Wednesday, April 23, 2008



stucked with kinchin at the bakery for almost 2 and a half hour.. he taught me a lot about life and lurve. he's sooooooooooo..... got brain. =.= i really don't know how he can think such a lot.. he thinks what i think. he thinks what i don't think. omg... he's a good boyfriend. mengyee u damn bliss.. lol.. luckily he's not my cup of tea.. haha.. but he's a great listener.. and analyser.. and advisor. in conclude he's a great LAA... wth me.

stucked in english 093 exam hall for 45min. i should have stucked for 1 and a quarter hour one.. but i did it fast.. kinchin wrote damn slow and his words are so damn small.. still say want to put side side let me to see.. ehleh...

wandered around with kinchin to wait for sms reply and saw the ELS friends.

stucked in FohFoh to have lunch.. damn sad that time but stupid kinchin cant even born a cold joke to comfort me... cause he's colourful one... he wont treat me good one.. =.=

now.. have to stuck in the library until 4pm... apa boleh buat?.. aizs..

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