Friday, February 29, 2008

the special 29th feb.

happy 29th Feb everyone!!! 4 years once.. special day ler..

why so special?
coz spent this special day with the special one... XD
why so special?
coz.. special lar...
why so special??!
coz.. i have my 1st experience go home with taxi alone..
why soo special??!..
coz i get A+ for GBUS test.. yay~
why so special???
special things is to keep in mind de.. blek.. dear hor.. =.=

dear dun 4get wat u promise a................... or u can substitute ur promises with 'bear bear dance'.. haha... =P

v.r.gettin.better. =)
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo, mz.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

i'm Chrysanthemum Tea Kok Fa.. =.=

the above title was quoted by my college gang... cause each time when we have our lunch at FohFoh Restaurant, i will definately order chrysanthemum tea can drink.. until that auntie oso noe what i will order edi.. =.= btw.. chrysanthemum is not my favourite.. i lurve honey lemon and caramel macchiato.. just that i'm too lazy to think of what to order so just stick to kok fa.. "u shouldn't be Eva, change it to chrysanthemum.. then Tee change to Tea.. same pronunciation summore.. then your name will be kok fa.." this what Tzen said.. so from now onwards, secara tidak langsung, i'm the Princess Chrysanthemum!! =P... lame us =.=

oh btw.. i'm at college now.. 2 more minutes to start computer lab................................ sien.. byebye now..

current weather out there: sky black black, strong wind, lil drizzling, no SUN!!! =)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

another freaking ordinary day.

my hse having a big fight 2day.. considered as 'fight'.. =.= and i was so lazy to go for math class.. bt at last i attended.. 2day MsNg pissed me off man.. she's freaking bad mood 2day.. burnt almost everyone in class.. omfg.. she said i'm an idiot who asked stupid question.. damn! i thought lecturers should be friendly and approachable?.. totally wrong man.. stupid lar.. grr.. ytd's math test.. guess what??... i got 66 out of 74.. in other words means i got 13% over 15% for my final exam result.. yay~ i can get almost full mark if i did the factorisation and simplify questions correctly + 1 careless question carefully.. =.= my calculation damn geng one.. 9x5=9.. i lost 3 marks coz of dis stupid easy multiplication.. =.= nvm.. i still satisfied with my result.. =D

in english class, we were given an introduction to write.. bout a broadcast journalist.. then there's a few way to write tat intro.. 4 in a group, me and tzen were praying hard not to get tat 'historical method'.. and thanks God.. we got it!! =.= gek die~ after we did it.. msP said it wasn't right.. fine.. so we used what she told us.. then we came across this so lame thingy.. "hundreds year ago, where technology was not introduce yet, animals were used to spread news..........." then suddenly i laugh like mad.. haha.. cause the sentence was so wrong.. animals were used to SPREAD news??.. how?.. quack quack??? moooooo?? or meow??? hahahahaha.. then every other groups were looking at us.. so paiseh ler.. =.=

GBUS damn sien.. i nearly fall asleep.. MsLim was teaching bout stocks!! equities la.. buy shares, sell shares.. head faint faint a.. @.@ omg.. i hated numbers!!

i didn't know what am i doing the whole afternoon.. i didn't want to go home.. so i planned to stay back to attend AIESEC 1st meeting at 4pm.. i waited at Secret Recipe with my favourite Ice Caramel Macchiato =) and CLEO.. haha.. but then on 3pm i can't wait any longer.. tired.. sien.. then i intended to go home.. after billed my order, i went out and found out that the bloody sun was damn hardworking today.. so i went to 12th floor, waited for tzen and momoko to finish their chemistry test.. after that, momoko fetched us to ktm station with her Audi TT.. omg.. she damn rich ler.. yea.. she has no chance to sit on the bus and ktm.. and she didn't know touch 'n go card can be used in buses and trains. =.=

i met EikHung in the train.. he was studying bloody hard ALevel now.. and he's going crazy.. haha.. envy me ba~~ blek.. he has to study approx 30 hrs a week.. and i just spend 13 hrs in class and 2 addition hrs in computer lab.. wooohooo... ADP rawkz!! =P

i wish time goes faster 2ml.. i want friday to come earlier!!! desperately looking forward to friday!!!!!! =(

=) xoxo.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

安静 by Jay Chou...

... the song which i'm currently listening to.. lol.. ignore my title.

today was not my day~~~~~~ duh~

math test sucks man!! when i was in the class.. only i realised that i messed up factorise and simplify.. thanks god man.. i thought i still got 50% to be right.. okay.. so i was in the left side.. =.= totally wrong!!.. i did factorisation for simplify question.. and the other one using simplify method.. wth!! so my test.. don't mention bout it.. ruinned all!

today wanted to ponteng english class one.. but my bf said i cannot ponteng any class without his permission.. =( tzen keep menjeling me the whole class.. =.= coz de class was damn sien.. nobody wants to talk and msP was fed up.. she didn't want any of us to speak the whole period.. so she made us to do some work.. after i finished that, i was playing with my devil which was in my big white bag.. btw the bag is on my lap.. then kinchin was so sien so he drew a devil in his paper.. oh god.. it was damn ugly.. and out of control.. i laugh a lil.. msP heard it and said.. "Eva, are you having drugs in ur bag?.. from just now until now i keep seeing u looking at ur bag and smile.. are u okay?..." =.= she keep assumed that i was sms-ing during classes.. i denied.. she didn't even care.. actually was devil's fault. =.= but i couldn't show my devil to her.. what if she confiscate it?.. then i better go jump klang river.. =.= my most sayang devil ler.. =P

CSCI siennya.. i went in the class with tzen.. only to realise that i shouldn't attend this so boring class.. tzen scolded me again.. =.= "why u din tell earlier.. i wanted to ponteng one ler.." but it's too late.. XD soooooooooooooo, the only happy thing to tell today is.. i got full mark for CSCI test!!!! wooohoooo~ 5% for last term paper.. i got it all.. yay~ burned oil until 5 in the mornin tat day really made good result.. i lurve it.. =.=

bloody midterm exam starts next week... wth!!!! i just finish my test dis week ler.. i wan to go for dates la!!!!..

was being ignored by my boyfriend the entire morning.. aizs.. i didn't want to go home.. so after wandering a while.. without any accompaniment.. i decided to go library.. and it's de 1st time i spent the longest time in tat bloody library which i stepped in it and the librarian said "miss, no phone plz.." grrr... sambil waiting for my bf's reply, i did my CSCI presentation.. almost done.. left horoscope forecast, video clip and links!! quite productive today.. haha..

i still wasn't able to meet my bf... bf-sick currently. =( my late lunch for today - 2 donuts and a caramel latte.. (it won't cause obesity k.. blek..) i lurve caramel!! =) and i take them away.. cause wasn't in a good mood that time.. guess what.. i have my lunch at ktm station.. =.= ppl passing by are all looking at me.. haha.. i wanted to share if i have more.. haha.. blek.. when i'm emo.. i do wierd things.. =.= I WAS IN A NEW TRAIN today!! haha.. it's a new one.. new designed seats, more tiang, it's so brand new.. i told my sis and she went like "So??!!" i replied "very happy la.. got de feeling of untung ler.. coz alwiz in the old train.. in new train is like u pay for de same fare but got the better thing.." my sis said "Shaddap k.. dun talk nonsense.." =.= weiyaaaaa... i mean it.. i really feel better after i enter that nice new train.. haha..

so 2day.. after the good and bad things happened.. yea.. i mean the good incidents contra bad ones.. so overall.. 2day still not bad lar... at least just now i charged my batt for an hour more.. haha.. but i still so disappointed ler.. i should have take bus to kapar today de.. aizs.. sob.. so sick now.. bla..


Monday, February 25, 2008

i miss my sweetheart. =(

imissu.imissuGanMingZu!!! imissu.
imissu.imissu.imissualotla. imissu.imissu.



Friday, February 22, 2008

3 bloody exhaustin day. =.=

oh god... this 3 days were really exhausting me.. GBUS treatenin me man~ finally de test ended juz now.. phew.. de feeling is like eliminating fats from body.. evythin bcome lighter le. =)

so wednesday nite i scammed until 3.24am in the morning.. then my sleepy-period had over tat time.. so i called my sweety sweetheart.. we talked for 2 hrs.. lol.. yea.. i was fully charged and my phn's batt was dying off.. haha.. so i hvnt sleep more than 12 hrs dis 3 bloody day.. then the next day i have classes until 4pm.. then 5pm went for Laos meeting.. we were put into 3 groups.. i'm in Shoma's group.. he's friendly.. yea.. a nice guy.. he keep promoting me man... "hey.. she's eeleen sis..." "eh, i have eeleen sis in my group!!" "u noe tat eeleen a.. with Yoon one.. dis is her sis.." =.= then in not more than few minutes.. i got to noe more friends - Denise, Claudia, Claire, n the other 2 i forgot their names.. sry.. =S hmm.. i hv regretted a lil for committing in this Laos Service Leaning trip.. though the ppl going are great.. bt i am damn choosy in food one.. summore u noe la.. laos wont be cleaner than msia.. oh gggooodd.. i'm like.. can i giv up wei?.. 4 days ler.. my dad says u should go.. have to train u.. ur life is too comfortable edi.. u dunno wat is poverty oso.. =.= wth.. why was i paying tat deposit tat time?.. i should think more.. i shouldn't regret.... aaghhhhh..

oh yea.. Happy Belated Birthday, Ah Ma and Daddy~ big kisses for u all.. Muackz~~ Muackzz~~~

today.. a bit crazy.. lol.. cause i bought a expired bread from petronas mesra.. i hv ntg to eat for breakfast.. =.= after math class we have 10 mins break.. bt our previous class ended earlier.. so the very starving me and Zoe decided to go to the nearest hawker centre for quick breakfast.. actually is purposely duwan go to english class so early de.. =.= we still though of ponteng ler.. bt if MsP sees us anytime today.. we will definitely slaughter by her.. =.= btw.. Zoe hated Axx, her groupmate. lol. actually me too.. maybe ytd when MsP was putting us in groups i was praying hard.. tats y i wasn't grouped with him. =.= pity her.. haha..

the second break.. we have Rocky!!! (the choco stick i used to have evy single weekdays.. haha.. i lurve it.. and MsNg thought it was lolipop.. =.="") and chatting around with Zoe, Kinchin, Momoko and Xinyi. then when we came across antenna thingy.. then i mentioned bout the future people.. yea.. which i was laughed by ganMingzu when i told him few days back.. we guys noe tat science and technology are bcoming better and better.. who noes in the future we have tat time machine.. which can go to the past rite.. who noes mayb one of us is from the future rite.. especially those vr vr clever one.. i was so excited when i came across this thing.. bt evyone say i'm so not realistic.. i'm so imaginative.. lol.. trust me ppl.. there will be some future ppl around u k.. they wont tell u they are future ppl coz u noe la.. people won't trust one.. sumore they say me wuliao.. think too much.. walaoeh.. bt i feel so proud to have dis cute fren Zoe.. she said this after me.. eh u noe har.. tat day i saw newspaper.. they said 40% of US ppl are actually aliens.. bt they look totally like ordinary human.. only the aliens noe they are aliens.. and they come for fun.. no mission.. oh yea.. damn cool man~ hey evy1~~~ watch out for aliens k... tell me when u found one.. i'm searchin for one oso.. yea.. if u r a future person.. msg me oso.. i'm so excited if one of my fren is an alien or a nt-dis-century-person.. lol.. 2day was so fun!! XD

i'm photogenic.. yes i'm~~ =)
xoxoxo for mySweetHeart. <3

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

picture post.

seriously, i was in lurve-sick these days.. i miss him.. =(
so.. dear.. i'm going to mention bout VALENTINE now.. blek..
valentine i was not able to get my bf a nice present. duh~ dun doubt my lousy-gf title.. =.= bt i noe wat i gonna make him feel better.. wahaha.. i will b a bz bz gf after today.. hmm.. my mission is to make his bed full of my bear bearSSSSSSSS... imagine a twin bed with different size bears all around.. perfect man~ wahaha... i'm hunting for bearSSS now.. =)

my Valentine present..
a huge cozy bear.. =) oh yea.. it has a cute fluffy round tail?.. if it's called tail.. =.=
bf-sick wei.. i miss u sweetheart..

oh yea. and dis pink thingy is the big big heart.. <3

oh gosh.. i look so sick here.. i'm indeed so not feeling well 2day.. =(

bt i still feel so gud with all these bearsss around.. =)

this is how i look like when i'm drunk.. =.=yea.. i'm so drunk... lol.. =.=

I lurve Devil!! hmm.. coz of red?.. maybe.. or to be more accurate.. coz of him.. =)

this cute red lil thingy actually accompany me to japan.. mayb that's the other reason i adore it the most.. smile1..

=.= crabby devil?... look like a crab here la..

jiu shi lurve dao le.. blek..


dear i bullied him a lot. haha. his antenna mayb not workin anymore. blek.

see~ they are those who make my study happier.. =)


Monday, February 18, 2008

i'm in the 'once in a month'.. lol..

jump off the last few days posts.. coz.. coz... coz......... dear says write the post of the day enuf le..

so 2day.. aizs aizs aizs.. 1st big thing of all~~~ slept late again!! actually i shouldn't b late one.. coz i set the alarm edi.. bt then i terput my alarm on my bed ytd.. so 2day it's so easy for me to press of the alarm n went to bed again. damn it. i hug my alarm when sleep back summore.. then.. got scolded by MrSimonTee a.k.a. the man of the house again.. the whole journey to coll.. gosh.. pity his mouth.. lol.. i'm damn bad man~ haha.. 2nite b4 11pm still needa hand in a 'report' to him.. needa write on solutions to overcome MsEva's over-sleep problem. =.= wth. then i was late for Math class for 35 min.. so paiseh when i walked in the class.. =.= ms ng still suan me.. coz i wear SUPERGIRL shirt today.. add more her suan-ing.. =.= then she said..

"Eva... i'm so worried bout u a... next tuesday's test starts at 8am... u sure u can come in time a?!..." i go like.. =.= wth man.. no wait.. straight away boom die.. =.= yea yea.. i was so famous for being late.. =.= okay okay.. i will try to b punctual 2ml.. coz MrSimon edi giv me last serious serious warning.. bla..

then after tat when she asked me to do math quest on the whiteboard.. she noticed that i'm a lefthander.. lefthander for her is a big thing. haha. she said she respect lefthanders a lot.. and in our class we have 3 lefthandersss. proud i'm one of them. haha. she said lefthanders are those creative ones, the more intelligent ones... cause left hand controls right brain and right brain is bigger than left brain.. so lefthanders tend to use more brain.. =.= dunno true or not de.. =.=" but marsha, the other lefthander claimed that lefthanderssss have 7 years shorter life???.. lol.. superstitious agaknya.. so chun 7 yrs????... well.. i just hope that i can live as long as possible.. haha.. then ms ng tried to use her left hand to clean the whiteboard and told us tat we should try to use more lefthand so that we can be more creative.. =.= haha... she's so............ funny.. and we always get boomed by her words.. =.= then Soner (if i spelt ur name correctly. lol) boomed back her and said.. "teacher.. then if like tat means will live shorter life wor..." and.. the whole class burst into laughter... haha... ms ng has ntg to say after tat. lol. yea... i lurve my class.. like what ms ng keep saying "u noe a.. i lurve my students a lot... cause... bla bla bla......." yea she lurves us cause she kip making fun of us. =.=

*** i got a GOOD beside ms ng's signature for math journal!!!! thanks dear~ thanks lot!! muackz~

English class was so bored to death today. the teacher was bored too. wth.

GBUS 102 (business class la..) i got just 1 wrong answer for the pre-test quiz.. yay!~ so happy ler.. summore 2day i didn't fish in class!!! i noe wat ms lim said about demand and supply and wat raise wat fall wat equilibrium.. i understand i understand!! =) contented la.. i lurve dis feeling.. i start lurving skul... (other than morning classe la.. XD)

Arirang sucks today man.. i prefer wednesday class.. n 2day when walkin to ktm station.. dunno y scary feeling attacks me.. duh.. walk damn fast 2day.. n kip looking back.. summore de sun damn hardworkin today.. freaking hot man.. then i was dehydrated when i walked until the stall beside the main road.. can't walk more edi.. duh.. 2day really scare le.. i duwan to kidnap by ppl ler.. so scare.. T.T

i wasnt in good mood dis late afternoon.. hmm.. yea.. coz of the once a month thingy. =.= hated tat.. wth..

so in the evening.. went to jj bbk with jie, eda n ena for dinner.. then when we passed by the wedding promotion booth.. =.= de promoter wanted to giv me de leaflet.. then i rejected.. then she passed it to my jie.. then she rejected oso.. bt tat fella kip wan us to take tat leaflet.. then my sis pulling me to walk faster.. then the fella shouting "dun run ler..." wth.. then i turned back to him and said.. "do we look like want to marry???!!!" u noe wat.. ppl around us were staring at us.. damn sia suei man.. regretted i spoke all those rubbish.. wth.. next time better think 1st before talk..

present from my sweetheart~ supergal man.. i lurve it..
my eyes got lil bit zhong3 ler.. coz i cried dis afternoon.. lol..


Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Belated Valentine~

so 2day when i check into our s4 friendster webpage, JuSern post sumthin new bout valentine. (for those kepo's.. click here!) okay.. briefly, he mentioned bout our last valentine at school. hmm.. i missed tat memorable day.. i ve forgotten wat makes me damn busy tat time.. AND i was so regret tat i was not at class.. i was damn so freaking regret tat i didn't 'step one leg' in tat 5s4 valentine poem.. (btw.. this poem is contributed by the s4ians line by line.. no plagiarism.. lol..) bt still.. i was proud of u guys.. the s4ians '07.. tat's call unity strength?.. yea i guess so.. thnk bout it.. no one could ever defined love so gud like us.. u guys rawkz man~

love is very close
natural phenomenon
a special feeling
'xing fu' of eveybody

love is blind
when two hearts become one
caring, wonderful, amazing
fantastic, erotic
love is everything
love is for you and for me
love is 'shen sheng'
is neither simple nor complicated

sweet like chocolate
sour like lime
as hot as wasabi
as bitter as 'bih der goh'
as extraordinary as sixth sense
green as jealousy
from the bottom of the heart
hurt => cos 90'
happiness => tan 90'
pure, trust, sincere,
sacrifice, outstanding
love is loyalty, meaningful
love is no reason
come from a pure rose

love, described as a river
always flowing, but,
never smoothly
without sight of where it leads,
or comes from, so forth
the definition of Love.

so last year when i was doing class mag.. i decided to put in this poem.. this so significant poem.. u noe.. mayb 10 years later when we look back at all these.. at least we still can recall back how great secondary skul life was.. haha.. yea.. L.O.V.E - the most unique, beautiful, powerful things in the world..

i was not able to sign in to blogger ytd.. so guys.. HAPPY BELATED VALENTINE~

*CSCI bloody test 2ml. up date u guys bout my valentine 2ml. XD

xoxoxoxoxoxo. muackz dear~

Sunday, February 10, 2008

the days before school reopen..

9 feb. saturday.
so surpise~ zhi yong (if i ever spelled ur name correctly. sry.) called me up.. and asked if i wanted to go to our frens hse.. cause i'm rotting at home.. so i agreed.. 1st i tot there will be a whole bunch of ppl.. bt ended up just me, him, vijin and samantha. so this fella said 'i will go to ur hse to fetch u at 4 sumthin or 5 like tat lor..." okay. fine. just have to pass my time with more tv programs. then after a while.. i received a call from him again. "Eva, vijin said bout 6 sumthin like tat lor.." okay okay.. i continued with my so sien tv program much more longer.. nt long after tat.. another call.. AGAIN.. "eh Eva,vijin say.. dun go so early la.. after dinner k.. bout 7 smthin.." grr.. =.= then b4 he came, khaiboon visit me without any earlier information.. duh.. so jump off dis part..

so when we reached vijin house.. only i realised that they didn't even plan where which fren's house to go.. then jinwei n shino last minute dunno wat happen didn't turn up. so we went aeon to loiter a while.. then vijin suggested for movie.. okay lor.. they told me they bought RAMBO 4 .. i didn't noe wat movie it is b4 dis.. n yea.. its 18SG de.. a lot of killing ppl scenes lor.. more than half of the movie i was closing my face.. bout 1 third of the movie i was closing my eyes and ears.. so left wat.. i oso dunno.. damn kao ganas lor.. kip blowing off ppl's head with rifle.. eukkk~ disgusting.. zhi yong kip apologize to me when he saw my over-scary face.. =.= i cant even eat after tat.. kip thinkin of the flies flyin around the deaths.. *vomitfeel* i lurve the quote by John Rambo - Live for something or Die for nothing! damn gud phrase man~ ^^

opps~ i'm Cinderella.. or more accurate Cindereva.. =.= haha.. wth.. i'm nt tat pretty to be cinderella though.. haha... coz i needa b back b4 12am. oh yea.. recall back tat day jul's farewell party.. when i said this.. vijin said he wan to be the pumpkin.. itu not-so-slim jin wei said he can be the mouse.. and dunno shino or seebee said he wants to be the glass shoe. haha.. whole bunch of siao ppl.. =.=

10 Feb. sunday.
6m '02 classmates visited me dis morning.. then start my 1st gambling this year.. bt lost 30 bucks.. then they have to go le.. yongwee earned a lot dis year huh..
then i changed a new specs 2day.. at aeon a-look. tadaa~
i still prefer red specs though. aizs. i lurve RED~

beremo-emo.. haha.. i like de black effect..

btw.. frens out there.. i'm changing to DIGI as soon as possible.. *i will follow u~~* =)
still needa do korean homework. chaoz~


Friday, February 8, 2008

overdue posts.

hmm.. it has been a week i hvnt update my blog. lazy. no mood for blog. until i realise that when i online, other than chattin v frens (normally i'm lazy to chat oso. ignore me, frens.. =) i have nothin to do than blogging. bt sumtimes i really dun have the mood to put evythin in words.. how gud if i can draw or watever.. i'm suck in paint. =.=

btw.. happy chinese new year~ rat yr.. i was told that horse are in trouble dis yr.. 犯太岁.. =.= hope wont be too bad la.. i still nit to get cgpa 3.56 over 4 in exams so that i can get more than i want. rewards? relationship? better uni?.. yea.. god a god. po pi me har.. =.=

2/2 Sat.
sweet date i hv 2day.. went shoppin v dear.. i regretted i didn't buy anythin.. haha.. i didn't see anythin i wanted to buy tat time.. bt when i got back home.. juz not syok la.. shop for so many hrs bt buy ntg.. =.= i hvnt buy a new pair of footwear, more new year clothes, handbag, pendants, a new purse.. gosh.. so many things needa buy bt i dun feel wan to buy tat time.. wasted wasted.. my boy bought a pair of nike shoes. same colors as the old and1 he had.. duh.. black, white, gold.. mayb he want to have a collection of all brands same-color-shoes. haha. i lurve de golden nike sign. =)

2day.. finally finally.. abdu let me drive his car ler.. vr vr vr vr excited.. okay.. i drive from centro klang to half-way-to-sunwaypyramid. =.= betul betul syok when driving.. haha.. i noe i hvnt qualify as a pemandu berhemah.. bt at least i improve le. wahaha.. then drive until half.. abdu drive back le.. coz two of them claimed that they still want to live.. duh.. am i tat worse??... i pass lisence P de k...

oh yea. 2day i experienced the fastest trip from port klang to klang via #126 bus.. phew.. itu bus driver sedang lumba dgn the other bus.. different company bus.. ada disadvantage de la.. nasib baik i still alive.. =.=

3/2 Sun.
jul's farewell party at centro. people, i'm not mature i noe. mayb coz 2day i wear heels and skirts.. but dun console me. inner part of me still nt mature yet. =.= 1st time i'm about the height of zlynn n sheen.. haha.. hey.. 8cm heels betul betul tinggi.. so after spm, i hvnt see my old classmates until 2day.. hmm.. evy1 still de same.. not much differnet.. bt we have bunch of things to chat with.. bt mostly bout skul.. aizs.. and when in tat restaurant.. i'm like the only taylorian being kepung by 6 people from sunway.. =.= okay.. i'm a nyaris-sunway-student k.. blek.. haha..
i lurve u dear.. evythin bout u.. ;) so 2day experienced so many 1st time.. 1st time so so close v my boy.. 1st time in boy's toilet for such a long time.. 1st time sit bside de toilet bowl (althou i'm de one sittin on his lap.. haha.. so it's u dear sittin bside de toilet bowl. haha..).. 1st time see dear in long sleeves shirt.. bt too bad.. still it's black and white.. =( 1st time dis n tat.. if sum1 din avoid sumthin.. there will be another 1st time.. tat sum1 noe who he is. blek. XD ahh.. coz dad's angryin me.. so no choice have to go back early.. how i wish the time stop tat time. =( yea.. sumtimes sumthin juz addicted like drugs. hug, warmth, touch.. the feeling! comfortable, blissful!!

our 3rd month anniversary 2day. <3 we are getting better~ =))

5/2. tue.
i went to saloon today. 300 bucks to make my hair look even worse. =.= dis wat i realised after the 2nd day.. i regretted i dye my hair.. i prefer black. aizs. then my hair quality is getting worse now.. duh duh duh~

6/2 Wed.
i plan to do a new specs 2day.. coz i thnk my short sightedness power is getting higher.. and i'm bored of this red specs edi.. but my plan ruinned for 5 small kids. =.= after lunch i wanted to go aeon for my new specs and shoes. but my this 3 lil cousin and 2 sis are followin us back.. so i don't think shop in this big mall with 5 small kids is a gud thing.. who noes later one of them go missing.. i can't afford to pay back.. ya know.. nowadays kidnap cases are like mushroom after de rain.. =.= kids aren't gud. duh. i dun really like small kids.. i mean when i need to take care of them. i lurve kids.. when i have no responsibility to them. XD so we went mcd.. the all children's favourite! included me.. haha.. after tat i have a 'reunion lunch' with my frens.. bt my dad says.. 'okay.. u can go when u make kala-kala drink his milk..' (btw.. kala-kala is my 2-yr-old cousin bro.. cutie pie!! haha..) okay.. so i used all the ideas i have bt he juz don't even want to suck a drip of it. damn damn.. i'm in a hurry n i still needa b so patient to treat dis small lil baby.. gosh.. at last.. i scream on him.. =.= i tot he will cry n it's better to make him fall asleep after cry.. bt he laugh.. and scream back at me.. =.= wth. anti-kid now.. duh..

khaiwee is back from ns.. bt she still look the same.. i thought i will be fairer than her.. duh. i'm not. =( but it's okay. tanned skin = healthy skin. haha. self-console. =.= so we were in mcd. again. lotsa things to chat bout.. all from the same primary and secondary skuls.. haha.. sayangnya, itu not-so-slim jin wei stucked at teluk pulai tat time.. if not mcd will b even noisier.. haha.. i miss u guys a lot ler.. i miss the time when we still in form5.. i miss the time we k-book together until 5 in the morning b4 spm.. i miss the time we plan to study bt end up chattin and playin cards.. i lurve u guys!! frens 4ever~~

so dis reunion dinner.. i'm like having lesson on how to differentiate brandy and whisky.. thanks god.. i was given this two not-so-nice beverages the whole meal.. tapi dua beverage ini taste sama aje.. no difference for me ler.. my jie geng ler.. she really good in drinkin.. n she lurves it.. yulk.. i hate bitter taste beverage.. =S

oh yea.. chinese are richer.. man.. it's proved.. i slept at 3 in the morning.. n the fire crackers and bunga api still going on tat time.. walao eh.. u guys burnin money wei.. =.=

7/2. thur.
dis wat i wear 2day.. and i was being said to look like a waitress.. =.= wth. bt i lurve tat pinafore.. although it's a bit short.. and 'dangerous' for a not-so-淑女-me.. however.. accident happened today oso..

2day at aunty swee lai's hse.. saw lillian in surprise. lol. didn't thnk of meeting her here.. haha.. her bf's mum is my grandaunt's fren. lol complicatednya. in ease, means his bf's mum is my grandma's sister's fren. haha. nice to play with relationship haha. after tat saw sean and charmaine.. a lil bit expected.. coz i noe their mom is my grandaunt's fren b4 dis..

valentine valentine valentine~ hoping dis day to come earlier.. bt too bad.. i have computer lab until 4pm. feel wan to ponteng tat stupid thursday lab.. bt i will less bout 1 point sumthin in overall CSCI101 marks.. aizs.. how har.. next saturday cant date oso.. got stupid CSCI replacement classes and midterm exam.. gosh.. i hate CSCI!!!