Tuesday, April 29, 2008

i rather no holiday...

sleep, eat, walk, online, help out things, worry.
this is my holiday.
i HATE holiday!!!
i'm in hell now.
aizs. i'm feeling not well at all.
i want to go back to school.
i rather exam, i rather doing no-end assignments.
i rather being alone in school, than being alone at home.
boredom makes me think so much.
boredom makes me miss so much.
boredom makes me worry so much.
i hate holidays.
but i hate this semester break the most.
i am half-dying.
i need charge.
but i have to be considerate.
i feel something so out of control.
i am so insecure.
i am like in a hurricane.
spinning in a whirl but can't figure what is wrong.
i make myself busy.
keep eating, walking, bathing.
i'm going to be insane.
i want concern.
a question, a word, or even a smiley is more than enough.
shit. why the hell does Eva has this hardship?
=( someone activate me please.

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