Friday, November 30, 2007

3rd Nov. The day i became unavailable. -.-

It's 12 midnight now but still feel so awake. no why. missing him. thinking him. my boy, we started off abruptly. very. no much reason, just follow my very own feeling. and, what surprised me was i confessed. maybe should say he is the lucky one cause i don't confess to boys before this and i thought i will never do this in my life. plus, my friends thought i studied until i can't think well or whatever more reason, i started a relationship right after graduation, and before my very important SPM examination. i know i made my decision too too fast, i actually only started to think bout us, our future after few weeks. but thanks god, I FOUND A GREAT BF!! yeap, he's great. he's the 101% nice guy. at least for me, to me. :))

hmm... we were classmates for 2 years. he actually sit quite not far from my place but we seldom talk. my fault. cause i'm a TR queen, a ponteng God and a lot more what nots. some more if i'm in class, i sleep more than awake. so in form 4 there's totally no much interaction betweeen me and my classmates. i'm so so tidak-apa with class thingys. i didn't know my classmates' name too. so forget bout form 4. form 5, situation became better. at least my classmates got chances to hear me shout and sceam and laugh loudly. yeap, started to be so noisy in class until every teachers know me. -.- bt still, we didn't talk much. if not mistaken, we started to know each other more on SPM trial. he's shy. haha. we sms-ed more than talked. we used to talk when with whole bunch of friends. and, he's good in ignoring. maybe i'm good in ignoring him too. lol. then, things just went fine. then, we became better and better. then, like that like that then together lor.. (i actually forgot what's happening that time. lol. i'm a lousy gf! >.<)

compared to me, he's really great. he's caring, understanding, supportive, loving, cute, concerning, trusting and a lot a lot a lot more. jealousy?.. hmm.. he said No but i said Yes. sometimes la. don't care, i say yea means yes. blek. lol. sumtimes, i used to be a sassy gf. sometimes only. XD we are like so friendly couple. he get his freedom, so do I. cause he said if i don't have freedom, i will never be me anymore. when he told this, i'm like so so touched. so touched until wanna cry. -.- he trust me a lot. me too. he keeps on asking me if i jealous when he's dealing with other girls. but jealousy?!.. i have but not much. cause i know him and he knows me. for me, that's more than enough.

a lousy gf i am. 101%. maybe is lil bit blur + lil bit slow responds + lil bit dunno-what-happen. my concerns were always out-dated. don't ask me why. but for me, at least i concerned rite. summore once, what so hurty was i don't know how to write his chinese name. but now i won't forget forever. lol. sry dear, for hurting u so many times. i don't mean it. opps. is sry for ter-hurt u so many times. my sis says i use my butt to think. sometimes, i agree. i just don't think before i talk. sorry.

many friends of us actually so surprised when they know we had make up our relationship. and, some even don't look good on us. so many different responds, i still stand on my decision. cause i know my friends, my sisters, my heng daiS... u guys support me wholly. feel touched actually. i'm easily-touched.

hey dear, i lurve u. much. that 2 weeks when i leave for Japan, don't think so much. don't a. if not i will kill u.. blek.. i promise i will be very very very very very careful. trust me, i'm not that innocence and suei to cheat by other people gua.. summore i trust AFS. so, don't so worry. 2 weeks will pass in a blink. :)

hmm.. how i wish i got amnesia before i leave for Japan, so that i won't be too missing u then. i will homesick!!!!! aizs. still a small kid i am.

lurve u. <3

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sunway Lagoon?!... duh?!...

i hop, i jump, i fly....
all those stuff that i wish to write before this, at this moment, don't feel want to write those. i mean my graduation day, my after-graduation farewell party, precious relationship with my boy... ignore those by now. next time see if i still writing back bout these stuff.

by the way, today, i went to Lagoon with my sis. so a lot of jokes we made. not jokes actually. is things that mempersiasueikan. aizs. 1st. my sis drives. and, she knows federal highway but she doesn't want to go by that way cause she hates traffic jam. so we go from kesas highway. two blur blur kids looking at every single signboard. luckily we managed to reach lagoon.

2nd. at the ticket booth. i can be forgive because my last time to lagoon is bout few years back. but my sis she juz came here last few weeks. and we wasted 40bucks for the tickets. what we need are theme park tickets. i suggested this. but my sis say 'see the ALL PARK ticket?!.. buy that lah!'.. after all we realized that we don't need ALL PARK (theme park + extreme park + wildlife park) ticket. summore after that we realized that we are like the odd ones with purple ticket while others using blue tickets. gosh! everyone like looking at our tickets, what are v going to do with WILDLIFE PARK??!!!... park for kiddies wei.. aizs aizs.

3rd. 'hey sis, gimme sunblock wei!!' 'sunblock?!.. i thought u bring?!..' GOOD! we came to lagoon and none of us bring sunblock. see, i'm even darker now. duh?!.. aizs.

4th. a bunch of silly people, boys, Chinese summmore.. few of them, me n my sis sit on the same boat (dikira boat, cause it's on de water) lol. there's water splashing here and there, but not everyone will kena one la. so these few so not gentlemen, before the water splash, they will try to turn tat so-called boat and 'stupidly' everytime me and my sis got splash.. omfg.. and, when we were all wet, and they were so so dry, they laugh on us?!... chinese wei.. at 1st i thought only malay do these. stupid chinese people.. i mean only them. then they start tackling (dikira tackle gua.. bt not me.. wahaha.. is my lenglui sis) us.. gud.. they were like so noisy, so stupid, so irritating a.. then we start to avoid them, whole day. hey.. i'm not enjoying with these people disturbing here and there k.. grr!! make me so fed up to hide here and there.

~don't go lagoon with just two person~ (cause it's not as fun as go with whole bunch of frens.. sien..)

then.. we rent a double-tube. cause we thought we need to rent it before we can play those water-play. gud. our tube, green tube, 25bucks. before entrance we saw 'no green tube allowed' lol. again, i blur, my sis more blur. tat tube we rented can be used at the two big big pool. gud gud gud. and tat 25bucks we just rent for 10minutes. so altogether today we wasted 65bucks. aizs. we are not rich!! so wasted.

later on, we went to sunway pyramid 2. the new building, quite big, quite nice. last so silly thing is......... when i went to toilet, i.. i... i..... dropped my sis's phone into the toilet bowl!!! dum~ dum~ dum~... de sound goes like tat.. n at that time, i'm so shocked so blank so dunno wat to do.. then i ask my sis to come in.. then.... die ler.. the phn die ler.. aizs. guilty. my sis says 'don't let me see u sms again!!!' aizs. die.

bt overall 2day is a good day.. improve sis relationship. haha. we screamed on the pirate ship. just us screaming. lol. we scream when people don't. we scream when people scream. we enjoyed. we have new experience, new memories. chill!!!

yeap, blur blur me should have bring my very clear boy along. haha.



Sunday, November 4, 2007

stay tuned, friends.

hmm. juz to inform those concerning friends out there. i will not be blogging until spm over. get my latest updates bout graduation day, my so-called complicated relationships, my ex-kwanghuarian thoughts and many more after spm. so many interesting and challenging stuff to blog actually. but. hmm. time is not allowing me to blog. so. stay tuned. lol.