Sunday, April 27, 2008

i promise my sayang i will stop blogging..
then the 2nd day i said i will least my blog post..
cause it's quite hard to quit from addiction..
then now my lesser thingy means
from blogging everyday to blog twice a day..
i'm bad.

it's Sunday.
my Winter semester is over.
i have nothing to do with academic now.
a bit not used to it.
no assignments. no homework. no quizzes and tests.
no presentations. no group work. no no no. nothing.
but next semester i will suffer.
my subjects will be English Writing (again. aizs. mass comm student. no choice.), psychology, communication, and Malaysian studies.
other than the bloody nonsense Malaysian studies,
the 3 subejcts are so famous on doing assignmentsssSSSSSS, theoryssSSSSs, LANGUAGE!!!!....
but i have no choice. i have to do as many relevant subjects as i can in this 3 semesters.
i want to go into prestigious University next year. (day-dreaming. @.@)

if you think this car is cute, wait till you see the driver!!
omg.. this phrase damn cute..
sayang, damn suit you la.. haha..

cookies, cupcakes, gingerbread,
cookies, cupcakes, gingerbread..
which i want to try to bake 1st???
i lurve cookies. i think i will do that 1st.
chocolate chips cookies.
yum yum yum.=)
this will be the 2nd meaningful things i want to do in this short semester break.

and the 1st important thing is......
to become more girly?..
girly. become more not so boyish. =p
sit properly, walk properly, stand properly.
the most important thing...
yerterday after tried this,
only i realise each time i walk my 2 legs don't touch each other.
damn sickening.
and now only i realise..
i walk in a straight line the best when i wear heels.
2 weeks time.. revolution of Eva.... to become more not-so-boyish. =)

yesterday is a nice day.
other than a lil bit unhappy thing happened.
1st i met with my favourite girls...
the primary school gang.
shayrol, lillian, fiona.
shit i'm lame. @.@
sayangku fetched me to Sunway Pyramid.
he was not fed up anymore.
i saw him smile. =)
i miss his hand temperature.

and we, the girls shop shop shop..
went in almost quarter of sunway's shoplot. lol.
i want to buy bagsssssssss...
saw so many nice bags.
from Esprit, Converse, Topshop.
shit. am in financial crisis now.
will ask daddy mummy and leen to buy me bags during my 18th sweet birthday.
bought a Nike water tumbler for Leen.
but she didnt appreciate.
so i will use it. @.@

i felt so sorry to my dear, sayang, sweetheart, lao gong, sunflower.
he waited for me to finish gathering with the girls and went to watch movie ALONE without having lunch. aizs.
feel so bad.
some more i told him i ate edi and made him feel so sick.
160km/h. i still cant forget how the speed point turn to 160km/h..
seriously. 1st time i sat in a car speeding so fast.
damn scary. i cant speak a word. lol.
i really made him angry.
and, i didn't think for him. i didn't ask his opinion if want to eat dinner.
so we went to aeon. and just have drinks. lol.
the atmosphere drop to negative celcius.
i dare not to speak.
cause it's my fault.
keep persuading myself to be as happy as i could.
but shit i failed.

i just help to do the icing and decoration part only.
cause i was late
and tired.

i have to eliminate shit. i have to change to be not so rude. bla.

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