Monday, March 31, 2008

on the last day of March..

i hv breakfast with tzen..
kill two birds with one stone kononnya..
coz 1st i can see my sunflower 1st..
summore i help tzen not to be late for math class..
see.. i so gud.. =.= bad actually la.. haha..

then in the toilet.. we saw a new student i think..
she was not a single look of a girl..
i stared at 'her' lor..
cause so shocked..
i summore looked twice on the toilet's door when i went walked out of the toilet..
and i'm so sure that there was written a big 'LADIES' on the door..

2day bloody tired la..
1st time in business class..
i fall asleep for like 30 seconds..
my head was always on the desk..
keep staring at miss lim but dunno wth she's talking bout..
tired la wei..

went to toilet again..
saw another not-so-girl's girl again..
this one is tzen's ex-schoolmate..
summore she whole flat in front one..
at 1st i thought why another boy came into girl's toilet..
2day dunno wat happen la wei..
maybe too tired.. lol..

lunch was at FohF0h with tzen and momoko..
3 chatterbox sit together..
non-stop conversation lor..
tzen: "eh.. u all know hor.. mickey mouse is a mouse rite?.."
moko: "duh???!!!.."
tzen: "but dunno why some aunty keep saying mickey miao..."
we burst into laughter..
tzen: "so stupid u know.. miao is a cat and mouse is a rat.."
i lurve them. XD

after lunch me and tzen walked to the station..
she was sun burnt yesterday la..
pity her..
cause when she was sun burning,
she was wearing turtleneck..
so now she has two skin color la..
the darker face color and fairer neck color.. =.=
u know after lunch was so lazy one..
two of us..
under the bloody hardworking hot sun..
bt still take our time dragging our legs..
1st time i use such a long time to walk to the station..
and we talk talk talk again la..
bout the Korean leng chai in tzen's chemistry class..
bout the weird dream of MsP is Ho Young's mother.. =.=
bout plastic surgery..
bout those 'one kind' people..
bout that boyish-gal we saw in the toilet..
bout homosexuals..
bout mums and dads..
bout the korean leng chai's house..
(tzen follow behind him tat day to see where he live.. =.=)

i slept in train again..

should non-fairy tales be banned?..

good topic for argumentative essay?..
20% assignment and 5% presentation ler..
better do it right..
*finger crossed*

xoxo. the blissful one.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Live. Laugh. Love.

omg... dis is just one word different from my blog name.
Live. Laugh. Love........ nice though. =)

wai-po's 70th bday..

yesterday was my grandma's 70th birthday.
so we celebrated with her at crystal crown hotel's chinese restaurant opposite my house.
btw, the food sucks!
it was quite not fun ytd cause my elder cousin brothers and sisters were all not here.
so me and fatty leen are the eldest among all. siennya.
let the pictures tell everything~

obviously, he's the King la wei.. i look so alike as him. evyone says so. bt i denied.

my leng lui aunt. she's a Datin ler.. so young.. =.=
(yea.. in my perspective, Datin should be a lil bit older and look a bit fat.. =.= no offend though)

my papa-side grandma.. i lurve her.. so much so much..

my cousin bros. ming jie a.k.a. kala-kala & ming sheng. super cute rite?..

my another cousin bro. william. standard4 edi still sit on babychair. summore sit until like tat.. =.= on rumors, he adores Eda. =.= haha.

kala-kala!! he's really super cute ler.. summore damn friendly one.. althou the pic was being destroyed by a stupid fella finger.. but i like the orange blur blur effect.. =.=

so this is the princess and kala-kala. =)

since i'm a princess, so do u gals. haha. they two look damn alike la.. i'm the alien. =.=

my cousin sis. chiew yee. she sings like an angel. she wants to take part in Superstar Project when she is 18. o.O

princess and nenekS. left side one is mama-side grandma a.k.a the birthday nenek. XD

o.O princesses and nenekS. i like this pic the best!!

my Queen la of course. she is the best queen if she is not scolding. =.= btw, she scolds almost everyday. =.=

my fatty sis la wei..

william and his weapon. =.=

he looks handsome from this angle. =.= btw, he is super cool. he wont talk to u even u try very hard to communicate with him. dude.

the two babies and the king lar.. this two really so sticky one.. i don't get the chance to sit beside the king. the places are not available for me. so bad them..

the drunk princesses. seriously, she was drunk after 5 glasses of red wine. but considered quite good edi. if i drink 5 glasses i will be on the floor. =.=

toilet!!! i lurve reflection man..

children lurve to play water...

...and this cutie pie insisted to try on every tap. =.=..... do this big baby. =.=

o.O i may not b perfect but parts of me are pretty awesome! read my tee!! XD

after dinner, went back to grandma house for karaoke session. =.= and my uncle a.k.a. the Dato claimed that he is the spiderman with a microphone. lame la my family.

omg. he look super cute!! he is so alike as me when i'm still a kid. trust me.

my grandma and my uncle's family.

and lastly, say CHEEESSSEEEE everyone..

i lurve my family.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Thursday, March 27, 2008

i want to go out this saturday la wei..

going college now for me is to see my sunflower.. =.= what la.. sounds so something wrong.. but true la wei.. last time when he hasn't start school, i was the busy one.. with half-day school and bunches of homework.. now everything changed.. he studies 6 hrs a day.. 1 hour lunch break.. the worst part is i finish classes everyday at 12.30 which his break is at 12-1. wth.. i hardly see him lor.. even worst then when he hasn't start school lor.. aizs.. hell study is more important wei.. i have nothing to say.. =(

i want to go out this saturday!!! i want i want i want.. dunno the king will allow princess to go out with sunflower anot.. aizs..

i do deadline homework only. =) and i have done tommorow's deadlines. haha. so there will be a GBUS animal fair financial report to discuss with eugene, 3 MsExcel lab assignments, 3 frontpages to do. not much, all deadline on next week.. take my time wei~ =.=

i really want to go out this saturday la wei...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It's raining again....

and i couldn't walk to the train station so was currently stucked at the school library while waiting for my dear.. i've done my bloody math journal and was damn free now lor can..

1 day, 2 days, 3 days, 4 days, 5 days, 6 days, 7 days..... i wasn't in the mood to update my blog due to..... laziness la of course.. duh..

hmm.. so talk bout last friday.. i have my GBUS exam.. and yeea.. was scamming the whole night and couldn't finish the freaking long syllabus.. luckily i managed to look through everything before exam with my favourite ice caramel macchiato (u know where was i.. =.=).. i was late for exam... ran all the way to 12th floor.. the lif was like damn slow.. wth.. and i was still late.. =.= used to it edi la can.. then in less than 30min time i was out of the exam hall.. phew.. luckily i know most of the question.. then the whole journey to the station.. u can see a fatty with a super uber big fat smile.. =)) ppl was staring at me.. =.= but who cares.. i was so damn too happy cause before the exam i was really so dull.. i feel like skipping all the way to station one.. but later the patroling police thought i just came out from tanjung rambutan.. =.=

enough said.

so this is me.. i just can't keep all my feelings in me.. when i am pissed off, don't mess with me plz. lol. and when i am happy.. too sry to offend those who are fking sad that time... i really can't hide my joyfulness.. not that i'm showing off or wat.. (if u ppl want to think like that.. sui bian la.. u happy i happy can..) but my EQ really not tat gud.. =.= oh yea.. i cry damn a lot... but i don't really cry in the public la.. coz i ve done so many sia suei thingy.. don't want to be any further sia suei... all in all... i'm LOUD.. no matter what.. i yell at ppl, laugh at ppl, laugh with ppl, crazy with budds, say Hi and Bye within rows of shops, scream, shout whether i'm happy or not, etc etc etc.. i'm like that..

accept me or else stay away as far as u can from me.. =)

still waiting for mySunflower.. <3

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

it's a bit blur la.. it's my ADP gang.. =)
momoko. xinyi. tzen. me.
they are awesome!!

alyssa's favourite screw-up-face.. haha.. i dun hv shiny braces to show.. lol..

damn moody...

should have revising now. but not in the mood. bla.
skipped the Animal Fair's should-be-done post. cause Ken haven't send me the photos.

15 hrs ago, i was awaken by the damn ache-ness on the right stomach.. omfg.. torturing me. i couldn't even walk. the pain is killing me. if nt wrong, i've been experienced this before.. i just couldn't remember if the painfulness are the same. lol. dad said it was muscle cramp. i don't think so but i didn't sound. coz i juz wan things to be not so exaggerate. lol. who likes to see the doctor? admit to the hospital?? right?.. i have experienced once the loneliness in ward. i hated that. and i won't want to try again. after few hours, i terslept and when i woke up it's 9.30 edi. my class started at 10.20. it's freaking late. mum wants me to skip class but dad insisted to fetch me there. after all i was late too. lol. and was locked outside the classroom by msP. wth. even when she asked and scolded, i didn't even answered back or explained which i used to everytime. i was freaking not in the mood today. too bad. i blew off the date with sunflower this afternoon. cause at 1st mum wanted to bring me to the doctor but at last ended up slept at home for hrs. sry dear. damn sry. =(

till here then. 2 journals, 3 csci lab assignments awaits me. math chapter 3 and 4 for 2ml's bloody test calling for me. bye then.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


the day before ytd.
after school.
went to sunway pyramid.
bumped into Eugene de CFO of GBUS class.
went for movie - 10,000BC with mySunflower.
Camilla Belle (Evolet) is awesome.
i was in lurve with her blue eyes. =)
bumped into Sheng Yong and gf.
bumped into MunJie and Sheen. twice.
should bumped into KhaiWee. bt didn't. should be only.
bumped into YeatYee and friend.
O.o 1st time.
while dating bumped into so a lot of ppl.
i lurve spending time with mySunflower.
what if the time just stop at that moment?
i wil definately be the 1st to cheer. =))

went to spca. (dogs & cats shelter)
1st time.
cleaning dog shits.
cleaning kennels.
cleaning the place around.
1st time.
dog barks pissed me off.
i feel like screaming that time.
so many dogs.
so noisy.
so... eukk.. smelly.
when i 1st went in,
i just feel like throwing out.
luckily i managed to used to the stinking smell.
i'm bad.
they are sooooo pitiful.
i shouldn't be like that.

photos are coming. on the way. traffic jam. =.=

2ml's Animal fair will be fine. *finger-crossed*

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Animal Fair

c those super fat words.. okay.. i admit i wrote n draw those.. then we colored it.. amateur banner making... nt bad edi k.. miss lim said.. nvm nvm... handmade ma.. nt bad nt bad.. haha..

Cooperate Social Responsibility Project by ADP GBUS-102-02 students.

Time: 12noon-5pm
Date: 17th March 2008
Venue: Taylor's College Main Campus Car Park

  • Animal talk. (3pm-4pm @ Lecture Theater 4)
  • SPCA petting booth
  • pet's merchandise sales
  • foods and drinks sales.
people!! come on n join us.. know more about pets and raise funds for SPCA. support us~ everyone is welcome! your presence make our job greater. =)

who doesn't lurve herself?.. =p


hey world....

i got 7A1 for my SPM!!!!
hmm.. as for the 3 freaking B are the 3 science subjects.. told u guys i'm not into science. duh~
yay yay~ i appreciate it.. my motto: Expect ntg bt appreciate evythin.. i did it!!! =)
oh yea.. whole world appreciated my result except my mum. wth.. she said i should have done better.. why so contented with 7a's?.. suan le suan le..

Congratz evy1~ =)


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

freaking not my day..

yesh.. i was damn suei 2day..

2day when i reach 12th floor.. okay.. it's much more earlier than i was everyday.. then my gud bunch of fren was so freaking shock to see me at there at such an earlier time.. kinchin still say "eh.. i tot u will P today..." wth.. i have nvr give gud impressions. i noe. wohoo~~ i got the highest marks for midterm english essay.. =) now i really noe MsP like messy essay.. better dun write it nicely next time.. so tat i can still get gud marks. =.= Zoe claimed this at her blog. (kepoS click here plz) then this 3 days gonna do presentation again..

lunch time, was ditched by Tzen and Momoko. (hey gals.. u say i ytd ditched u all. now fair edi har..) then have my 1st lunch with SueAnn and friends for the 1st time. after tat went to library coz really no place to hang out.. sien.. ended up chatted with NicholasFung until 3pm. then went for CSCI replacement class. okay. my unlucky started after this. CSCI replacement lab should be from 3-5pm. thanks god the venue changed and we couldn't get lab. so Miss S said we will have 1 hr class so that those who stay back from 12.30 won't get mad.. i was mad okay.. waited for so many hours and was being told there's no lab to use and have to listen o theories and make it into 1 hr.. okay i was quite happy it shorten into 1 hr la.. lol.

fine fine. then when me, xinyi and nicfung started to walk to the ktm station.. it was freaking hot.. wth.. we walked quite fast.. due to the hardworkin hot sun and cause my sis was in train le. dad wanted me to go in the same train as her so that he can fetch us at the same time. when we reached the station, i called my sis and she said she was stucked in the train and will reach sj station in 30min time. so two of them went off at the earlier train. i offered my sis if she wants to eat donut. so she accepted. i went out of the station, walked all the way to subang parade and queued for so long, bought 2 donuts and a caramel latte. btw.. i was texting while on my way to parade and guess what.. i hit the lamp post.. damn sia suei.. it would be the biggest joke for the pass-by people.. omfg.. stop laughing plz. then when i was done, on my way walking back to the station, it rain damn heavily suddenly. okay. n my sis called said she's reaching.. i ran to the nearest shelter and asked if she can get off the train to wait for me.. u noe wat she said.. "har.. cannot la.. here so crowded now n so hard for me to find a seat ler.. duwan la.. u faster run la wei.." gud reason huh.. i yelled "but i wore white pants today!!! and it really rain like hell la.." she said she's reaching and asked me to run as fast as possible. i ran. with slippers. as fast as i could. whole wet. and to avoid my nt-so-thick-white-pant to become more transparent.. i ran into carrefour.. okay. i'm the only one running in the rain.. then i called my sis again. and again.. she just didn't want to get off from that stupid ktm. no choice.. i ran in the rain again.. even wet. from far i saw the ktm.. luckily i managed to hop in the train b4 the door closed..

okay. i'm de only one run in the rain coz de stupid rain juz fall suddenly. i'm de only one whole wet, dripping water all the way. i''m the only one look like psycho with wet clothes, wet bag, wet file, wet n damn messy hair, wet slippers and wet plastic bag with donuts and caramel latte. I'M DAMN PROUD THAT I GRABBED EVERYONE'S ATTENTION!! i quickly walked to my sis.. used as fast time as possible to cover up my almost-visible underwear with my shawl.. and my sis laughed at me "Eva, u see everyone is looking at u la.." wth u know.. i noe i look so different from u guys.. y kip staring at me bloody idiots... when i was trying to dry myself only i realised that the place i stood was all wet.. i dare not to put up my face cause there's like so many pairs of eyes looking at me.. u noe tat time i really feel like crying.. =( i was not tat sia suei in my life time before.. i was mad... i was damn embarassed. n i stood the whole journey.. cause i was wet. i cant sit on the seat if nt it will bcome wet too.. so sad when evy1's sitting n there were so many empty seats and i was like a dumb standing there.. i lurve u god for treating me so damn freaking gud..

i quarrel with my beloved again. =( nt gud at all.

so 2day was damn suei. hope 2ml will be opposite. spm result release 2ml. bless me wei.. i mean + i can hang out with friends after i get the result.. stupid election result.. die la!!
gud luck all.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


i was half-lost.
i was not treated by u like tat before.
i have no idea what to do.
i was frustrated.
i talked without think.
i made things even worst.
i made the gap between us even larger.
i want my few days ago back.
i hate myself. sometimes.
i don't want a fullstop.

don't avoid me.
please. =(
life is like a roller coaster..
i'm falling now..

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

have lotsa things to post actually. bt due to shortage of time and moody situation. duh. forget bout it.
juz wan to say....
i miss my SUNFLOWER!!!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

sleep?.. ter-sleep!

oh god.. when come to sleep.. i really better surrender..

the night b4 ytd.. my bf called when i was sleepin.. n i didn't even noe it.. we talked for bout 4 minutes more.. i dunno wth i spoke to him.. no impression at all.. @.@

last nite.. i was on the phn with him again.. okay.. this time better.. cause i noe i'm chatting v him.. bt after a while.. i.. i.... i... ter-sleep.. duh... =( then i didn't know what i spoke again.. omg.. really dunno wth am i doing.. =.=

super-uber pig i am. =(