Wednesday, January 30, 2008

it's me it's me!!!

i came back home earlier today.. coz dunno where can lepak le.. then sambil waiting for sms reply.. sambil zi pai.. sambil listening to songs. this wat i did~ weee~ =)

my jie wrote this on my used-plaster. =.= wth.. the most phrase we two using nowadays. lol. shuld have write RESERVED there instead of WTH la..

shaddup plz~ in a polite way, shhhhhhhh~~~

opapi~ ocean pacific peace!!


i punch ppl.. i do when i really do..

2day eat ful ntg to do la.. shinta and ali still waiting for my powerpoint presentation.. lol.. still got time zi pai =.=

what make Eva so physically Eva?...
  • thick eyebrow (i'm shin chan's pet sis. =.=)
  • big eyes (should be wide eyes lar..)
  • long eyelashes (which i like the most!! XD)
  • square square face (duh.. hate it..)
  • red specs (gonna change a new one.. ^^)
  • always-lurve-me dark eye circle.. (duh.. i hate them.. any solution recommended??)
  • wide happy smile =)
  • dark bronze skin (healthy one!! haha...)
  • dried-like-broom hair (boomed hair.. =.=)
  • thick waist (26.5inches.. i can't believe oso..)
  • full-of-bruises legs (ooo.. i alwiz hurt myself.. accidentally i mean..)
  • full of body-acne back (dunno why ler.. can't wear stripless top edi.. sob4..)
i think, you thought. who confirmed??... you comment!!


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

ini life-lah!!

okay~ okay~ =.= omg.. juz few days oni.. chubbier le.. next time cannot do dis expression le.. =.=

actually hor.. wanted to write few days ago.. saturday, sunday, monday.. so many things happen ler.. but i'm out of time now.. so have to make everythin short and sweet. lol.

saturday hor.. at 1st.. so happy so excited so so so so aiya.. dunno how to explain de excitement... cause i'm going to have my 1st blood donation.. so bangga ler.. so wei da ler.. dis wat i thought of.. i wan to save someone's life with my blood!!!!!!!!! when i reached there.. i still so happy, run to the weighing scale.. gam gam 45kg.. passed~ (coz need at least 45kg to donate blood la..) then i rushed to the reception booth to fill in the form.. personal info and dis and that.. then i came across this column.. MALARIA.. omfg.. i'm so so allergy to this word.. then this is the big column where they ask stupid questions bout Malaria la.. i'm half disappointed when i saw this.. but i still fill in everythin la.. after that when the doctor checked on my info.. she asked when i kena malaria.. then i said 13 months ago.. then she said.. "u have to wait for 3 years after malaria oni can donate blood la.." duh duh duh.. i'm like drop down from a 50th floor bangunan.. so sad.. then she said.. "u noe a.. malaria wont react straight away one.. summore sumtimes they can hibernate in ur body for so long one.. so it's very dangerous if donate ur blood.. later the ppl receive ur blood and get this bacteria a.. they can sue u wan ler.. cause malaria virus is in blood one.. if i noe u got malaria but i giv u donate hor.. later i will bring up to court oso ler.." wthwth.. i've ntg to say.. i juz noe tat coz of that stupid stupid stupid small little tiny mosquito at Dusun Eco Park.. i don't have pure clean blood now.. duh.. 3 yrs kinda long.. needa wait until 20 yrs old oni can donate blood... lamanya~~~ summore the doctor splash last cold water on me before i left.. "girl a.. so u are the lucky one to get malaria huh.." *%*(^$#$%@@#$%^%^*!!!!

-Shayrol ada rumah besar. opps.. is damn damn besar dan cantik..- =)

an nyeong~~

i have korean class ytd.. =)
learn the basic consonants and vowels.. it's nt hard for me.. coz b4 dis i learned by myself thru korean websites.. so still can cope them well..
learned some daily use phrases.. my korean seniors are all so friendly and good.. Leo and Zion.. great teachers u guys were!! looking forward for the next lesson.. =)

hor.. so not recommend my dear friends to watch cloverfield.. not tat nice.. and i don't even noe wat the movie wanted to tell.. i mean i went in the cinema.. then the movie started off with videocaming.. and all the way videocaming.. and ended with videocaming.. =.= and i don't noe wat's the ending la.. juz noe rob and beth died.. then lily dunno go where.. then de monster dunno got die anot.. then newyork city is gone.. it's not tat horror.. still, it's horror.. lol. means.. dunno la.. juz not recommended.. and whole cinema plus me, mz and abdu. there's only 8 ppl.. but on the half way.. 2 left.. so left 6 of us.. =.= jj bbk's cinema cold ler.. i shivered in the cinema 2day. =.= wat la. lol.

aranic aka siew yee aka nicole!! farewell, girl~ i will definately miss u.. my best piano duet partner aka my best best friend who make my secondary life more worth to rmb.. u rawkz!! bon voyage~

this so not me wei...


Wednesday, January 23, 2008


btw.. another lame title. =.=

so u noe i'm studying in Subang now.. i ve explored a lil bit on subang tat day.. then 2day i went on further to KL on my own.. chun man!! from KTM to KL Monorail.. i really feel like i'm big gal now.. haha.. big gal dun cry.. duh.. actually wanted to meet my mum and sisS at time square. it's my 2nd time to time square.. and it's like so so big.. luckily i didn't get lost.. and FLORA!!! I BOUGHT 2 STATEMENT TSHIRT!! so one which i chose was 'I MAY NOT BE PERFECT BUT PARTS OF ME ARE PRETTY AWESOME!' then the other one which my sis choose one.. aizs.. i don't think i will wear it.. it says 'EXPLAIN TO ME AGAIN WHY I NEED A BOYFRIEND'. duh. later my bf kill me. haha.. kidding kidding. tat store didn't accept credit card. and me and my sis left 65bucks altogether and one tee is 29bucks. so we bought 2 and we left bout 5 bucks in our pocket. lol. daijobu~ (japanese's it's okay. lol. my favourite word when i'm in japan. haha.) if i have more cash with me.. i will buy more of that. coz statement tee is sooooo cool!! there's the other one.. which says 'ABCDEFG, a boy can do everythin for gals. GFEDCBA, gals......' oh gosh.. i 4got bout de 2nd part.. but it's so chun man.. i will definately go to that store again. (if i ever go time square again. =.=)

so now.. me and Zoe is gossiping bout lecturers.. and classes. duh. (shhh!!!!)
  • math 110 is bored.
  • eng 093 dying.
  • csci 101 lagi teruk.
so conclusion.. my courses are all not tat interesting. kip self-console that i juz wan to earn credit hours and get higher GPA.. so it's okay... these are those easy easy sub.. duh.. sien a..... then we talk bout de lecturers how teruk there are.. with those 'lansi' (by Zoe =.=) style, one more talking lotsa nonsense, one more kip insulting me with 'Eva, yawn with your mouth close if not i'm going to throw things inside...' duh. right now, going coll is like for the sake of going coll. duh.
**cannot write down de lecturers' name ler.. coz nowadays leacturers google their name. =.=" later i kena.. haha..

next week i will be having Korean class.. haha.. i take part in tat Arirang Club. and i got the chance to learn korean lu.. so happy.. coz last time i'm so crazy of korean drama.. i even learn korean by myself thru net. duh. so i noe some written words. but forgot most of it le. haha. but still so excited. cant wait till next monday.

Happy Thaipusam everyone!!


the day before Thaipusam. =.=

i cant think of a title for dis post. so i put it in a lame way. =.=

2day after skul.. at 1st wanted to visit dear at his hse.. bt he didn't want me to go.. so insisted.. =( it's okay.. but miss him loads. then leen called me, asked me to go back earlier. cause.. my family alwiz like to play with sudden plan. lol. tat day suddenly we went to fraserhill one day trip.. then 2day suddenly they said gonna stay in Federal Hotel =.= in KL.. is like so near.. dunno for wat.. they suang. lol. i'm like so tired.. no mood.. aiks.. i'm home now.. cause i hate hotels. haha. tat's y i said.. so near.. i can go home so easily. =.=" bt i got chance to window shop Pavilion. okay. it's so so so so high standard there.. if i'm rich.. i sure sop till i drop there. cause.. there is like so so unpack.. not like midvalley or 1u.. have to squeeze with ppl.. bt there really too expensive to shop le la.. aizs aizs. so leen suggested to watch movie. dis is the 1st time in my lifetime.. i watch movie with my parents. lol. cause they were like alwiz bz.. no time for movie de.. then we watched game plan.. cause dis is the only movie Ena can watch la.. sry dear sry dear sry dear.. i shld have watch with u de.. aizs.. nvm.. next week watch again.. waa.. the pavilion's GSC so nice.. 12bucks per person.. bt still nice.. de chair more comfortable de ler.. i want to try on the Gold Class next time.. 50bucks. duh. so expensive. that game plan.. gosh.. i cry a lot ler.. i'm wearing spaghetti stripe 2day.. no sleeves for me to wipe off my tears ler.. so i asked my sis if she has tissue or not.. then she said.. y u cry until so cham?... duh.. so touch wat.. the lonely guy few seats bside me.. he cry oso ler.. until i can hear him cry oso.. =.= trust me.. if i watch it again.. definately i will cry again.. and yea.. bulldog with tutu.. awesome!!.. haha..

on de way home in ktm.. nearly tersleep again.. then dear called.. i said i damn sien.. until gonna tersleep.. then he suggested me to zi pai.. =.=" here i went~~ kachaa~~
so for those who don't know ktm. this is it. i hate this seat. so uncomfortable.. there's another type with no headrest de.. nicer though...

so nowadays so fall in lurve with white.. needa have some white accessories when going out. lol.

**opps.. btw.. 2day at sumwhere around sungei wang.. i bumped into this guy.. which i nearly see him everytime i'm in ktm.. he works here in Apple's store. cool. i'm shocked when i see him here. he smile at me.. of cos i smile back la. duh. bt i dun really wan to see him in ktm again. plz plz plz.. there's like 4 cabins in one train.. oh god plz dun let him come into the cabin i'm in again..

i'm a problem maker, plan destroyer and late apologizer. duh.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

slim ME!!

yay!! i was praised by my whole bunch of Uncles and Aunts that...............
waa.... so suang.. haha..
then i replied... "oh really?... yea yea.. i oso think that i'm quite slim de.. wahaha...."
i'm not fat~ i'm not fat~ haha..
fatty, fei po, si gemuk.... frens and sis, stop all these le k..
so they said that "eh... u now slimmer than leen le.."
i so paiseh when di-praise de ler.. haha.. @.@
i lurve to wear black le.. so in lurve with black shirts now.. make me look slimmer.. =)
so guys.. praise me slim please~.. XD

xoxo. =)

dedicate to my Dear...

SORRY dear!!!!
so i disappointed u today again. i'm sry. i didn't know so gam 2day i hv tat serious headache after so long didn't suffer from tat bloody headache.. hor.. i thought today i can watch Game Plan which i so wanted to watch. aizs.
1, 2, 3, 4... 4 days didn't see u le.. miss u miss u miss u!! =(
i know i'm the one who alwiz spoil evy gud thing. gosh. i'm like a super duper lousy gf. (flora, i'm even worse than u. duh.)
-suan le bahz- (anti-ing this 3 words. noooo...)
so what now?... after sleeping bout 17 hrs, ate 4 panadols, 100+s.. i'm like so well now.. very! can't even sleep le..
thinking bout my boy.. dunno whether he's sleeping with tat white bear bear - CUPIDO (i din 4get his name ler.. blek XD).. =) dun bully him a.. dun put him in tat cold dark cupboard.. he nit lurve and warm.. and he has a pair of long antenna.. to tell me whether u treat him bad anot.. wahaha... i 1st time present bear bear to bf ler.. so memorable.. =.=
dear, tat supergal shirt.. is 1 size bigger le.. bt nvm.. i still lurve it.. thanks lotttsssssss!! MUACKzzz~

-tired le jiu dun thnk so much ba. u can temporarily 4get me. juz temporary k. be yourself! and, gf is not only for sayang de.. gf can be there for u for evythin. =) smile ba.. coz i lurve ur smile. =) share wit me more of u k. i lurve u -


Friday, January 18, 2008

self-loving. <3

so these pics were taken when i'm at Japan last Dec. in bullet train tat time.. few hrs.. sien die.. then explore the train with Nash and Radika.. then found the washroom.. then start ss session!! haaa.. so this is me =)

bubble fish~


bear?!... descibed by TB.. =.=

so this was the most normal one huh..

acting cute bt failed. ended up with funny one.

gosh. i sux in wink!~

dun ask me wats dis. =.=

errr.. *#$%^$#$^&...



i have the other set of pics in front of mirror de.. with japanese clothes summore.. bt tat wan sucks. lol. and i have the other set in de big big bathroom which i stay in (exchange student got the chance to stay in big hotel suiteroom.. =)) but i terformat those photos. aizs.

so i will be uploadin more Japan trip's photos next few days. and for more photos juz check them out at my friendster profile. =)

watashiwa nihomga daisuki desu!!


Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm thankful I still ALIVE!!

1 hr ago.. i was in the ktm. i terslept. i missed the stop i should stop at. i reached the last stop - port klang stop.

half and hr ago.. when my sis fetch me fr the ktm station back to home, we passed by the 2nd last stop - the jalan kastam stop. it's on fire! i mean the train was on fire!! i screamed!! cause if i was in the next train.. i probably turned into ashes now!! omg.. it was so scary.. the sky was so black with all those fumes.. i feel like crying.. i am 1 step away from death.. i'm so glad that i'm still alive. very.

see de black fumes?... scary~
tat day har.. lillian still told me.. 'u noe hor.. ktm will explode oso de ler..' i thought she juz say say oni... now i trust le.. nooooooooo.... i duwan to go to skul by ktm le..
so.. 1 more thing to tell... Malaysia's bomba sucks man!! so this was the 1st time is saw kebakaran.. then dis was the 1st time i called to the bomba. at 1st i didn't noe de nmb.. 911? 991? 944? 994?.. i dunno.. my sis either.. so leen suggested 999. then i called.. so nervous.. so below is the conversation.. my bm sucks too. duh..
"hello hello.. bomba ke?.."
(then i didn't know wth tat person over there talkin bout..)
i cant wait le.. so i juz continue..
"nanti.. nanti.. itu.. sini ada kebakaran la.."
"apa?.. mana tu?"
"itu.. port klang port klang.. sangat serious the fire.. there's lotsa black fumes.. it's so so serious!!.. the portklang jalan kastam there.. the train there.. the railway on fire ler!!"
"mana satu station tu?"
"the port klang wan a.. i dunno what's de jalan's name.. near jalan kastam la.. tat wan.. de ktm station la.."
"ok ok.. miss apa nama?.."
"me?... saya Eva!!"
"ok.. miss Eva apa nombor telefon anda?"
"tunggu kejap ya.. i sekarang hubung talian anda kpd bomba shah alam ni.."
"okok.. faster la... so serious here ler.."
(they have the caller ringtone.. =.=)
so the other pegawai pick up the call..
"hello.. apa boleh tolong?"
wth.. have to repeat evythin again..
"sini.. itu jalan kastam ada kebakaran.. sangat sangat serious de.."
"itu ktm ke?"
"yea yea!! so serious here ler.. faster come la.."
"sedang pergi ni!!.."
"okay.. come fast har.. bb"

okay.. 1st.. u noe.. they waste a lot of time.. connecting my line here and there.. and i have to tell evythin 2 times.. is like.. if u duwan to listen wat i say.. juz connect me to the other line la.. wat for wan me to say twice?.. then summore is like i'm calling to mcdonald's delivery like tat.. =.= still slowly ask my name, phn number, lagi say.."tunggu kejap.. i hubung ur line........." walao eh.. their system is so sucks man!! if there's ppl inside de train.. most probably they died le la..
u noe near my house there is a fire station.. on the way home.. i juz hope that i wont see any of the fire brigagde there.. i hope i could at least hear any of the authorities sirens.. but.. disappoint me.. u noe.. after i got back home.. i waited and waited.. after more than 15 minutes oni i hear tat police sirens.. please la.. malaysians.. y so tidak-apa.. u noe there's edi how many live in tat ktm who noes.. it's so so not efficient. so so malu la.. like tat how to become negara berkembang?.. wth!!
(my bm really sucks.. summore + nervous juz now.. really dunno how to speak le.. change to english.. and campur bm lagi.. teruk la..)
conclusion. i'm glad i'm still alive. i'm always the lucky one. yea. 2ml probably go to coll by bus le. scare die me le. and i juz hope that there's noone injured or dead or watever.. juz hope that evythin's alrite. *finger crossed*'''t.happen.again.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

tadaa~ mid january life =)

few days didn't write anything here, so many memorable things happened in 3 days.. what's blog for if not writing them down?.. =)

so the 14th..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHAYROL!! opps.. and lillian too~!! =)

ah.. so now oni i realise i have whole bunch of Capricorn buddies! i lurve sheep though. haha.
then SeeBee, Shien, Lillian and I planned to have a birthday surprise for Shay. Lillian called up Shay's mom so that Shay won't be going anywhere tat evening. We tend to go to her hse by 8.30pm. the gals said they will meet up at my hse 1st. then i waited and waited.. lillian called and said she's at petronas opposite my hse.. i tot she didn't drive here. bt she was. when i open my hse's front door.. she's yelling "Eva!!! my car hor.. suddenly juz couldn't start the engine!!! how har?!!!".. i went like.. how?.. how i noe how?.. =.= then i ran to my dad.. ask him to help la duh.. cause he's de only hero in hse ma.. =.=" then my dad drive to petronas so tat can charge dunno wth battery.. bt failed. then went back drive another car.. charged de wth batt again.. failed again.. lillian called up her bro.. by that time.. seebee reached.. then all of us waiting at petronas for hr.. 1st time stood there for such freaking long time.. so lillian's bro and sis came.. dunno wat they doing.. the car's engine juz couldn't start.. then called her dad.. so her dad and bro-in-law came.. then tat time so late le.. i called my dad to fetch us to Shay's hse.. after tat.. i dunno wat happen to the car edi.. btw.. lillian's whole family came for a car. =.=

when we reached Shay's hse.. her so so cooperate parents helped us to sneak into de hse.. Shay was so surprised to see us there.. she's like out of reaction.. dunno wat to react.. haha.. i didn't see her for such a long time le. she's like a japanese doll now.. from hairstyle, makeup, dress, socks.. everythin.. ahh... 4got to take photo ler.. u noe her parents and bro really so cooperate ler.. din buy cake for her oso.. juz bought a donut from J.Co as bday cake. =.= summore all of us 2day din even sms or call her.. haha.. after tat v had chit chatting.. talkin bout our primary skul memories. lol. u noe la.. those gals talk lor.. haha.. nice..

so this is a gud start for eternal friendship.. yes i guess.. keep it up gals!!


15th.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YEEKHOON!! so after skul.. went to sunway pyramid with mz and frens. celebrate yk's bday kononnya.. tend to watch Game Plan.. bt we missed the 2.20 one.. i cant wait until 5pm. so grr.. gotta wait for next day. duh. then went back by bus lor.. 1st time taking bus at this area. and, yea.. i was leading dear to a wrong bus. =.= yea yea. so we wanted to go back to klang. bt we got up to the bus which the last stop was Carrefour subang. =.=" hor.. dear u so bad kip laughin at me.. next time i follow u jiu shi le la.. then we waited at the bus stop near subang parade.. i really so so regretted i hopped into the bus when i see BUS!!.. duh.. then waited and waited and waited. the last minute b4 we tend to go back by taxi.. the bus came. =) so now i know how to go back to klang by bus instead of juz ktm!! cheers!! ~.~ 1st time take bus with dear.. and bring him to holland le.. wahaha.. still, i feel proud coz after all still can get back to klang mar.. blek.. yay! =)

-fall in lurve with the jejantas in front of my hse- XD



  • late again. tend to take ktm at 8am bt woke up at 7.55 =.= xi guan jiu hao =)
  • math 110, test, duh.. gonna fail it. dunno wat the quest wan oso.. better start study edi. (wei wei.. sumone recommend college tuition can??!..) and nt to fish. the teacher anti-yawn de.
  • eng 093, group discussion and presentation. groupmate ~ kinchin, zoe, ali (fron iraq) lol. so 3 of the Chinese don't really understand iraqian english. kip asking each other.. 'u noe wat he talking a?'.. paiseh ler.. then hor.. zoe asked a so so so so funny quest. haha. i juz can't tahan to laugh out ler.. bt de class so quiet.. tahan until class ended.. laugh like hell.. haha.. don't feel wan to share de quest.. if nt later offend other ppl jiu nt gud lor.. bt hor.. stupid kinchin.. ur fault la.. if nt i oso wont di-ask dis quest by zoe. =.="
  • gbus 102, disappointed!! duh.. coz we have tat project thingy and have to form a committee group by ourselves. i'm the one proposing cause i see noone doing it. bt i'm the leftout one.. sob.. i aimed for event manager post. so that next time my resume i got sumthin to write on mar.. bt bt bt.. after evy1's name filled.. there wasn't any post for Tee E Va.. too bad.. =(
  • hv lunch alone again. after tat bought de white color bear bear.. with a lurve de.. nice.. for dear de.. =) this bear bear so choosy de.. coz he dun like cupboard de.. he sleeps in bed oni.. i will train him to be gud and obedient in bed.. so hor.. dear~ u hv such a big bed.. don't make him stay in cupboard k.. blek..
  • currently addicted to a 范玮琪's 黑白配.. like the piano background music. and the lyric!! i seldom listen to lyric de ler.. =)
random pic session~

flying kiss from leen~.. hor.. so many boys fainting le la.. still doing this kind of pose =.=

chubby.. gaaaaah!!! stupid pose..

at 1st i tot i can bcome fairer when i'm at coll.. bt.. freaking hardworking sun.. makes me tanner and tanner.. really wan to use umbrella?..

kachaa~~ it's juz life. =)

xoxo. <3

Sunday, January 13, 2008

jealous. jealous.
jealous. jealous. jealous.
jealous. jealous!!! jealous.
jealous. jealous. jealous. jealous.
jealous. jealous. jealous.
jealous. jealous. jealous.
jealous. jealous.

i'm so in jealousy now. duh. why har..
juz mere jealous.. bout another gal?.. kinda.. yea.. a gal i don't even know her.
hate this stupid feeling.


Saturday, January 12, 2008

not a gud day though.

so yea. 2day started off not so gud. went on not so gud oso. ended?... still don't know. so i have hormone imbalance today?.. yea i guess. i had insomnia ytd nite. slept and woke and slept and woke and slept and woke for times. gosh! then in Math class, i yawn and yawn and yawn until Ms Ng started to say 'Eva, stop yawning in my class! yawn with your mouth close pleaseeeeeeeeeee~' stupid la. the math is damn damn easy de. form 3 math. 2day teach bout integers. =.= friends out there.. how can i don't yawn in class?!... then GBUS class was better. cause we had this finding job activities. so no time for me to fish oso.

after tat, loiter at subang parade for nearly 3 hrs. alone. yea. so alone. found a so so ignorable place and sit for ages. stare blankly. enjoying my alone. don't feel want to talk tat time. no no for communication 2day. i don't really wan to be notice by others. bt failed. *jump off this part*

and soon, get off fr ktm.. *jump off this part oso* blek.
then went home, got scolded by dad. phn bill again. =.= every month i have this once. used to it lu..

what's happening at nite, i leave it p&c. don't really wan to share them. *wink*

overall, 2day things juz went so upsidedown. everything. duh.
guess 2ml will be a better day =) *finger crossed*

i appreciate what we are and what we will be. i don't want it to be an end.



Thursday, January 10, 2008

2nd day, still fresh, still gud..

tat day de last day orientation we had the activity organise by buddy program.. so their 1st welcome present for us is nailcolor, handdraw and perfuming. lol. i hate perfume!! summore is nt floral scent. euww... =[
c i draw this.. okay.. i didn't know wat was it at 1st. i still tot is chocolate topping =.= luckily i didn't try it in mouth. lol. so after tat oni i noe it's sumthin like tattoo thingy.. n indian used it. c~... 3rd day le.. de tattoo thingy still there.. =)

btw.. 2day slept late again. evythin repeated like ytd.. bt i managed to get in class in time coz i get there by taxi. lol. rm3 ler.. shared with other 3 ppl.. taxi driver gonna be rich there! lol. bt still sad coz the lecturer actually came in the class earlier than me. =( so today i had this College Algebra class. in short means common math lor.. same like what we do in secondary skul. algebra equation lor.. dis Ms Ng (the lecturer) kip talk out of topic de.. talk fr msia to US.. talk from her to her husband.. talk fr msia book to US book.. =.= gosh. a lil lil thingy she can talk until half day -.- after tat we had a short easy test. juz to test where our standard are. okay. i guess i can score well. coz it's like kacang putih compare to SPM.. i mean dis short test la.. i'm nt boasting. it's true. mayb coz dis is de easiest math sub in ADP. (tats y i took it.. wahaha.. i suck in math k..) then then then.. for de 1st time in my life.. i get to know tat math subject oso got journal to write de.. duh.. so we had our 1st journal as homework.. WHAT IS THE COLOR OF MATH?.. lol.. how do i noe. lol. black n white? coz it's dull for me.. not lively, sien.. or mayb colourless?? coz it's like oxygen.. we usually ignore it but we cant live without it.. =.= or mayb like what liying suggested.. RED?? coz it's like chilli.. attractive bloody red.. but it's too hot to try on.. yea yea.. guess 2ml wont be a nice holiday.. with dis 1st journal.. i mean 1st impression for my lecturer to judge me.. i better do it nicely. aizs. =S

so 2day i had 2 classes. 9.10-10.10 and 11.30-12.30.. so i hate the time between.. which i really no idea what to do.. so loitering around subang square juz now.. then went to Asia Cafe with Ter and Kinchin. it's huge! lotsa thing to eat.. then sambil eat sambil wait for liying and jocin to meet us there. okay. so 2 of them are doing SAM aka Stress Abuse Matriculation..whereas we the ADPian are known as All Day Play students. haha. okay.. evy1 out there~~~~ i highly not recommend u guys to A Level or SAM... Nooooo.. coz u can see the big big difference.. so Weimeng in A Level de join us today for lunch. 3 of them were like so so dull on the face.. underpressure.. n like so unhappy.. on the other hand.. 3 of us from ADP kip joking around.. enjoy our coll life.. happy evytime.. so big contrast ler.. they regretted of choosing SAM and A Level. and, i'm glad i'm in ADP. =]

my 2nd class.. GBUS 102. intro to business?.. yea yea.. learn all those basic stuff in business lor.. accounting, economics etc. gosh.. i'm nt into this.. but force to take.. so tat got assumption next year. sien la.. nexxt time c newspaper muz c tat newbiz oso le.. sien sien.. so many numbers.. can die.. =.=

so 2day after class wan to stay back for Amazing Race de.. bt it's on 2pm. and, those 2 monkeys went back early. and, nic fung didn't reply my msg.. so i walked to ktm station alone. then pass by Subang parade.. then went in a while coz the bloody SUNNY weather.. make my eyes so tiring.. then bought a new mechanical pencil.. mickey de.. so cute. haha.. and have my BR31.. i prefer new zealand's la. coz more flavor to choose. BR hor.. 10 yrs b4 de flavour same as now de.. no creativity oso.. =.=

so..... i'm in all white 2day for the whole day. i lurve white. and started to lurve black and white match. =)


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Eva is in TUC!!

btw.. for those concerning friends who havent see me for some times... i'm now in Taylor's, pursuing American Degree Program! okay. my case is lil bit complicated. coz ADP is a 4-year degree program.. and i juz tend to study for 1 year as foundation. 1st reason, i don't really like Alevel, SAM, Ausmat, CIMP etc. coz the subjects are so lil and it let me feel like i'm still in secondary skul with all the force-to-take subjects and boring fixed skul time. 2nd reason, my dad is so so satisfied with my jie's character changed and the positive thinking my jie possessed, so he wants me to try on american program for 1 year and switch to aussie's program the next year. 3rd, instead of taking MUFY (monash foundation), i've chosen ADP after a long family discussion coz i can get courses assumptions when i'm in aussie program. in other words means i can save half to 1 year when i'm in uni. summore can save $$ coz the budget studying abroad is nt tat cheap. lol.

conclusion~ i'm taking ADP this year and try my best to study all relevant to Event Management subject so i can get more assumptions later on and try my very best to collect more than 30 credit hours and get CGPA not less than 3.0.. guess it wont be hard for me. =)

hmm... so 2day was the 1st day in coll. slept late AGAIN.. miss ktm AGAIN.. late for class AGAIN. luckily the lecturer was late too. lol. then after the very rushing, 2day's 1 and a half hr class ended in 15 mins. lol. and today i juz have 1 class. duh. kinda waste time.

...2day no productivity ler.. wasting my life. duh..

the very conclusion~ i still not used to coll life..... but i know i can cope well in few weeks time ;) bless me~

xoxo =)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

the 2008's 1st post. few post in a post. 1 post got few post in it. lol. sien.

okay. my sis say i'm so so wu liao coz twin tower oso wan to take photo of it.
1st, i need to say that i'm one of those who are so so patriotic. i'm proud of this skyscrapper k..
2nd, think bout it.. out of so many ppl.. how many of us take a pic of twin tower b4 wor?... i'm among the one in minority k.. ><

okay okay. mf, u r nt hangat hangat.. so do i =.=
so on that very 1st day of 08, we have this family gathering dinner.. at federal hotel.. the restaurant can turn de.. can see nightview of kl de.. althou been to there so many times le.. but still the restaurant turn until my head faint faint. =.=
then.. klcc again.. =.=

The E's~

jie.. i will miss u de.. last month b4 u go adelaide.. sob4..
next month onwards nobody chat with me in bed until midnite le. sob sob.


so the day b4 ytd i went for ADP's orientation day. i was famous coz of my sis. lol.

"neh~ tat one is eeleen's sis lor.."
"which one which one?"
"tat wan with green color shirt one a.."


then i started to go like..
"hello~ yea.. my sis is eeleen.."
"hi!! eeleen's my sis!!"


then they say summore..
"eeleen har.. tat gal i hardly see her in LANS.." (btw, LANS is msian studies. and my sis ponteng almost whole semester.. lol.)
"Eeleen har.. Tat Tee Eeleen.. i know her i know her.."

conclusion.. my sis is kinda famous in ADP.. mayb coz of her i will be even more famous.. =.=

whole day orientation.. the briefingS were so so sien.. noe some new friends. juz some.. coz they all so so cool de.. so dare not to talk oso. haha. i noe more of my sis frens better than the newcomers like me. coz ADPians are always crazy. my jie ssays so.. lol..

summore i so surpise tat.. there's 6 kwanghuarian (+ me la) in ADP.. Nic Fung, Nic Liew, Sue Ann, Ter Ter, Kin Chin kor kor.. nice u guys here too. bt i'm de only one major in communication. duh.

after tat, i went home by ktm with ter, nic fung and kinchin. 1st time ler. i mean needa walk so long way to the station.. 1st time use 'touch n go' and scan in the wrong place (sia-suei =.=) and in ktm cabin ALONE (scary~).. interesting actually. i'm like a big gal le. wahaha. independent le. =)

2day is a fine day. i mean other than the sien sien briefings. =)


okay. new topic. bout my health. went to see 2 doc within 24 hrs. gosh. 1st is a chinese traditional doctor la. 2nd one is the ordinary clinic doctor.

on fri, i hv neck aching and i couldnt turn my neck to the left side. so my dad brought me to the 1st doc. then i hv accupuncture on the neck. so far so gud. i feel better after tat. i mean my neck. then after an hr.. my dunno lung or heart (i alwiz confuse this two =.=) ached whenever i breathe. i cant stop breathin. so means i'm having serious pain on the chest. tears started flowing. it's really painful. then de stupid doc apply the needle thingy on my stomach. wth. lagi teruk after tat. then i bluff tat i'm okay le. (actually is want to run off from tat place) lol.

this is de doc's description..
"ur heart har.. pumping blood uneffectively.. tats y u muz breathe more deeply.. n i will give u some medicine to improve your blood circulation.."

wei wei.. i din noe i have heart prob b4 dis.. coz i'm an athlete k. my heart so gud a..
then he say summore..
"when ur period come u will feel easy-tired rite.."
"yea.. i sleep a lot during menstruation..=.="
"next time hor.. dun so underpressure when period.. nt gud de.. hormone inbalance a.."
"okay. thanks doc!"
"summore u got serious gastric a.. eat in time k.."
"%&**$#!@!@#$@%**...." (i dun feel any gastric pain pun..)

then he gave me so a lot of medicine.. i have to eat 16pills everytime. gosh. but my heart or lung prob still hvnt cure. the next day still de same. then i went to c another doc alone. btw.. the doc is my dad's fren..
"ur heart and lung functionin well.. no prob.. dun wry.. dun hear tat doc mengarut. ntg to do with menstruation oso.. "
"really?.. then y i feel pain whenver i breathe de?"
"hmm.. mayb ytd the doc apply needle at the wrong place gua.."
"what the....."
"if not wrong is cartilage inflammation..."
"cartilage inflame?.. i dun smoke de wor.. duh"
"who tell u oni smoker can get cartilage inflammation?"
"nit few days to recover lor.. don't wry.. i will giv u pain-relieve pills"
"but then u have serious gastric prob har.."

"again?.. gosh!!"

okay.. which doc should i trust har.. 2 say differnet things wor.. summore they insist that i have gastric prob.. bt i don't suffer from gastric oso.. blurred.. so until now.. i still in pain when breathe.. bt after eat de pills it feels better.. bt.. it's nt gud to rely on pills rite.. aizs.. my dad says next few days still no changes then i'm going to admit to hospital for body checkup.. duh.. admit to hospital is going to be an annual event for me.. duh!!

so until now.. i still havent get the answer on
"are doctors trustable??!!...." pftt..

xoxo. =)