Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy Birthday, Dear!!

missing u.

Happy Birthday, dear! muacksss~ i ve a great day today since we havent meet for nearly 1 month le. thanks for everythin. a great bf u are. bravo!! 31st dec. cool date. haha. after birthday, bid farewell to 2007, welcome 2008 with great dreams and hopes! cool!

Alvin and the chipmunks
. nice movie. i like de fatty chubby Theodore.. damn cute de. wahaha. and ya.. my bedtime partners from 7 cutie pies now added until 9 of them. =) thanks dear. for that 'u n me'! ;)

btw, me and jie plan to countdown in front of the mirror so that 2 of us can bcome 4 of us. haha. more ppl countdown ma.. =.=

happy 2008 everyone!
may our dreams come true. may we live healthy and happily. may everyone be blessed! lead a blissful life!! =)


something special for my lurve one. =)

what would i want to giv for my dear bf as bday present?!.. thought of this for few weeks le. trying to search for sumthin to giv.. bt ntg really capture my attention. neither in Japan nor Msia. duh. this is among the hardest thing to do. lol. *erhem* thanks to SUMONE who inspire me of doing this very special present. ur suggestion, well thanks, i appreciate a lot bt i didn't really use 'em. still, U are the most supportive heng dai. =)

my plan. design a card?.. nah.. nt actually a card. an a4 size cardboard. ytd.. hmm.. woke up in the afternoon.. then start to find out my design tools and kits. coz quite a long time didn't do all these designing stuff. lazy. lol. then i found out that.. my.. my.. my.. dear MUM asked my maid to throw all those very-precious-art-paper which i ve collect more than 5 years. gosh.. i go like wth.. then i started to find all over the hse for nice, recyclable papers. hmm.. not bad not bad.. i still can collect many different kind of them. after all these.. almost 3.30pm le. 4.30pm i hv to attend a party. so i try to draft out what i want. but things juz went nt tat gud. i juz cant draw what i thought of on the paper. grr..

still nt bad to hve all these found from my table, cupboard, storeroom, studyroom, wardrobe and more.. got shoestring, paper bag, magazine, art paper, stickers, strings, rope, aluminium foil, cloths, present paper etc. proud i make use of every single recycle thingy. =)

then terpaksa stop everythin to attend tat so-call party.

when i reached home it's edi bout 12am. then after finished my mum's thing, bath, remove my nailcolour, i start evythin again. draft, think, draw, throw, draw again, throw again, cut, throw again, draft again, cut again, paste, throw again. these repeated and repeated. until i finally realise.. gosh.. no time le.. 4am in the morning. stut. then try to finalise everythin and do in the easiest way. collage.

this is what i 1st plan.. draft is easier than designing de actual one. really.

still got mood to take pic. lol. i wish i could juz send him this. lol. me in the frame. wahaha.. =.=

at 5.30am today.... *drum roll* Ta-Daa~~~~

this my masterpiece!!
although it didn't look like what's playing in my mind. bt. hmm. evythin is from heart. it's memorable. it's unique. it's the only one, from me. =)

see the big pink heart.. it's made from shoestring. lol. the 2 red A's is from my jie's leftover. the brown papers is from paper bag. the U+Me is fromm mayday's album's photo. the background is made fr aluminium foil, thin ropes and colour papers.

it's whole nite's effort. althou a bit last minute, exhausted. bt contented. 1st time, for my lurve one. hee.. =)


Saturday, December 29, 2007

sleeping beauty. er... lazy piggy ba..

sleeping beauty. lol. kononnya.. jie so wu liao.. but still this photo is precious enuf to reflect my very reality life. i sleep deadly.. don't ever kacau me when i'm sleeping or u will mayb get a punch or kick. lol. n.. i can die without phone. lol. so most of the time my phone sleeps with me. and hmm.. dis nt my bed so cant even spot a bear bear.

my bedtime companions har.. let me count count 1st.. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.. 7 of them. stitch the koala, baby koala which still remain anonymous, mashmallow the mashimaro, dolly the sheep, muffin the xmas bear, honey the classic bear, and a reddish devil.

yea yea.. feel so bliss when i'm in my cozy cozy bed. lol.

Ramly Burger Ramly Burger!!


hey guys... dis video clip damn chun!! so msian ler.. ramly burger ramly burger.. i can sing oso.. lol.. feel like getting a burger now.. haha...


the random post.


yea. same as meifong, kinda lazy to update blog le. lol. geminis are like that. hangat-hangat tahi ayam?.. bingo!

i wanted to update my blog with Japan's bits and pieces. but 1st, i haven't collect all missing photos from friends. 2nd, there are too many photos until i don't know where to start. 3rd, i wrote my diary everyday in Japan in my PDA but i couldn't find my USB cable so i can't transfer all those stuff into PC so i can't upload them here so i'm lazy to write everything again. conclusion, i'm still lazy to do anything. friends out there, sorry sorry sorry. i will update everythin in a short while. so don't keep nudging me for photos le. thanks.

To Do List
  • write MeiKei's report and email it to Dr Ahmadyar. (i shld hv finish this last week. aizs)
  • decide what course to pursue in coll bfore 3rd Jan. (mufy? adp? gosh!)
  • finish up all those vr vr ma fan and mountains-like Eduwis paper work. (still got bout 7 workbook to type?... hmm.. almost finish i think..)
  • design birthday cards. dec birthday babe. =)
  • upload Japan's photo. (someone, i nit help!!)
  • email to okaasan. yea yea. email photos.
  • update msn messenger Jenesys list. (so that i can get all photos i need)
  • help Pang Yang to think bout 'sumthing'. (ask me personally if u really want to know. XD)
  • go for hair treatment.
  • shop for new year clothes.
  • LOSE WEIGHT before another person says i'm getting FATTER. (47kg to 44kg?.. nt tat easy k)
  • go for optical check-up.
  • use all ways to change my brand new laptop from UBUNTU to WINDOWS. (yay! my laptop ler..)
  • clean up my messy table.

duh. lotsa things to do huh. sien sien sien. i wonder if i have a chance to just doing nthing for the whole day, staring blank. everyone thought i have great time relaxing in Japan. hey. i have to get up EVERYDAY in the early morning. the schedule was so rush. so i'm still tired. lol.



Monday, December 24, 2007

The 2nd Silent Night.

xmas eve. no turkey, no christmas tree, no presents, no candy, no chime, no big huge sock, nothing. i'm not a christian, but i used to celebrate xmas every year. but 2day is de 2nd year, i spend my xmas eve silently. last year, i was in ward, single bedroom ward. kena malaria that time, stucked in hospital when everyone celebrating xmas eve, alone. countdown alone. like dis year. but dis year better.. coz i countdown in front of mirror. haha. lame.

Happy Xmas everyone!
dis xmas tree har.. in tokyo de..
bside the busy busy t-junction..
mayb nt much people realize it..
in such blinky bz big city..
it just capture my attention when
i'm waiting to cross the road.
chun ler.. but that big red and blue bag, aizs..
i think is TB de.. buat kacau aje.. lol..
merry xmas :)

Saturday, December 22, 2007

the returnee.

i'm back!

yea. lots of things to post.. bt now nt in de mood. so post next time. lol.

i've changed?!.. i doubt. bt i hope i'm not. 2 weeks is long enough to change evything. but i missed the time before 2 weeks. i hope things to be the same, unchanged. i hope bonds will get stronger, nt shatter in pieces. i hope i hope...

i hope for what i hoped.


Wednesday, December 5, 2007


hmm. actually. anti-countdown. cause it makes me more nervous, more dunno-what-to-do. aizs. but since MZ counting down.. so i company him. lol. left 1 day b4 i leave for Japan. opps. is more than 1 day la. cause i'm leaving at night. -.- right now, still havent go for dental checkup, still havent go for mumps injection, still havent done my presentation preparation, still havent pack my 2weeks luggage. so, overall, i'm out of time but everything still undone. aizs. still no mood for leaving my Tanah Air for 2 weeks. i scare cold de. but Japan is damn cold now. i scare alone de. but i will be leaving alone. bless me i can talk calm and fluently in front of all strangers. cause i'm kinda shy in public. lol. my 'out-going' gonna stop working when i have problem in communication.. i mean do they really know Malaysian's English?!... with all rojak language?.. they know walao-eh? they know beh tahan?.. they know 'NO WAIT'???... guess Malaysia will be better. yeap. i will be so so more talkative when i'm back to Malaysia, with all those campuraduk language. malay, chinese, english, japanese, hokkien, cantonese................ friends, talk more with me that time har.. Malaysia,.... still the best!

Share with me your thoughts please. yeap. it's u. it's u it's u. don't ignore me har.


I'm colourful. But what's wrong with colourful life?.. haha..

1st. explain bout the title. i'm colourful, said by seebee and gang cause i setia-bf more than setiakawan. colourful in chinese means se4. means zhong4 se4 qing1 you3 la. lol. i told sheen bout this cause she's the other VERY colourful one. haha. and she replied 'what's wrong with colourful life?' which i agreed a lot. yeap. i lurve colourful life. lol.

2day har.. spent most of my time with my boy. cause it's the last time to meet before i leave for Japan. so we cherished a lot the time together. after the 1st bc paper, i dumped away my beloved kawan and loitered along with MZ and gang. sry frens. sry sry sry. then i have my 1st experience in cybercafe, 1st play on counterstrike. still not bad. at least i still killed Jul and ChinHeng for few times. haha. i still novice ler. dikira geng le. haha. but still will tershoot my teammate sumtimes. haha.

then after the last SPM paper, watched my 4th movie in 2 weeks time. BEE MOVIE~ buzz buzz buzz... the Barry, quite cute. but the ending is not what i want. overall the storyline okay okay only. but the effect not bad, so many cute cute thingy oso. so still not bad. hmm.. after that movie, drink honey oso will feel lil bit guilty. -.- but honey still so nice. haha.

the s4-ians having farewell dinner + celebrate OZZ's birthday at Station 1. 2day i so obedient ler. didn't even drink a drip of beer. haha. cause 2day feel lil bit dizzy dizzy le. don't suffer myself. then my dad says i must go back before 11pm. if not i will stay a bit longer. cause really so berat hati to leave my boy. start used to his presence le. later that 2 bloody long week don't know how to survive wei. aizs. bless me bless him.

my host family replied my email. and, and, and, what so disappointed is my host sis, Kaori is in Germany now. sad. i thought i can share a bedroom with her. i thought i can have sis-talk with her before bedtime. i thought i can go to school with her wearing the so-Japanese school uniform. i thought i thought i thought. aizs. so means i'm gonna go to the so so strange-to-me school alone? walaoeh.. really testing my bravery har. juz hope i won't cry there. duh!!

still, listening to Jay Chou's 彩虹. still, recommend u guys this nice song. yeap. maybe this song really suits our situation now. duh.

看不见你的笑 我怎么睡得着

你要离开 我知道很简单
你说依赖 是我们的阻碍
就算放开 那能不能别没收我的爱

i know i disappoint u again today. sry sry sry. i understand the two phrases up there. quite meaningful. don't luan luan think le k. <3

OZZ~ Happy Birthday!!


Monday, December 3, 2007

shop till i drop!! XD

no doubt, shopping really makes me 101% high! yeap. de among things that can relate me with girl is SHOP!! today, me and my sis plus my mom, spent almost 1k in juz few hours. this is called 101% GIRLS POWER. my dad said this. he's still thinking if really want to apply a credit card for me. haha. cause, with card, i mean it's gud when in emergency. lol. yeap. when there aren't any credits in your purse, it's considered as 101% emergency. wahaha... hmm.. today har.. altogether bought some long sleeves shirts, a pair of nike shoes, a pair of girly girly shoes, toiletries to bring to Japan, 2 dress, 2 sneakers. still so curious.. why my dad calculates all those receipts and total up to nearly 1k. lol.. summore now got sales. bbt's new jj really quite big. quite a lot of things to shop but quite a lot of shops still haven't open yet. i'm waiting for mcky, mng, voir, xoxo,... hey.. what if fasta pasta have a branch here?!.... (dreaming~) my favourite tiramisu.. i miss u loads.. 101%...

okay, this morning, bargaining with my 101% beloved daddy on how much should i bring to japan. end up, rm1000. i think its more than enuf. coz i ve no time for shopping. minus the time to visit those embassies, research institutes, factories, historical sites, museums, and minus the time writing reports, prepare debates thingy, prepare presentation thingy, i dun think i left more time for shopping. aizs. but i will try my very very very very best to shop. at least buy sumthing for myself, my beloved family, my boy and friends. but no promises friends out there. juz try my best har. ^^ summore my luggage i scare later too heavy until i cant carry. lol.

thinking what to give to my host family... sumtimes best presents Malaysia?!... durian can a?.. lol.. faint.. thinking thinking thinking.. aizs.. sambil thinking sambil writing blog sambil listening to Jay Chou's 彩虹. nice song! 101% recommended nice song!

**currently addicted to 101%. ignore them if offended. wahaha..


Sunday, December 2, 2007

Live to Love. Love leads to Peace.

This song, buatan Malaysia!! proud! and dunno get what international prize! bangganya. proved that MALAYSIA BOLEH!! Live to Love! so same as my believe. live to lurve, lurve to live, lurve leads to peace. hey. meaningful lyrics. click the play button to listen any of the version. nice. serene. calm. powerful. ENJOY~

Live to Love
Melody: Chow Kam Leong
Lyrics: Leonard Tan (English Translation)

The colors of the rainbow in our eyes
The warmth of hugs from our arms
Our ears listen the right from wrong
Love is patience and perseverance

The path that leads us to openness
From the chilly wind we embrace bitter and cold
Sunshine bring us renewal of hope
Love keeps us from harm

Let us live to love
In darkness we find warmth in our hearts
Let us live to love
Let us forgot the Wars and hatred
Let us live to love
Let us treat hatred with tenderness

Let us spread the message of love and
make the world a better place
(Let our hearts be filled with love)

Yearning to fulfill our promises and trust
Listeninh to pave the distance between us
Don't be afraid of loneliness in the night
Love gives us strength in life

Who is calling when the wind blows?
Who would feel their sadness?
Who will lend them a hand in strength?
Let us bring smiles back on their faces


让我们 存为爱 黑暗中温暖的胸怀
让我们 存为爱 把战火狠狠抛开
让我们 存为爱 用温柔把仇恨对待
让我们 把爱传开 让世界更美好起来(让心永存爱)


Sympathy?!.. Expensive! Don't simply waste it. -.-

nowadays, don't simply use sympathy a.. cause will die faster. crimes today mostly use sympathy to cheat people. don't feel pity to those small kids, old lady or whatever. don't turn your head here and there when walk. look forward. don't ke po.

waaaa.... so easy to say.. i'm de 1st to simply use sympathy wei.. i don't think much.. i'm easy. i don't think complicated. cham... in short, means my percentage to cheat by people is higher than anyone else. Japan?!... duh?!... do i really need to go alone?!.. scary.. start to scare le wei.. what if i go in public toilet and never come out again? what if i help to bring a small kid back to her home, and wake up with naked? omg~~~ touchwood!!

MingZu says, be very very careful. when eat, when drink, when in bathroom, everytime, anytime, anywhere. muz be more alert to everything. My daddy says, don't ever help other people to carry anything at imigration or anywhere else. don't talk to stranger. (but i go alone wei.. everyone is strangers for me. duh?!!!)

guess i have to set reminders repeated every half and hour during my trip to Japan. so that i won't forget to be more careful. yeap. i'm friendly, i'm helpful. my alertness is zero. but don't worry. i will be better after 2 weeks. bless me!


Saturday, December 1, 2007

my 1st movie date. :)

yeap. i spend whole day with my boy today. from breakfast until dinner. great day huh. yeap. we watched 2 movies, which the 1st one i already forget half the story. lol. Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium. hey, it's really magic. yeap. if u really trust it's magic, it will be magical. yeap yeap yeap. so so agree. i lurve Eric. the lil 9-year-old kid with an abundant of hat collections. how good if there's a real wonder emporium rite?.. hmm.. if there's a room full of bouncing balls, is more than enough to excite me. lol.

SOMEONE bet with me, says he could buy tickets for movies in the morning. and, it turns out to be Poof~ nothing. so i had my free lunch. haha. dunno who a.. i say sure out of tickets, and he says he pro a.. sure can buy one.. blek.. XD

the 2nd movie, Enchanted. u guys should watch this. really really nice Disney movie. funny. cute. lovely. innocent. hey, what makes it so Disney-movie is the singing part la. cause, every Disney movie sure got singing de. nice song. nice voice. Giselle, the cute, adorable, innocent, alwiz-happily-ever-after girl, and the cute chipmunk - Pip, this movie really chun.. must watch a~

hmm.. 2day hor.. we have done a good thing har.. hey guys SPCA is the organisation for animals protection one rite?!.. cause there's a volunteer making fund and her SPCA was for what kanak-kanak spastik. aizs aizs. sia sueinya me. giv mz suan har.. then i'm realy sux in rejecting these thingy. still learning how to reject. cause when i really not enough money for myself, i will donate to them too. no why. juz sux in rejecting. aizs. but still feel so good. cause we donate 30 bucks altogether. generousnya kami. lol. later claim back the money from mom har. >.<

hey dear, this is a date. 1st movie date. yeap yeap yeap. it's a date. memorable huh. yeap. won't have chance before i go Japan le. but there's still chance after i come back rite.. dun so pessimistic la wei. chill~

hey, 2 weeks won't be so long. trust me. i won't fly u. blek.