Saturday, April 19, 2008

unveil the real me.

should have study Business right now..
but i'm totally not in the mood..
and i think i have few hours more to procrastinate.

my happiness comes from others' pain.
totally true.
cause i'm self-centered.
i think for myself only.
and i always choose the most benefit path.
i am a Gemini.
sorry to tell the truth
but i'm like that.
yet i'm not a bitch
cause at least i wont backstabber or betray or do whatever worse.

i was self-slapping.
cause i can't stop explaining
and find the best excuse among excuses.
too bad.

i was not considering at all.
you know what i do the best?
i promise a lot
and i break promise a lot too.
don't trust me.
i say without action.

i am childish.
i think like a child
and i was so damn self-righteous.
i am demanding.
i am stupid.

i am a Questionnaire.
with full of fed up questions to be asked.
i am good in pissing people off
and only present them with bunches of sorry
just to make myself feel better.

i am a monkey.
do without think
and think without do.
a stupid demanding monkey
which troubles people only.

i always want support from others
in return i am too stingy to support people.

i am even worse than cigarettes.
at least cigarettes make people feel released after tensioning.
i make people even tension and tired.

my pricky thorns are still pricky.
i might hurt you.

i hate myself
and i scare of me too.

p/s: no comments no concerns no questions for this post PLS.


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shsco ★ sherhann . huishien said...

we're typical gemini! all these are what you and me will do