Tuesday, October 30, 2007

beh tahan.. aizs!

beh tahan beh tahan.. lol. when i thought i'm the only one self-degrading, i realize i'm not alone. lol. my friends claimed that they sleep more than doing any other thing. yea. me too. sometimes sleep like pig, sometimes just cant sleep until 3am. cheers, friends! haha.

recently, watched 'Secret'. sry to someone cause i watch by myself. the movie, sad ending. i almost cry. another touching love story. Jay, really talented. i don't really like him. but he can produce such an easy but engraving story. not bad actually. the soundtrack! you guys must not leave out with. many nice pieces give great impact to the movie. feel want to post all the soundtracks here. but i'm not that good in using blogspot. hmm. guess next time when i'm free to try it on, i will share it here. i actually downloaded the soundtrack's piano scores. but still no time to practice on it. some of the soundtracks really touched into my heart when i listen to them. especially those performed by Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. nice nice.

tommorow, i will graduate. after tommorow, i will be an ex-student of Kwang Hua. hmm. sad actually. i miss those days in school. in class. in band. in marathons. in competitions. those were the days. the time i siao with my beloved friends. tommorow, looking forward to our 1st and last class performance. looking forward to the farewell party at Poh Yuan's house. Looking forward to a great evening with all of u. 5s4, we rock! our laughter our tears, never bring our bonds end. cheers!


Saturday, October 27, 2007

the 26th's

it's 26th today and i'm still self-degrading. aizs. hmm.. now only i know actually there's quite a lot of friends reading my blog. lol. why u guys so supportive har.. haha. thanks anyway. and, i only realised that i usually blog after 11pm when munjie told me. lol. yea. these days keep online until midnight. busying with class mag, graduation day's performance, this and that. but i'm still okay. cause want sleep can't sleep. lol. life's been so hard. and ya, friends, don't give me surprise or whatever related to not-so-common thingy. don't play a fool with me, especially when i'm really moody. eg, today, chia chuen and chin heng actually purposely apply elephant glue on the door. i was cheated by them and my fingers were so uncomfortable after that. hey, i hated elephant glue k. i'm not princess-like. but i really don't like my hand to be in this stupid condition. i lurve my hands k. dont try it again next time or i will kill u two!! and, my health is a bit affected these days, no surprise for me. i cant take it. lol. although still not sure whether mz's tipping right or wrong.

today i received mail from AFS and i was selected as a young ambassador to Japan.. haha. at last i succeed. sry to those s4-ians. cant spend graduation trip with u all. enjoy ba..


Thursday, October 25, 2007

What's wrong with me?!.. I too wanna know.

bored of current life. actually my life is meaningful. but don't know why feel so meaningless. tired. bored. don't know struggling for what. don't know hoping for what. miracle ba. hope for confident, hope for success, hope for something that couldn't be described. i've changed. everyone changed too. i need concerns. need it desperately, before i drown.

current situation: moodless.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Don't ever ignore friends. teruk akibatnya!

i've learnt my lesson not to ignore friends. i mean even i'm busy or whatever. hey friends, don't ignore friends especially BOY friends. cause they will never forget they have been ignored by u. and, what so horrible was the consequences. i really couldn't bear it. super rude words coming out from their so-call clean mouth, keep suan-siaoing bout my ignorance, treating me like treating enemy, and doing lots of nonsense. threatening me. aizs. stay cool? u are not cool in this way k. just wanna ask.. are we still friends? do you still treat me as friend? what so cool bout hating someone? u seem like hating lots of people. i think it's more happy, more relaxing when discard hatred and envy. aizs.

i will try my best to not ignore friends. sorry sorry sorry.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

live. life. lurve.

since there's a Someone using this quote also, so gonna talk some bout this very-Eva-quote. i'm live. sure lah. i mean i'm active, or even hyperactive. life. my life, so colourful, so interesting. i enjoy life. lurve, the most important thing human live for. lurve among family, friends, couple... i have almost complete lurve, from friends and family. boyfriend?!.. still searching. lol. my quote meaningful ba?.. haha. ss again. the 3 most important things for me - Live, Life, Lurve.

today, very moody. in class, in bandroom, when dancing, when doing bloody class mag. aizs. pricky thorns i have 2day. sry friends if i offend u guys. sry sry sry. summore so fed up with the class mag edi. friends, don't make my job harder. aizs. sleepy.


Sunday, October 21, 2007

don't be racist lah!..

these days, life full with tuition. lol. tuitions never end, especially friday, hated friday. today tuitioning also, half-concentrating, half-gossiping with gang. from the mistery Kevin with 9001 follow after his name until the 2 strangers become couple in our class. lol. life's so interesting actually. but sometimes quite nonsense also.

not long before this, our 1st Malaysian astronaut leave for space station. bangganya~ i practice patriotisme. swear. the damn handsome Dr Sheikh Muzzafar actually was a doctor and was still SINGLE. lol. how good if he's a Chinese. i'm not to be racist but my family, i mean my dad my mom my sis were so so anti him. cause, he's a Malay. i mean the 1st asronaut from Malaysia is a Malay. this topic i actually 'debated' with my BELOVED family and we nearly quarrel. lol. and i'm so alone cause i'm the only one support him. my mom said he is like no other millionaires who just merely wish to visit the outer space. my sis said he's just a mere doctor and know nothing about the outer space and just having holiday there. my mom said again that he shouldn't use our money, i mean those taxes to just travel there. and they said, it's unfair because there's more talented and qualified CHINESE astronaut to be in his present place. they said CHINESE should get the honour. gosh. why so unhappy? why so unsatisfied? for me, i really feel proud of Dr Shiekh, don't care what is his intention to space. he's actually promoting Malaysia to the world. and, i heard that he will do reseaches in the space and after that continue to reseach on cancer at Russia. isn't it cool? i mean why get so hard with the skin color? as long as he does good things right? the research results is for everyone lah, my dear family. and, guess what, i lose in this so-called debate because they keep saying that i stand on Dr Shiekh's side just because of he is HANDSOME. lol. too bad. he's indeed handsome. but i still awake de. my brain still turning. lol. conclusion ~ i still lose and my dad says don't ever mention this topic. reason is our relationship will be affected. lol. I, still lose. aizs.

since i'm writing bout RACISM, i really really can't accept how Pizza Hut treat the Malaysian other than the bumiputra. hey guys out there, do u guys know that Pizza Hut actually charged tax using race, i mean in every Pizza Hut.i mean in the bill, there is a column indicates 'Race'. if u are a chinese, they will label it as C. and, taxes are charged for chinese, indian and other ethnics other than malay. in other words, if u wearing tudung, u can save up the taxes. isn't it unfair?!... i know this by forwarded email. i do hope it wasn't real. if not, for sure i won't support Pizza Hut anymore. this is Hak Pengguna la wei.

ah, there's another story bout racism. malay always diutamakan. and chinese, duh, just forget bout it. what i wanna say is driving license. for malay, when they take practical exam, they can pass easily. for chinese pula, most of us need to pay more. in chinese, we always say 'bao'. in other words means rasuah lah. for me, i pay for rm180. other people i not sure lah. maybe more than that. if not, like most of my friends, they failed their test unless they are really very good in driving skills. it's so so so unfair lah. i mean think ourselves lah, malaysia's economy depends a lot on chinese, chinese is further smarter than others and so on. what would malaysia be if without chinese? but we still being treated unfairly. the priority always go to Malay. no choice, cause we live in MALAYsia. lol.

**no offence. it's mere my thought. back off to those being offend. lol. sry ya!


tommorow the last f1 race in this season. KIMI RAIKKONEN go go go!! must get champion. kimi edi lost 2 chance to become world champion ler.. wasted. and, i know i am bad. praying Hamilton and Alonso's car slide off from track, or engine prob also can la. hamilton don't get top 3. alonso don't get 1st or 2nd. plz plz plz. kimi must win~ KIMI jia you!!!


Thursday, October 18, 2007

ruinned up life. fed up.

these few days, my life kinda upsidedown. can't sleep at night, can't study well, class mag stucked, AFS application form filling without ending. everything started to be not in the right way, the way they supposed to be. started to have dissatisfaction on life. i too hope i can study like i do in trials, guess what, i read form 5 sejarah textbook pg 1-6 for gizillian times, omfg, i just couldn't concentrate and didn't know what am i doing. and, what made me more mad is, stupid pimples!! 1st time i got so so many pimples on my forehead. gosh! it shouldn't be there. suddenly hated myself so so much. don't even wanna look into the mirror. what happen har?!... i want my 2-week-before-eva return. fed up fed up fed up. cause of period (i usually look so dead on this period)? or no motivation? or?... just leave it silent.


today, i should have reach school at 8.30am. guess what, i'm still in bed on 8.37am. aizs. ruinned up life. then i reached school at bout 10.30am. don't tell me u guys really waited for me until 10.30 a. sorry for being late. sorry guys. then the 1st dance, i paired up with khai boon, my respectful ah ma. lol. and, we are like so so know each other edi. hmm. still okay cause i'm professional enough to control my feeling. sure not feeling of love. lol. okay, love for grandma. lol. oh man, why am i so SLIM? lol. (no offence har) cause khai boon can just easily hold me up and i can easily jump to the other side without really jumping. haha. khai boon is damn handsome when playing diabolo. really, i swear. he is so alive when playing that magic thingy. lol. _skip those stories_ then we went to kp for lunch. 1st time i loiter with whole bunch of classmates at kp, at the food court. not the place where the band people like. lol. they so chun man. when the girls shop for dresses the boys, i mean all of them, the hardworking one, they were group study at KP's FOODCOURT! and they were damn kao concentrate. lol. envy them. aizs. conclusion~ today was a great day! ^^


Sunday, October 14, 2007

which cover to use?!.. choose choose choose!!

due to the request of our very beloved class monitor, i have make multi-color choices for u guys to choose again cause monitor said black and white not strike enough to attention people. so friends out there, choose again, comment again. in wat language also can la. english, chinese, han yu pin yin, bangladesh english, malay, indian.. whatever it is eligible. lol. ur comment make things better.

original. black and white cheaper wei..




underwater blue.

baby blue.

shiraz. other than de original's, this i like the best.

orange. this also not bad la.. ^^

shiraz+black. lol.

er.. juz trying on de color..


this one so teruk la.

white and orange.

orange and white. inspired from sony ericsson. lol.

aiya, semuanya cantik juga. saya yg buat ma.. haha.. kreatifnya~ lol.


Finalizing 5s4 Magazine 2007.

phew! it's been the whole day trying to finish this so-wasting-time magazine. i rearranged everything, called the publisher, designed the bloody cover (which i don't want to use butterfly or LADYBIRD anymore). i counted everything and realized that hey classmates, u guys wrote a lot huh.. 1 cover, 1 poem by Mei Fong, 1 valentine poem by everyone, 5 pages of DINOSAURS by all of us, 11 pages for Teachers' biodata, 10 pages of photos, 42 pages of classmates' biodata AND will be more than 180 pages of SHOUTOUTS! i actually trying to bargain with the publisher. and, she says she needs time to count out the overall cost. classmates out there, try to save your money from today a.. i think u guys will have a lot to pay. hmm.. last but not least, everyone give some comment on the 2 covers. and tell me which u like better. thanks.

actually i like this better. cause i like easy and plain one. black and white is striking enough to gain people's attention. haha. plus, if we use this we can save a lil bit more cause it doesn't need color printing for cover.

as for this, a bit 'colorful'? er.. complicated actually. i will make my last decisions based on votes.. so leave comments k..

as for those HELPFUL friends out there. if whoever wants to design a better cover for me.. please and thanks lot. ^^


Saturday, October 13, 2007

I'm a gonna-be AFS-er! *cheers*

okay. actually write a post this afternoon. but cause of the not so good functioning streamyx.. haiz.. don't say edi. sad. actually this afternoon wanna share my joyfulness with all my friends. i was offered a 2 weeks scholarship to japan as an exchange student! and, i'm like just one of a few from the whole country. bangganya~ japan, imagine the sakura, winter, the high school uniform, disneyland. omg.. can't wait till 7th of december. actually i wrote a longer one this afternoon. then now no mood to repeat everything. just wanna say.. thanks for everyone's support. friends, family, AFS... u guys made my life great!

and, i fell down from the chair AGAIN if front of the pc. aizs. this time hurt my butt and hand. pain. but now still feel so happy cause finally i found that song. Vanessa Mae's Prelude and Fugue in D Minor. i find for years. thanks to iMesh. opps, is thanks to MZ cause intro this software to me. thanks.


Tuesday, October 9, 2007

fed up?!... not me. is sheen and mz.

just fall down in front of laptop. cause i sit on two-legged chair. i mean my fault. lol. my butt so pain. lol. daddy laugh at me. Eda says belly gud. mommy rush to me cause she thought what happen and end up with nagging on me to not spoil her chair. lol. this world, aizs, change already. they should console me what? my butt still pain ler. lagi satu Ming Zu says cause i'm fat. 80kg? nah!! i'm 45kg slim and fit girl. lol. and, he use a so good theory to shut me up. when surface area increases, rate of reaction increases = that's why i can be slim. lol. hey MZ, where can u find a slim and fit panda? lol. panda sure chubby and cute de ma. haha!


5s4 class magazine, make me feel wanna die. luckily i no mood to study now. if not i sure throw all the magazine stuff into rubbish bin. aizs. why me?!.. aizs.. you lucky 41 classmates. luckily i'm dedicated. if not, forget bout class mag ba! hmm.. i won't so bad. i just need cooperations from 41 classmates and 10 teachers. and i found out that teachers are even worse than classmates. they gave all sort of excuses not to fill up the paper. TEACHERS, COOPERATION PLEASE! and Gan Ming Zu~ don't forget u say u wanna help me on this class magazine a. i don't care. u promise already. blek.

lastly, Ming Zu ask me to not write in blog that i fall in love with him. haha. blek. i didn't say i fall in love with u in blog. i didn't! really!


Monday, October 8, 2007

talented + God bless + hard work = top students!

hmm... streamyx nowadays so useless. 1 month don't know needa repair for how many times. bored me for 3 days. aizs. by the way. these four days quite a lot of things happen. needa summarize all into a post. aizs. hate it, but no choice. lol. okay. 1st, the above title is quoted from Jiunn Yi. he said i possessed it. but i denied. talented, okay, i have a lil bit, just lil bit. God bless = luck! i got it much this trial. thanks God! u.u hard work? maybe i did work hard. but not that much. still remember before trial how i self-degraded. and, i'm like recycle what i've done for trial. lol. what makes me really satisfied this trial were my colourful results. i couldn't believe how God treated me so well. really. i appreciated. overall 10 subject,i scored 7a2, 1b3, 1b4 and 1c6. my scores:
BM - 61 B4
BI - 72 A2
BC - 73 A2
MATH - 76 A2
MORAL - 71 A2
EST - 70 A2
you know, man doesn't satisfy for what he has. it's true. 100% true. when i aimed for 4A's before trial, i thought 4a's will satisfy me. but when i get more than that, greed in me came out. i keep thinking why i didn't get an A for Sejarah as i think i deserved it. lol. funny human. and, i regretted for not studying biology as it was easier than what i thought and i could get an A if i really study. but i don't. if not this coming graduation day, you guys can see me on stage receiving pingat gangsa for academic achievement. lol. dreaming. yea, now i can just dream. lol. laugh me. motivate me. wake me. everyone, please. i'm in the process of self-degrade again. nearly one week after trial. i didn't even really study. just stared at the book. waiting for miracle? oh no. God won't always help me. i ain't so lucky everytime. so friends out there, help me as much as possible. like i helping someone. lol. (this another story. story down there)


when i said i'm self-degraded. nobody trust. fair. cause there's two bloody idiots more degraded than me. unbelievable. lol. no offence. u two for sure still my friends. trying to help u all out. don't mind what i write here k. always love u guys. 1st, Mr A. a so so pessimistic person. until my optimistic also can't really help him. he keep saying himself stupid, useless, leading blank life, gonna die and of sort of bla bla bla. i mean nonsense. at 1st, few weeks ago, i try my very very best to help him. cause i know he can do it, he's just inconfident. (or unconfident?!.. lol. my english sucks) i motivated him to study. as much as he can. i trusted him that he will study. hope so. still, i don't really know what kind of person he is although we used to sms so frequently. he's nice. he's caring. but he has no confident. not at ALL!! 1st time seeing such a pessimistic person. i'm thankful i live to be an optimist. lol. maybe he's just lazy. and try to find a lot a lot of excuses to not study. but, i'm kinda this type of person also. self-righteous! haha. he is a lot more teruk than me. how am i going to help him? to be more confident in himself. i'm always helpful. no matter to whom. or in other word, i'm kepo. lol. help me to help him!
2nd, Mr. B. struggle in love. for what? i don't really know. he said he can die for that girl. worthy?!.. sure NOT! sometimes i really can't understand how u guys think. die for your love.. opps.. is die for one you love but she doesn't love u? omg.. hey there's still a lot more girls in this world k? hmm.. maybe i still haven't find my true love. i can't feel what u all feel right now. suiciding feeling. i'm still innocent. lol. he, cause of the girl can't even concentrate when doing everything. eat, sleep, study.... hmm.. what for?!.. the girl won't know, won't appreciate though. hey friends, wake up, wake up on the saturday nite. lol. hilary duff pulak.. just want u all to wake up and see more beautiful things in this world. jump out of the box. u can have a better tomorrow. just like me!

** no offence ya. i just write what i feel. stay cool! ^^


i cut my hair!! finally. haha. no big difference. hmm.. quite a lot of difference actually. 1st, hair become lesser. 2nd, head become lighter. 3rd, become cuter. lol. ss again! 40 dollar for just some hairs being cut. worth?!.. maybe. u decide it!

aiya.. look sleepy and dark. yea i'm dark!

going to wedding dinner. i lurve my hairstyle. but it just remain like this before i wash my hair. lol. stylist always make us pretty pretty before going out the saloon. haha.

aww... still got short hair effect. lol. if i have better hair quality. for sure i won't leave my hair long!


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Gear 1 before SPM. don't lift clutch too much!

hmm, yesterday just passed my driving exam. hey guys out there, I'M A P-LISENCE HOLDER!! haha. syoknya! and, do i look so Malay?!.. wth! yesterday a Malay (a mix Chinese and Malay, but look almost a Chinese.) da1 shan4 me. lol. erhem. haha. but so sad, he thought i'm a Malay. and, what was funny is i thought he's a Chinese. so when he speak bloody good Malay with me, i speak back my pure Chinese to him. omg. imagine the scene? we are like a chicken talking to a duck. at last, i spoke Malay to him. lol. his name is Afiz. ah, a super duper friendly guy. khai wee said he look quite good..... from far. lol. for the 1st time in my life, i talked soooo a lot with a Malay in a Malay conversation. and, for the 1st time in my life, i admitted my Malay SUCKS! he needs to repeat bout twice only i understand wth he is talking about. omfg, malay?!.. duh!! i hardly speak a nice sentence using Malay. i'm like.. umm... erm.. ar... then i use English. lol. laugh ba.. i'm sucks in Malay. should speak malay with Abdu next time. lol. yesterday, i really feel living in MALAYsia. lol. i think i speak the most Malay in my life yesterday. haha!

today, i dance. a super duper complicated dance. fast beat, latin dance. it's the high school musical's Bop to the Top! the soundtrack was nice. but omg. my legs were almost tied up. lol. i nearly fell down. although i'm quite artistic (not quite, is bloody much!) but i'm not into dancing! NOT AT ALL! so hard for me actually. but, aiks, last month, last performance in secondary school, it's nothing to feel ashame. plus, i told Ming Zu i will try to back up Mei Fong in this performance cause her plan didn't get a good feedback. quite regret after saying that. lol. cause i'm sucks in dancing. but quite challenging also lah. hope to see improvement after one month. i'm confident. i mean i'm kiasu lah. haha. bop bop bop, bop to the top! for sure i will bop to the top!

Mei Fong says, Gemini don't have butt. lol. true, i agree. not me, not mei fong, not chia chuen either. haha. cause we don't drink MILK, we say no to PAPAYA. haha. that's why, we don't have 'front' and 'back'. lol.

Watch it! Our class graduation song - Graduation by Vitamin C