Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I have started a new blog for myself because its harder to manage in now. No don't get me wrong, i loveeeee this blog. Just that I think i've changed so much but i am so reluctant to change this blog because the sunflower header, the fonts, the links etc are once so important to me. i should just leave this blog as is so that years down the road later, i can reminisce it bit by bit, laugh at how i design this blog, and might even tell my kids that "hey that's mom's teenage blog!" :P 

so right now, if you are still so semangat being my loyal blog reader and want to continue reading, here you go --- Now, meet the working lady - Eva Tee.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011


十二三岁的时候 我告诉自己十八岁那年就可以离开这个家

十八岁的时候 我告诉自己再忍一忍二十一岁一定可以离开这个家
现在二十一了 还没有足够经济能力的我告诉自己 
再三年 二十四岁那年一定一定要离开这个家 要不然就把自己嫁掉算了
我想 到时候我爸应该会支持我这么做

Monday, December 19, 2011

I want a Balenciaga clutch with big studs! Its so pretty I wanna die!!!!

Santa, pretty please?

Thursday, December 8, 2011

yes this is exactly me! :D

IMG02710-20111202-0326because i camwhore even when i’m going to sleep

because i usually camwhore before i get out the house….. even though the background is a mess

IMG02752-20111204-0231 IMG02761-20111204-0235
because i love to ask people around me camwhore with me whenever there’s chances!

and because, with this kind of attitude, i’m sure i have to be better all the time, work harder for better future, and never let myself be in a situation where people will look down on me.

and most importantly, i like it this way :)

p/s: omggggg i just use another funny excuse to upload more of my camwhore pic hahahahahaha

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

i realised

i have changed a lot in terms of outlook since i start writing blog.

Monday, November 28, 2011



Eva: 哈咯凯微,你可以帮我一个忙吗?我翻译了一篇计划书,可是不懂我的华语对不对,帮我检查一下好吗?

凯微: okay 啊我帮你看一下




凯微:eh 意桦你的中文翻译到好像有一点奇怪!你真的是全部用Google Translate啊

Eva: *shy*没有啦我有改一点点, google translate 作参考而已。不用紧啦你尽量改吧然后把改的部分highlight起来我才知道有那一些被改掉的


今天早上打开凯微send 给我的file……
Fullscreen capture 28112011 120213 PM


左边是我做的,右边是凯微改正的。几乎全部都被highlight了 –_______________________-

我的秘密就是:本人在spm华文考试的成绩是----------- A1! hahahahahahaha我的A1水准跑去哪里了??*shyyy*


okay on a very unrelated note, (sorry have to change back to english because i have limited mandarin vocabulary lolll), here’s the OOTD for today:

IMG02482-20111128-1357 IMG02485-20111128-1358

Piggie White Tank Top – The Survival Store
Orange Speg Top (worn beneath) – Nichi
Green Bodycon skirt – Un-masqued
Dark brown skinny belt – Sportsgirl Australia

cant wait and took these pics before wearing all the accessories :P

i loveeeeeee bodycon skirts but never can get one which fits me perfectly. got two for leen last year and thats the one with good quality and cutting. then this year when i buy for myself, every of them is either waist too loose or hips too tight or the cutting is weird no matter how it looks. sighhhhh.


change to this in the evening because i felt more comfortable wearing like that! :D look more Eva like that! :P

Denim shorts – Target, Australia
Black Double Breasted Blazer – Dr. Pizzicato
Wallaby ring – Diva Australia
Vintage Bowling Bag – Sportsgirl Australia

which style do you like? :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

arm candies


i love love love accessories and those i owned, my friends told me i can open a stall to sell already :P the most i owned are bracelets and bangles and i super love it when Diva is having sales! especially Australia’s ones, they can sales up to AUD2.50 for each set, ridiculously cheap can! :D

so last month when i got my payroll in the evening, i spent money in Diva again because they were having sales again T_T i only bought one set of bracelet which is the one you see in the photo above after having so long dilemma thinking which to NOT BUY T_____T. but this is too hard to resist because, firstly i don’t have any bracelets in black and silver and this comes in one big chunk of set! :D and secondly, its in size XS, fitted my arm perfectly! and buying accessories make me happy! :D

the best friend thinks its a waste of money to splurge on accessories. but so far the most expensive accessory i have is my 21st birthday present from parents, which is a bracelet with cute charms from Pandora. go check em out they have stores at Pavilion and Empire Gallery the charms are super cute can die!

ok abrupt end because i’m going to meet my favourite housemate which i haven’t see her for ages!! :D


最近除了简单搭配,也爱无理头跳tone搭配。简直不顾世俗眼光!我行我素太开心了!:D 复古条纹蝴蝶结是Azorias送的,爱惨了!今天刚下过雨天气凉凉索性就套件紧身牛仔裤加朴素白衣加大粉红色厚衣,简简单单出门去! :D

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

simple + white = Eva’s new fashion love.



My favourite song in the playlist now. Haven’t hear it for a while and got addicted again.
Good songs won’t get bored forever!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

my best friends

i love hanging out with best friends nowadays. because the bf is not here and the only people i hang out with is the best friends. because i dont hang out with colleagues. because i seldom have time to hang out i almost work 7 days a week. because i work with family so i am seeing them everyday for work i want to have a break from them.

ok this post will be a very easy post because i am actually working now T_T i’m social loafing! :P so i will just compile the very little photos i took with my best friends when i go out with them.

1. on a boring sunday when i’m home alone. other besties were all don’t know busying what left me and shien two lonely kids. therefore we went to try the new tutti frutti in town! however, not of my liking. good though, since tutti frutti is not cheap also.

300610_10150360101643865_535613864_8024744_84195869_n298907_10150360117358865_535613864_8024805_332730196_n 379634_10150360329158865_535613864_8026068_1669741141_n

colorful watercolor splash romper – Supre, Australia
black double breasted oversized blazer – Dr Pizzicato blogshop
oversized nerdy specs – Daiso RM5 (WINS!)
earrings – Diva Australia
watch – Solvil

2. went to a primary school friend birthday home party. i don’t know where came our semangat because me myself i have been working whole day that day and almost felt like a dead fish in the evening –___- i went though.


my face is so big that it can become other’s two face. T______T i am waiting for my hair to be not-so-flat. and waiting for my fringe to grow!

3. on the 2nd day, we went to MOFEW at Mid Valley. quite disappointing since i can’t really find pretty clothes there. or ok put it this way, the pretty clothes are all over my price expectation so i used the least money that day compared to the others. we went sunway pyramid to continue shopping after that! and tried gong cha the 1st time and the white pearl sucks!

IMG00996-20111113-1556 IMG00995-20111113-1432

Toga romper – some random online blogshop (bought for RM25 only!)
Washed denim outerwear – some random online blogshop too (bought for RM25 only!)
Tan brown leather belt – Valleygirl Australia
Vintage Bowler Bag – Sportsgirl Australia
Red velvet pump – Lush Serendipity blogshop (RM40 only!!)
Chunky hearts bracelet – Lovisa Australia
Owl rings – Jonker Street Melacca

i hate my hair and face that day. sigh.

4. went to See Bee’s house with the intention to skype with the birthday girl Low Jocin but there’s soooo many miscommunication that we didn’t manage to skype with her. instead, sat and talked for hours about clothes –_____- and took some photos!

1bade2d679586adc693958f56e6b7eae585ba0b529552f6fae91171be1a05f8a82547336f0758d0cd7f149082645a55a 312207_10150380972998865_535613864_8110245_1381611360_n

Chiffon 3 tone top – Cassa Fashion (online wholesaler)
Blue stripes cotton pant -  The Summer’s Attic blogshop
White beanie – Victoria Market, Melbourne
Tan Brown leather belt – Valleygirl, Australia
Silver bracelet with cute charms – Pandora

ok abrupt end.

Monday, November 14, 2011

This post is to remind myself that EVA, PLEASE BE CLEVERER.

And don't let the surrounding affect yourself.

And don't think so much and go to sleep. You need more sleep.

And please, prioritize yourself.
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