they can counted as job. =.=)
a) a rebellious daughter
b) a lousy girlfriend
c) a helpful friend
d) a not-so-responsible student
e) a nonsense-writer. =.=

5 people I tag
a) shien the girl from hell
b) jiunn yi a.k.a. Basnojj (i hope he will do this tag!!)
c) sim yi a.k.a. a-loo
d) nicholas ng the yoyo lover
e) momoko the Audi TT driver. (if you ever see this =))

no point tagging those who had been tagged right??
Happy tagging, friends!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

i have serious body acne at my back.

anyone has any really really not fake nice remedy????

i have tried on lotions, Ucerin body wash, those what salt ingredient body wash, scrubs, etc etc.

and yet they didn't go off, instead there are even more spots now..

desperately need to get rid of these spots..

it's damn ugly and i am so sorry to scare out lotsa ppl. lol.

and sometimes it's painful..

this will be my birthday wish.. =.=

my 1st 18th birthday wish is "back off you idiot body acnes!!!!!"


opps... i have my 2nd and 3rd birthday wishes running in my head..

am going to write it next time..

bloody menstrual ache is killing me. hell!!

***Kelly Clarkson's initial - 'A Moment Like This'

suddenly i just got addicted like nothing.

her voice is soooooo nice.. and i like the lyric.

'some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this.'

any moment will do.

i am waiting for each and every nice moment too.

those memorable and once in a life time moment.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

hmm.. it has been quite a long time i didn't cam on reflection. =)
fatty. chubby. big piece of. wth.
fatty in pajamas!!!!

this is what holidays have done to me. eat. eat. eat. eat. EAT!!!!
and see.. i am fatter. chubbier. a bigger piece of. wth wth.
i ain't look this fair. it's just illusion k. but the fat part is real one. =.=

RED tide found me today. =(
hope it doesn't hurt much. sob.

Monday, May 5, 2008

i collected my transcript from the ADP office today.
the result was great.
at least it touched my target.
i need GPA at least 3.56 to get into nice and prestigious Australian university next year.
my Grade Point Average is 3.6 over 4.0.
it's good.
but i'm not happy at all.
not because i'm not contented. i am contented.
it's because i'm not in the mood.
cause i made other flung tests.
i'm sad.

and i'm sad because i didn't put in all effort during the finals.
i'm disappointed.

CSCI 101 - A
ENGL 093 - B
GBUS 102 - A-
MATH 110 - A-

my math i thought i could get at least an A. but i didn't.
english writing i thought i could get a B+. but i didn't.
GBUS got A- is a big big consolation cause i'm not into it.
and CSCI at least my effort of whole night cram pay off.

i can't even smile now.
no consolation please.

i'm blank. i'm mad. i'm so not me anymore.

still remember i mentioned i made mingzu flung his second test?...
yesterday i thought i can manage to not make him angry..
i really thought i made it..
mana tau this morning...
early early in the morning..
i made him pissed off few hours before his exam...
thank God.

he's going to fling his 3rd test.
bravo me~
i'm guilty though..
so i decided to go to subang in the afternoon...
when my mom wanted me to stay at home..
at 1st i wanted to give him a big surprise on his break..
but i really don't freaking know what the hell is wrong with me today..
i left my purse on the other bag which i brought out yesterday...
genius me~
damn... luckily i found out before i sit into the taxi...
aizs... then i have no choice but to tell him that i'm at the train station edi but i didn't bring my purse..
so i have to walk in to taylor's.
it's freaking hot and i didn't have my breakfast or lunch either.
walking slower and slower and slower...
and by the time i was walking..
i saw a girl who passed by me holding a file..
only i realised that i didn't bring my file with me...
and i have his very important documents with me...
cause i'm not sure when i will be going to subang again..
so i have to pass it to him and *^%*%^*#.. [i can't scold any rude words.]
i am so damn wrong today..
i feel like abusing myself..
i made him damn mad..
damn troublesome me...

and and and...
i told him let's don't converse today anymore..
cause i'm so not right..
and i'm so helpless..
each single word from me will only hurt him..
but after that
i regretted..
i know i can't stop converse with him...
what am i going to do now?
i am blank
cause i cant pull back my words
and most probably he wont reply me or pick up the phn..
cause i said not to contact today..
how? how? how? how? how?
i am mad already. =(
after all..
you still mean to me..
a lot.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Gan Ming Zu, you have to..
study study.
study study study.

today tak productive at all..
slept until 2pm..
and during my sleep i still can reply messages.
and my message is campur dream and reality de..
not funny actually. =.=
i really so bored la wei..

in the afternoon when i'm talking with Ena.
she suddenly said "what the fatty hell!!!"
i stoned there....
i can faint k..
she is not even a 6 years old.
i swear i didn't teach her this...
because the worst i say is only 'what the hell'.
i didn't use wtfh before..
then i yelled at her and warned her if she says that again
i will whack her..
lol. i used to say that but i didn't whack before la k..
if not i will be in lockup now due to child abuse. =.=
and leen used to say slap instead of whack..
we have own style. wth.

and leen is so used to say 'oh my barbecue'..
so if next time you guys hear me say this..
it's not my fault cause i'm a very-easy-being-influence person.
blame her.

i haven't start any of my holiday plan.. i'm in bed most of the time today.
call me procrastinator!!! =)

i miss gan ming zu.
i miss gan ming zu.
i miss gan ming zu.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

holly boredom.

tzen says:
hey hey says:

tzen says:
dun aloha says:

momoko says:
y dun aloha says:
cause i'm not lilo says:


tzen says:


tzen says:

dun pretend to b lilo says:

I AM LILO!! says:

in case you dont know says:

i'm having holiday in Eva's house

tzen says:

f u says:

hawaii is too hot for me now says:

shit says:

i'm too sien until so lame

tzen says:

malaysia is also hot says:

but not as hot as hawaii says:

i mean now

momoko says:

huh says:

momoko damn blur can

momoko says:

i dun ustd la

i'm so bored to death until lame like hell can..
and momoko is so blur until i have to give her the crown of blur princess.. =.=
tzen is so mean to meee.... sob.. dont f me la.. i'm a good girl k..

i have plans for next week.
1. finish PS I Love You by Cecelia Ahern.
2. finish If You Could See Me Now by Cecelia Ahern also.
3. bake cookies again. (i bought extra choc chips to add.. XD)
4. help my sayang as much as possible in everything...
5. be a PATIENT volunteer on helping the kids to revise for exams.
6. sleep as much as I can..
7. learn to walk sit and stand in a nice way.
8. go to ADP to collect my winter semester final result. scary man..

that's all i think.
i want more plans to not bore me.
friends, you are going to be useful next week.
maybe your plans are mine too.. haha.. =)
Happy Half Anniversary,
my Sweetheart!!

i swear i will not reject to take photo with you anymore.....
i will not!!!
damn regret can.. =(

i want more hugssss!!
i said I Love You. =)
sayang, six months aren't easy for couples..
i appreciate it.

[photo of Eva and MingZu]
own imagination needed k =.=

Thursday, May 1, 2008

the troublemaker i am.

cheers for me man~

it's the 2nd times i made my beloved can't study

when he's going to sit for exam tomorrow..

what so big deal bout acting..

really don't know what am I thinking..

yea.. everyone's acting what..

aizs.. maybe i'm too bored..

so just want to seek some attention????... wth..

and thanks God..

everything just went so RIGHT..

he off his phone..

can't even send an apologize message to him..

he failed his last test already..

and I'm recycle everything again..

i said i hate inconsiderate guys..

but here there's an inconsiderate big fat pig..

call me pig everyone..