Monday, April 28, 2008

i miss everything about subang jaya....

these are some pics during Tzen's farewell at Sunway Pyramid.

i know i have opened my leg slightly wide. i have nothing to say. aizs.
btw this photo is a memorable one cause we have another photo here when four of us 1st came here together last month. same place, same floor, same people, same post, same angle. =)

momoko. the Audi TT driver. =.=

i lurve the restroom's color combination. black and red. the perfect match!! and the restroom is nice. =)
spot my cacat-ed leg?? the shape just goes wrong. aizs.

fat me. shit.

i look exhausted la wei... CSCI's fault. i crammed this last subject for the whole night.

xinyi. she's enjoying her holiday at US now. damn suang.

tzen. the gonna-leave-me-lunchkaki. aizs. lunchtime without you is so not fun. =(

in the lift. tzen likes to hide behind us when taking photo. dont know why la.. =.= and my leg still look so cacat. aizs.

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